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Study of the near threshold total cross sesctions for the quasi-free pn-->pn eta prime reaction with the COSY-11 detector
J. Klaja,P. Moskal,J. Zdebik
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: The measurement of the quasi-free production of the eta prime meson has been carried out at the COSY-11 detection setup using a proton beam and a deuteron cluster target. The energy dependence of the cross section is extracted using a fixed proton beam momentum of p_beam=3.35 GeV/c and exploiting the Fermi momenta of nucleons inside deuterons. The data cover a range of centre-of-mass excess energies from 0 to 24 MeV. Due to the low statistics at the present stage only upper limits for the cross sections could be extracted. In this article we focus on the functioning and efficiency determination of the neutron detector.
A Short Atlas of Janice Kerbel’s Home Climate Gardens Drawn According to Temperate Coordinates
Jakub Zdebik
The Brock Review , 2008,
Abstract: A Short Atlas of Janice Kerbel's Home Climate Gardens Drawn According to Temperate Coordinates focuses on a series of blueprints representing gardens meant for urban spaces. Yet none of these gardens were meant to be constructed and rather will remain on the page. This article focuses on the black and white aesthetics at play in the works and the dual elements of line and text that yield a space for imagination. By focusing on a particular piece, Indoor Island Garden, the article questions what the concept of the island yields for thought through notions of geography and cartography.
Strata and Sediment under the Fog: Geological Landscapes in Smithson and Ewen
Jakub Zdebik
The Brock Review , 2011,
Abstract: Strata and Sediment under the Fog focuses on geological landscapes and how they are a stand-in for the mind’s landscape. This article looks at how American artist Robert Smithson describes the mind through geological landscapes in his writings and how Canadian artist Paterson Ewen diagrammatically represents the organization of rocks. The work of these two artists is considered according to the philosophies of Gilles Deleuze and Immanuel Kant—two philosophers who rely on geological and geographical models and metaphors to communicate the function of thought.
Merging and splitting of clusters in the electromagnetic calorimeter of the KLOE detector
Jaroslaw Zdebik
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: The work was carried out in the framework of the KLOE collaboration studying the decays of the phi meson produced in the DAFNE accelerator in the collisions of electron and positron. The main aim of this thesis was investigation of the influence of the merging and splitting of clusters in decays with the high multiplicity of gamma quanta, which are at most biased by these effects. For this aim we implemented the full geometry and realistic material composition of the barrel electromagnetic calorimeter in FLUKA package. The prepared Monte Carlo based simulation program permits to achieve a fast generation of the detector response separately for each interested reaction. The program was used to study the reconstruction efficiency with the KLOE clustering algorithm as a function of the photocathode quantum efficiency. It was also used to investigate merging and splitting probabilities as a function of the quantum efficiency. The conducted studies indicated that the increase of quantum efficiency does not improve significantly the identification of clusters. The influence of these effects was estimated for eta meson decays into 3 neutral pions and K_short meson into 2 neutral pions.
Novel detector systems for the Positron Emission Tomography
P. Moskal,P. Salabura,M. Silarski,J. Smyrski,J. Zdebik,M. Zieliński
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In this contribution we describe a novel solution for the construction of Positron Emission Tomograph. We present the device allowing for determination of the impact position as well as time and deph of interaction of the annihilation gamma quanta. The device is comprised of scintillation chamber consisting of organic scintillators surrounding the body of the patient. We discuss two possible solutions: (i) the tomograph built out of scintillator strips, and (ii) the tomograph built out of the scintillator plates. The application of the fast scintillators will enable to take advantage of the difference between time of the registration of the annihilation quanta. The invented method will permit to use a thick layers of detector material with the possibility of measuring the depth of the gamma quantum interaction (DOI) and the determination of their time of flight (TOF), and will allow for increasing the size of the diagnostic chamber without a significant increase of costs. The method is a subject of two patent applications which are based on the techniques used in the particle physics experiments.
Une intervention relationnelle pour optimiser la sécurité d’attachement chez les enfants placés au sein de familles d’accueil visant l’adoption
Geneviève Cardinal,Magdalena A. Zdebik,Ellen Moss,Annie Bernier
L'Infirmière Clinicienne , 2008,
Abstract: Les jeunes enfants placés en famille d’accueil sont à risque de développer des problèmes de comportement (Groza & Ryan, 2002), des troubles psychologiques (Zima, Bussing, Yang & Belin, 2000) ainsi que des problèmes relationnels (Dozier, Stovall, Albus & Bates, 2001). En ce qui concerne les problèmes relationnels, une proportion importante de ces jeunes sont à risque de développer ou de conserver un attachement insécurisant (Dozier et al., 2001) pouvant mener à des problèmes d’adaptation (van IJzendoorn, Schuengel & Bakermans-Kranenburg, 1999). Cependant, ces enfants ont la capacité de développer un patron d’attachement sécurisant si leur mère d’accueil démontre un haut niveau de sensibilité maternelle (Dozier et al.). De tels résultats ont mené à l’élaboration de programmes d’intervention relationnelle destinés à l’amélioration de la sensibilité des mères d’accueil d’enfants agés de 0 à 5 ans (Dozier, Higley, Albus & Nutter, 2002; Moss, Bernier, Tarabulsy & St-Laurent, 2006). Cet article vise à décrire l’environnement pré-placement des enfants suivis par les services sociaux, les besoins de soutien des familles d’accueil et un programme en intervention relationnelle destiné aux familles d’accueil visant l’adoption.
