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JI Rong-Bin,WANG Shan-Li,YANG Jian-rong,YU Mei-Fang,QIAO Yim-YI,CHANG Yong,LI Ba-Ao,HE Li,

红外与毫米波学报 , 1998,
Abstract: Using photoluminescence (PL) and Raman scattering (RS), the MBE grown Hg 1- x Cd x Te ( x =0.325) epilayers were studied. The PL measurement shows a strong near band emission peak with a FWHM of 5meV, which indicates high crystal quality obtained. Three peaks, the relatively strong HgTe like TO mode at 119cm -1 and HgTe like LO at 139cm -1 and a weak LA mode at 93cm -1 , were observed on RS spectra. The weak peak at 93cm -1 has not been reported previously. The assignment of the peak is based on the comparison with the result of far infrared transmittance spectra(FIT).
Atomic-scale study of boron-nitrogen co-doping into diamond

Li Rong-Bin,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The structure and lattice damage induced by four boron (B) atoms and eight nitrogen (N) atoms with the energy of 500 eV co-doped into diamond films at room temperature are investigated by molecular dynamics simulation based on Tersoff empirical potential. The results show that the distribution of most of vacancies is nearer to the surface than the interstitials. Interstitials arrange in diamond in tetrahedral type (T-type) configuration or dumbbell type (D-type) configuration. Percentage of boron atoms and nitrogen atoms located in substitutional positions are found to be around 78%. The B-N bond length is shorter than C-C bond length in diamond by 13%. B-N bonding helps to reduce the lattice distortion in diamond.
Characterization of homoepitaxial and heteroepitaxial diamond films grown by chemical vapor deposition

Li Rong-Bin,

物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 采用化学气相沉积(CVD)技术,以高温高压(HTHP)合成的(100)金刚石和p型(100)Si为衬底制备了硫掺杂和硼-硫共掺杂金刚石薄膜,利用原子力显微镜(AFM)、扫描隧道显微镜(STM)及隧道电流谱(CITS)等手段分析同质和异质外延CVD掺杂金刚石薄膜的结构和性能.结果表明:异Si衬底上CVD金刚石的形核密度低,薄膜表面比较粗糙,粗糙度达到18.5nm;同质HTHP金刚石衬底上CVD金刚石薄膜晶粒尺寸约为10—50nm,表面平整,表面粗糙度为1.8nm.拉曼测试和电阻测量的结果显示,在HTHP金刚
Study of the stress in doped CVD diamond films

Li Rong-Bin,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Sulphur-doped and boron-sulphur co-doped diamond thin films were prepared using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) on Si substrates under different conditions. The influence of doping on stress in CVD diamond films were investigated with X-ray diffraction and Raman spectra. The results show that the sp2-carbon content, the concentration of defects and the residual compressive stress in CVD diamond films increase with increasing of sulphur content. Compared with sulphur doping of diamond films, the boron-sulphur co-doping with few boron atoms facilitates sulphur atom incorporation into diamond crystal. The boron-sulphur complexes in diamond can reduce crystal lattice distortion and crystal imperfection. As a result, sp2-carbon content and residual compressive stress in boron-sulphur co-doped diamond are reduced, and diamond crystal prefection is improved.
Study on doping and electrical properties of organic infrared semiconductor phthalocyanine erbium(Ⅲ)

Tang Li-Bin,Ji Rong-Bin,Song Li-Yuan,Chen Xue-Mei,Li Yong-Liang,Rong Bai-Lian,Song Bing-Wen,

物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: The organic infrared semiconductor ErPc2 prepared by solid phase reaction method has been doped with iodine, the resistivity of ErPc2 has been successfully decreased by about three orders of magnitude by doping. The R-T relationships for intrinsic and iodine doped ErPc2 have been studied, it is found that compared with intrinsic ErPc2, the doped ErPc2 has a remarkable decrease in resistivity, the relationship between resistance and temperature for the doped ErPc2 has not been changed intrinsically, both intrinsic and doped ErPc2 exhibit an exponential dependence of R-T. It is also found that the heat activation energy (Ea) has been effectively reduced by doping, which leads to more carriers that may take part in conducting electricity for ErPc2. The decrease in pre-exponential factor (A) may also contribute to reducing resistivity of ErPc2. The exponential relationship between I and V under a strong electrical field strength has also been explained for the intrinsic organic infrared semiconductor ErPc2.

