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Cultural Foundations of Autocracy and Their Amendment: What Can Higher Education Institutions Do?
Iulian Oneac
Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA) , 2012,
Abstract: The paper examines the foundations of the societies in Central Asia (CA) and their impact on politics, recalls similarities with Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), attempting to make recommendations for the societies' advancement. Firstly, I analyse the connections between cultural heritage and politics, introducing two pillar concepts, the societies' cultural and institutional foundations. They are discussed with a view to understanding and revealing the model of society ingrained in politics and materialised in CA societies. Then, I examine the social capital and the exercise of power, illustrate beneficial associations and trade-offs between culture(s) and politics. Shortages are exposed and opportunities and circumstances for conflicts revealed. I substantiate the contradictory impacts of the international arena; I tackle synergies and discuss means to combine influences between politics and cultures. Finally, I incorporate findings into policy terms. The rudiments of a working system to foster progress in CA are seen in developments of both individuals and their governance systems. Recommendations are made with regard to how Higher Education Institutions can dodge flawed cultural influences and amend autocracy. The issues of CA societies are addressed with a strong policy focus, making policy recommendations and aiming at rising debates.
The behavioral dimension in urban community: emigration between the "easiest" way of life and community prestige in the town Curtea de Arges/Romania?
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Social groups relate to the spatial distribution patterns of groups. Geographers seek to explain concrete territorial situations resulted from the social groups’ presence and actions. Our study aims to assess the spatial extension of social groups. By choosing an “easy” way of life based on pronounced frustrations, individuals have risked in their choices. When neighbourhoods preserve the same membership communication, relationships between the community groups does not lose the community character. Neighbourhood fragmentation maintains the community character, and, by applying quantified values of the distance, we can identify the extension of the territories. Thus, within the neighbourhood proximity has been exceeded and the distance has cancelled.
Territorial planning that is reflected in ecoturism in the Province of Córdoba
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: At the local level to search for potential resources could effectively capitalize. This is in addition to a set of rules that facilitate cooperation with EU institutions, consulting specialists and rural centers. The agro-ecological pattern into province of Córdoba became a real and effective alternative to destructuring the agricultural landscape of the autonomous region of Andalusia. In the case study Alojamiento Rural Yanem Centro Educatión Medioambiental in ecological agro-tourism practices relating to accommodation, food and environmental space are applied using ground and green building techniques. Constructions are based on bioclimatic and organic materials are used for this.
Spatial and Social Dimension in Urban Community: a Case Study on the Community in the Center of the Bucharest City
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: La dimensión social y espacial de la comunidad urbana: estudio de caso la comunidad desde centro de Bucarest. En este estudio se propone para abordar la dimensión social y espacio comunitario urbano en el centro de Bucarest, los cambios dinámicos y tendencias de importancia del espacio y la comprensión clara de la conducta socio-espacial, la identidad y la percepción influye en su sitio a nivel cognitivo y en el espacio. Después de que evaluamos el sitio e identificar el centro de ciudad hicimos una incursión en la morfología de la comunidad. También, mediante la división del espacio urbano, la dimensión de comportamiento o ámbito de vida y por los problemas específicos de centro logramos entender algunas de las características de la estructura social de los barrios.
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2011,
Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to investigate whether empirical support for the monetary independence hypothesis can be found from eight EU new member countries. Thus, we will analyze which are the consequences of the euro interest rate movements over the interest rates in selected EU new members outside euro zone, in a framework of different exchange rate regimes. We employ 2SLS cross-section fixed-effects estimation on a panel of countries, with a Newey-West estimator, robust against heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation. We find that interest rates in non-Euro area EU members with floating exchange rate arrangements are found to react considerably more to ECB’s interest rate shocks than do interest rates in those that have fixed or intermediate exchange rate regimes. The evidence suggest that countries with floating exchange rate arrangements are less independent than the fixed and intermediate exchange rate countries and, furthermore, intermediate arrangements help to preserve better the monetary policy autonomy.
Meanings Of The Notion Of Culture In Intercultural Research
Angelica-Nicoleta ONEA
Review of Economic and Business Studies (REBS) , 2010,
Abstract: There are many meanings given to the notion of culture. Various contents related to it are delimited according to the specialty field or the investigated area. Moreover, the overlapping or distinction between culture and civilization also occurs. An inventory and an analysis of the aforementioned aspects could be a subject for exhaustive research. We are not aiming at such an approach, our intention is to analyze the philosophies circumscribed to this concept in some of the most important investigations carried out in the field of intercultural management so as to distinguish in a very precise manner the sense given and to focus on the elements that allow us to build a definition with an operational content in this area of research. For this purpose, we also identify the perspectives that allowed us to develop a functionalist-instrumental pragmatic approach.
Angelica-Nicoleta ONEA
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2009,
Abstract: This article makes a series of methodological clarifications that are of the uttermost importance for the construction of cultural/intercultural research. The cultural and intercultural diagnosis methods that might be used, as well as the difficulties that might arise in this type of research, generally valid difficulties, but also difficulties derived from the particularities of a specific culture, which could be avoided if identified in time, are revised. Other methodological clarifications refer to what should be known before building the design of research. The criteria that should be met by the data collected for the purposes of ensuring the validity of the methodological construction are also discussed.
Studies Concerning the Influence of the Wave Farms on the Nearshore Processes  [PDF]
Andrei T?nase Zanopol, Florin Onea, Eugen Rusu
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.57065

