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A indústria rural no Brasil
Fernandes Filho, J. F;Campos, F. R;
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20032003000400007
Abstract: in recent years the debate pertaining to the development of rural areas has been enriched by contributions that indicate the growing importance of non agricultural activities in rural areas. these contributions are significant to the brazilian agricultural establishment and most importantly to what is known as family agriculture. the objective of this study is to contribute to the debate by analyzing available information pertinent to rural cottage industry, in other words rural activity that is not agricultural. this exploratory study has shown that activities pertaining to rural cottage industry are important in supplying the internal market when some products that are clearly present on the agricultural production units, specifically those relying on family production. it should also be noted that on the average, these activities create jobs and income for the families involved and provides significantly higher income than activities in traditional agriculture. the data show that stimulating rural cottage industry can contribute significantly in developing the brazilian rural area.
Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae, Pure and Encapsulated, and Bio-Insecticide Action on Diatraea saccharalis  [PDF]
I. M. Wenzel Rodrigues, M. R. Forim, M. F. G. F. da Silva, J. B. Fernandes, A. Batista Filho
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2016.43016
Abstract: The effect of ultraviolet radiation on entomopathogenic fungi can be very prejudicial for causing damage to the conidia. Formulations can help protecting these fungal structures against radiation. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of UV radiation on pure and encapsulated conidia Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae sensu lato, and to evaluate their pathogenicity on the sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis. The pure conidia and the sodium alginate capsules containing the fungi were submitted to the ultraviolet radiation in different temperatures and exposure times. On the pure conidia, the radiation had a deleterious effect after 5 minutes of exposure, going from 94% to 52% germination for B. bassiana and from 96% to 54% for M. anisopliae. The alginate formulation protected the B. bassiana conidia against the radiation in all times they were evaluated (15 minutes to 48 hours), because, even after exposure, the fungi remained viable. The dry encapsulated conidia B. bassiana caused 79.6% mortality of the studied pest and the M. anisopliae caused only 10%.
Matura??o da marcha em crian?as com paralisia cerebral: Um estudo piloto
Marques,J.S.; Fernandes,P. Roquetti; Fernandes Filho,J.; Policarpo,F. B.;
Motricidade , 2011,
Abstract: this study aimed at observing children with cerebral palsy's (cp) gait maturation and to correlate gait maturation's motor skill parameters. podogram and video shooting of eight children's gait were used. children up to seven years of age participated in the study. cluster analysis was applied, dividing the sample into two groups, using the relation between pelvis? width and the spreading of the ankles (rel) as parameters. data were analyzed using t-test, analysis of deltas, and pearson?s correlation. deviance from normality for all the parameters was demonstrated with greater failure in speed and cadence and a significant correlation among these parameters, and yet between them and the rel parameter. although children with cp had acquired gait, they still do it immaturely.
Gait maturation in children with cerebral palsy: A pilot study
J.S. Marques,P. Roquetti Fernandes,J. Fernandes Filho,F. B. Policarpo
Motricidade , 2011,
Abstract: This study aimed at observing children with cerebral palsy's (CP) gait maturation and to correlate gait maturation's motor skill parameters. Podogram and video shooting of eight children's gait were used. Children up to seven years of age participated in the study. Cluster analysis was applied, dividing the sample into two groups, using the relation between pelvis’ width and the spreading of the ankles (REL) as parameters. Data were analyzed using t-test, analysis of Deltas, and Pearson’s correlation. Deviance from normality for all the parameters was demonstrated with greater failure in speed and cadence and a significant correlation among these parameters, and yet between them and the REL parameter. Although children with CP had acquired gait, they still do it immaturely.
Development and validation of equation of prediction the load of work for training with weights in the bench press exercises, for men of intermediate level
M.L. Lima,J. Fernandes Filho,E.H. Dantas,P.R. Fernandes
Motricidade , 2008,
Abstract: Back Ground: The professionals who work with muscle exercise have questioned the forms of evaluation of the dynamic force for exercise prescription purposes. Objective: to develop and to validate an equation for prediction of the load during weight training in the exercise of horizontal bench press with free weights. Materials and Methods: the sample comprised 60 (sixty) subjects engaged in recreational muscle exercise programs. For anthropometric evaluation and body composition the following measures were used: body mass, stature, estimated lean body mass, estimate body fat mass and the percentage of fat. For the maximum force of upper members the Repetition Maximum test (1RM) in the exercise of horizontal bench press was used. Results: the main results were: 1RM (75,5±12,7Kg); age (23±3,15years); %fat (8,3±3,0%); body mass (71,1±13,0Kg); stature (172,0±8,4m); lean body mass (62,8±10,6Kg) and fat body mass (6,2±3,5Kg). Discussion: it was possible to develop and to validate an equation of prediction of the load of work for weight training in the exercise of horizontal bench press, with a Standard Error of Estimation (SEE) of 3,378kg), and R2=0,98.
Indústria de cartucho de toner sob a ótica da remanufatura: estudo de caso de um processo de melhoria
Costa Filho, Cícero Ferreira Fernandes;Coelho Júnior, Luís Carlos Barros;Costa, Marly Guimar?es Fernandes;
Produ??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65132006000100009
Abstract: this paper presents an improvement process applied in one remanufacturing toner cartridge industry. it, initially, presents a mapping of the stages of this process by attempting to highlight the main characteristics, which distinguish it from a conventional manufacturing process and emphasizes its importance as an of eco-efficient process aiming at achieving sustainable development. through three performance indicators proposed by the work, a diagnosis of the existing process was carried out as to the reuse of parts gasthered in the field, fulfilment of customers'orders and quantity of production faults. at the initial diagnosis carried out, the values obtained for theses criteria were located below the established targets proposed by the company. through the pdca tool, improvement opportunities in critical points in the manufacturing process were identified. the setting up of these improvements resulted in gains in the performance indicators of nearly 12%. some classical tools were applied in pdca implementation, as brainstorming ishikawa diagram and statistic process control.
