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The Middle Austro-Alpine Sieggraben structural complex – new data on geothermobarometry
Ján Kromel,Marián Puti?,Peter Ba?ík
Acta Geologica Slovaca , 2011,
Abstract: The Sieggraben structural complex is located in the Eastern Alps and went through complicated tectonothermal evolution. Lithotypes are represented by metabasic rocks, metacarbonates, metapelites, and serpentinites. Metabasites consist of amphiboles and eclogites. The whole unit underwent two MP/HP metamorphic stages – a D1 prograde burial stage and a D2 exhumation stage. The D1 prograde burial stage resulted in the forming of Omp with over 30 % of Jd component, Am1, Pl1. P-T conditions of the D1 stage were calculated at 610–650 °C (Grt-Cpx geothermometer) and 16–17 kbar (Grt-Cpx-Pl-Qtz geobarometer). The D2 exhumation stage resulted in the forming of Am2, Pl2, and Cpx2 mineral association. P-T conditions of the D2 stage were set to 700 °C at 12 kbar by Grt-Bt geothermometer and Grt-Pl-Ky-Qtz geothermobarometer. Previously published P-T path was recalculated using new geothermobarometry calculations.
Case Study: EIMS Acupuncture Treatment for Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis  [PDF]
N. Yelizarov, J. Taunton
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2015.34017
Abstract: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is a progressive ailment of a lower limb that, if left untreated, can lead to irreversible changes in the structure and function. The authors of the present study hypothesized the damages to the tibias tendon can be countered and reversed using electrical acupuncture and concurrent treatment of the associated muscle. INTERVENTION: The following study details a successful treatment of the early stage PTTD in a group of competitive athletes using a specific Electrical Intra Muscular Stimulation (EIMS) protocol developed and rooted in years of practice and the knowledge of the pathophysiology of the muscle and tendon tissues. Specifically, a combination the posterior and the original EIMS approach was used to stimulate the tendon and muscle concurrently at a frequency of 2 Hz. Analysis of the VAS scores showed a significant improvement following the treatment sessions. CONCLUSION: The success of this combined muscle/tendon stimulation protocol is given a strong correlation between the mechanism of tendon and muscle injury and recovery. The fast rate of healing and the simplicity of the materials required for the treatment offer a great potential for a wide-spread application. The authors extrapolate that the treatment method, with applicable modifications in needling locations, can be used for an array of common ailments involving tendons and muscles of the lower limb and foot, including the over-pronation, which is now common place due to the overweight problem in the general population.
Using Neural Networks for Simulating and Predicting Core-End Temperatures in Electrical Generators: Power Uprate Application  [PDF]
Carlos J. Gavilán Moreno
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2015.31001
Abstract: Power uprates pose a threat to electrical generators due to possible parasite effects that can develop potential failure sources with catastrophic consequences in most cases. In that sense, it is important to pay close attention to overheating, which results from excessive system losses and cooling system inefficiency. The end region of a stator is the most sensitive part to overheating. The calculation of magnetic fields, the evaluation of eddy-current losses and the determination of loss-derived temperature increases, are challenging problems requiring the use of simulation methods. The most usual methodology is the finite element method, or linear regression. In order to address this methodology, a calculation method was developed to determine temperature increases in the last stator package. The mathematical model developed was based on an artificial intelligence technique, more specifically neural networks. The model was successfully applied to estimate temperatures associated to 108% power and used to extrapolate temperature values for a power uprate to 113.48%. This last scenario was also useful to test extrapolation accuracy. The method is applied to determine core-end temperature when power is uprated to 117.78%. At that point, the temperature value will be compared to with the values obtained using finite elements method and multivariate regression.
Experimental Investigation of Woven E-Glass Epoxy Composite Laminates Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact at Different Energy Levels  [PDF]
N. Rajesh Mathivanan, J. Jerald
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2010.97046
Abstract: This work presents the results of an experimental investigation concerning the low-velocity impact response of woven glass fiber epoxy matrix composite laminates. Experimental tests were performed according to ASTM standards using an instrumented falling weight impact testing machine. Impact tests were conducted to characterize the type and extent of the damages observed in laminate subjected to different impact velocities: 2 to 4.5 m/sec. The response of these laminates to drop-weight low velocity impact at energy levels ranging from 3 to 15 J was investigated. At impact velocity of 4.429 m/sec, there is clearly a catastrophic failure of laminates. It was found that the laminates exhibited two types of failure modes viz., crack initiation and perforation of the laminate.
Interlaminar Fracture Toughness and Low-Velocity Impact Resistance of Woven Glass Epoxy Composite Laminates of EP3 Grade  [PDF]
N. Rajesh Mathivanan, J. Jerald
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2012.113024
Abstract: This work presents the delamination resistance of woven glass fibre reinforced polymers (GFRP) and its influence on GFRP’s resistance to point impact. Two different types of laminates were fabricated by hand lay-up technique; (i) woven glass fibre epoxy matrix laminates and (ii) woven glass fibre epoxy matrix laminates with 3% graphite particulate fillers. End Notch Flexure (ENF) test was adopted for the measurement of delamination resistance. The two GFRPs laminates show similar mode II delamination resistance. At impact velocities between 2.215 and 4.429 m/sec, the GFRP developed a smaller damage size than the graphite-based GFRP laminates, indicating higher impact toughness. Difference of the impact resistance between the two GFRPs is mainly on the impact damage size developed. The total energy absorbed during the impact remains the same, which is independent of mode II delamination resistance of the GFRP. The history of relevant dynamic and energetic quantities, both to synthesize the dependency of the energy parameters and force threshold values on the impact velocity are discussed.