The main objective of the present work is to evaluate the impact on the nearshore waves and coastal processes of a generic wave farm. The target area considered is in the Romanian nearshore, in the vicinity of the Mamaia sector, coastal environment usually subjected to a strong erosion process. A picture of the wave conditions in this coastal environment is first provided by analyzing some in situ data registered at the Gloria drilling unit, which operates offshore the area of interest at about 50 meters water depth. A high resolution numerical modeling framework was implemented in the target area. This is based on the SWAN spectral model (Simulating Waves Nearshore) for waves and the 1D circulation model SURF (or the Navy Standard Surf Model) to assess the nearshore currents. The presence of the farm in the computational domain was represented by using the command obstacle, which is available in SWAN, and considering various transmission and reflection coefficients. Different wave farm configurations have been considered by adjusting the transmission and the reflection coefficients associated with the wave farm, between a no farm scenario and a fully developed project (corresponding to the case of total absorption). The influence of the farm on the wave field was quantified by performing analyses in the geographical space concerning the variability of the significant wave height. The results look interesting and they indicate that besides the production of the electric power, the presence of the wave farms may have a positive influence on controlling the coastal processes, reducing the erosion and giving in general more stability to the coastal environment, especially during the extreme storm conditions.

Anthropogenic impact or anthropogenic accommodation? Distribution range expansion of the common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) by means of artificial habitats in the north-eastern limits of its distribution range
Iulian Gherghel,Alexandru Strugariu,Tiberiu C. Sahlean,Oana Zamfirescu
Acta Herpetologica , 2009,
Abstract: During 2005-2008, field observations were made on the distribution and habitat occupation by Podarcis muralis in the middle Bistrita river basin. Prior to our study, this lizard was known from only 5 localities in Romanian Moldavia (Bicaz, Cheile Bicazului, Lacu Ro u, Gherman and Dodeni). Through the present paper the authors acknowledge the existence of 28 sites populated by P. muralis in Moldavia and propose a new model for the range expansion of the species in the area using man-made structures such as road and railway fences and road beds, benefiting from the mild climate provided by the Izvorul Muntelui barrier lake and forming insular populations to further colonize suitable habitats.
Crisis: a Return to Rationality
Liviu C?t?lin MORARU,Iulian T?NASE
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2012,
Abstract: This paper analyses the causes of economic crisis trying to reconcile the theory of "animal spirits" with the money supply expansion. It also aims to show the limits of the two opposing theories: both of the Keynesian and the Austrian ones, and to investigate the economic crisis in Greece, focusing on the causes that triggered it. This paper also shows the effects of population, bankers and of government officials greed on economic activity in general, and the crisis in particular.

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