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Thermophysical Properties of Binary Liquid Systems of Ethanoic Acid, Propanoic Acid, and Butanoic Acid with Benzene or Acetophenone
R. Ahluwalia,Ritu Gupta,J. L. Vashisht,R. K. Wanchoo
ISRN Physical Chemistry , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/612837
Abstract: The density ( ), viscosity ( ), and surface tension ( ) of binary mixtures of carboxylic acids (CAs) (ethanoic acid (EA), propanoic acid (PA), butanoic acid (BA)) + benzene (BEN) or acetophenone (ACT) have been measured at 298.15, 308.15, and 318.15?K. From the experimental results, excess values of molar volume ( ), viscosity ( ), Gibb's free energy for the activation of low ( ), and surface tension ( ) were evaluated and fitted to a Redlich-Kister type of equation. The parameter “ ” of Grunberg and Nissan expression has also been calculated. From the sign and magnitude of , , , , and “ ” values, it is concluded that specific interactions are present in CA+ACT system and these interactions are absent in CA + BEN mixtures. Various viscosity and surface tension models have been used to test the consistency of the data. 1. Introduction Studies on thermophysical properties of binary liquid mixtures containing carboxylic acids are not extensive [1–3]. In view of this, we have undertaken studies on binary mixtures of carboxylic acids (CAs), namely, ethanoic acid (EA), propanoic acid (PA), and butanoic acid (BA) which are self-associated solvents, with a nonpolar solvent benzene (BEN) and polar acetophenone (ACT). These acids exist as cyclic dimers in the pure state. However, trimers also exist which are formed because of strong interactions between ring dimers and monomers [4–6]. The excess properties , , , , and Grunberg and Nissan parameter “ ” computed from the experimental data (density ( ), viscosity ( ), and surface tension) ( )) of binary mixtures of carboxylic acids (EA, PA, BA) with benzene and acetophenone have been determined. Benzene interacts with acid through Vander Waal's or London dispersion forces and acetophenone forms chemical aggregates with acid through hydrogen bonding. The results are used to theoretically justify the validity of various viscosity and surface tension models. The main thrust of the investigation is to correlate the experimental data in terms of the interacting components of the mixtures and to stress the factors affecting these interactions. 2. Experimental Section Ethanoic acid, propanoic acid, butanoic acid, benzene, and acetophenone were purified by the standard methods described in the literature [7]. Ethanoic acid (BDH, 99% assay) was washed with a calculated amount of acetic anhydride for about 10?h and was subjected to fractional distillation. Propanoic acid and butanoic acid (E. Merck, 99% assay) were dried over anhydrous sodium sulfate for two days and the samples were distilled over potassium permanganate.
On Φ-Schauder frames
L. K. Vashisht
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this short note we introduce and study a particular type of Schauder frames, namely, \Phi-Schauder frames.
Frames of Eigenfunctions Associated with a Boundary Value Problem
L. K. Vashisht,Shalu Sharma
International Journal of Analysis , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/590324
Abstract: We introduce and study a redundant system of retro Banach frames consisting of eigenfunctions associated with a given boundary value problem. 1. Introduction Duffin and Schaeffer in [1], while addressing some deep problems in nonharmonic Fourier series, abstracted Gabor’s method [2], of time-frequency atomic decomposition for signal processing to define frames for Hilbert spaces. A sequence in a real (or complex) separable Hilbert space with inner product is a frame (or Hilbert frame) for if there exist finite positive constants and such that The positive constants and are called lower and upper bounds of the frame, respectively. The inequality (1) is called the frame inequality of the frame. The operator given by is called the synthesis operator or the preframe operator of the frame. The adjoint operator of is called the analysis operator. More precisely, is given by Composing and , we obtain the frame operator which is given by The frame operator is a positive continuous invertible linear operator from to . Every vector can be written as The series converges unconditionally and is called the reconstruction formula for the frame. The representation of in reconstruction formula need not be unique. Thus, frames are redundant systems in a Hilbert space which yield one natural representation for every vector in the given Hilbert space, but which may have infinitely many different representations for a given vector. Frames provide an appropriate mathematical framework for redundant signal expansions [3, 4]. Moreover, frames find many applications in mathematics, science, and engineering. In particular, frames are widely used in nonuniform sampling [5], wavelet theory [6, 7], wireless communication, signal processing [3, 8], filter banks [9], and many more. The reason is that frames provide both great liberties in design of vector space decompositions and quantitative measure on computability and robustness of the corresponding reconstructions. In the theoretical direction, powerful tools from operator theory and Banach spaces are being employed to study frames. For a nice introduction to various types of frames with applications, one may refer to [10–13]. In 1986, Daubechies et al. [6] found new applications to wavelets and Gabor transforms in which frames played an important role. Coifman and Weiss [14] introduced the notion of atomic decomposition for function spaces. Feichtinger and Gr?chenig [15] studied the atomic decomposition via integrable group representation. Casazza et al. [16] also carried out a study of atomic decompositions and Banach frames.
