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The Role of Courage in Intellectual Work  [PDF]
Liliana Beatriz Irizar
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.59114

Intellectual life is not a thing apart from the humanizing and moralizing influences that moral virtues provide. Saint Thomas’s teachings about moral virtues suggest how essential he considers them for a flourishing speculative life. He makes all this very clear in the Second Part of the Summa Theologiae. The potential parts of fortitude which have a crucial role in intellectual work are patience, perseverance and magnanimity. In this article I show how these potential virtues act in speculative life.

Díkaion Revista de Fundamentación Jurídica , 2011,
Abstract: located in the colombian legal context, the question refered to in the title of this paper, hopes to address, one more time the philosophical, political and legal debate of the fundamental right, which is recognized by the political constitution of colombia as the "right to free development of personality". the intention of this paper is to analyze the scope of this fundamental right, through an analysis of the philosophy of being. that is, it analyzes the meaning and implications of the right to free development of personality regarding its essential and dynamic relationship with teleological human nature.
El trasfondo metafísico de las Cinco Vías de Santo Tomás: Una aproximación desde Lawrence Dewan, O.P.
Irizar,Liliana B.;
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas , 2011,
Abstract: lawrence dewan presents an approach of st. thomas's five ways to god which surpasses in metaphysical fineness and intellectual deepness the numerous excellent presentations about this topic. dewan, in presenting the metaphysical framework which serves as an argumentative foundation of the five ways, demonstrates, once again, to be an expert knower of saint thomas aquinas's work. likewise, the different writings which dewan has dedicated to this subject allow him to use nuclear notions of thomism that master dewan has rethought and, so to speak, refreshed with quite unusual scientific rigor. such notions are, for example: the central role of the substantial form and the vision of esse as a nature.
Lawrence Dewan y el redescubrimiento de la centralidad de la forma en metafísica
Irizar,Liliana Beatriz;
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas , 2008,
Abstract: lawrence dewan's approach of saint thomas's metaphysics differs from the traditional thomistic analysis in some relevant aspects. in this paper i intend to show dewan's main contribution, which is to have re-discovered the centrality of form in metaphysics. this canadian philosopher's interpretation is important in order to clarify the kinship between form and being and, consequently, to focus on aquinas's metaphysics and theology correctly.
El ser y su ser en Tomás de Aquino
Irizar,Liliana Beatriz;
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas , 2009,
Abstract: two prestigious philosophers, enrico berti and anthony kenny, assert that thomas aquinas expresses relevant doctrinal incoherencies, especially in his ipsum esse subsistens doctrine. in the context of this discussion, the current article intends to review the most outstanding texts where aquinas considers the being of god issue, and calls him ipsum esse subsistens, as well for the passages in which he talks about the being of god as his being (suum esse). the aforesaid, is aimed to establish if effectively is fair to identify the ipsum esse subsistens with the idea of god considered as the separated being from platonic inspiration. this analysis will allow us to precise to what extent is valid to affirm that the aquinas' philosophy is a negative philosophy and his metaphysics is minimum metaphysics.
Existe un modo femenino de hacer política?
Liliana Beatriz Irizar
Prolegómenos. Derechos y Valores , 2007,
Abstract: La cultura occidental experimenta un acelerado proceso de deshumanización que queda evidenciado en los sistemáticos y crecientes ataques a la dignidad de la persona. Baste mencionar la violencia expresada de modos y en escalas muy variadas; los agravios constantes a la vida humana o la soledad desesperante generada por el individualismo nihilista. En este artículo se intenta poner de relieve que la mujer posee cualidades antropológicas específicas, enraizadas en su capacidad de ser madre, a través de las cuales está en condiciones de inaugurar un modo propio, femenino, de hacer política. Los rasgos propios de la feminidad, puestos al servicio del ser humano y de la sociedad pueden conducir a la recuperación de la centralidad de la persona humana en todos los ámbitos de la cultura y de la vida política.
