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Comprehensive evaluation and analysis of tobacco planting environment based on space technology

JIANG Yang-Ming,CUI Wei-Hong,DONG Qian-Lin,

植物生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Aims Our objective is to provide a scientific basis for optimization of tobacco planting. Methods First, we analyzed the ecological factors that impact tobacco’s cultivation and quality. Second, we applied ARCGIS spatial analysis to obtain elevation and slope factors. Third, we obtained the vegetation index, surface temperature, soil moisture and solar radiation factor based on conventional remote sensing models. Fourth, we used Kriging interpolation to encrypt the geochemical data. Then we applied AHP analysis to establish a comprehensive evaluation system for tobacco cultivation. Important findings Several environmental factors have a major impact on tobacco distribution, growth and quality. These include light, temperature, soil type, rainfall, soil moisture, altitude, slope and heavy metal pollution. These factors are also essential for optimizing allocation of tobacco cultivation. The spatial distribution of tobacco cultivation in the experimental area needs to be optimized.
Remote Sensing Information Extraction Method Based n Smart Ecological Cells

JIANG Yang-ming,CUI Wei-hong,DONG Qian-lin,

红外 , 2011,
Abstract: A remote sensing information extraction method based on smart ecological cells is put forward. In the method, the crop phenological characteristics, spectral evolution characteristics and special correlation feedback are combined and the cellular automata, fuzzy reasoning and BP neural network intelligent computation are fused. By taking the multi-temporal Landsat--7 ETM images as the experimental data, the monitoring of tobacco acreage planting area based on smart ecological cells is carried out. The monitoring result shows that this method can effectively improve the extraction accuracy of remote sensing information and is of value to practical applications.
Early Marxist Newspapers in Zhejiang Province

HE Yang-ming,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2001,
Abstract: The introduction of Marxism in China began in the late 19th century and stepped up rapidly at the beginning of the 20th century, to which the early Marxist newspapers in Zhejiang Province made an important contribution. A widely circulated weekly news-paper published in this province was among the earliest and most influential in China. These early Marxist newspapers contributed greatly to the spread of Marxism in this province and the establishment and development of its press systems.
Live-Cell Imaging of the Association of STAT6-GFP with Mitochondria
Rasel Khan, Jason E. Lee, Yang-Ming Yang, Feng-Xia Liang, Pravin B. Sehgal
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055426
Abstract: The transcription factor STAT3 has been previously reported to be associated with mitochondria. However, we have been unable to visualize an association of STAT3-GFP, STAT3-DsRed or STAT3-Flag with mitochondria in human Hep3B hepatocytes thus far even though an association of these molecules with other cytoplasmic organelles (endosomes) was readily demonstrable. We then addressed the broader question of a possible association of other STAT-family of proteins with mitochondria by first using immunolocalization assays in Hep3B and human pulmonary arterial endothelial and smooth muscle cells. Strong anti-STAT6-immunolocalization with mitochondria was apparent in fluorescence and electron microscopy assays of cells first washed with a digitonin-sucrose buffer to remove bulk soluble STAT proteins. In live-cell imaging studies, STAT6-GFP, but not N1-GFP, was observed to constitutively colocalize with MitoTracker- and tetramethylrhodamine ethyl ester (TMRE)-positive mitochondria, and with mitochondrial F1-ATPase when assayed by immunofluorescence after fixation. This association was Tyr-phosphorylation independent in that a STAT6 truncated protein (STAT61-459-GFP) which lacked the SH2 domain (517–632) and the cytokine-activated Y641 phosphorylation site also accumulated in MitoTracker-positive mitochondria. This was consistent with the unexpected discovery that anti-STAT6-immunofluoresence also associated with mitochondria in mouse embryo fibroblasts (MEFs) from both wild-type and the STAT6SH2-/SH2- mouse. MEFs from the latter mouse, which had been engineered in 1996 to be deleted in the STAT6 SH2 domain (amino acids 505–584) expressed an immune-specific ~50 kDa protein detectable in whole cell and mitochondria-enriched fractions. Taken together, the present data provide the first definitive evidence of the association of any STAT-protein family member with mitochondria - that of STAT6.
Search Engine Design of Entity Feature Based on Three-Dimensional Mechanical Parts

