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Breaststroke learning through the use of videotape feedback. http://dx.doi.org/10.5007/1980-0037.2013v15n2p204
Marcela de Castro Ferracioli,Irana Junqueira de Castro Ferracioli,Iran Junqueira de Castro
Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano , 2013,
Abstract: People from all age groups and social backgrounds have always sought to learn swimming. However, the swimming learning process is usually considered repetitive and tiring, requiring the teacher to use methods that motivate students to join the practice without ignoring the need for improvement in their performance. This study assessed motivation during a breaststroke learning process in students who received videotape feedback, verbal feedback, and who did not receive any feedback during practice. Thirty seven swimming inexperienced students were divided into three groups: Video (n=13), which received videotape feedback; Verbal (n=15), which received verbal feedback; and Control (n=9), which did not receive any feedback during experimental phases (pre-test, acquisition (5 days), post-test and retention). Participants completed a questionnaire based on Likert scale for motivation assessment. Scores were given to their performance by a swimming teacher to assess breaststroke learning during each experimental phase. Results of motivation assessment showed that students who received feedback (videotape or verbal) felt more motivated during practice than those who did not receive any feedback. Regarding the breaststroke learning, all participants improved their performance along experimental phases, but, during the retention one, Verbal group’s performance was considered superior to the Control group’s performance. This study concluded that the use of videotape and verbal feedback has motivational results on breaststroke learning, and that it is effective in the learning process.
Modelagem matemática de um giroscópio sintonizado dinamicamente
Barros, Ettore Apol?nio de;Junqueira, Fernando de Castro;
Sba: Controle & Automa??o Sociedade Brasileira de Automatica , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-17592005000200003
Abstract: this work describes the principle of operation and the motion dynamics of a dynamically tuned gyroscope, dtg. the complete set of equations of motion are derived, and a simplified representation for the transfer functions are obtained, emphasizing the concepts related to important parameters, and phenomena that affect the dtg performance.
Liver cirrhosis and hepatic stellate cells
Brand?o, Daniel Ferracioli;Ramalho, Leandra Naira Zambelli;Ramalho, Fernando Silva;Zucoloto, Sérgio;Martinelli, Ana de Lourdes Candolo;Castro e Silva, Orlando de;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502006000700013
Abstract: the cirrhosis represents the final stage of several chronic hepatic diseases and it is characterized by the presence of fibrosis and morphologic conversion from the normal hepatic architecture into structurally abnormal nodules. in the evolution of the disease there is loss of the normal vascular relationship and portal hypertension. there are also regenerative hepatocelular alterations that become more prominent with the progression of the disease. the liver transplantation continues to be the only therapeutic option in cases of disease in terminal phase. the hepatic stellate cells (hsc) are perisinusoidal cells that store vitamin a and produce growth factors, citocins, prostaglandins and other bioactive substances. they can suffer an activation process that convert them to cells with a phenotype similar to myofibroblasts. when activated, they present increased capacity of proliferation, mobility, contractility and synthesis of collagen and other components of extracelular matrix. they possess cytoplasmic processes adhered to sinusoids and can affect the sinusoidal blood flow. hsc are important in pathogenesis of fibrosis and portal hypertension.
Valida??o intralaboratorial de método para determina??o de aflatoxina M1 em leite por cromatografia em camada delgada
Souza, Scheilla V. C. de;Vargas, Eugênia A.;Castro, Luciana de;Junqueira, Roberto G.;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612003000400039
Abstract: a method for aflatoxin m1 determination in milk by thin layer chromatography was otimized and in house validated. steps of extraction, clean-up, detection and quantification by visual and densitometric analysis were standardized. in method validation were employed standard solutions and spiked samples in levels varying from 0.027μg/l to 0.970μg/l. linearity, specificity, trueness, precision, detection and quantification limits were the parameters evaluated. average recovery values in quantification range were from 84.2% to 99.0% for visual analysis and from 85.2% to 105.2% for densitometric analysis, with cvs values from 2.3% to 9.8% and from 3.6% to 13.9%, respectively. the detection limit was 0.036μg/l and the quantification 0.045μg/l, according to national and international regulations for aflatoxin m1 in milk.
