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Growth of a crystalline and ultrathin MgO film on Fe(001)
Otgonbayar Dugerjav,Hidong Kim,Jae M. Seo
AIP Advances , 2011, DOI: 10.1063/1.3642601
Abstract: The narrow temperature-window for obtaining a crystalline MgO film on Fe(001) has been found using in-situ STM. When Mg was deposited on Fe(001) at RT, post-oxidized at 300 °C, and additionally annealed at 400 °C, an ultrathin and crystalline MgO film was formed. It has been concluded that, in order to grow a high-quality and crystalline MgO film on Fe(001), it requires two steps, i.e., Mg film formation on the substrate at RT and subsequent annealing at the proper substrate temperature under O2 exposure for Mg atoms to be oxidized and crystallized at their deposited sites without being agglomerated.
Evaluation of combinatorial cis-regulatory elements for stable gene expression in chicken cells
Hee W Seo, Tae M Kim, Jin W Choi, Beom K Han, Gwonhwa Song, Jae Y Han
BMC Biotechnology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6750-10-69
Abstract: We investigated the optimal transcriptional regulatory elements for enhancing stable transgene expression in chicken cells. We generated eight constructs that encode enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) driven by either CMV or CAG promoters (including the control), containing three types of key regulatory elements: a chicken lysozyme matrix attachment region (cMAR), 5'-DNase I-hypersensitive sites 4 (cHS4), and the woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element (WPRE). Then we transformed immortalized chicken embryonic fibroblasts with these constructs by electroporation, and after cells were expanded under G418 selection, analyzed mRNA levels and mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) by quantitative real-time PCR and flow cytometry, respectively. We found that the copy number of each construct significantly decreased as the size of the construct increased (R2 = 0.701). A significant model effect was found in the expression level among various constructs in both mRNA and protein (P < 0.0001). Transcription with the CAG promoter was 1.6-fold higher than the CMV promoter (P = 0.027) and the level of eGFP expression activity in cMAR- or cHS4-flanked constructs increased by two- to three-fold compared to the control CMV or CAG promoter constructs. In addition, flow cytometry analysis showed that constructs having cis-acting elements decreased the level of gene silencing as well as the coefficient of variance of eGFP-expressing cells (P < 0.0001).Our current data show that an optimal combination of cis-acting elements and promoters/enhancers for sustaining gene expression in chicken cells is suggested. These results provide important information for avian transgenesis and gene function studies in poultry.The delivery of gene constructs into animal cells is an indispensible tool for conducting various biomedical studies and producing transgenic animals. However, several aspects should be taken into consideration for successful transgene expression in ta
Organizing Pneumonia by Paragonimiasis and Coexistent Aspergilloma Manifested as a Pulmonary Irregular Nodule
In Jae Lee,Jinwon Seo,Dong Gyu Kim
Case Reports in Radiology , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/692405
Abstract: Organizing pneumonia by paragonimiasis and coexistent aspergilloma as a pulmonary nodule is a rare case of lung disease. Its radiographic or CT feature has not been described before in the radiologic literature. We present organizing pneumonia by paragonimiasis and coexistent aspergilloma manifested as a pulmonary irregular nodule on CT.
