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Hexadactyly case at a Rana kl. esculenta sample from the north-western part of Romania (Short Notes)
Istvan SAS,Eva-Hajnalka KOVACS
Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie , 2006,
Abstract: At 17 June 2006, in a habitat close to Gherta Mica locality (47°56'0'' N, 23°14'0'' E, Satu-Mare County, Romania) we had found a sample of Rana kl. esculenta which presented hexadactyly at both of its posterior feet. The captured sample of edible frog had fully formed extra (sixth) toes, with phalanges (bones). The hexadactyly was perfectly symmetrical at both of the posterior feet. At this individual we did not discovered any other malformations, the biometrical characters situating in the variations limits of the other green frogs from the studied habitat. A symmetric hexadacytly can be a result of atavism.
What temperature can tolerate the marsh frog from thermal habitats? Preliminary results concerning the 1 Mai Spa’s population (NW Romania)
Istvan SAS,Eva-Hajnalka KOVACS
Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of this study was the experimental determination of the maximum limit of temperature in which marsh frogs (P. ridibundus) from thermal water habitats can still survive. For the experiment ten marsh frogs captured from the nonhibernating population from 1 Mai Spa were used. During the experiment we had determined for each frog the value of two parameters: VTMax and CTMax. Following the experiment we did not identify significant differences regarding the thermoresistance of the studied frogs. Thus VTMax had a mean value of 33.9°C and CTMax had the mean value of 36.7°C.
Lissotriton vulgaris paedomorphs in south-western Romania: a consequence of a human modified habitat?
Severus D. Covaciu-Marcov,Istvan Sas,Alfred ?. Cicort-Lucaciu,Horia V. Bogdan
Acta Herpetologica , 2011,
Abstract: A Lissotriton vulgaris paedomorph population was identified for the first time ever in south-western Romania. The newts inhabiting a permanent but artificial habitat, surrounded by agricultural fields.
Studies on the dynamics of the macrozoobenthic invertebrate groups in the thermal lake Ochiul Mare natural reserve (Bihor county, Romania)
Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie , 2005,
Abstract: In the thermal lake from Ochiul Mare the environmental conditions and especially the temperature of the water which do not drop under 200C in the substrate even in winter period determine a different dynamics of the macrozoobenthic populations than in other natural waters. Also the major groups in the communities differ from those of the non thermal waters. For these reasons we have studied the dynamics of the macroinvertebrate groups from the benthos to find out if they adapted their life cycles to the thermal environment. Also we wanted to find out which are the groups which have the greatest densities in the thermal environment and for which this environment is a limitating factor of the development.
Implication upon Herpetofauna of a Road and its Reconstruction in Carei Plain Natural Protected Area (Romania)
Alfred-S. Cicort-Lucaciu,Severus-D. Covaciu-Marcov,Horia V. Bogdan,Istvan Sas
Ecologia Balkanica , 2012,
Abstract: In autumn 2011 we monitored a 5 km long road, paved with cobblestone, situated in Carei Plain Natural Protected Area, a road that is due to be modernized and continued across the border into Hungary. Dead bodies from eight different animal groups were observed on the road, amphibians presenting the greatest amount. The most frequent were the Triturus dobrogicus corps, a species with conservation importance. The amphibians were affected in the areas where the road is neighboring the wetlands, while on the opposite pole sits the area with acacia plantations. The high number of mortalities recorded on the road, despite the low traffic speed, is alarming. It is likely that the modernization of the road that will surely increase its traffic and the speed of the vehicles, will make the situation even worse. However, the rebuilding could contribute to the reduction in the impact on amphibians, if certain measures are considered while planning the action. Thus, in the areas near the wetlands, there should be undercrossings, fences and speed limits. In this way, the modernization would at least represent an experiment regarding the diminution of the road’s impact on amphibians.
Lissotriton vulgaris paedomorphs in south-western Romania: a consequence of a human modified habitat ?
Severus-Daniel Covaciu-Marcov,Istvan Sas,Alfred-Stefan Cicort-Lucaciu,Horia-Vlad Bogdan
Acta Herpetologica , 2011,
Abstract: A Lissotriton vulgaris paedomorph population was identified for the first time ever in south-western Romania. The occurrence of this paedomorphosis is explained by the particularities of the area, the newts inhabiting a permanent but artificial habitat, surrounded by agricultural fields. Thus, the presence of an acceptable aquatic habitat together with the absence of a suitable terrestrial one triggered the occurrence of paedomorphosis.
Immunotherapy of Cancer—A Historical Note  [PDF]
Istvan Berczi
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2014.513120

