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Corre??o cirúrgica de cardiopatias congênitas em recém nascido
Santos,Bartira de Godoy Maranho; Moraes,Natália de Sá; Ibrahim,Maria Alice Rangel; Santos,Ivaldo Maranho; Santos,Simone Carrijo dos;
Insuficiencia card?-aca , 2012,
Abstract: surgical correction of congenital heart defects in newborn the congenital heart defects, in brazil, corresponding to approximately 5.5:1000 live and have a broad clinical spectrum, ranging from defects that develop asymptomatically until those who determine symptoms and high mortality rate. congenital heart defects represent an important cause of morbidity and mortality in the neonatal period. another reason for attention to this group is that the symptoms of decompensation of congenital heart disease (congestive heart failure) in young children are not very specific. the initial manifestations may be difficult feeding, sweating pole head during breastfeeding, prolonged jaundice, respiratory distress, among others. the case report will be presented concerns a newborn, 19 days, which was received at emergency room of university hospital south fluminense decompensated being a carrier of a large ventricular septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus, undergoing surgery correction of cardiac malformations.
Considera??es sobre a civiliza??o ocidental contemporanea em Nietzsche e Freud
Santos, Leonardo Carvalho;Sampaio, Wilson Maranho;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922012000100005
Abstract: this work is a presentation of the perspectives of nietzsche and freud on contemporary western civilization from the writings genealogy of morals, the first, the future of an illusion and the malaise civilization in the second. is discussed aspects related to life in civilization, the mechanisms to deal with the unpleasantness of life in society and conflicts between instinct [trieb] and culture. we present the perspectives of two authors to reveal the similar elements, different and complementary. finally, we discuss the importance of these two authors for an analysis of the psychological condition of human science.
Compara??o entre homens e mulheres hipercolesterolêmicos de alto risco de desenvolvimento de aterosclerose. Estudo dos fatores de risco e da resposta ao tratamento com pravastatina
Santos, Raul D.;Maranho, Raul C.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X1998000600001
Abstract: purpose: to compare the prevalence of risk factors, and the response to pravastatin treatment between men and women. methods: we evaluated 486 men and 386 women, of these 230 men and 187 women received 10mg of pravastatin for three months. results: there were differences between women and men in respectively: arterial hypertension (45.5% vs 40.8%; p=0.0012), left ventricular hypertrophy (33.0% vs 22.0%; p=0.0041), sedentarism (94.8% vs 87.8%; p=0.0005), smoking (43.0% vs 61.8%; p<0.0001), framingham scores (20.0±7.1 vs 16.0±7.6 p<0.001), hdl-c (43.0±11.0 vs 38.0±9.0mg/dl; p<0.001), triglycerides- tg (216.0±115.0 vs 271.0±172.0mg/dl; p<0.001) and castelli's indexes (ci) i and ii (7.7±2.6 vs 8.6±3.2; p=0.002 and 5.0±1.5 vs 5.5±2.0; p=0.015). in men under pravastatin treatment there was a greater reduction in tg (32.0 vs 21.0% p<0.05) and ci i (-41.0% vs -37.0%; p<0.05) and ii (-40.0 vs -38.0%; p<0.05). conclusion: men and women differed in risk factors prevalence and response to treatment with pravastatin.
Compara o entre homens e mulheres hipercolesterolêmicos de alto risco de desenvolvimento de aterosclerose. Estudo dos fatores de risco e da resposta ao tratamento com pravastatina
Santos Raul D.,Maranho Raul C.
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1998,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Comparar, entre homens e mulheres hipercolesterolêmicos, a prevalência dos fatores de risco e a resposta ao tratamento com pravastatina. MéTODOS: Avaliados 486 homens e 368 mulheres, sendo 230 homens e 187 mulheres, que receberam 10mg de pravastatina por 3 meses. RESULTADOS: Houve diferen a respectivamente entre mulheres e homens em rela o a: hipertens o arterial (45,5% vs 40,8%; p=0,0012), hipertrofia ventricular esquerda (33,0% vs 22,0%; p=0,0041), sedentarismo (94,8% vs 87,8%; p=0,0005), tabagismo (43,0% vs 61,8%; p<0,0001), escores de Framingham (20,0±7,1 vs 16,0±7,6 p<0,001), HDL-C (43,0±11,0 vs 38,0±9,0mg/dL; p<0,001), triglicérides-TG (216,0±115,0 vs 271,0± 172,0mg/dL; p<0,001) e índices de Castelli (IC) I e II (7,7±2,6 vs 8,6±3,2; p=0,002 e 5,0±1,5 vs 5,5±2,0; p=0,015). Sob a o da pravastatina, houve maior redu o nos TG (32,0 vs 21,0% p<0,05) e IC I (-41,0% vs -37,0%; p<0,05) e II (-40,0 vs -38,0%; p<0,05) nos homens. CONCLUS O: Homens e mulheres diferiram nos fatores de risco e resposta ao tratamento com a pravastatina.
Cuidado parental em Leptodactylus natalensis (Amphibia, Anura, Leptodactylidae)
Santos, Ednilza Maranho dos;Amorim, Fabiana Oliveira de;
Iheringia. Série Zoologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0073-47212006000400015
Abstract: the present paper reports one more species of the family leptodactylidae presenting parental care behaviour, leptodactylus natalensis lutz, 1930, in which females were observed attending eggs and schools of tadpoles in two temporary ponds in the atlantic forest of the state of pernambuco, brazil.