Invariant mass distributions for the pp to p p eta reaction at Q=10 MeV
P. Moskal,R. Czyzykiewicz,E. Czerwinski,D. Gil,D. Grzonka,L. Jarczyk,B. Kamys,A. Khoukaz,J. Klaja,P. Klaja,W. Krzemien,W. Oelert,J. Ritman,T. Sefzick,M. Siemaszko,M. Silarski,J. Smyrski,A. Taschner,M. Wolke,P. Wustner,J. Zdebik,M. J. Zielinski,W. Zipper
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2009-10900-9
Abstract: Proton-proton and proton-eta invariant mass distributions and the total cross section for the pp to pp eta reaction have been determined near the threshold at an excess energy of Q=10 MeV. The experiment has been conducted using the COSY-11 detector setup and the cooler synchrotron COSY. The determined invariant mass spectra reveal significant enhancements in the region of low proton-proton relative momenta, similarly as observed previously at higher excess energies of Q=15.5 MeV and Q= 40MeV.
Study of the hadronic production of kaon pairs below the threshold for the phi meson
P. Moskal,M. Silarski,A. Budzanowski,E. Czerwinski,R. Czyzykiewicz,D. Gil,D. Grzonka,M. Janusz,L. Jarczyk,B. Kamys,A. Khoukaz,P. Klaja,W. Oelert,C. Piskor-Ignatowicz,J. Przerwa,B. Rejdych,J. Ritman,T. Sefzick,M. Siemaszko,J. Smyrski,A. Taschner,P. Winter,M. Wolke,P. Wustner,M. J. Zielinski,W. Zipper,J. Zdebik
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2008.09.035
Abstract: The near threshold production of K+K- pairs in proton-proton collisions has been investigated at the cooler synchrotron COSY below and above the threshold for the $\phi$ meson using the COSY-11 and ANKE facilities, respectively. The excitation function determined for the pp-->ppK+K- reaction revealed a statistically significant enhancement close to the threshold which may plausibly be assigned to the influence of the K-p interaction. In addition, observed consistently by both groups, a strong enhancement at low values of the ratio of the K-p to K+p invariant mass distributions shows that the proton interacts much stronger with K- than with K+. In this report we focus on the measurements performed by the COSY-11 collaboration. We explain the experimental method used and present main results of completed analyses as well as a new qualitative elaboration of the ppK+K- events population on the Goldhaber plot. We conclude with the observation that event densities increase at the region where the influence from the K+K- interaction is expected.
Search for the 3He-eta bound state at COSY-11
W. Krzemien,J. Smyrski,A. Budzanowski,E. Czerwinski,R. Czyzykiewicz,D. Gil,D. Grzonka,L. Jarczyk,B. Kamys,A. Khoukaz,P. Klaja,P. Moskal,W. Oelert,J. Przerwa,J. Ritman,T. Sefzick,M. Siemaszko,M. Silarski,A. Taeschner,M. Wolke,P. Wuestner,J. Zdebik,M. J. Zielinski,W. Zipper
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X09044115
Abstract: We have measured excitation function for dp -> ppp_pi- reaction near the eta production threshold. We observe an enhancement of the counting rate above the threshold which can originate from the production of the eta meson in the reaction dp -> 3He eta and its subsequent absorption on neutron in the 3He nucleus leading to creation of the p_pi- pair.
Isospin dependence of the eta prime meson production in nucleon-nucleon collisions
J. Przerwa,P. Moskal,A. Budzanowski,E. Czerwinski,R. Czyzykiewicz,D. Gil,D. Grzonka,L. Jarczyk,T. Johansson,B. Kamys,A. Khoukaz,P. Klaja,W. Krzemien,W. Oelert,C. Piskor-Ignatowicz,J. Ritman,B. Rejdych,T. Sefzick,M. Siemaszko,M. Silarski,J. Smyrski,A. Taeschner,M. Wolke,P. Wuestner,J. Zdebik,M. J. Zielinski,W. Zipper
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X09043845
Abstract: A comparison of the close-to-threshold total cross section for the eta prime production in pp --> pp eta prime and pn --> pn eta prime reactions constitutes a tool to investigate the eta prime meson structure and the reaction mechanism in the channels of isospin I=0 and I=1 and may provide insight into the flavour-singlet (perhaps also into gluonium) content of the eta prime meson. In this contribution we present preliminary results of measurement of the quasi-free production of the eta prime meson in the proton-neutron collisions conducted using the COSY-11 facility.
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