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Large tilting modules and representation type
L. Angeleri Huegel,O. Kerner,J. Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We study finiteness conditions on large tilting modules over arbitrary rings. We then turn to a hereditary artin algebra R and apply our results to the (infinite dimensional) tilting module L that generates all modules without preprojective direct summands. We show that the behaviour of L over its endomorphism ring determines the representation type of R. A similar result holds true for the (infinite dimensional) tilting module W that generates the divisible modules. Finally, we extend to the wild case some results on Baer modules and torsion-free modules proven in [AHT] for tame hereditary algebras.
Model category structures arising from Drinfeld vector bundles
S. Estrada,P. A. Guil Asensio,M. Prest,J. Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We present a general construction of model category structures on the category $\mathbb{C}(\mathfrak{Qco}(X))$ of unbounded chain complexes of quasi-coherent sheaves on a semi-separated scheme $X$. The construction is based on making compatible the filtrations of individual modules of sections at open affine subsets of $X$. It does not require closure under direct limits as previous methods. We apply it to describe the derived category $\mathbb D (\mathfrak{Qco}(X))$ via various model structures on $\mathbb{C}(\mathgrak{Qco}(X))$. As particular instances, we recover recent results on the flat model structure for quasi-coherent sheaves. Our approach also includes the case of (infinite-dimensional) vector bundles, and of restricted flat Mittag-Leffler quasi-coherent sheaves, as introduced by Drinfeld. Finally, we prove that the unrestricted case does not induce a model category structure as above in general.
Approximations and locally free modules
Alexander Slavik,Jan Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1112/blms/bdt069
Abstract: For any set of modules S, we prove the existence of precovers (right approximations) for all classes of modules of bounded C-resolution dimension, where C is the class of all S-filtered modules. In contrast, we use infinite dimensional tilting theory to show that the class of all locally free modules induced by a non-sum-pure-split tilting module is not precovering. Consequently, the class of all locally Baer modules is not precovering for any countable hereditary artin algebra of infinite representation type.
Colocalization and cotilting for commutative noetherian rings
Jan Trlifaj,Serap Sahinkaya
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: For a commutative noetherian ring R, we investigate relations between tilting and cotilting modules in Mod-R and Mod-R_m where m runs over the maximal spectrum of R. For each finite n, we construct a 1-1 correspondence between (equivalence classes of) n-cotilting R-modules C and (equivalence classes of) compatible families F of n-cotilting R_m-modules (m \in mSpec R). It is induced by the assignment C |-> (C^m ; m \in mSpec R) where C^m is the colocalization of C at m, and its inverse F |-> \prod_{M \in F} M. We construct a similar correspondence for n-tilting modules using compatible families of localizations; however, there is no explicit formula for the inverse.
Almost free modules and Mittag--Leffler conditions
Dolors Herbera,Jan Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Drinfeld recently suggested to replace projective modules by the flat Mittag--Leffler ones in the definition of an infinite dimensional vector bundle on a scheme $X$. Two questions arise: (1) What is the structure of the class $\mathcal D$ of all flat Mittag--Leffler modules over a general ring? (2) Can flat Mittag--Leffler modules be used to build a Quillen model category structure on the category of all chain complexes of quasi--coherent sheaves on $X$? We answer (1) by showing that a module $M$ is flat Mittag--Leffler, if and only if $M$ is $\aleph_1$--projective in the sense of Eklof and Mekler. We use this to characterize the rings such that $\mathcal D$ is closed under products, and relate the classes of all Mittag--Leffler, strict Mittag--Leffler, and separable modules. Then we prove that the class $\mathcal D$ is not deconstructible for any non--right perfect ring. So unlike the classes of all projective and flat modules, the class $\mathcal D$ does not admit the homotopy theory tools developed recently by Hovey . This gives a negative answer to (2).
Spectra of the Gamma-invariant of uniform modules
Saharon Shelah,Jan Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: For a ring R, denote by Spec^R_kappa(Gamma) the kappa-spectrum of the Gamma-invariant of strongly uniform right R-modules. Recent realization techniques of Goodearl and Wehrung show that Spec^R_{aleph_1}(Gamma) is full for suitable von Neumann regular algebras R, but the techniques do not extend to cardinals kappa>aleph_1. By a direct construction, we prove that for any field F and any regular uncountable cardinal kappa there is an F-algebra R such that Spec^R_kappa(Gamma) is full. We also derive some consequences for the complexity of Ziegler spectra of infinite dimensional algebras.
Tilting via torsion pairs and almost hereditary noetherian rings
Jan Stovicek,Otto Kerner,Jan Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpaa.2010.11.016
Abstract: We generalize the tilting process by Happel, Reiten and Smal{\o} to the setting of finitely presented modules over right coherent rings. Moreover, we extend the characterization of quasi-tilted artin algebras as the almost hereditary ones to all right noetherian rings.
Cotilting modules over commutative noetherian rings
Jan Stovicek,Jan Trlifaj,Dolors Herbera
Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpaa.2014.01.008
Abstract: Recently, tilting and cotilting classes over commutative noetherian rings have been classified in arXiv:1203.0907. We proceed and, for each n-cotilting class C, construct an n-cotilting module inducing C by an iteration of injective precovers. A further refinement of the construction yields the unique minimal n-cotilting module inducing C. Finally, we consider localization: a cotilting module is called ample, if all of its localizations are cotilting. We prove that for each 1-cotilting class, there exists an ample cotilting module inducing it, but give an example of a 2-cotilting class which fails this property.
On the cogeneration of cotorsion pairs
Paul C. Eklof,Saharon Shelah,Jan Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: Let R be a Dedekind domain. Enochs' solution of the Flat Cover Conjecture was extended as follows: (*) If C is a cotorsion pair generated by a class of cotorsion modules, then C is cogenerated by a set. We show that (*) is the best result provable in ZFC in case R has a countable spectrum: the Uniformization Principle UP^+ implies that C is not cogenerated by a set whenever C is a cotorsion pair generated by a set which contains a non-cotorsion module.
Baer and Mittag-Leffler modules over tame hereditary algebras
Lidia Angeleri-Hugel,Dolors Herbera,Jan Trlifaj
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We develop a structure theory for two classes of infinite dimensional modules over tame hereditary algebras: the Baer modules, and the Mittag-Leffler ones.
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