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The influence of pH/conductivity of fountain solution on dot circularity, line and text raggedness
Jelena Kiurski,Ivana Oros
Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design , 2012,
Abstract: The influence of pH and conductivity of fountain solutions on the quality of dot, line and text raggedness was investigated. Physico-chemical parameters of fountain solutions were analyzed by standard methods. Image quality assessment (IQA) was carried out using the ISO methodology and ImageJ software. There is a great influence of pH and conductivity of fountain solutions on the final quality of magenta prints. Magenta dot circularity on the printed sheets showed the mutual nonlinear dependence, second-order polynomial, followed by equation: y = 0.00514x2 - 0.07524x + 0.78238. Line analysis pointed out the least raggedly edges of 1pt horizontal and vertical lines. Times printed text had the most raggedly edges in comparison with Arial. The results indicated that the dot circularity, line and text raggedness could be useful attributes in the quality control of offset prints.
Stereospecific Degradation of Diastereomers by Plant Associated Bacteria Influences the Antifungal Performance of Dodemorph  [PDF]
Gyula Oros
Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (JACEN) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2018.71002
Abstract: Morpholine fungcides have certain antibacterial side effect, dodemorph being the most active among them. The diequatorial (cis-)?form of dodemorph expressed higher antibacterial activity than the axial-equatorial (trans-)?form, and no synergy in their joint action could be revealed in this respect. Moreover, the partition of diastereomers between cells and medium strictly correlated to their toxicity.Considerable differences were detected among degradation rates in various bacteria, and the?meso-(RS)-diastereomer was deteriorated more intensively, then the?trans-(SS?and?RR)-forms in?Corynebacteriumbetae,?Erwinia uredovora?and?Pseudomonasfluorescens. As a result, the stereospecific degradation of diastereomers changed their ratio in the medium, thus this metabolic step could?influence the antifungal performance of dodemorph based preparations against
The Lecture in Teaching Religious Education
Mihaela Oros
Journal of Didactics , 2011,
Abstract: The renewal of expository methods is as necessary as it is possible. Parallel with the rising of the scientific level, of explanations, of expositions, the specialists’ attention should be directed to capitalize methods already known processes, along with introducing into practice alongside classical forms (storytelling, description, explanation, lecture) new expositive methods such as: exposure to the opponent, enhanced lecture, lecture-discussion, conference-debate etc. Any form exposure we use, its effectiveness depends on the communication skills (clarity, accuracy, confidence) and our audience’s activity. The purpose is to form an active audience, a spontaneous responsiveness; therefore an essential role is of those processes that increase the force of a logically supported communication.
Labour market asymmetries and shock absorption in a monetary union: are government coalitions effective?
Oros Cornel
Panoeconomicus , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/pan0803325o
Abstract: Given a monetary Union which is heterogeneous at the level of labour market flexibility, this paper investigates the effects in terms of macroeconomic stabilization of the different degrees of fiscal coordination between governments. We use a static Keynesian model within a closed monetary Union and we introduce an intermediate level of coordination between the national governments, which is the variable geometry coordination between economic clubs consisting of structurally close countries. The distinction between the wide Union's welfare and each country member's individual welfare proves that the effectiveness of a variable geometry fiscal coordination mainly depends on the type of the economic shocks affecting the Union members, the nature of the fiscal spillovers, and the extent of the Union's structural heterogeneity. While this type of game is effective in neutralizing the demand shocks, it doesn't manage to improve the national protection of all the country members against the supply shocks. .
El Valor Adaptativo de las Emociones Positivas. Una Mirada al Funcionamiento Psicológico de los Ni os Pobres
Laura Oros
Revista Interamericana de Psicología , 2009,
Abstract: La pobreza expone a los ni os a numerosos factores de riesgo que comprometen su calidad de vida y funcionamiento psicológico. La evidencia empírica indica mayor fragilidad emocional, menor desempe o intelectual y peor ejecución académica en ni os que se desarrollan en situación de pobreza extrema. Sin embargo, el da o potencial ocasionado por todas las situaciones que se vinculan con la pobreza no es inevitable ni irreversible. Existen también factores protectores que amortiguan el impacto de las diferentes clases de deprivación a las que están expuestos estos ni os. Las emociones positivas pueden contrarrestar e incluso prevenir los efectos nocivos que acarrean las vivencias derivadas de la pobreza. El propósito de este trabajo es examinar cuatro argumentos acerca de la importancia y utilidad que podría tener la promoción de emociones positivas. Las mismas pueden optimizar el funcionamiento de los ni os pobres porque (a) favorecen una apreciación más saludable de las dificultades y (b) un afrontamiento más funcional de las mismas, (c) incrementan aspectos cognitivos involucrados en la prevención del fracaso académico y (d) fomentan actitudes más tolerantes y persistentes ante las frustraciones.
