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Influence of Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia Ablation on Right to Left Inter-atrial Conduction
Abdurrahman Eksik,Ahmet Akyol,Tugrul Norgaz,Izzet Erdinler
Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Background: Radiofrequency (RF) catheter ablation is the procedure of choice for the potential cure of atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia (AVNRT) with high success rates. We hypothesed that as a result of the close proximity of Koch’s triangle and low inter-atrial septal fibers, the RF ablation applied at this region may result in prolongation of inter-atrial conduction time (IACT). Methods: RF ablation of AVNRT was performed by conventional technique. IACT was measured before and 20 minutes after RF ablation during sinus rhythm. Number of ablations given and duration of ablation were noted. Results: The study group was consisted of 48 patients (36 [75%] female, 12 [25%] male, mean age 43.4 ± 14. 5 years). RF ablation was successful in all patients. Mean RF time was 4. 0 ± 3. 3 minutes and mean number of RF was 11. 9 ± 9, 8. The mean IACT was 70.1 ± 9.0 ms before ablation and 84.9 ± 12.7 ms after ablation, which demonstrated a significant prolongation (p<0.001). The prolongation of IACT was very well correlated with the number of (r=0.897, p<0.001) and duration of RF (r=0.779; p<0.001). Conclusions: RF ablation of AVNRT results in prolongation of IACT. The degree of prolongation is associated with the duration and number of RF ablations given. The relationship between this conduction delay and late arrhythmogenesis need to be evaluated.
Effects of Hearleaf Cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium L.) Extract on Some Crops and Weeds
Izzet Kadioglu
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: This study was conducted to determine possible allelopathic and herbicidal effects of ground plant tissues and leaves-flowers and seed extracts of hearleaf cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium L.) on some crops and weeds. Experiments were repeated twice in 2003 and 2004 using organs and seeds of hearleaf cocklebur were collected in the Spring of 2002. Seedling studies were carried out in the laboratory with extract of hearleaf cocklebur in 9 cm diameter petri dishes and in greenhouse in pots 12x16 dimension pots. In the laboratory, hearleaf cocklebur had no allelopathic effect on the seeds of Daucus carota L., Descurania sophia (L.) Webb. Ex Prant., Abutilon theophrastii Medik. and Lepidium sativum L.. However, it inhibited the germination considerably in Triticum vulgare L., Hordeum vulgare L., Lolium perenne L. and Avena sterilis L. Effect of hearleaf cocklebur on the plants growth in the pots in post-emergence ranged from 0.00% to 86.66%. The herbicidal effects of hearleaf cocklebur was high in Amaranthus retroflexus L., Papaver somniferum L. and D. sophia. The inhibitory effect of ground hearleaf cocklebur on A. retroflexus, A. sterilis and Conium maculatum L. was greater than on the other plant species used in this study.
Degenerations of surface scrolls and the Gromov-Witten invariants of Grassmannians
Izzet Coskun
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We describe an algorithm for computing certain characteristic numbers of surface scrolls using degenerations. As a corollary we obtain a method for computing the corresponding Gromov-Witten invariants of Grassmannians.
Degenerations of Del Pezzo surfaces and the Gromov-Witten invariants of the Hilbert Scheme of conics
Izzet Coskun
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We investigate the characteristic numbers of Del Pezzo surfaces using degenerations.
The arithmetic and the geometry of Kobayashi hyperbolicity
Izzet Coskun
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We survey the properties of Brody and Kobayashi hyperbolic manifolds.
Abscission of Pistachio Flowers and Fruits as Affected by Different Pollinators
Izzet Acar,Sinan Eti
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: This study was conducted in Ceylanpinar State Farm to determine influence of pollens of 9 different pollinators on the flower and fruit abscission of the pistachio. Comparison of pollinator effect on the abscission of flowers and fruits of 3 pistachio cultivars showed that pollens of Pistacia vera L. may increase or reduce flower and fruit abscission. Flower and fruit abscission occurred primarily during the flowering and small-fruit period, that the June and pre-harvest abscissions were low. Data collected for 3 consecutive years revealed that 83.4 to 88.2% of the flowers and fruits of Kirmizi pistachio cultivar abscised mainly during an initial 50 days after Full Blooming (FB). Siirt cultivar abscised during an initial 35 days after FB with a rate of 82.1 to 90.9%. Abscission rate of Ohadi cultivar were 84.5 to 88.6% that occurred during an initial 50 days after FB period. Males noted as 12 and 13 resulted the highest abscission in Siirt cultivar. Results demonstrated that pollinators affect flower and fruit abscission in pistachio.
Cardiac Auscultation Improvement by Objective Criteria Computing
Maamar Ahfir,Izzet Kale
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2011,
Allelopathic Effects of Plant Extracts Against Seed Germination of Some Weeds
Izzet Kadioglu,Yusuf Yanar
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: In this study, mostly weeds, the effect of 22 plant`s extracts on germination of seeds from nine different weeds was investigated. Plants used were sampled with their leaves and flowers, in 2002, then plant extracts were obtained after they were ground and processed with methanol. The experiments were conducted in 9 cm diameter sterile petri dishes inside covered with sterile filter paper. Fifty seeds were placed in each of petri dishes. Acetone (10%) was used as the control. The seeds germinated were taken out from the petri dishes and counted in every three day during 21 days. Lepidium sativum L. was very slightly affected by the extracts. All the weeds extracts except Lolium temulentum L. were stimulated the seed germination of Descurania sophia L. Webb. Ex. Prant. at a different levels. Germination of Lolium perenne L. were inhibited most strongly by Salvia officinalis L., Laurus nobilus L. and Artemisia vulgaris L. The extracts of all the plants studied inhibited the germination of Abutilon theophrastii Medik, Amaranthus retroflexus L., Avena sterilis L., Rumex crispus L. and Trifolium repens L. It was concluded that some of these extracts may be used as herbicide to control the germination and growth of some other weeds.
The Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction on the Achievement of Students on the Instruction of Physics Topic of 7th Grade Science Course at a Primary School
Izzet Kara,Ozkan Kahraman
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the effect of Computer Assisted Instruction on the academic achievement of the students on the instruction of Physics subjects of 7th grade science lesson. This study includes Force and Pressure topics of 7th grade Science lesson. Two hundred and fifty three students joined in this study as control and experiment groups. Control group took only traditional instruction; experiment group took traditional instruction supported by teacher controlled computer assisted instruction. For both groups, Science subject test was applied as a pre-test before the instruction. It was seen a difference between the control and experiment groups` average scores at Science subject test at a significant level.
Evaluation of Basic Physics Subject Matter Knowledge of Prospective Elementary Science Teachers
Yuksel CEKBAS,Izzet KARA
Eurasian Journal of Physics and Chemistry Education , 2009,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to find out prospective elementary science teachers’ base knowledge concerning their field. This research was applied at Education Faculty of Pamukkale University in the Department of Science Teaching. In this research, prospective teachers were given a achievement test in which there were 24 multiple-choice test and 24 open-ended questions. Data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Studies (SPSS). At the end of this research it has been deduced that the knowledge of physics of the teacher candidates is not enough. It is seen that the level of inadequacy of their knowledge changed from class to class, level to level, but when applied to different genders, there was no difference.
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