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Laryngotracheal Injury following Prolonged Endotracheal Intubation
J. Mehdizadeh,R. Safikhani,M. Motiee Langroudi
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2006,
Abstract: Background: Prolonged endotracheal intubation is a growing method for supporting ventilation in patients who require intensive care. Despite considerable advancement in endotracheal intubation, this method still has some complications; the most important is laryngo-tracheal injuries. Methods: Over a 2-year period, this retrospective study was conducted on 57 patients with history of prolonged intubation who were referred to the ENT Department of Amir Alam Hospital. For each patient, a complete evaluation including history, physical examination, and direct laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy was done under general anesthesia. Results: Fifty-seven patients (44 male; mean age, 23.0 14.7 years) were studied. Mean intubation period was 15.8 8 days. The most common presenting symptom was dyspnea (62%). Head trauma was responsible for most cases of intubation (72.4%). The most common types of tracheal and laryngeal lesions were tracheal (56.9%) and subglottic (55.2%) stenosis, respectively. Mean length of tracheal stenosis was 0.81 0.83 cm. There was a statistically significant relationship between length of tracheal stenosis and intubation period (P=0.0001) but no relation was observed between tracheal stenosis and age, sex, and etiology of intubation (All P=NS). Among the glottic lesions, inter- arytenoids adhesion was the most common lesion (25.9%). No statistically significant relation was found between glottic and subglottic lesions and age, sex and intubation period (all P=NS). Length of stenosis and intubation period was significantly greater in tracheal/ subglottic lesions than those in glottic/ supraglottic lesions (all P=NS). Conclusion: After prolonged endotracheal intubation, laryngo-tracheal lesions had no relation with patient’s age, sex, and cause of intubation.There was direct relation between length of tracheal stenosis and intubation period. Glottic lesions were more commonly observed in head trauma patients. Lesion length and intubation period were greater in tracheal and subglottic lesions.
E. Razmpa,B. Naghibzadeh J.Mehdizadeh
Acta Medica Iranica , 2004,
Abstract: Intra-operative management of thyroid gland in laryngeal cancer is controversial. To determine the rate of thyroid involvement in patients with laryngeal cancer treated by radical surgical excision, we reviewed the records during 1996-2000 in Imam Khomeini Hospital, Cancer Institute, and Amir Alam Hospital.We studied several factors such as age, gender, and tumor location, presence of thyroid involvement, tumor staging and tumor grading. Thyroid involvement was confirmed by pathologic findings. Two hundred and eighty patients were included in this study. The results showed that only 4.64% of patients (13 cases of 280) treated by laryngectomy had thyroid involvement. Direct invasion was responsible for thyroid involvement in all cases. It was most prevalent in the sixth decade of life and seen in stages 3 and 4 of laryngeal cancer. Thyroid involvement appeared more in men, and in all cases cancer was squamous cell carcinoma. We recommend limited indications for laryngectomy and thyroid lobotomy, including glottic tumor with subglottic invasion, subglottic tumor, intralaryngeal tumor with transcartilage invasion, tumor of sinus piriformis (in stage 4), glottic and supraglottic tumors stage III or IV, which should be individualized. In suspected cases such as those with abnormal thyroid consistency, the decision should be made during laryngectomy .
Effect of Using Continuous Care Model on Sleep Quality of Chemical Warfare Victims with Bronchiolitis Obliterans
S Mehdizadeh,MM Salaree,A Ebadi,J Aslani
Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery , 2010,
Abstract: Background & Objective: Poor physical and psychological health status in chemical warfare victims could result in decreasing quality of sleep. This study was conducted in order to evaluate the effect of using Continuous Care Model on sleep quality in chemical warfare victims with bronchiolitis obliterans. Methods & Materials: A total of 62 chemical warfare victims with bronchiolitis obliterans were recruited to the study. The participants were randomly allocated to experimental and control groups. The Continuous Care Model was used to experimental group for a period of two months. The quality of sleep was measured using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) before and after the intervention in both study groups. Data were analyzed using independent sample t-test, and paired t-test in the SPSS-version 15. Results: There were significant differences between experimental and control groups in the means of Subjective Sleep Quality, Sleep Disturbances, Use of Medications, and global scores after the intervention (P<0.05). Conclusion: Using Continuous Care Model had positive effect on sleep quality in chemical warfare victims suffering from bronchiolitis obliterans.
