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Colibi a Climatic Resort (Bistri a-N s ud County) between Project and Purpose
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2011,
Abstract: Colibi a Depression is located at the contact between the Barg u and C limani rock formations, overlapping the upper basin of the Bistri a Ardelean River. The area posses a significant tourist potential, exploited in the past by the existing climacteric resort. The hydroelectric development activities that took place between 1976 and 1996 deactivated the spa, but once they were finished, tourism experienced a powerful come-back. As a result, county institutions (namely the Bistri a-N s ud County Council) and local authorities (the mayoralty of Bistri a Barg ului commune) are interested in the revival of the Colibi a climatic resort. This is already happening, through several specific activities and projects. Under these circumstances, our study tries to realise an evaluation of the region’s attractive potential, as well as an analysis of the criteria needed to be fulfilled in order to reestablish Colibi a climatic resort.
The Tandem Culture – Organizational Bureaucracy in Public Sector
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2010,
Abstract: The article discusses the background of the organizational processes of public administration, which is organizational culture and bureaucracy, elements that tend to an entity. Supporting strategies and policies of organizations can be achieved through a strong organizational culture, by the extension of subcultures in the private sector. Also, there are measures proposed for the bureaucratic system mitigation, by extending the firm model towards a bureau model, practicing of flat structures, updating the administrative/managerial tools, etc.Practical development of the two components, faces of the same entity, means a real reengineering of the public organizations, a domain in which there is not enough expertise.
Linear, Step by Step Managerial Performance, versus Exponential Performance
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2011,
Abstract: The paper proposes the transition from the potential management concept, which its authors approached by determining its dimension (Ro ca, Moldoveanu, 2009b), to the linear, step by step performance concept, as an objective result of management process. In this way, we “answer” the theorists and practitioners, who support exponential management performance. The authors, as detractors of the exponential performance, are influenced by the current crisis (Ro ca, Moldoveanu, 2009a), by the lack of organizational excellence in many companies, particularly in Romanian ones and also reaching “the finality” in the evolved companies, developed into an uncontrollable speed.
Principle of Minimum Distance in Space of States as New Principle in Quantum Physics
D. B. Ion,M. L. D. Ion
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: The mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) appears to have been a philosophical optimist having written: "Since the fabric of universe is the most perfect and is the work of the most wise Creator, nothing whatsoever take place in this universe in which some relation of maximum or minimum does not appear. Wherefore, there is absolutely no doubt that every effect in universe can be explained as satisfactory from final causes themselves the aid of the method of Maxima and Minima, as can from the effective causes". Having in mind this kind of optimism, in the papers [1-16] we introduced and investigated the possibility to construct a predictive analytic theory of the elementary particle interaction based on the principle of minimum distance in the space of quantum states (PMD-SQS). So, choosing the partial transition amplitudes as the system variational variables and the distance in the space of the quantum states as a measure of the system effectiveness, we obtained the results [1-16]. These results proved that the principle of minimum distance in space of quantum states (PMD-SQS) can be chosen as variational principle by which we can find the analytic expressions of the partial transition amplitudes. In this paper we present a description of hadron-hadron scattering via principle of minimum distance PMD-SQS when the distance in space of states is minimized with two directional constraints. Then by using the available experimental (pion-nucleon and kaon-nucleon) phase shifts we obtained not only consistent experimental tests of the PMD-SQS optimality, but also strong experimental evidences for new principles in hadronic physics such as: Principle of nonextensivity conjugation via the Riesz-Thorin relation (1/2p+1/2q=1) and a new Principle of limited uncertainty in nonextensive quantum physics.
Super-?erenkov Radiation as New Exotic Decay in Refractive Media
D. B. Ion,M. L. D. Ion
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Generalized Super-\v{C}erenkov Radiations (S\v{C}R), as well as their S\v{C}R-signatures are investigated. Two general S\v{C}R-coherence conditions are found as two natural extremes of the same spontaneous particles decays in (dielectric, nuclear or hadronic) media. The main results on the experimental test of the super-coherence conditions, obtained by using the experimental data from BNL, are presented. The interpretation of the observed anomalous \v{C}erenkov rings as experimental evidence for the HE-component of the S\v{C}R is discussed.