On $\mathfrak{I}$-reconstruction Property
L. K. Vashisht,Geetika Khattar
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Reconstruction property in Banach spaces introduced and studied by Casazza and Christensen in [1]. In this paper we introduce reconstruction property in Banach spaces which satisfy $\mathfrak{I}$-property. A characterization of reconstruction property in Banach spaces which satisfy $\mathfrak{I}$-property in terms of frames in Banach spaces is obtained. Banach frames associated with reconstruction property are discussed.
Enhancing Software Process Management through Control Charts  [PDF]
Vipul Vashisht
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2014.72010

In software development life cycle, Software Process Management (SPM) acts as a significant part throughout the execution of project. In this study, the application of control chart for analyzing the stability of software process and defects in the software product is discussed. This paper will discuss the analyzing impact or collision of rework effort, defect density, inspection performance and productivity by using control charts. This paper also explains the benefits and challenges of using control charts in software organization.

Pulsating enophthalmos in aplasia of sphenoid wing
Menon Vimala,Vashisht S,Gupta K,Singh J
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 1993,
On З-Reconstruction Property  [PDF]
Lalit Kumar Vashisht, Geetika Khattar
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2013.33046
Abstract: Reconstruction property in Banach spaces introduced and studied by Casazza and Christensen in [1]. In this paper we introduce reconstruction property in Banach spaces which satisfy \"\"-property. A characterization of reconstruction property in Banach spaces which satisfy \"\"-property in terms of frames in Banach spaces is obtained. Banach frames associated with reconstruction property are discussed.
A Framework for Software Defect Prediction Using Neural Networks  [PDF]
Vipul Vashisht, Manohar Lal, G. S. Sureshchandar
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2015.88038
Abstract: Despite the fact that a number of approaches have been proposed for effective and accurate prediction of software defects, yet most of these have not found widespread applicability. Our objective in this communication is to provide a framework which is expected to be more effective and acceptable for predicting the defects in multiple phases across software development lifecycle. The proposed framework is based on the use of neural networks for predicting defects in software development life cycle. Further, in order to facilitate the easy use of the framework by project managers, a software graphical user interface has been developed that allows input data (including effort and defect) to be fed easily for predicting defects. The proposed framework provides a probabilistic defect prediction approach where instead of a definite number, a defect range (minimum, maximum, and mean) is predicted. The claim of efficacy and superiority of proposed framework is established through results of a comparative study, involving the proposed frame-work and some well-known models for software defect prediction.
General Population Survey In Rural Area To Generate Prevention Indicators For HIV/AIDS Control
Lal Sunder,Malik J.S,Vashisht B.M.Singh,Punia M.S
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 1998,
Abstract: Research question: What has been the impact of massive educational campaign of AIDS/HIV in general population in rural areas? Objectives :1.To ascertain the level of awareness of preventive practices relating to HIV/AIDS.2.To know the prevalence of sexual risk behaviour.3.To ascertain condom availability and accessibility. Study design: Cross-sectional. Participants: Men and women in age group 15-49 years. Sample size: 1737 individuals. Settings: Rural areas of Distt.Rohtak. Outcome variables: Awareness of preventive practices, martial relations, risk behaviour. Statistical methods: simple proportions. Results: A little less than half of the persons (49.5%) in age bracket 15-49 years had heard about AIDS. 43% of individuals had knowledge of atleast two acceptable methods of protection from HIV infection. Men were better informed as compared to women. Effective preventive practices were known to 35% of individuals. 5.47% of sexually active individuals reported having sex with non-regular sex partners and only one fourth of individuals having risky sexual partnership used condoms. 78% of the population had access to uninterrupted supply of condoms.
Surveillance Of Vital Events In Rural Areas
Lal Sunder,Kumar Vijay,Vashisht B.M. Singh,Malik J.S
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 1998,
Abstract: Research question: Which system of registration of vital events is more efficient? Objective: To ascertain the efficiency and quality of vital events registration in the rural community. Study design: Population based cross-sectional. Settings: Rural areas. Sample size: All births and deaths which occurred during the year 96-97 in the community development block were incorporated in the study. Study variables: Births, deaths, cause of death, events missed by different agencies and quality of registration. Analysis: Simple proportions Results: During the reference period of one year 2617 births and 855 deaths were reported in rural population of 96242. Anganwadi workers were most efficient as they could record 96% of births and 83.2% of deaths. Multipurpose health workers (female) and village chowkidar could record 77.7% and 51.0% of births and 75% and 64%. 6% of deaths respectively. Correctness of causes of death matched to the extent of 31-36%, which was quite discouraging. Health system and system of integrated child Development Services do not use mortality data for local planning and seldom share this information with the community, whose lives.
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