Pós-alta em Hanseníase no Ceará: limita??o da atividade funcional, consciência de risco e participa??o social
Barbosa, Jaqueline Caracas;Ramos Jr, Alberto Novaes;Alencar, Maria de Jesus Freitas;Castro, Cláudio Gast?o Junqueira de;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672008000700012
Abstract: to characterize the functional limitation, activity limitation, risk conscience, and the social participation in people reached by hansen's disease in the post-mdt period. cross-sectional, descriptive study, accomplished in 2006. sixty-nine residents in sobral that had discharge from mdt between 2003-2005 participated. the subjects were interviewed: demographic evaluation, dermato-neurological exams, evaluation of functional limitation-activity-risk conscience and the restriction in social participation. twenty (28.9%) presented salsa scores 19 and 20 and ehf score zero. the largest ehf score was reached by two participants, with scores 25 and 28 in the salsa scale. in the participation scale 37 (53.6%) didn't present restriction and had ehf scores zero. two (2.9%) with ehf score zero had mild restriction, and 1 (1.5%) severe restriction. this study reaffirms the potentiality of these tools for integral care of people reached.
Saúde bucal em Diadema: da odontologia escolar à estratégia saúde da família
Cunha, Bernadete Aparecida Tavares;Marques, Regina Auxiliadora de Amorim;Castro, Claudio Gast?o Junqueira de;Narvai, Paulo Capel;
Saúde e Sociedade , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-12902011000400019
Abstract: although oral health policy in the city of diadema, s?o paulo, brazil, from 1972 to 2007, the subject of this article, has accompanied the process of transformation of the sector's practices in brazil, its evolution in this industrial city located in the metropolitan region of s?o paulo has been marked by the singularity of the local history. this paper analyzes this evolution and relates it to the process of social struggles that led to the creation of the sistema único de saúde (brazil's national health system) and to the national, state and local oral health policies. this is a qualitative exploratory study. data were obtained from official documents and various literature sources and also through semi-structured interviews with mayors, municipal health secretaries, oral health coordinators and dentists who have undergone the various stages of the oral health policies in the municipality. the major features in the organization of health care practices developed in the city were identified, locating them in the state and national scenario. we conclude that, despite the consolidation of the integration of oral health in the sus and the experience acquired in the city in managing this type of care, in diadema we also observed difficulties to overcome the model of care focused on population groups which have been traditionally prioritized, with emphasis on school children, preschoolers and babies. in this sense, diadema shares with other brazilian cities the challenge of restructuring primary care in oral health, overcoming the traditional model of school dentistry and creating new possibilities, such as the family approach, in order to ensure the universality and comprehensiveness of care.
Pós-alta em Hanseníase no Ceará: limita o da atividade funcional, consciência de risco e participa o social Pos-alta hospitalária en Lepra en Ceará: limitación de actividad funcional, conciencia de riesgo y participación social Post-treatment of Leprosy in Ceará: activity and functional limitation, safety awareness and social participation
Jaqueline Caracas Barbosa,Alberto Novaes Ramos Jr,Maria de Jesus Freitas Alencar,Cláudio Gast?o Junqueira de Castro
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2008,
Abstract: Caracterizar a limita o funcional, de atividade, consciência de risco, e restri o à participa o social em pessoas atingidas pela hanseníase no pós-alta. Estudo seccional-descritivo com 69 residentes em Sobral, Ceará, com alta entre 2003 a 2005. Foram realizados exame físico dermato-neurológico, avalia o demográfica, de limita o funcional-atividade-consciência de risco e de restri o à participa o social. Vinte (28,9%) apresentaram escores SALSA 19 e 20 e escore EHF zero. O maior escore EHF foi alcan ado por dois participantes, com 25 e 28 na escala SALSA. Na escala de participa o 37 (53,6%) n o apresentaram restri o e tinham escore EHF zero. Dois (2,9%) com escore EHF zero tinham leve restri o e 1 (1,5%), grande restri o. Reafirma-se a potencialidade destas ferramentas para a aten o integral aos portadores. Caracterizar la limitación funcional de actividad, conciencia de riesgo y restricción a la participación social en personas atingidas por la lepra en el post-alta. Estudio seccional y