Efeitos de ciclos de umedecimento e secagem na reorganiza??o da estrutura microgranular de latossolos
Viana, J. H. M.;Fernandes Filho, E. I.;Schaefer, C. E. G. R.;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832004000100002
Abstract: a greenhouse experiment was conducted to examine the structural modifications engendered by wetting-drying cycles in latosol samples (oxisols) with different mineralogical properties submitted to dry grinding, compared with bulk samples. air-dried soil samples were sieved through a 1.00 mm sieve and separated in two groups. one was kept as control group and the other ground in a mortar and sieved through a 0.105 mm sieve. this second was also split in two groups, one of which received particulate humic acid treatment. the materials were placed in aluminum columns, subjected to 10 weekly wetting cycles by capillarity followed by air-drying. at the end of the cycles, the samples were impregnated with polyester resin, cut in blocks and thin-sectioned for microscopy analysis. the sections were scrutinized under optical microscope, photographed, and the images digitalized, analyzed, and quantified with the software quantiporo. after the wetting and drying cycles, important alterations in both shape and structural pattern were observed in the ground samples. these changes were attributed to a re-organization of soil particles during the plasma shrinkage after the drying process. all materials presented a different structural pattern in relation to the original soil structure. no trend for reversion to the original structure was observed after the cycles. this indicates that other factors besides the physical-chemical and mineralogical should be considered to explain the genesis of latosol microaggregates.
Somatotype and anthropometry in brazilian national volleyball teams
B.G. Cabral,S.A. Cabral,G.R. Batista,J. Fernandes Filho
Motricidade , 2008,
Abstract: The elaboration of profile characteristics that can serve as parameters in the different categories and investment in scientific studies of Brazilian volleyball have shown their importance in developing new athletes. In this sense, the objective of the descriptive study in question was to analyze important characteristics such as somatotype and anthropometry in the Brazilian under-17 and under-18 national teams, respectively. The population was composed of 33 (14 females and 19 males) athletes from the aforementioned teams. We used a high-precision scale and stadiometer to verify anthropometric characteristics and Heath & Carter’s method to evaluate somatotype. The men’s team obtained the following mean results: Age = 16.71; height = 195.9cm; body weight = 87.7kg; endomorphy = 1.26; mesomorphy = 3.18 and ectomorphy = 3.8; while the women’s results were: Age = 15.9; height = 181.6cm; body weight = 67.4kg; endomorphy = 3.09; mesomorphy = 2.21 and ectomorphy = 3.88. We can conclude from the results that the teams in question have similar characteristics to those of the high-performance adult teams, and exhibit a predominance of the ectomorphic component of the somatotype. This finding is of great importance, given the current demands of high-performance volleyball, and shows us the high level of the group studied.
Characteristics genotipics and fenotipics in athletics sprinters
L.C. Santos,P.M. Dantas,J. Fernandes Filho
Motricidade , 2008,
Abstract: The purpose this study was to comparate the genotipics and the phenotipics characteristics in a group of the runners sprint. They were part 19 athletes of both sexes and describe for 22,42 ± 3,53 age, 66,61 ± 7,66kg body mass and 173,18 ± 7,23cm weight. The genetic profile and the somatotype were based in Cummins & Midlo (1961) and Heath & Carter (1990) respectively, and the evaluation isokinetic were based in Adams (1998). The found results that, in group: (a) D10 = 12,00 and SQTL = 123, (b) for the types of drawings, A = 2,1%; L = 64,7% and W = 33,2%, (c) the profile somatotypic of the group was classificated by meso-balance, the values was 2,33 - 4,11 - 2,81, (d) the values suggested for the torque isokinetic in the different intervals among the repetitions 1-3 and 48-50, were respectively, 348,67 ± 24,4% and, 150 ± 24,7%, (e) doesn't exist significant difference for a value of p <0,0001 between the classification of the variables genotipics and fenotipics. In conclusion, it study accumulates the possibility dermatoglyphics insert in this sporting, as method prognostic that can aid, in the lower cost and, in the subject's evaluation diagnostic.
Pharmacy contribution to the prescription and rational use of human albumin at a large hospital
Wladimir Mendes Borges Filho,Silvana Maria de Almeida,Fabio Teixeira Ferracini,Constantino Jose Fernandes Júnior
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: The purpose of this survey was to reduce the use of human albumin 20% in non-supported indications at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Methods: During a 30-day period, in December 2006, a preliminary prospective analysis of medical prescriptions of human albumin 20% and therapeutic indications according to ANVISA RDC 115 guidelines was performed. Based on this analysis, a project was developed. In January 2007, a daily routine to follow up albumin prescriptions by the Hospital pharmacists was established. Results: From January to October 2007, 14,799 vials of albumin 20% were used, out of which 4,191 had non-supported indications, resulting in a R$ 1.36 million loss. In 2008 (from January to October), 13,519 vials of albumin 20% were prescribed, and 1,648 of them had non-supported indications, causing a R$ 535 thousand loss. The ratio between loss risk and consumed amount was 91.99 between January and October 2007. During the same period in 2008, this ratio was 39.60. Between January and October 2007, the average percentage of albumin prescribed for non-supported indications was 28%, whereas this percentage dropped to 13%, i.e., a decrease by 54%, during the same period of 2008. Conclusions: The inclusion of a pharmacist in the process of verifying medicine indications and justification of use was translated into safer processes to patients, ensuring that they received the correct medication for the correct indication, therefore reducing the chance of adverse events and contributing to reduce red-tape procedures and unnecessary expenditures by the institution.
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