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RETRACTED: Wavelet Packet Frames on a Half Line Using the Walsh-Fourier Transform  [PDF]
J. Iqbal
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2013.31011
Abstract: Short Retraction Notice

The paper does not meet the standards of \"American Journal of Computational Mathematics\".

This article has been retracted to straighten the academic record. In making this decision the Editorial Board follows COPE's Retraction Guidelines. The aim is to promote the circulation of scientific research by offering an ideal research publication platform with due consideration of internationally accepted standards on publication ethics. The Editorial Board would like to extend its sincere apologies for any inconvenience this retraction may have caused.

Editor guiding this retraction: Prof. Hari M. Srivastava (EiC of AJCM)

The full retraction notice in PDF is preceding the original paper, which is marked \"RETRACTED\".

Computational Analysis of Gas Phase Mixing in a Co-Fired Burner with Two Different Designs  [PDF]
J. Iqbal, S. Gao
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34025

The study of swirling jet combustor for biomass coal co-firing is of great interest for energy industry. The biomass co-firing can serve as a NOx reduction method as well as the better use of renewable energy source. Large eddy simulation (LES) and RANS modelling have been performed with two different burner designs. Usually pulverized coal-biomass mixture enters the furnace along with primary air through primary pipe, and the secondary pipe provides necessary air and mixing for combustion. The improved model has three passages including primary, secondary and middle passage for swirling. The simulations on two geometries have been compared, and the aim is to design a better and improved burner model for better pre-combustion mixing in the biomass co- fired furnace. The results from two-way and three-way geometry have been compared with each other as well as with the results from the furnace model used by Apte and Mahesh [8].