LI Yang-Ming,ZHONG Liang-Wei,

计算机系统应用 , 2011,
Abstract: With the popularity of 3D CAD systems in product design and manufacturing industry, the techniques of content-based 3D model retrieval become necessary. This paper addresses the development of 3D model search engine. It presents the principle of the development of 3Dmodel search engines and highlights three-dimensional solid model normalization, feature extraction, similarity comparison algorithm.
Influence of Carrier on Catalytic Activity of Platinum Based Hydrophobic Catalysts
XIONG Liang-Ping,HU Sheng,REN Xing-Bi,LUO Yang-Ming
无机材料学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2010.00279
Abstract: In order to study the influence of carriers on platinum(Pt) based hydrophobic catalysts’ activity, and explore the practicability of applying silicon carbide and ceriumzirconium composite oxides as carriers of hydrophobic catalysts, Pt based catalysts were prepared by microwave heating method, with carbon black, nanometer SiC and Ce 0.4 Zr 0.6 O2-γ-Al2O3 as carriers, respectively. Then Pt based catalysts were loaded on foam nickel (FN) with polytetrafluoroethylene latex, and hydrophobic catalysts were obtained. Structure of catalysts was analyzed by XRD, TEM, XPS, SEM, etc, moreover, their catalytic activity for recombination of H2-O2 and hydrogen-water liquid catalytic exchange was tested. Results show that Pt particles are evenly distributed on carriers’ surface, and average size of Pt particles in Pt/C, Pt/SiC and Pt/Ce 0.4 Zr 0.6 O2-γ-Al2O3are 4.46, 1.67 and 1.77nm, respectively. Three valences, Pt (0), Pt (Ⅱ) and Pt (Ⅳ) exist in Pt/C and Pt/SiC catalysts. Pt/C and Pt/SiC catalyst particles are evenly distributed on the surface of foam nickel, but it is not the case for Pt/Ce 0.4 Zr 0.6 O2-γ-Al2O3. The catalytic activity of Pt/C/FN is quite high for both recombination of H2-O2 and hydrogenwater liquid catalytic exchange. The catalytic activities of Pt/SiC/FN and Pt/Ce 0.4 Zr 0.6 O2-γ-Al2O3/FN are high for recombination of H2-O2, however, they are quite low for hydrogen-water liquid catalytic exchange.

YANG Tao,ZHOU De-pei,LUO Yang-ming,
杨 涛

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: There are complex landslides with several layers of slipping plane in the geotechnical engineering. In this paper,a new method to analysis the multi-layers landslide is presented. Every layer of sliding masses when calculating the slope stability and landslide-thrust distribution is analyzed. The upper layer of the sliding mass is analysed by using the common transfer coefficient method. When the lower layers of the sliding masses are analysed,the weight of the upper layer but the effects of the upper mass on the layer below can be ignored. The method was applied to a practical project,and the results show:(1) the safety factor of the slope calculated by the new method is with the same as the general method;(2) because the anti-sliding pile intercepts the sliding mass, the landslide thrusts of different layers of sliding mass act on the pile separately. Therefore,the total landslide thrust is varied with different methods;(3) when the upper sliding mass has different design safety factors,the landslide-thrust of the upper mass and the total landslide-thrust are different. The calculated results by the new method make the design of anti-sliding structures more reasonable.
Improvement of top-hat based on soft morphology

LIN Xiao,ZHOU Da-ke,HU Yang-ming,
林 晓

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: To detect infrared small target under complex background, this paper presented a new class of top-hat operator based on soft morphology, and proposed a background suppression method based on soft morphology. In the proposed framework, it used mutual information to select the structure element scale adaptively, divided the structuring element into two parts, i. e. , the core and the soft boundary in order to meet the actual situation of the real target. Finally, designed a novel filtering framework, called balance structure to suppress filtering bias. Experiment results show that the output SNR of complex sea clutter background with 2. 36 dB can achieve 22. 51 dB. In the sense of visual effect and quantitative index, the proposed method performs better than several mathematics morphology based methods such as the classical top-hat, modified top-hat, soft top-hat and suppresses the infrared images of the complex background effectively.

LUO Yang-ming,LEI Cheng-di,ZHOU De-pei,YANG Tao,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 主动SNS为一种开放式的防护方法,其安装方便快捷,施工简单,防护效果好,已经在国内多处水电、交通、矿山等领域得到广泛应用。主动SNS也给植被防护提供了很大的空间,但由于条件所限,国内将主动SNS与植被恢复相结合的实例并不多,相关方面的研究也较少。简要地介绍了现阶段边坡绿化的主要方法,讨论主动SNS与植被恢复相结合的方法。此外,还讨论主动SNS与植被共同作用下边坡的稳定性。并提出埽中简化的计算模型用以验算边坡安全系数。最后,用一个工程实例对所提出的模型进行验算。
Preparation and Catalytic activity of Pt Based Hydrophobic Catalysts Adulterated with Fe Series Elements
XIONG Liang-Ping, HU Sheng, HOU Jing-Wei, WENG Kui-Ping, LUO Yang-Ming, YANG Tong-Zai
无机材料学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2011.00091
Abstract: Pt based binary catalysts, which were adulterated with Feseries elements, viz Fe, Co, and Ni,were prepared using microwave heating method, with carbon black as carrier andglycol as solvent. Microstructure of the catalysts was characterized by TEM, XRD, EDX and XPS. Results showed that active metal particles wereevenly distributed on carrier’s surface. After adulterated by Fe, Co, Ni, thedistribution of active metal particles’ size became narrower and average sizedecreased from 4.57nm to 2.17nm, 2.41nm, 2.55nm, respectively. The catalystswere loaded on foam nickel (FN) with polytetrafluoroethylene latex to obtain Ptbased hydrophobic catalysts, and then their activity for hydrogen―water liquidphase catalytic exchange (LPCE) was tested. Compared with Pt/C/FN hydrophobiccatalyst, the catalytic activity of Pt based binary hydrophobic catalystsadulterated with transition metals increased in evidence. The sequence of thesecatalysts’ activity was as follows, PtFe/C/FN>PtCo/C/FN> PtNi/C/FN>Pt/C/FN. The increase of catalytic activity results from the decrease ofactive metals particles’ size, moreover, it could be attributed to thedissociation property of water on Fe series metals’ surface to some extent.
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