Sonographic evaluation of the post-operative rotator cuff: Does tendon thickness matter?  [PDF]
J. Lasbleiz, T. Benkalfate, J. N. Morelli, J. Jan
Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics (OJCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojcd.2013.33015
Abstract: The goal of this work is to determine whether sonographic measures of tendon thickness correlate with post-operative functional parameters or re-tear rates. 53 consecutive patients with supraspinatus tears on MRI were examined by an orthopedic surgeon to determine: pre-and post-operative patient pain (via Constant-Murley scale), night time pain, maximum force production by the affected arm (in pounds), and range of motion deficits. Post-operative ultrasound at 3 and 12 months following surgery was performed to evaluate for recurrent tear and to measure tendon thickness. Post-operative tendon thickness was inversely related to patient age (r = -0.24; p < 0.05). Statistically significantly decreased thickness was observed with Snyder type C lesions (4.2 mm versus 5.1 mm for type A and B; p < 0.05). Tendon thickness decreased post-operatively from 3 to 12 months (r = -0.31; p < 0.05). Only two recurrent tears occurred, preventing statistical assessment of the prognostic value of tendon thickness. Post-operative tendon thickness did not successfully predict post-operative functional outcomes or pain levels (p > 0.05). Normal post-operative tendon thickness of the rotator cuff decreases from 3 to 12 months following surgery. Thickness is reduced in patients with more severe tears and in older patients but does not correlate with post-operative patient pain or functional outcomes.
Trasplante de progenitores hemopoyéticos
Rifón,J. J.;
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1137-66272006000400013
Abstract: in the second half of the xx century, the transplant of hemopoietic progenitors ceased to be a desperate treatment with a high incidence of complications implying a high mortality, and became a curative treatment for thousands of patients with hematological neoplasias and other diseases. since then understanding of the hemopoietic stem cells has increased, peripheral blood has replaced bone marrow as a source of progenitors, cord blood has been established as a viable source of progenitors and the realisation of unrelated transplants is a reality for many patients. the improvement of conditioning regimes and the introduction of new non-myeloablative treatments have reduced relapses. the new diagnostic techniques and the new anti-microbial treatments have reduced infectious complications and their mortality. there has been an advance in knowledge in determining minimal residual disease and the anti-tumour effect of the lymphocytes of the donor, which has made it possible to widen the indications. besides, new understanding of the immunobiology of the transplant has, on the one hand, improved the options for controlling one of the principal complications, the graft-versus-host disease, and, on the other, a better use is made of the immunotherapeutic effect of the transplant.
Race discrimination in South Africa: An overview
N. J. J. Olivier
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 1989, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v54i3.836
Abstract: In hierdie oorsigartikel word die vernaamste verskyningsvorme van rasbepaalde diskriminasie (apartheid) bondig teen die raamwerk van die gelykheidsbeginsel bespreek. Die beginsel (soms ook bekend as die diskriminasieverbod) is in S uid-Afrika van besondere belang gesien die historiese en huidige beklemtoning van ras as primére ordeningskriterium in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg. Die werkwyse wat gevolg word, is om na 'n uiteensetting van die gelykheidsbeginsel in 'n aantal internasionale verdrae, die Gereformeerde Ekumeniese Sinode se Testimony on human rights en die voorgestelde menseregteakte van die Suid-Afrikaanse Regskommissie, n bondige oorsig van 'n aantal verskyningsvorm e van statutére apartheid te gee. Ten slotte word gekonkludeer dat 'n behoorlike en diepgaande proses om die wetgewing en verbandhoudende administratiewe praktyk te herroep, n conditio sine qua non v ir die erkenning en afdwinging van die gelykheidsbeginsel is.
Die konsep ontwikkeling: Opvattíngs en teorie
N. J. J. Olivier
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 1981, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v46i2.1090
Abstract: The aim of this essay is to given brief discussion of the changing interpretations of the concept development. In the years following the Second World War an indiscriminate and uniform attitude concerning development - that can best be summed up in the words: food for one must be food for all — existed. During the Sixties, the era of positivism and high capitalism, two schools of thought branched out. The Social Sciences Research Council emphasised po- litical development The Comparative Administration Group, on the other hand, emphasised the output function of development, “the implementation of development programmes, or the transformation of dreams into concrete development practice".
The upholding of human rights by the courts during states of Emergency*
N. J. J. Olivier
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 1989, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v54i4.861
Abstract: Die onafhanklikheid van die regbank met betrekking tot die toepassing van die fundamentele prosessuele menseregte in Suid -Afrika vorm die onderwerp van hierdie oorsigartikel. Die raamwerk waarteen die huidige toepassing van dié regte ondersoek word, is die effek van die noodtoestandregulasies in Suid -Afrika sedert 1985 op die voortbestaan van dié regte met besondere verw ysin g na die rol van die howe in die verband. Hierdie toedrag van sake word gekontrasteer met die voorgestelde menseregteakte van die Suid -Afrikaanse Regskommissie, die IC L S (LWO) Declaration on Human Rights en die VN se Ontwerp Universele Deklarasie van die Onafhanklikheid van die Regbank. Die basiese internasionaal-erkende prosessuele menseregte word vervolgens kortliks bespreek. Na 'n uiteensetting van die Suid-Afrikaanse howe se interpretasie van die noodtoestandmaatre ls, word 'n aantal voorstelle vir die opname en implementering van die beginsels onderliggend aan die algemeen-aanvaarde prosessuele menseregte en die hierbovermelde dokumente gemaak.
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