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Trayectorias sexuales, preventivas y sociales en el embarazo no previsto de los segmentos juveniles en Chile
Ultima década , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22362010000200006
Abstract: the article investigates unexpected pregnancies in juvenile segments within the chilean society. it is oriented to understand its magnitude and social configuration, to include/understand its relation with the head-end process in the active sexuality and structuring of the sexual and preventive trajectories; and to explore the way in which this is used to express specific configurations of the social relations of generic and social stratification. use of the fifth national survey of youth, made possible by the national institute of youth in 2006.
?Nuevas familias para un nuevo siglo?
Arriagada, Irma;
Paidéia (Ribeir?o Preto) , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-863X2000000100003
Abstract: in this text it is briefly analyzed the great tendencies of recent globalization and the process, that are already enduring some time, referring to a weak modernization without modernity in latin america; this has relation with changes in latin-american's families structure and functioning, having the economical order as the fundamentals; it can be observed un great number of consequences for the socialization of new generations; on the other side, cultural factors give the base for adaptations e delimitations of idiosyncratic values of each country.
Las nuevas generaciones de mujeres, el embarazo no previsto, las edades y la segmentación social en la sociedad chilena
Revista médica de Chile , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872012000300006
Abstract: background: unpredictedpregnancy is an evolution of the concepts undesired and unplanned pregnancy. it is more common among vulnerable strata of our society and related to lack of education. aim: to explore the prevalence and social concomitants of unpredicted pregnancy among young women. material and methods: analysis of the databases of the sixth national youth survey carried out by the instituto nacional de la juventud in chile during 2009. the universe corresponds to 7570 participants aged between 15 and 29 years, of both genders. results: unpredicted pregnancy occurred in 43% of sexually active surveyed women. it was more common among women with a lower educational level and those aged 15 to 24 years, especially during the onset of active sexual life. there was also an inverse relationship between the degree of education, the use of contraception and the age when sexual activity starts. conclusions: unpredicted pregnancy is frequent among teenagers and more common among less educated individuals. the frequency of use of contraception is associated in greater measure to the degree of education rather than the age of onset of sexual activity.
Cuestión de alteridades: la aciaga vida del Tup? guaraní en la literatura de los "blancos" y en la vital versión oral de los mbyá
Runa , 2009,
Abstract: for centuries, a part of the cultured world heeded the white man views on the guaraní thoughts and behavior -those were the exclusive times of anthropology of the other. nowadays there are attempts to do anthropology of the other on ourselves. in order to show both sides of this issue, this paper compares the voices of some white scholars who wrote about the guaraní with some of the mbyá-guaraní talking about their own and the white man culture. the topic in question is the figure of tup? , whose name was appropriated by the colonial missionaries to build their monotheistic discourse. in this interplay of alterity, we analyze first the pernicious "literary life" of this character, followed by the voices of those still hurting from this historic event. this confrontation reveals both the biased inconsistencies of some guaraní writings and strategies to protect their polytheism, and the magnitude of the symbolic violence intrinsic to the evangelization process.
Notranja revizija kot orodje za izbolj anje u inkovitosti poslovodenja v javnem zdravstvu
Irma Kova
Bulletin: Economics, Organisation and Informatics in Healthcare , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10221-011-0013-4
Abstract: An Internal Audit is the activity of modern times. Very rapid development and implementation of Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) in the field of Public Health has been seen in Slovenia over the past ten years. For budget users, internal auditing is also required by law. Lately it is therefore becoming a very important part of business in public health institutions. The operations of an Internal Audit is characterised by the testing and evaluation of performance of the Internal Control System and consultation for enhancing performance with the purpose of providing efficient and successful business risk management of hospitals. Business risk is understood as any unpleasant event that intrudes on the effective and successful process of achieving the set business objectives of a health institution. While responsibility for Risk management lies with the management, internal Auditing can offer appropriate support. An Internal Audit can successfully complete its mission only if management has the appropriate knowledge and skills of internal auditing.
Transformaciones sociales y demográficas de las familias latinoamericanas
Irma Arriagada
Papeles de población , 2004,
Abstract: En este trabajo se analizan los efectos de los cambios demográficos específicamente el descenso de la fecundidad sobre la estructura, organización y funcionamiento de las familias latinoamericanas. Asimismo, se examinan otros fenómenos socioculturales que se asocian con los cambios familiares, en especial, la transformación de los papeles sociales y laborales de las mujeres. Finalmente, se se alan algunos temas emergentes en el análisis de las familias que, en el contexto de la modernidad tardía y de una segunda transición demográfica, advierten sobre el aumento de la heterogeneidad y de la complejidad de las estructuras familiares.