YAO Ying,ZHUANG Ji-Sheng,ZOU Ji-Xin,JI Rong-Bin,ZHU Ying-Feng,CHEN Xiao-Ping,FAN Hong-Bo,CAI Yi,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 碲镉汞长波红外576×6焦平面探测器组件是高性能热像仪的核心组件.本文中作者完成了碲镉汞长波红外576×6焦平面探测器组件的设计,利用环孔技术制备出576×6焦平面探测器芯片,经过杜瓦封装、配斯特林制冷机后成为实用的探测器组件.性能参数测试表明:典型的探测率达到1.79×1011cm Hz1/2/W,非均匀性达到14.6%,盲元率达到6.0%,并完成探测器组件的实验室演示成像.
Constructing Attack Scenarios Based on Correlation

QIU Rong-bin,XU Rong-sheng,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: In order to reveal the strategy and intention of attacks, we construct attack scenarios by correlating hyper-alert on the basis of prerequisites and consequences of alert.
Tetraaquatetrakis{μ3-3,3′-[(E,E)-ethane-1,2-diylbis(nitrilomethylidyne)]benzene-1,2-diolato}octazinc(II) N,N-dimethylformamide hexasolvate
Qin-Juan Xu,Li-Rong Lin,Di Sun,Rong-Bin Huang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809046923
Abstract: The asymmetric unit of the title compound [Zn8(C16H12N2O4)4(H2O)4]·6C3H7NO, consists of eight ZnII cations, four tetravalent anionic ligands, L4 (L4 = 3,3′-(1E,1′E)-(ethane-1,2-diylbis(azan-1-yl-1-ylidene))bis(methan-1-yl-1-ylidene)dibenzene-1,2-bis(olate), four coordinated water molecules and six N,N-dimethylformamide solvate molecules. The coordination complex comprises an octanuclear ZnII unit with its ZnII centers coordinated in two discrete distorted square-pyramidal geometries. Four ZnII atoms each coordinate to two nitrogen atoms and two phenolate oxygen atoms from an individual L4 ligand and one coordinated water molecule. The other four ZnII atoms each bind to five phenolate oxygen atoms from three different L4 ligands. In the crystal structure, the ZnII complex unit, coordinated water molecules and dimethylformamide solvate molecules are linked via O—H...O and C—H...O hydrogen bonds. Molecules are connected by additional intermolecular O—H...O and C—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming an extensive three dimensional framework.
Constrained multi-objective optimization with hybrid differential evolution and alpha constrained domination technique

XU Bin,QI Rong-bin,QIAN Feng,

控制理论与应用 , 2012,
Abstract: To solve the constrained multi-objective optimization problems, we present a hybrid differential evolution algorithm with alpha constrained domination technique. In this approach, the constraint level, which measures how well an individual satisfies the constraints, is incorporated with the domination principle to solve multi-objective problems. At the early stage, the constraint level is relaxed in order to utilize the useful information carried by some infeasible individuals, so this relaxation increases the diversity of the population. At the later stage, the constraint level is tightened to make the evolution process searching for the feasible area. At the same time, a new dynamic simplex crossover operator is incorporated into differential evolution to improve the abilities of exploration and exploitation. The proposed algorithm is tested on 6 typical benchmarks and compared with other algorithms. Comparison results indicate that the proposed algorithm has advantages in converging to Pareto front and maintaining the evenly-distributed optima along the Pareto front.
Computer simulation of damage in diamond due to boron-nitrogen co-doping and its annealing

Li Rong-Bin,Yu Zhong-Hai,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 借助于Tersoff势函数和分子动力学模拟技术研究了室温下500eV的能量粒子硼(4个)和氮(8个)共掺入金刚石晶体中所引起的损伤区域内晶体微细观结构的变化特征以及后续加热退火晶体结构的演变特征.结果表明:随着掺入原子数目的增加,受影响的区域范围渐渐增大,12个粒子全部注入金刚石晶体后局部影响区域的半径达0.68nm,损伤区域中心的三配位原子数增加而四配位数原子数量减少.加热退火过程中损伤中心区域的原子发生扩散,部分原子的扩散距离达到4个晶格间距.加热退火使损伤区域中心原子间的平均键长趋于金刚石结构的键长.退火后薄膜中注入的杂质原子向表面扩散引起应力分布产生变化,杂质原子经过一系列的扩散过程能够到达空位的位置,减少薄膜中空位数量,减小晶格畸变程度,原子向表面扩散引起应力产生重新分布,薄膜中应力峰值的峰位向薄膜表面发生移动,局部应力集中程度降低.通过不同退火温度的比较发现低温下退火(800℃)更有利于空位的运动和晶格损伤的恢复从而提高晶格质量.
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