Mesonic Super ?erenkov-like effects in hadronic and nuclear media
D. B. Ion,M. L. D. Ion
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Generalized mesonic Super-\v{C}erenkov Radiations (S\v{C}R) are investigated. The energy behavior of the pionic refractive index in the low energy pionic SCR-sector is presented. We estimated that the true coherent SCR-pion emission is possible mainly in the SCRS-energy bands 190-315 MeV for all pions; 910-960 MeV only for positive pions, and 80-1000 GeV for all pions, in certain nuclear reactions. We predicted that S\v{C}R-pionic band will be enlarged for the pion energies higher than 80 GeV. The strong correlations between angle of SCR-pion emission and (meson and projectile)-energies are evidentiated. The spectral distributions of the SCR-pions are presented and the position of their maxima are estimated. The agreement with the available experimental data is discussed.
Saturation Of Optimal Entropic Resonance Limits In Pion-Nucleus Scattering In $Δ(1236)$-Elementary Resonance Region
D. B. Ion,M. L. Ion
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, it is shown that the experimental values of the nonextensive scattering entropies $S_L (p)$ and $S_\theta (q)$ for the pion-nucleus ($\pi^0 He, \pi^0 C, \pi^0 O, \pi^0 Ca$) scatterings, in the energy region corresponding to $\Delta (1236)$ resonance in the elementary pion-nucleon interaction, are well described by the entropic optimal resonance predictions $S_L^o1 (p)$ and $S_\theta^o1 (q)$ and when the nonextensivities indices are correlated by a Riesz-Thorin-like relation: 1/2p+1/2q=1.
Plane SPDC-Quantum Mirror
M. L. D. Ion,D. B. Ion
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper the kinematical correlations from the phase conjugated optics (equivalently with crossing symmetric spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC) phenomena) in the nonlinear crystals are used for the description of a new kind of optical device called SPDC-quantum mirrors. Then, some important laws of the plane SPDC-quantum mirrors combined with usual mirrors or lens are proved only by using geometric optics concepts. In particular, these results allow us to obtain a new interpretation of the recent experiments on the two-photon geometric optics.
Nonextensive quantum statistics and saturation of the PMD-SQS optimality limit in hadron-hadron scattering
D. B. Ion,M. L. Ion
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2004.04.048
Abstract: In this paper, new results on the analysis in hadron-hadron scattering are obtained by using the nonextensive quantum entropy and principle of minimum distance in the space of quantum states (PMD-SQS). Using Tsallis-like scattering entropies, the optimality as well as the nonextensive statistical behavior of the quantum scattering systems are investigated in an unified manner. A connection between optimal states obtained from the principle of minimum distance in the space of quantum states and the most stringent (MaxEnt) entropic bounds on Tsallis-like entropies for quantum scattering, is established. The generalized entropic uncertainty relations as well as the correlation between the nonextensivities p and q of the scattering statistics are proved. New results on the experimental tests of the saturation of the optimality limit}, as well as on the test of optimal entropic bands obtained by using the experimental pion-nucleon, kaon-nucleon, antikaon-nucleon phase shifts, are presented. The nonextensivity indices p and q are determined from the experimental entropies by a fit with the optimal entropies obtained from the principle of minimum distance in the space of states. Strong experimental evidences for the p-nonextensivity index in the range p=0.6 with q=p/(2p-1)=3, is obtained from the experimental data.
Generalized Super-Cerenkov Radiations in Nuclear and Hadronic Media
Ion, D. B.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007,
Abstract: Generalized Super-Cerenkov Radiations (SCR), as well as their SCR-signatures are investigated and classified. Two general SCR- coherence conditions are found as two natural extremes of the same spontaneous particles decay in (dielectric, nuclear or hadronic) media The main results on the quantum theory of the SCR-phenomena as well as the results of the first experimental test of the super-coherence conditions, obtained by using the experimental data from BNL are presented. The new concepts such as: SCR-gluons, SCR-W-bosons and SCR-Z-bosons, all three suggested by elementary particle classification, are introduced. The gluonic Super-Cerenkov-like radiation, first introduced here, is schematically described. The interpretation of some recent RHIC results as signature of the SCR-gluons is suggested.

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