The persistence of multifocal colonisation by a single ABC genotype of Candida albicans may predict the transition from commensalism to infection
Chaves, Guilherme Maranho;Santos, Fernanda Pahim;Colombo, Arnaldo Lopes;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762012000200008
Abstract: candida albicans is a common member of the human microbiota and may cause invasive disease in susceptible populations. several risk factors have been proposed for candidaemia acquisition. previous candida multifocal colonisation among hospitalised patients may be crucial for the successful establishment of candidaemia. nevertheless, it is still not clear whether the persistence or replacement of a single clone of c. albicans in multiple anatomical sites of the organism may represent an additional risk for candidaemia acquisition. therefore, we prospectively evaluated the dynamics of the colonising strains of c. albicans for two groups of seven critically ill patients: group i included patients colonised by c. albicans in multiple sites who did not develop candidaemia and group ii included patients who were colonised and who developed candidaemia. abc and microsatellite genotyping of 51 strains of c. albicans revealed that patients who did not develop candidaemia were multiply colonised by at least two abc genotypes of c. albicans, whereas candidaemic patients had highly related microsatellites and the same abc genotype in colonising and bloodstream isolates that were probably present in different body sites before the onset of candidaemia.
Predation of rodent Calomys sp. (Cricetidae), by marsupial Monodelphis domestica (Didelphidae) at Buíque, PE
Francisco Geraldo de Carvalho Neto,Ednilza Maranho dos Santos
Biotemas , 2012,
Abstract: This paper records the predation on a specimen of Calomys sp. by Monodelphis domestica. The event took place on 07/30/2008, during the night, in a Caatinga area in Parque Nacional do Catimbau, Buique, Pernambuco, Brazil. This observation confirms the presence of rodents in the diet of M. domestica.
Notes on a predation event of Passer domesticus (Birds, Passeridae) by Philodryas olfersii (Squamata, Dipsadidae) in an urban area of the Zona da Mata of Pernambuco, Brazil
Gleymerson Vieira Lima de Almeida,Ednilza Maranho dos Santos
Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi : Ciências Naturais , 2011,
Abstract: This communication reports a predation event, where the snake Philodryas olfersii captures and eats a House Sparrow Passer domesticus. This observation occurred in an urban area of the Zona da Mata, Pernambuco State, Brazil, in the municipality of Nazaré da Mata on June 21, 2009.
Avalia??o dos efeitos a curto prazo de programas de conscientiza??o e de terapia com pravastatina em indivíduos de alto risco para doen?a cardiovascular provenientes de consultórios particulares
Santos, Raul D.;Nascimento, Luiz O. do;Maranho, Raul C.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X1997001000001
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate short-term efficacy of awareness programs (ap) in reducing coronary heart disease risk factors (chdrf). methods: high risk hypercholesterolemic patients were divided in 2 groups during 16 weeks. group a (n=417, 54.3±10.0 years, 55% males) received verbal and written orientation on chdrf control, and group b (n=180, 54.4±10.9 years, 45% males) received only verbal orientation. all participants received pravastatin 10mg q.d. for 12 weeks. the evolution of body weight, arterial pressure, lipid profile, castelli's i and ii indexes (tc/hdl and ldl/hdl), and framingham scores were evaluated. results: at baseline, a had a lower hdl-c (40.0±11.0 vs 43.0±11.0mg/dl, p=0.013) and a higher index i (8.2±3.0 vs 7.6±2.3, p=0.008) than b. after 16 weeks, a had greater change than b in tc (-28.0 vs -25.0, p<0.05), ldl-c (-29.0 vs -27.6, p<0.05), hdl-c levels (+13.7 vs +10.8, p<0.05) and in the castelli's index (-39.0 vs -33.0; p<0.05). in both groups pravastatin use potentialized the effects of diet on the lipid profile. conclusion: the ap seemed to be more effective than verbal orientation alone in chdrf reduction at short-term.
Avalia o dos efeitos a curto prazo de programas de conscientiza o e de terapia com pravastatina em indivíduos de alto risco para doen a cardiovascular provenientes de consultórios particulares
Santos Raul D.,Nascimento Luiz O. do,Maranho Raul C.
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1997,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar a eficácia de programas de conscientiza o (PC) sobre o controle de fatores de risco (FR) para doen a cardiovascular (DCV). MéTODOS: Pacientes hipercolesterolêmicos de alto risco para DCV foram divididos em 2 grupos durante 16 semanas. O grupo A (n=417, 54,3±10,0 anos, 55% homens) recebeu orienta o verbal e escrita sobre controle de FR, e o grupo B (n=180, 54,4±10,9 anos, 45% homens) apenas orienta o verbal. Todos os participantes receberam 10mg/dia de pravastatina por 12 semanas. Avaliaram-se o peso, press o arterial, o colesterol total (CT) e fra es, triglicérides, índices I e II de Castelli (CT/HDL-C e LDL-C/HDL-C) e escores de Framingham. RESULTADOS: No basal, A diferiu de B no HDL-C (40,0±11,0 vs 43,0±11,0mg/dl, p=0,013) e no índice I (8,2±3,0 vs 7,6±2,3, p=0,008). Após 16 semanas as varia es % foram maiores em A do que B no CT (-28,0 vs -25,0, p<0,05), LDL-C (-29,0 vs -27,6, p<0,05), HDL-C (+13,7 vs. + 10,8, p<0,05) e índice I (-39,0 vs -33,0; p<0,05). A pravastatina potencializou os efeitos da dieta sobre os lípides. CONCLUS O: O PC parece ser mais eficaz a curto prazo, em reduzir os FR para DCV do que a orienta o apenas verbal.
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