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Briciu Sorin,Dragu Gabi Georgiana,Ivan Raluca
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2010,
Abstract: Under no.11 position paper "Economic and Monetary Union", Romania took responsibility of reporting according to European System of Accounts - ESA 95. Public Institution classification is necessary to delineate the perimeter of general government (S.13), subdividing it into sub-sectors and to define how to consolidate their financial statements. To fulfill this research we used methods of documentary research, observation, analysis and empirical observation. Through the specific procedure of documents observation performed we accomplish delineating the problem in the general context. The empirical experiments produced practical data. The purpose of this study considered the practical applicability of a solution in offering a model of reporting that lead to increased correctness, forwardness, quality, of accounting information provided to their users.
A Gendered Approach to Temporary Labour Migration and Cultural Norms:The Case of Migration from Romania
Raluca Prelipceanu
Romanian Journal of Regional Science , 2010,
Abstract: This paper analyses the determinants of the Romanian temporary labour migration during the transition period. By using a 10% sample of the Romanian 2002 Census we try to assess the importance of the gender bias for the migration decision. The main questions raised are “Do migration determinants differ according to gender?” and “Do local norms influence the propensity to migrate of women and that of men?”. The results prove the existence of important differences between the migration decision of men and that of women as well as the influence of cultural norms and gender roles on the latter’s decision to migrate.
Book review: Udo Diedrichs, Wulf Reiners and Wolfgang Wessels (eds.), The Dynamics of Change in EU Governance
Raluca Oprescu
Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA) , 2011,
Abstract: The book is the result of a smooth interfusion between different academic disciplines and it pikes on the process of governance transformation in the European Union. The main hypothesis of the book upholds that it is a high interdependence between governance and deepening the process of integration. As it seeks answers to the question of what changes have taken place in EU governance up to the Lisbon Treaty and which factors have triggered it, the study presents an extensive image of EU governance from multiple perspectives.
A Pragma-stylistic Approach on Deixis
Raluca Galita
LiBRI : Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and Innovation , 2011,
Abstract: Both linguistic stylistics and pragmatics have as a starting point the spoken language. Linguistic stylistics regards language from the perspective of the subjectivity that embellishes its use. Pragmatics is, in its turn, concerned with subjectivity in language; in this case, however, subjectivity is not reduced only to the mere expression of affectivity, but it also encloses all the elements in a spoken language used by people to meet their specific activities. That is why the research in the field of stylistics comprises all linguistic means of expression of subjectivity (phonetic, morphological, syntactic, lexical, semantic means), while pragmatic research focuses on the speakers’ usage of language depending on their mood, on the time and place of the utterance and on any other matters that may influence the process of communication. Deixis is one of the pragmatic elements that help granting a meaning to the speakers’ utterances in a given context, indicating at the same time their position towards themselves, towards the message and the interlocutor, from whom they require a certain action/expect a certain reaction. Keywords: deixis, stylistics, pragmatics, subjectivity, negotiation.
Raluca Duma
Societate ?i Politic? , 2011,
Abstract: Agricultural policies have had a guiding role inagriculture development and implicitly in their marketing. Usually they belongto each state and government and are issued in accordance with their specificclimate, social-economic and cultural background which includes food andgastronomic traditions. Agricultural policies have in view home and foreignmarket demand, as well as the socio-demographic, political and military contextat a certain point in the socio-economic development
Specifics of the employment process in the public sector
Juridical Tribune , 2012,
Abstract: The labour legislation applicable in public sector is very different from the one applicable in private sector. Unlike the private sector where the market is the most efficient regulator and sanctions all errors made by the assessor, in the public sector there isn’t always a feed-back from the economic realities that may prove the accuracy and the efficiency of the assessment. Consequently, the law goes further on and imposes requirements, deadlines and procedures. While the private sector enjoys a certain flexibility regarding the assessment of the staff, in order to adjust it to the requirements of the economic realities, in the public sector, flexibility can lead to manifestations of subjectivism and arbitrariness. On the other hand, the excessive amount of regulations applicable in public sector may provide versatile and even contradictory results.
Difficulties in enforcing the new probation period
Juridical Tribune , 2011,
Abstract: During probation period, the employee is in a fragile position: he/she cannot be sure about the continuation of his/her labour relation. Law no 40/2011 modified the Labour Code in the sense of extending the probation periods in the case of contracts with non-fixed term and temporary contracts. Besides, according to the new provision, the period of time during which the employer may hire successively for probation periods several individuals for the same position is 12 months, the most. The paper aims to put into light the way in which the new regulations are to be applied, and several difficulties that this may bring in practice.
Premises and Challenges of Entrepreneurship in Romanian Rural Areas
Raluca IGNAT
Economia : Seria Management , 2012,
Abstract: The rural inhabitants need to face and survive structural changes in rural economy and, thus, to become more market oriented. Traditions and old skills were somehow lost and new activities were approached. In order to reach them, public policy intervened and supported several types of activities. The public authorities demand Romanian inhabitants from rural areas to be truly competitive in a fully shacked economy. Therefore, the research question is: what are the premises and challenges that Romanian inhabitants from rural areas confront to? Entrepreneurial skills of Romanians in rural areas are a matter of national interest. The problem of entrepreneurships has, at least, two meanings in the present paper: the premises and challenges of the free manifestation of private initiative and the importance of this manifestation for national economy. The approach is pragmatic, for public policy. The main objectives of the research are: to identify the premises and challenges of the entrepreneurship in Romanian rural areas and to elaborate relevant solution for public policy in order to conduct to robust rural economy as a result of entrepreneurial expression. Therefore, next financial plan of the Romanian national Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 needs to take into consideration the premises and challenges of entrepreneurship, as this is the only pertinent solution for added value creation in rural economy. And the strategic approach is to define the future profile of Romanian rural inhabitant.
‘It’s all Greek to me’… The Importance of Mastering English Idioms
Raluca Sarghie
Humanising Language Teaching , 2013, DOI: 17559715
Violence and Health in Romania. Say NO to violence. Say it efficiently and systematic
Raluca Teodoru
Management in Health , 2009,

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