Effect of data normalization on fuzzy clustering of DNA microarray data
Seo Kim, Jae Lee, Jong Bae
BMC Bioinformatics , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-7-134
Abstract: In this study we applied the fuzzy partitional clustering method known as Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) to overcome the limitations of hard clustering. To identify the effect of data normalization, we used three normalization methods, the two common scale and location transformations and Lowess normalization methods, to normalize three microarray datasets and three simulated datasets. First we determined the optimal parameters for FCM clustering. We found that the optimal fuzzification parameter in the FCM analysis of a microarray dataset depended on the normalization method applied to the dataset during preprocessing. We additionally evaluated the effect of normalization of noisy datasets on the results obtained when hard clustering or FCM clustering was applied to those datasets. The effects of normalization were evaluated using both simulated datasets and microarray datasets. A comparative analysis showed that the clustering results depended on the normalization method used and the noisiness of the data. In particular, the selection of the fuzzification parameter value for the FCM method was sensitive to the normalization method used for datasets with large variations across samples.Lowess normalization is more robust for clustering of genes from general microarray data than the two common scale and location adjustment methods when samples have varying expression patterns or are noisy. In particular, the FCM method slightly outperformed the hard clustering methods when the expression patterns of genes overlapped and was advantageous in finding co-regulated genes. Thus, the FCM approach offers a convenient method for finding subsets of genes that are strongly associated to a given cluster.DNA microarray technology has the potential to create enormous quantities of data in short times. The vast amounts of information generated by microarray experiments have led to the need for methods for analyzing such data. Clustering has proved to be an important tool for this purpose. Th
Mineral Chemistry of REE-Rich Apatite and Sulfur-Rich Monazite from the Mushgai Khudag, Alkaline Volcanic-Plutonic Complex, South Mongolia  [PDF]
Dorjpalma Enkhbayar, Jieun Seo, Seon-Gyu Choi, Young Jae Lee, Enkhbayar Batmunkh
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2016.71003
Abstract: The Mushgai khudag volcanic-plutonic complex consists of four REE mineralization zones: carbonatite zone, apatite zone, magnetite zone, and monazite zone. REE mineralization occurs within peripheries of alkaline magmatic rocks which consist of porphyritic syenite, microsyenite and quartz syenites. Three types of LREE-rich apatite can be found in the carbonatite, apatite, and monazite zones. Crystal-1 type of apatite exists as hexagonal prismatic shape and is mostly found in the apatite zone, and in syenite. Crystal-2 type of apatite can be exposed also at the apatite zone, and carbonatite zone as brecciated massive crystalline aggregate. Crystal-3 type of apatite demonstrates the compositional zoning texture with monazite as inter-zoning, and is only found in monazite zone. The LREE-bearing apatites from the Mushgai khudag complex are mostly fluorapatite to hydroxyl-bearing fluorapatite with variable REE content. Apatites from the monazite zone present individual sulfur-rich monazite grain, and are formed by comprehensive substitutions.
Immediate impact of exercise on arterial stiffness in humans  [PDF]
Jae-Bin Seo, Woo-Young Chung, Sang-Hyun Kim, Myung-A Kim, Joo-Hee Zo
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2013.31009

Background and objectives: Increased arterial stiffness is an accepted cardiovascular risk factor. Several studies have shown that regular exercise is associated with reduced arterial stiffness. However, the acute effect is not well known. The aim of this study was to evaluate the immediate impact of exercise on arterial stiffness measured by pulse wave velocity (PWV). Subjects and Methods: Data from 100 consecutive patients who underwent graded maximal aerobic exercise test and pulse wave velocity study due to chest pain were analyzed. Results: With respect to brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV), it decreased after the exercise test (before vs. after; 1420 ± 260 vs. 1358 ± 245, 1428 ± 255, vs. 1360 ±239 cm/sec; left and right, respectively). Upper extremity systolic blood pressure did not change from baseline. However, upper extremity diastolic blood pressure increased slightly. In addition, lower extremity blood pressure decreased in both systolic and diastolic phases. In both normotensives and hypertensives, baPWV decreased after exercise test. Conclusion: Exercise immediately decreases arterial stiffness.

An Empirical Study on the Impacts of the Chinese Banking Industry by Foreign Banks’ Entry
JAE IK SEO,Guan Shi Chao,Sang-Bum Park
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v5n1p210
Abstract: Foreign banks entering into the Chinese banking industry have significant influence in its profitability sources including non-interest income while foreign banks bring competitions to the domestic banking sector resulting in declined profitability of the Chinese banking industry. In addition, foreign banks’ entry makes a promoting efficiency in China's banking sector. Overall foreign banks’ assets become an integral part of China's financial institutions, and they may have more significant impacts on the non-traditional businesses and operational efficiency of Chinese banking which helps the formation of healthy competition.