Urban Wind Speed Analysis in Global Climate Change Perspective: Karachi as a Case Study  [PDF]
Muhammad A. Hussain, Muhammad J. Iqbal, Safeeullah Soomro
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2012.325100
Abstract: It is now well known that coastal urban local climate has been showing changing pattern due to global climate change. This communication attempts to explore fluctuating pattern of urban average monthly wind speed during past 50 years (1961-2010). It shows peculiar results taking Karachi (24?53'N, 67?00'E), a coastal mega-city of Pakistan, as a case study. Mann-Kendall trend test shows that March, April and October and both summer and winter seasons show positive trends for the average monthly wind speed during the whole study period (1961-2010). For the earlier 25 years data, it has been found that January, March, May, August, November and December and annual wind speed data have shown the negative trends. Only summer season has shown the positive trend for the wind speed. Similarly, for the most recent 25 years data it has been found that January, February, March, April, May, June, October, November and December and annual and both summer and winter wind speed data have shown the positive trends showing some degree of change in wind speed pattern. Probabilistic analysis reveals that average monthly wind speed data sets follow lognormal, logistic, largest extreme value, and Weibull (two-and three-parameters) probability distributions. Change point analysis has also confirmed the change in the pattern of observed average monthly wind speed data near 1992. The analysis performed reveals the effect of global warming on the local urban wind speed which appears to be temporal non-stationary.
Impact of North-South Shift of Azores High on Summer Precipitation over North West Europe  [PDF]
Shahnaz Ali Rashid, Muhammad J. Iqbal, Muhammad A. Hussain
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2012.325099
Abstract: Several Studies demonstrate that North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) influences variability of climate over Europe. As NAO is has significant influence on climate of Europe during boreal cold season (November to April), we use the centers of action approach for the study of summer precipitation (June to August) variability over Europe, taking into account variations in the components of the NAO North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), the Azores High and the Icelandic Low pressure systems. This study shows that north-south shifts of the Azores High has significant impact on interannual variations of summer precipitation over North West Europe, there being more precipitation when the Azores High shifts southward versus when it is northward. Thus this article demonstrate that when the Azores High system is to the south there is flux of moist and warm air from the Atlantic into NW Europe. We present a regression model for summer precipitation over North-west in which the Azores High latitude and the Icelandic low longitude are independent variables and it explains 53 percent of the variance of precipitation during 1952-2002, a significant enhancement over the NAO value of R2 = 0.10.
Partial molar volume of mefenamic acid in alcohol at temperatures between T=293.15 and T=313.15 K
Iqbal, Muhammad J.;Siddiquah, Mahrukh;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532006000500006
Abstract: apparent molar volume (vf), partial molar volume (v), solute-solute interaction parameter (sv), partial molar expansivity (e02) and isobaric thermal expansion coefficient (a2) of mefenamic acid in six different organic solvents namely, methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, 2-propanol, 1-butanol, and 2-butanol, have been calculated from the measured solution densities over a temperature range of t=293.15 and t=313.15±0.1k. the solution densities were measured by an automated vibrating tube densitymeter (anton paar dma-48). the molality range investigated was between 6×10-3 and 3.25 ×10-2 mol kg -1. the effect of temperature on apparent molar volume and partial molar volume was also determined. decrease in solute-solvent interactions with an increase in temperature has been noted. partial molar volume of mefenamic acid changes with the change in solvent polarity.
. Iqbal
Jurnal Informatika , 2012,
Abstract: Pada umumnya para pengguna CMS Joomla dalam membuat website hanya menggunakan fitur-fitur standar (seperti sistem konten, web links, contact forms) yang ada pada CMS Joomla tanpa melakukan pengembangan dari fitur-fitur tersebut. Hal ini akan menjadi suatu masalah jika fitur yang diinginkan belum terdapat pada CMS Joomla. Saat ini banyak pengembang web yang cenderung menggunakan CMS karena kemudahannya. Hal ini juga memungkinkan pengembangan CMS untuk sistem informasi berbasis online, namun belum ada pengembang CMS yang menyediakan komponen atau fitur sistem informasi berbasis online. Sehingga tujuan penelitian ini adalah pengembangan CMS yang difokuskan dalam hal penambahan fitur berupa component dan module sistem informasi online.
Transthyretin—A Key Gene Involved in Regulating Learning and Memory in Brain, and Providing Neuroprotection in Alzheimer Disease via Neuronal Synthesis of Transthyretin Protein  [PDF]
Javed Iqbal
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2018.82005
Abstract: Transthyretin (TTR), a carrier protein present in the liver and choroid plexus of the brain, has been shown to be responsible for binding thyroid hormone thyroxin (T4) and retinol in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). TTR aids in sequestering of beta-amyloid peptides Aβ deposition, and protects the brain from trauma, ischemic stroke and Alzheimer disease (AD). Accordingly, hippocampal gene expression of TTR plays a significant role in learning and memory as well as in simulation of spatial memory tasks. TTR via interacting with transcription factor CREB regulates this process and decreased expression leads to memory deficits. By different signaling pathways, like MAPK, AKT, and ERK via Src, TTR provides tropical support through megalin receptor by promoting neurite outgrowth and protecting the neurons from traumatic brain injury. TTR is also responsible for the transient rise in intracellular Ca2+ via NMDA receptor, playing a dominant role under excitotoxic conditions. In this review, we tried to shed light on how TTR is involved in maintaining normal cognitive processes, its role in learning and memory, under memory deficit conditions; by which mechanisms it promotes neurite outgrowth; and how it protects the brain from Alzheimer disease (AD).
Influence of Microsperma Lentil Genotypes on Tissue Culture Responses
N. Altaf,J. Iqbal,M. S. Ahmad
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 1998,
Abstract: In vitro growth responses of various lentil genotypes varied. The best callussing response was noticed in variety ILL- 4605. The genotype AARI-L-89503 had a tendency for embryogenesis. The genotype AARI-L-86642 had the best rooting ability. This genotype also showed in vitro flowering response. Masoor-85 and Pant-L-406 had moderate morphogenic responses. Meristem multiplication, shoot development, shoot bud formation from callus and adventitious rooting from shoot cuttings was obtained under appropriate growth regulators combinations.
Influence of Explant Source and Medium Ingredients on Culture Responses of Microsperma Lentil Cultivar Masoor-85
N. Altaf,J. Iqbal,M. S. Ahmad
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 1998,
Abstract: Culture responses of 9 lentil explants were compared in various media having different ingredients. The most promising were the scrapped axillary portions of basal nodes for enhanced regeneration. The optimum size of the explant was also determined. The callogenesis response varied with the explant and ranged between 0.3 - 0.5 cm. Among the sugars tested, sucrose was the best for callussing. Auxin 2,4-D induced callussing but cytokinin enhanced formation of shoot primordia in explants. Both BA and K promoted multiple shoot formation but K and GA gave more shoot buds. Cytokinins with auxins gave callussing. Callus was also induced in explants when grown in K (10 mg/l) + GA (1mg/l) containing medium in the dark. When callus was shifted to light it started regeneration as green dots. The addition of seed extract to K and GA medium considerably enhanced regenerations.
Anemia in Recent Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis
D.J. Borah, Farhin Iqbal
JK Science : Journal of Medical Education & Research , 2007,
Abstract: This study was undertaken to study the prevalence of anemia in recent onset Rheumatoid arthritis and toobserve any difference of disease activity between anemic and non anemic patients of RheumatoidArthritis(RA). Newly diagnosed recent onset RA (<2 years),DMARD na ve patients were evaluated forpresence of anemia. Anemia was defined as hemoglobin = 11 g/dl in females and = 12 g/dl in males.Anemic patients were further evaluated for the type of anemia & serum ferritin = 50 μg/l is taken as cutoff for defining iron deficiency anemia. Assessment of disease activity using DAS 28,and functionaldisability using modified health assessment questionnaires (MHAQ) was performed in both anemic andnon anemic RA patients. A total of 31 patients were included in the prospective study. Anemia wasobserved in 20 patients (64.5%), out of the 20 patients, 12 patients (60%) were found to be havinganemia of chronic disease(ACD)and 8 patients (40%) were found to be having iron deficiency anemia(IDA). In anemic group, the mean DAS 28 &MHAQ were found to be 6.85+0.64 & 1.41+0.44 respectively& in the non anemic group mean DAS 28 &MHAQ were found to be 4.76+1.29 & 0.7+0.25 respectively.It is concluded that anemia is a common extra articular manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis and anemiaof chronic disease is the commonest type of anemia in rheumatoid arthritis . Anemic patients tend to havesevere disease as reflected by high disease activity score and MHAQ scores.
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