Direction of Head Trauma and its Effect on Olfactory Bulb Volume in Post-Traumatic Anosmia
S Farshchi,J Mehdizadeh,SH Sharif Kashani,A Farshchi
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Anosmia is a physical sign in post-traumatic patients, which significantly reduces the quality of life. Anosmia occurs in up to 30% of cases with head trauma. In this study we aimed to compare the Olfactory Bulb Volume (OBV) in patients with posttraumatic anosmia in different impact positions and also with healthy individuals to find the relation between the two variables. Methods: Thirty-eight patients with posttraumatic anosmia and 27 healthy individuals with normal olfactory function were recruited in this case-control study performed in Amir Alam Hospital in Tehran, Iran. Variables of age, sex, time of trauma, site of trauma (frontoparietal/occipital), side of trauma, OBV, the results of olfactory identification tests and olfactory threshold were extracted and evaluated. We used non-contrasted 1.5-Tesla coronal brain MRI for the measurement of OBV.Results: There were no significant differences between cases and controls regarding sex and age. Olfactory bulb volume was significantly smaller in cases compared to the controls (P=0.004). Among the case group, OBV was smaller in anterior versus posterior head traumas (P=0.02). OBV was also smaller in ipsilateral rather than the contralateral side of trauma (P=0.01).Conclusion: The direction of trauma had a significant effect on OBV and it was smaller in traumas to the anterior and also ipsilateral sides of the head. It seems that changes in OBV differ due to the direction of head trauma and it can be helpful in predicting the prognosis of posttraumatic anosmia. Further studies are required for more conclusive statements.
Radiofrequency palatoplasty: soft tissue reduction for snoring
Kiani Asiabar M,Samimi Ardestani H,Mehdizadeh J
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Background: Resulting from the rough flow of air through the nose and throat during sleep, snoring can arise from transitory obstruction at various levels, rendering the sufferer feeling sleep deprived. A relatively new method using radiofrequency technology, called palatoplasty (somnoplasty), can be used to reduce the size of obstructive tissues in the nose and throat. In this study, we assess radiofrequency palatoplasty in the treatment of snoring. Methods: This nonrandomized prospective quasi-experimental study included 28 patients who snored at a level considered bothersome to their bed partner. Snoring and drowsiness were each subjectively scored using 20-point visual analogue scales before and after treatment. Radiofrequency energy was delivered to the soft palate either at the midline or in the lateral soft palate; 21 patients were treated once and seven patients twice with an interval of at least seven weeks. Results: The mean age of the patients was 47 (SD=10.7) years, with a range of 25-65 years, 57% were men, and the mean body mass index was 29 (SD=4.5). Sleep apnea in these patients was subjectively rated mild to moderate. After seven weeks of treatment, snoring was improved in 71.4% of patients (p<0.005). The tongue versus pharyngeal size was improved in 34.4% (p<0.005). The mean patient snoring score was significantly improved from 17.39 (SD=3.02) to 11.50 (SD=6.46) (p<0.005). The mean drowsiness score was also significantly reduced from 6.8 (SD=6.9) to 3.93 (SD=4.19) (p<0.005). No persistent negative impact was observed in speech or swallowing. Pain and bleeding was limited.Conclusions: Radiofrequency palatoplasty is effective in the treatment of snoring and its consequent drowsiness.
A Comparison between the Diagnostic Value of Sonography vs. Barium Swallow In Gastroesdophageal Reflux in Children
"M. Mehdizadeh,F. Zandie,J. Janati,F. Malek
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2003,
Abstract: Background: One of the common problems in children, especially infants, is gastroesophageal reflux (GER). Objectives:This study was performed to compare the diagnostic value of lower esophageal sonography with that of barium swallow. Patients and method: Our trial was a triple-blind, performed on 50 patients of 1 month to 15 years of age. The patients suspicious of having GER were evaluated by sonography and barium swallow. Esophageal pH monitoring was the standard test, and both the ultrasound and barium swallow were compared to it. Results: The results showed that sonography was 90% sensitive, vs. 50% for barium swallow. Both tests had the same specificity equal to 35%. Conclusion: We concluded that sonography was a better test than barium swallows, for evaluation of suspected patients with GER, and screening of the infants.