Inorganic biomimetics for clinical hematology
Oleg Gradov,Margaret Gradova,Sergey Rybakov,Seo Jae Choon
Medical and Health Science Journal , 2010,
Abstract: This article presents an alternative method of synthesis oferythrocyte models based on laser-induced self-assembly ofinorganic biomimetics. Obtained artificial red blood cells areshown to be appropriate objects for simulating cellular pathologyin clinical hematology. The results of using inorganic erythrocytesfor modeling some hematological abnormalities are given.
Numerical Investigation on Heat and Flow Characteristics of Temperature-Sensitive Ferrofluid in a Square Cavity
Moo-Yeon Lee,Jae-Hyeong Seo
Advances in Mechanical Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/240438
Abstract: The objective of this paper is numerically to study the heat and flow characteristics of temperature-sensitive ferrofluid in the square cavity with and without the magnetic intensity. The numerical model was developed to predict the behavior of the ferrofluid using finite element method (FEM) and showed good agreement with the existing data within 5% at all Rayleigh number ranges from 103 to 106. Natural convection and heat transfer characteristics of the ferrofluids within the tested cavity were found to depend on both magnetic intensity and magnetic volume fractions of magnetite. In addition, the mean Nusselt numbers and mean velocity of the ferrofluid in a square cavity were increased with the rise of the magnetic intensities and increased by 23.2% and 143.7%, respectively, at both magnetic intensity of and the elapsed time of seconds. 1. Introduction The ferrofluid, which means novel functional fluids using functional materials, has both characteristics of metals and fluids. The ferrofluid generally consisted of magnetite nanosized particle of around 1 to 100?nm and carrier liquid such as water, oils, and hydrocarbons with the aid of surfactants in a continuous carrier phase. It can be controlled by both magnitude and direction of an external magnetic field and temperature [1–12]. In addition, because of the nanosized magnetic particles consisting of the ferrofluids and the surfactant attached to magnetic particles, the ferrofluid could be prevented from particles sticking to each other or precipitate with Brownian motion [2]. Therefore, the ferrofluid could be applied for various industrial fields: enhancement and depression of the heat transfer of the thermal devices, magnetic sealing, damping and bearing of machines, energy conversion system, drug delivery for disease curing, optical devices, micro-/nanofluidic devices, and so forth [3–5]. Numerous numerical and experimental studies have been widely investigated scientifically for various scopes of application. Horng et al. [3] reported the structural pattern formation of the magnetic columns in the ferrofluid thin film under magnetic fields and framework of the application of the ferrofluid based on the remarkable optical properties caused by these magnetically induced structures. Wang et al. [6] studied the effects of magnetic force on the natural convection in porous enclosure under magnetic field. They explained the heat and flow characteristics on the effect of the inclination angle, Darcy number, and magnetic force parameter. Basak et al. [7] analyzed the heat flow due to natural convection
A Study on Silicon Nanotubes based on the Tersoff potential
Jeong Won Kang,Jae Jeong Seo,Ho Jung Hwang
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: This study showed the structures and the thermal behaviors of Si nanocages and nanotubes using classical molecular dynamics simulations based on the Tersoff potential. For hypothetical Si nanotubes based on the Tersoff potential, Si-Si bond length, cohesive energies per atom, diameters, and elastic energy to curve the sheet into tube were in good agreement with those obtained from previous density-functional theory results. Most of the structures, which were obtained from the SA simulations for several initial structures with diamond structure, have included encaged, tubular, or sheet-like structures and have been composed of both sp3 and sp2 bonds. The cohesive energies per atom for silicon nanotubes were higher than that for the Si bulk in the diamond structure, and this implies the difficulty in producing silicon nanotubes or graphitelike sheets. However, since the elastic energy per atom to curve the sheet into tube for silicon atoms is very low, when graphitelike sheets of silicon are formed, the extra cost to produce silicon nanotubes is also very low. When silicon nanotubes are composed of both sp2 and sp3 bonds and the ratio of sp3 to sp2 is high, since the probability of the existence of silicon nanotubes increases, silicon nanotubes similar to multi walled structures are anticipated.
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