Litter decomposition of Rhizophora stylosa in Sabang-Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia; evidence from mass loss and nutrients
Biodiversitas , 2010,
Abstract: Dewiyanti I (2010) Litter decomposition of Rhizophora stylosa in Sabang-Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia; evidence from mass loss and nutrients. Biodiversitas 11: 139-144. Mangrove is an essential coastal ecosystem that provides nutrients to estuarine and its surrounding environments through its litter decomposition. This vegetation can be considered as an important ecosystem in food web along the coast. The research was conducted in mangrove forest in Sabang-Weh Island, Aceh. Rhizophora stylosa was dominant species of mangrove in the study area that still remains after tsunami catastrophe in 2004. This study was conducted from February to April 2008, and the purposes were to obtain the decomposition rate of senescent leaves and to measure mass loss, and nutrient contents of decomposing leaves under different inundation regime. Three plots were established in each site. Decomposition of R. stylosa leaves were studied by using litter bag technique. They were made of synthetic nylon which had size 20x30 cm and mesh size was 1x1.25 mm2. Senescent leaves were used because they present major leaves on the forest floor and started to decay. Remaining leaves decreased during experiment period because decomposition process had been taking placein the study area. Time required for decomposing a half of the initial material (t50) was 67 days and 63 days for site next to the land and site next to the sea, respectively. The decay rate can be expressed by the decay coefficient (K) and the results of K were 0.010 and 0.011 (d-1). The value of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), C: N ratio and phosphorous (P) during decomposition periods were no significant difference in sites but significant difference in time. The C: N ratio of decomposing leaves decreased in both sites. Low C: N ratio in the last of observation indicated that R. stylosa leaves were decomposed easier at the end of observation than that in the beginning of observation.
Familias latinoamericanas: cambiantes, diversas y desiguales
Irma Arriagada
Papeles de población , 2007,
Abstract: Este texto se refiere a las grandes transformaciones estructurales que han afectado a las familias como efecto de la modernización y de la globalización. Consta de dos partes: en la primera se da cuenta de las grandes transformaciones observadas en las familias y del grado de diversidad entre ellas; en la segunda se pone de manifiesto cómo hasta hoy este grado de diversidad no se considera en el dise o de las políticas públicas y cómo las áreas de cuidado de las personas "no cubiertas por las políticas" sobrecargan especialmente a las mujeres. Estos temas surgen como los grandes desafíos para las políticas públicas en la región latinoamericana.
Existen políticas innovadoras hacia las familias latinoamericanas?
Irma Arriagada
Papeles de población , 2005,
Abstract: En este texto se analiza brevemente la institucionalidad gubernamental a cargo de los programas orientados a las familias, se sintetizan problemas y cambios percibidos por las autoridades gubernamentales, así como políticas y programas en ejecución orientados hacia las familias latinoamericanas. Se concluye que en la región no existen políticas innovadoras hacia las familias y se sugieren algunas propuestas para el dise o de políticas orientadas a la constitución de familias democráticas.
Usos y desusos de la teoría del viaje y su aplicación a la literatura latinoamericana
Irma Cantú
Trans : Revue de Littérature Générale et Comparée , 2008,
Abstract: Cet article examine les principales théories du voyage et souligne les difficultés d’une approche critique de l’écriture du voyage en Amérique Latine, étant donné que ces théories sont essentiellement liées, à l’origine, aux expériences anglo-saxonnes et fran aises. La théorie du voyage s’est développée à partir de la rencontre entre une culture centrale et dominante - celle qui produit l’écriture -, et une culture périphérique - qui est son objet catalogué, analysé, décrit. Il n’y a aucune théorie du voyage qui analyse la rencontre entre des cultures périphériques - l’Amérique Latine en relation avec l’Asie ou l’Afrique, par exemple. L’objectif de cet article est de déterminer quelles approches théoriques sont les plus appropriées pour élaborer une théorie globale et culturellement plus ouverte qui corresponde précisément à la rencontre de cultures périphériques et d’ouvrir ainsi de nouvelles voies pour des études futures. Uses and Misuses of Travel Writing Theory and its Application to Latin American Literature This article reviews principal travel theories and underlines the difficulties in critically approaching Latin American travel writing, as these theories originated primarily from Anglo and French experiences. Travel theory developed out of the encounter between a dominant and central culture -which produces the written text- and a peripheral culture -which is its catalogued, analyzed and described object. There is no travel theory that deals with the encounter between peripheral cultures -Latin America in relationship with Asia or Africa, for example. The purpose of this article is to determine which theoretical approaches are appropriate for elaborating an inclusive and more culturally open theory that accurately corresponds to the encounter between peripheral cultures, and to propose new avenues for future study. Resumen Este artículo revisa las principales vertientes de la teoría del viaje y expone la dificultad que enfrenta la escritura del viaje producida en América Latina, dado que dichas teorías surgen de la experiencia viajera anglosajona y francesa primordialmente. La teoría del viaje se ha desarrollado a partir del encuentro entre una cultura central y dominante -la que produce la escritura- y una cultura periférica -aquella que es catalogada, analizada, descrita. No hay una teoría que aborde el fenómeno desde el encuentro de periferia a periferia -América Latina mirando a Asia o a áfrica, por ejemplo. El propósito de este trabajo es deslindar qué perspectivas teóricas son las más apropiadas en la elaboración de una teoría culturalme
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