Clinical Effects of Piascledin in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis
M Tavakoli,E Vaziri,M Mehdizadeh,J Yaghini
Journal of Isfahan Dental School , 2007,
Abstract: Introduction: Considering the role of host inflammatory response in progression of periodontal destruction confirms the host tissue modulation. Piascledin is one of the most medicines decreases periodontal disease symptoms. The aim of this study was evaluating of clinical effects of this herbal medicine in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.Methods and Materials: Twenty for patients with chronic periodontitis were divided in two groups and clinical and radiographic measurements including probing pocket depth (PPD), clinical attachment level (CAL), Plaque index (PI), Bleeding index (BI) and bone density were evaluated. Then phase I of treatment plan was done for all the patients. Test group received piascledine (300 mg) q.d and control group received placebo q.d for 6 months. The patients were recalled at 1, 2, 4 and 6 months for review of the parameters .All of the findings were analyzed by SPSS soft ware with paired t- test. Results: PI, BI, PPD, CAL and bone dentistry had no significant difference between test and control group after 6 months (P = 0.013, P = 0.089, P = 0.861, P = 0.134, P = 0.485, P = 0.864, respectively).Conclusion: The findings of this study don't suggest the use of Piascledine in the treatment of chronic periodontitis; but according to other researches that confirm the effectiveness of this herbal medicine in the treatment of osteoarthritis and periodontitis, it is suggested that other invivo studies should be bone. Key Words: Chronic Periodontitis,Piaschledine,Plaque,Probing depth,Clinical attachment level,Bone density
Rahimeh Mehdizadeh
Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity , 2012,
Abstract: MEHDIZADEH, R. Relationship between body water compartments and indexes of adiposity in sedentary young adult girls. Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity. v. 6, n. 2, p. 84-92, 2012. Changes in Total body water (TBW) that occur with variation of body weight (BW), indicating a relation between body water content and adipose tissue mass, because BW changes directly relate to changes in FM content in adults. The aim of the study was first to determine the relationship between TBW, extra- and intra cellular water (ECW and ICW) with some indexes of overall and central adiposity. Three hundred and forty eight young adult girls (18-24yrs) volunteered to participate in this study. After fasting for at least 12 h, body water components (TBW, ECW, and ICW), indexes of overall obesity including body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage (%BF) and fat mass (FM) and central obesity including waist-to-hip circumference ratio (WHR) were measured by Body Composition Analyzer. There were significant positive correlations between WHR, FM and %BF with body water compartments including TBW (P<0.01), ECW (P<0.01) and ICW (P<0.01). Overall adiposity may be determined by using body water compartments and body water compartments as simple, low-cost and quick techniques are more appreciate for estimating overall obesity than central obesity.
Citrate capped superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles used for hyperthermia therapy  [PDF]
Elham Cheraghipour, Sirus Javadpour, Ali Reza Mehdizadeh
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2012.512089
Abstract: Superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles (MNP) of about 10 nm were designed with proper physico-chemical characteristics by an economic, biocompatible chemical coprecipitation of Fe2+ and Fe3+ in an ammonia solution, for hyperthermia applications. Synthetic methodology has been developed to get a well dispersed and homogeneous aqueous suspension of MNPs. Citric acid was used to stabilize the magnetite particle suspension, it was anchored on the surface of freshly prepared MNPs by direct addition method. Carboxylic acid terminal group not only render the particles more water dispersible but also provides a site for further surface modification. The naked MNPs are often insufficient for their stability, hydrophilicity and further functionalization. To overcome these limitations, citric acid was conjugated on the surface of the MNPs. The microstructure and morphology of the nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and the interaction between citric acid and MNPs were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), whereas the magnetic properties were investigated by vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM). Magnetic measurement revealed that the saturation magnetization of the nanoparticles was 74 emu/g and the nanoparticles were superparamagnetic at room temperature. We also have analyzed the potential of these particles for hyperthermia by determination of the specific absorption rate, the temperature increase (ΔT) of the particles was 37oC. These ferrofluids with high self-heating capacity are a promising candidate for cancer hyperthermia treatment.
Study of Effect of Adaptive Histogram Equalization on Image Quality in Digital Preapical Image in Pre Apex Area
Mojdeh Mehdizadeh,Sepideh Dolatyar
Research Journal of Biological Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Comparing direct digital radiographs before and after processing with Adaptive Histogram Equalization (AHE) in order to detect the effectiveness of this option on diagnostic ability of images in pre apex area. In this study, 28 digital radiographs were evaluated and were scored from 1-5 for three different anatomical areas by three dentists who were expert in reading digital radiographs. Then, we processed the images with adaptive histogram equalization. Each reading was first done on unprocessed radiograph (single view) and then re-done with image processed with adaptive histogram equalization displayed beside the unprocessed version (twin view). Histogram equalization of images by the way of increasing contrast were caused in increasing the diagnostic ability of lamina dura and root apex in maxilla and lamina dura, bone trabeculation and root apex in mandible. But, quality of diagnosing of bone trabeculation in maxilla was decreased by this method. Displaying a dental image processed with adaptive histogram equalization together with unprocessed image may enhance the subjectively evaluated image quality, thereby providing extra information for the dentist. The twin view procedure facilitates the discerning of root apex in preapical images with suboptimal quality.

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