La novedad del conocimiento humano: fuente perenne de toda innovación
Liliana Beatriz Irizar
Revista Lasallista de Investigación , 2012,
Abstract: El presente artículo aborda una temática hoy muy desarrollada desde diferentes disciplinas. Sin embargo, lo hace bajo un aspecto menos explorado: la caracterización del conocimiento humano como acto del espíritu y, por lo mismo, abierto tanto a las realidades empíricas como metaempíricas o inmateriales. El objetivo primordial de este ensayo consiste en mostrar que la investigación y la innovación, que tanto se procuran potenciar en diferentes ámbitos institucionales, son inseparables de una visión del conocimiento intelectual que lo entienda en su dimensión genuina, esto es, como un acto del espíritu, abierto a toda la realidad y caracterizado por su inmediatez, inmaterialidad e intencionalidad. Al mismo tiempo, se intenta poner de relieve que la investigación y la innovación van indisolublemente unidas a la libertad y a la admiración de una inteligencia no condicionada por imposiciones procedentes del tecnosistema. Para dar cumplimiento a dichos objetivos, la exposición se compone de dos apartados: el primero se ocupa de la naturaleza o esencia del conocimiento humano y el segundo hace referencia a la libertad y la admiración como condiciones de la investigación e innovación. En todo el desarrollo del tema se utiliza la argumentación demostrativa propia del discurso filosófico.
The Being and his Being in Thomas Aquinas
Liliana Beatriz Irizar
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas , 2009,
Abstract: Two prestigious philosophers, Enrico Berti and Anthony Kenny, assertthat Thomas Aquinas expresses relevant doctrinal incoherencies,especially in his ipsum esse subsistens doctrine.In the context of this discussion, the current article intends to review themost outstanding texts where Aquinas considers the being of God issue,and calls Him ipsum esse subsistens, as well for the passages in which hetalks about the being of God as his being (suum esse). The aforesaid, isaimed to establish if effectively is fair to identify the ipsum esse subsistenswith the idea of God considered as the separated being from Platonicinspiration.This analysis will allow us to precise to what extent is valid to affirm thatthe Aquinas’ philosophy is a negative philosophy and his metaphysicsis minimum metaphysics.
Comparación de dos métodos de fraccionamiento físico de la materia orgánica del suelo
Irizar,Alicia; Andriulo,Adrián; Cosentino,Diego; Améndola,Catalina;
Ciencia del suelo , 2010,
Abstract: regression analysis was used to compare particulate organic carbon (cop) and light carbon (cs) concentrations obtained by size (fraction > 53 μm) and density fractionation (liquor density = 2 g cm-3) methods, respectively. the soil samples were taken from a long-term experiment located at the eea-inta pergamino comparing four cropping sequences and two tillage systems. both methods were linearly and positively correlated to depths of 0-5 and 5-10 cm and the y-intercept did not differ from zero, indicating that both methods resulted in a similar estimate for labile c. as the slopes did not different from unity, the differences between the two methods remained constant throughout all the labile range measured. there was no correlation for a depth of 10-20 cm, and cs concentrations were higher and less variable than those of cop. the liquor density used might explain the obtention of similar or greater amounts of cs than of cop because of the important contribution of the organomineral complex to the light fraction.
Hacia una conceptualización humanista fundamental de las instituciones sociales: Estado del arte
González Camargo,Javier Nicolás; Irizar,Liliana Beatriz;
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas , 2008,
Abstract: the initial review of the literature for this study allowed us to recognize four different philosophical approaches that support the same amount of sociological paradigms. such paradigms are concurrently present in other human sciences that deal with the topic of social institutions in one way or another. therefore, after analyzing the topos of the notion institution, and with the intention of distinguishing this notion, we synthetically analyze the conceptualizations of institution as proposed by the following approaches: empirical-positivist, critical-dialectic, hermeneutical-existential, and metaphysical-realistic
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