A Univalence Preserving Integral Operator
Oros GeorgiaIrina
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2008,
Abstract: We define an integral operator denoted by , and we give sufficient conditions such that is univalent.
Differential responses of Plasmopara halstedii developmental forms to various steroid alkaloids
Gyula Oros
International Journal of Life Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.3126/ijls.v4i0.2791
Abstract: Significant differences were found in the sensitivity of various biotrophic and abiotrophic stages of Plasmopara halstedii to representative Solanum and Veratrum alkaloids and batrachotoxin with zoospores and cystospores being the most sensitive developmental forms. While Solanum alkaloids with pregnane skeleton inhibited the asexual spores without influencing biotrophic stages, Veratrum alkaloids that contain a highly hydroxylated C -nor- D -homosteroid skeleton inhibited both asexual spores and the systemic invasion of parasiting thallus. Cevagenine and 3- O -oleoylveracevine, the most active alkaloids, interrupted the life cycle of the fungus at several points: they influenced the parasiting thallus, delayed the zoosporogenesis and inhibited both zoospores and cystospores. The amphibian steroid alkaloid batrachotoxin affected asexual spores similarly. The zoospores responded rapidly to the alkaloid treatments; their motion was inhibited before the semipermeability of plasmalemma was completely lost. The antiperonospora efficacy of cevagenine and 3- O -oleoylveracevine was comparable to that of metalaxyl which inhibits only parasitic hyphae without affecting asexual spores. All alkaloids tested exhibited characteristic effect on the growth of the host plant, sunflower. These amphiphilic compounds are thought to act by direct incorporation into the fungal membrane thus disrupting its structural and functional integrity. Keywords : oomycota; sunflower; batrachotoxin; veratridine; solanine; tomatine; digitonin; tridemorph DOI: 10.3126/ijls.v4i0.2791 International Journal of Life Sciences Vol.4 2010 pp.1-15
Mycofungicide: Trichoderma Based Preparation for Foliar Applications  [PDF]
Gyula Oros, Zoltán Naár
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.82009
Abstract: The Trichoderma based emulsifiable mycofungicide for controlling foliar diseases lessened the yield loss to economically acceptable level with significant increase of the quality of product. The amount of phylloplane originated T. harzianum and T. parceramosum strains containing liquid formulation, to be applied as leaf spray, might be reduced in two order of magnitude as compared to the solid preparations to achieve the same effect. Both sensitivity of 13 phytopathogenic fungi to antifungal properties of toxic substances released by 32 Trichoderma strains and their susceptibility to the same were examined during development of new mycofungicide. Both toxin production of Trichodermas and the sensitivity of target fungi varied within large limits, being Pythium irregulare the most, while Phytophthora infestans and Macrophomina phaseolina the less tolerant. The sensitivity responses of fungi to toxins correlated to their susceptibility to antagonists. The spectrum of antagonists of pathogenic fungus or targets of Trichoderma strain proved to be unpredictable. Conidia of Trichoderma strains in liquid paraffin (LP) of pharmaceutical quality (LP PQ) survived over 2 years. However, in commercial LP the shelf life of them significantly decreased in strain dependent manner, and the presence of emulsifiers selectively reduced the survival rate as well. The LP PQ was not phytotoxic in therapeutic doses, but commercial LP proved to be toxic when applied as leaf spray independently on the emulsifiers. Both fungitoxic and phytotoxic contaminants of commercial LP could be eliminated with activated carbon.
Sufficient Conditions for Univalence of an Integral Operator
Georgia Irina Oros,Gheorghe Oros,Daniel Breaz
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/127645
Abstract: In this paper we have introduced an integral general operator. For this general operator which is a generalization of more known integral operators we have demonstrated some univalence properties.
On Certain Subclasses of Meromorphic Close-to-Convex Functions
Oros GeorgiaIrina,C?ta? Adriana,Oros Gheorghe
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2008,
Abstract: By using the operator , Definition 2.1, we introduce a class of meromorphic functions denoted by and we obtain certain differential subordinations.
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