descriptivo con 69 sitiados en Sobral, Ceará, con alta entre 2003 y 2005. Fueron hechos examen físico dermatológico y además neurológico, evaluación demográfica, de limitación funcional, actividad y conciencia de riesgo y de restricción a la participación social. Veinte (28,9%) presentaron escores SALSA 19 y 20 escore EHF cero. La mayor EHF fue alcanzada por dos participantes, con 25 y 28 a os en la escala SALSA. En la categoría participación, 37 (53,6%) no presentaron restricción y tenían escore EHF cero. Dos (2,9%) con EHF cero tenían poca restricción y 1 (1,5%), gran restricción. Delante de eso, se afirma una vez más la potencialidad de éstas herramientas para la atención integral a los portadores. To characterize the functional limitation, activity limitation, risk conscience, and the social participation in people reached by hansen's disease in the post-MDT period. Cross-sectional, descriptive study, accomplished in 2006. Sixty-nine residents in Sobral that had discharge from MDT between 2003-2005 participated. The subjects were interviewed: demographic evaluation, dermato-neurological exams, evaluation of functional limitation-activity-risk conscience and the restriction in social participation. Twenty (28.9%) presented SALSA scores 19 and 20 and EHF score zero. The largest EHF score was reached by two participants, with scores 25 and 28 in the SALSA scale. In the participation scale 37 (53.6%) didn't present restriction and had EHF scores zero. Two (2.9%) with EHF score zero had mild restriction, and 1 (1.5%) severe restriction. This study reaffirms th
Perosomus elumbis em um cordeiro no Brasil
Castro, Márcio Botelho de;Szabó, Matias Pablo Juan;Moscardini, Augusto Ricardo Coelho;Borges, José Renato Junqueira;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000100045
Abstract: perosomus elumbis designates a set of rare abnormal congenital abnormalities that primarily includes partial agenesis of spinal cord and lumbosacral vertebrae. the present paper reports the occurrence of the disease in a neonate sheep in brazil.
Tolerancia a baixas temperaturas de cultivares de abacate (Persea americana Mill.)
Soares, Nilberto Bernardo;Pedro Júnior, Mário José;Teixeira, Luiz Antonio Junqueira;Castro, Jairo Lopes de;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452002000300039
Abstract: a field trial carried out at instituto agron?mico experiment farm at cap?o bonito, state of s?o paulo, brazil, observed the behaviour of thirteen avocado cultivars of six years old: geada, pollock and simmonds (west indian cultivars); antoniolli, breda, campinas, ermor, jumbo, margarida, ouroverde, reis and solano (guatemalan x west indian hybrids) and fuerte (guatemalan x mexican hybrid) in relation to low temperatures occurred at the weather station. the values of the minimum air temperatures recorded were: -2.8°c, -0.4°c and -1.8°c on july 17th, 18th, 20th and 21th, 2000 respectively. the fuerte cultivar was the most tolerant to cold, without injuries on the canopy and fruit drop. the guatemalan x west indian cultivars showed different degrees of cold injury and fruit drop, while the west indian cultivars were severely damaged by the cold.
Utiliza??o de medidas antropométricas para a avalia??o do acúmulo de gordura visceral
Vasques, Ana Carolina Junqueira;Priore, Sílvia Eloiza;Rosado, Lina Enriqueta Frandsen Paez de Lima;Franceschini, Sylvia do Carmo Castro;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732010000100012
Abstract: visceral obesity has been associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. therefore, there is an increasing interest in quantifying intra-abdominal adiposity in order to assess the risk of metabolic disorders, such as glucose intolerance, hyperinsulinemia, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension. imaging techniques such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance provide an accurate and precise measurement of visceral fat. however, both are costly and inapplicable in routine clinical practice and epidemiological studies. anthropometric parameters are an option for visceral fat assessment in these situations, since they are innocuous, easy to use and inexpensive. in this context, this work aimed to critically analyze studies that assessed anthropometric parameters as indicators of visceral fat. a bibliographic review of domestic and international articles found in the databases coordena??o de aperfei?oamento de pessoal de nível superior, scientific electronic library online, science direct and pubmed, published from 1947 to 2007 was done. emphasis was given to anthropometric parameters, such as body mass index, waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio and sagittal abdominal diameter.
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