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On injection-ejection fluid influence through different accelerating porous surfaces on unsteady 2d incompressible boundary layer characteristics
Ivanovi? De?an,IvanoviVladan
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/tam0502131i
Abstract: Through the porous contour in perpendicular direction, the fluid of the same properties as incompressible fluid in basic flow, has been injected or ejected with velocity who is a function of the contour longitudinal coordinate and time. The corresponding equations of unsteady boundary layer, by introducing the appropriate variable transformations, momentum and energy equations and two similarity parameters sets, are transformed into generalized form. These parameters are expressing the influence of the outer flow velocity, the injection or ejection velocity and the flow history in boundary layer, on the boundary layer characteristics. Obtained generalized solutions are used to calculate the distributions of velocity, and shear stress in laminar-turbulent transition of unsteady incompressible boundary layer on different porous contours: circular cylinder, thin elliptical cylinder and aerofoil, whose centers velocities changes in time as a degree functions. The ejection of fluid postpones the boundary layer separation, i.e. laminar-turbulent transition, and vice versa the injection of fluid favors the separation. Boundary layer characteristics are found directly, no further numerical integration of momentum equation.
Modern concepts of preoperative preparation of patients with thyroid gland disease
Sabljak Vera,Kalezi? Nevena,Ivanovi? Branislava,?ivaljevi? Vladan
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/aci1102103s
Abstract: Preoperative evaluation of patients with thyroid gland disease, in any kind of surgery, should include the possibility of difficult intubation caused by thyromegaly, the hormonal status (its disbalance), as well as the screening, and therapy of consequences of thyroid imbalance on specific organ systems, especially cardiovascular. It is necessary to select the adequate anesthetics and other pharmacological agents, according to current hormonal status. It is also necessary to select the adequate medications and other therapeutic measures for prevention and treatment of possible complications in perioperative period, some of which are life-threatening (thyroid storm and mixedema coma).
Source of variation and heritability of directly measured traits in performance testing of Simmental bulls
Bogdanovi? Vladan
Genetika , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/gensr1201153b
Abstract: In order to study the variability and heritability of directly measured traits (growth and body development traits) in performance test of Simmental bulls the data on 371 bulls born and tested over the period of 13 years were used in the analysis. The data were analyzed in order to estimate year and month of calving, herd of origin and group in test effect as well as error components. The components of variance were obtained using restricted maximum likelihood (REML) methodology applied to sire model. The year and month of birth had different effect on the variability of the growth traits, while the herd of origin and the test group manifested a consistent, highly significant effect on those growth traits which they could have an effect on. On the other hand, all the body development traits were under a constant and highly significant effect manifested by the year of calving, while the month of calving manifested its effect, during test, at different levels of statistical significance. A decreased effect of herd of origin on almost all body dimensions from the start until the end of performance test was universally observed. Heritability estimates for pre-test ADG, in-test and lifetime ADG were 0.27, 0.39 and 0.29, respectively. Heritability estimates for body weights were 0.23, 0.25, and 0.30 for birth weight, test-on weight, and test-off weight, respectively. Heritability estimates for test-off height at withers, circumference of chest, depth of chest and body length were 0.43, 0.30, 0.33 and 0.29.
Three paradoxes
?or?evi? Vladan
Theoria, Beograd , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/theo0903005d
Abstract: Although it may seem that the three paradoxes I deal with in this paper have nothing in common, I believe that they all involve an equivocation of the same kind. The first is known as the 'direct argument', the second is one of the standard arguments for fatalism, and the third is McGee's counterexample to modus poenes.
Vladan Stanojkovi?
Acta Medica Medianae , 2010,
Abstract: Medical literature lacks sufficient data that compare preoperative computed tomography and intraoperative findings during endoscopic surgery of nose and paranasal sinuses.The aim of the paper was to determine the practical value of CT in preoperative preparation for functional endoscopic surgery of nose and sinuses.Cadaver head was placed in CT with subsequent scanning changing window (W) and center (C) parameters. Forty patients treated in ENT Department of Vranje and Isola were also included. Routine radiography and CT (SIMENS Smile, SIMENS Somatom 4, and spiral Simens Fach) were performed. Obtained values were compared with intraoperative findings.We found significant difference in intraoperative findings and radiography, and intraoperative findings and CT, in favour of CT data. Contrary to this, there was no significant difference between these comparisons for cystic changes and effusion in paranasal sinuses.CT gave significantly better agreement with intraoperative findings when compated to classic radiography. Exact diagnosis was found in 90.7% on classic radiography, and in 87.8% on CT scan.