We examined the possibility that the anti-estrogens, tamoxifen (TX) and toremifen (TO) interactedwith the immune system. Indeed, both TX and TO stimulated cells mediated cytotoxicity reactions by various killer cells: killer T (TK), natural killer (NK), lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells. Both TX and TO inhibited the growth of tumors that express estrogen receptors. Thus these antiestrogens inhibited tumor growth and stimulated killer cells for cytotoxicty on such tumors. Therefore these agents were presumed to stimulate tumor immunity. We tested the P815 mouse mastcytoma with TK, LK, and TX or TO. A therapeutic effect was observed in both experiments. The SL2-5 murine lymphoma was tested with NK and TX cells or TO cells and successful immunotherapy was observed.We digested human breast carcinomas and lung tumors with collagenase. The killer cells were separated from tumor cells on Ficoll gradients. TX and TO enhanced the cytotoxic effect of autologous killer cells on the corresponding tumor cells. This experiment indicates that the results obtained in animals are also valid for human malignant disease.

La Belgique et la recherche agronomique pour le développement
Sas, L.
Tropicultura , 2004,
Abstract: Belgium and Agricultural Research for Development. Depuis les années 80, les stratégies conservationnistes intègrent les populations locales dans le processus de gestion des aires protégées. Mais les réalisations dans ce domaine restent encore assez mitigées. Lorsqu'il est interprété à la lumière des "logiques sociales locales", ce problème semble trouver son origine dans une inadéquation entre le développement proposé sur un modèle occidental et les dynamiques de prestige en cours dans ces sociétés. Une autre raison est évoquée, à savoir l'occultation des effets induits par les restrictions d'accès aux espaces et aux ressources naturelles. Ces deux aspects fournissent des exemples militant en faveur d'une meilleure collaboration entre sciences humaines et sciences de la nature.
La comunidad estéril. El recurso comunitario como forma de la autodescripción social
Mariano G. Sasín
Papeles del CEIC , 2010,
Abstract: La utilización que han hecho los sociólogos tanto clásicos como contemporáneos de la distinción comunidad/sociedad, sociedad/comunidad, prefigura la forma de un pasaje (en una u otra dirección) que se lleva a cabo en un momento histórico que es interpretado como crisis de lo establecido y emergencia de algo nuevo que aún está por definirse. En estos casos el operador conceptual que permite centrar las referencias y atribuir al menos algún sentido a lo observado es la idea de comunidad. Esta “idea de comunidad” parece configurar, así, la forma de una autodescripción social del presente que se articula inevitablemente con la percepción de sus posibilidades futuras. / Classic and contemporary sociologists have made a distinction between community/society and society/community as a passage (in one or other direction) produced in a historic moment, which is interpreted like a crisis of what was established and an emergency of something new still to be defined. In these cases, the idea of community becomes the conceptual opera-tor that gathers diverse references and enables the attribution of some sort of meaning to the observed. Hence, this “community idea” seems to acquired the shape of a social self-description of the present which is articulated, unavoidably, with the perception of its future possibilities.
Ethnic marketing possibilities and its ethics issues
Annamaria Sas,Agota Kozma
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business , 2009,
Abstract: This paper focuses on the possibilities of ethnic marketing and its ethic connections. The differences found in our face-to-face interviews and analysing questionnaire data will provide opportunities for Hungarian small enterprises. Targeting ethnic groups for marketing purposes results in ethical difficulties. In Hungary, ethnic marketing is yet an inexperienced concept. Based on these ideas the authors examine the ins and outs of using ethnic marketing in case of Germans in Hungary. Consumers with German ethnic attitude really want German products and brands. At the same time, enterprises have to emphasise the products’ “Germanness” and character in a better/stronger way because this can help for better consumer decision making.

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