Characteristics of milk production traits of Balkan goats raised under “low-input” production systems
Vladan Bogdanovi?
Mljekarstvo , 2010,
Abstract: In order to analyse dairy production traits (milk yield in full lactation, milk fat content, daily milk yield and length of lactation) of Balkan goats raised under “low-input” production systems, data on 440 lactation records from 118 does raised on 9 farms in south-east part of Serbia were used. General linear model, used for analysing variability of lactation length, was consisting of following fixed effects: farm, year of birth, year of production and number of lactation. Model for milk yield in full lactation, milk fat content and daily milk yield was consisting of farms, year of birth, year of production and number of lactation as fixed effects and length of lactation as covariate. The highest milk yield (392 kg) and the highest milk fat content (3.89 %) were achieved in III lactation. Effects of farm, year of production and number of lactation were very significant sources of variation (P<0.001) for milk yield, daily milk yield and milk fat content, while the year of birth as factor of phenotypic variation in these traits expressed no such consistency. Highly significant sources of variation (P<0.001) for the length of lactation were farm and year of production, while the length of lactation had a significant influence (P<0.001) only for total milk yield variability.
Vladan Pavlovi?
Facta Universitatis Series : Linguistics and Literature , 2010,
Abstract: The paper first shortly presents the basic postulates of cognitive linguistics, including A. Goldberg's construction grammar, as an important theory developing within the cognitive linguistic approach to the grammatical level of language structure.Then it moves on to examine the ways the various theoretical insights of cognitive linguistics can practically be applied to language teaching at English departments, with the focus being primarily on the syntactic and the lexical levels. Apart from the relevanttheoretical literature, the paper also builds on the works of various authors who have explored the actual relation between cognitive linguistics and foreign language teaching, and lists and evaluates various ELT books in which cognitive linguistic insights have been put to practice.
Revolution with and without the mask
Milanko Vladan
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/fid1002053m
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to provide a certain “second reading” of those commonplaces which imply that a particular, personal interest always lies behind the mask of objectivity, necessity and truth. As a paradigmatic example of this kind of structure that implies “hidden truths”, here will be taken that of a revolution, whether it is a fascist, a liberal-democratic or a communist revolution. By reexamining how this motif of “truth-behind-the-mask” figures in those regimes, we will try to say something about each of them, and also about the specific kind of subject that is produced under them.
Black Holes - a Simplified Theory for Quantum Gravity Non-Specialists
Vladan Pankovic
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: In this work we present a simple theory of the Schwarzschild black hole basic thermo-dynamical characteristics, Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, Bekenstein entropy/surface quantization and Hawking temperature. In our theory many calculation steps are extremely simplified and formal (expressed mathematically via usual algebraic equation and physically via a phenomenological postulate conceptually similar to Bohr orbital momentum quantization postulate). Nevertheless, final results, i.e. formulas on mentioned black hole basic thermo-dynamical characteristics obtained by our theory are effectively identical to corresponding results obtained by accurate quantum gravity theories. Moreover, according to the third law or Nernst theorem of the black hole thermodynamics, we suggest a simple interpretation of the black hole entropy proportional to the degeneration of the ground state. In this way our theory can be very useful for the quantum gravity non-specialists (and even specialists).
Quantum Hamlet Effect- a New Example
Vladan Pankovi?
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: In this work we consider a new example of the recently introduced quantum Hamlet effect. We consider an especial, abstract, "unstable" quantum system whose dynamical evolution during a small time interval is interrupted by frequent measurements. Here three different final situations exist. First one corresponds to quantum Zeno effect, second one - to quantum anti-Zeno effect and third one - to so-called quantum Hamlet effect. By quantum Zeno effect final "non-decay" probability is function of number of the decay measurements variable and "dynamical degree" parameter equivalent to two. When measurements number tends toward infinity "non-decay" probability has the one limit, or, it tends analytically toward one and system stands "non-decayed". By quantum anti-Zeno effect final "non-decay" probability is function of number of the decay measurements variable and "dynamical degree" parameter equivalent to one. When measurements number tends toward infinity "non-decay" probability has the zero limit, or, it tends analytically toward zero and system becomes "decayed". By quantum Hamlet effect, final "non-decay" probability is function of two variable, number of the decay measurements and "dynamical degree". When measurements number tends toward infinity and "dynamical degree" toward one, final "non-decay" probability depends not only of final value of given variables, but, also, on the ways on which given variables tends toward their final values. It means that final "no-decay" probability has not (analytical) limit, or that there is no {\it analytical} prediction on the final "no-decay" probability. To be "decayed" or "no-decayed" that is analytically unsolvable question for given quantum system.
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