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Metaphorically Speaking: Possibilities of Theatre Performance in the Digital Age
Ioana Juncan
Caracteres : Estudios Culturales y Críticos de la Esfera Digital , 2012,
Abstract: This essay reflects on the quality of the theatre performance as medium in the digital age through a discussion of the theatre of Peter Handke. The aim is to make manifest and engage with habits of thought and perception shaped by the digital, as well as investigate the ways in which they intersect with habits of thought and perception materialized in and mobilized by theatre performance in the specific case of Handke’s theatre (a theatre created, arguably, at the beginnings of the digital age). Engaging with Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy, the essay looks at theatre performance as a site for the negotiation of the relation between techne and poiesis in the digital age. It focuses on the notion of metaphor in order to examine ways in which both the theatre under investigation and the digital unsettle and re-imagine the concept of identity traditionally understood in terms of unity and sameness.
De nouveau sur la peinture du skite des Saints-Ap tres de Hurezi
Ioana Iancovescu
Revue Roumaine d'Histoire de l'Art : Série Beaux-Arts , 2010,
Abstract: La peinture de l’église du skite des Saints-Ap tres près du monastère Hurezi, fondation de l’higoumène du monastère, l’archimandrite Jean, réalisée en 1700, présente nombre de particularités iconographiques. Un surprenant parallélisme avec certaines mosa ques de la cathédrale Sainte-Sophie de Constantinople - restées encore sur place au tournant du XVIIIe siècle – serait motivé par les tensions confessionnelles qui ravageaient à l’époque le monde orthodoxe et qui prêtèrent à l’ensemble valaque le même caractère témoignant sur la foi orthodoxe, que celui manifesté par le célèbre modèle byzantin.
Riscuri ?i Catastrofe , 2012,
Abstract: Flood hazards perception. The result of an opinion survey made in the little towns from lower Arie corridor. This paper has been prepared based on information obtained from a survey conducted on a sample of 560 residents from the towns of Turda and Campia Turzii, residing in areas with different degrees of exposure to the risk of flooding. The residents were questioned about the floods they had suffered and gave varied responses to the degree of flood damage on the population, to the amount of information and the degree of insurance against floods. The questionnaire was structured on different aspects that emphasized: identification, level of experience, knowledge and information; the perception of the causes that generated and amplified floods; the perception involving authorities in prevention and mitigation of flood damage; availability for implementation of voluntary actions, the degree of insurance and aid to flood. In this study it was taken into account the location of households, the previous flood experience, the age and the education level of the respondents.
Riscuri ?i Catastrofe , 2012,
Abstract: The vulnerability to water hazards of urban area Turda – Campia Turzii. The risk was defined as a social object whose primary component is vulnerability. This paper examines the way in which vulnerability was defined by highlighting its three aspects: physical, technical and social. The vulnerability involves a complex systematic approach especially when cities are analyzed. The economic, social heritage, the environmental elements can all become factors of vulnerability. In this paper the urban areas vulnerable towaterborne hazards, especially floods were mentioned. The means to reduce urban vulnerability were analyzed, highlighting the measures taken by the local communities to mitigate the crisis.
La littérature actuelle : passé composé, passé biaisé, imparfait… Si mémoire nous est contée
Ioana Bot
Synergies Roumanie , 2009,
Abstract: L’histoire récente de la littérature roumaine, comme image synthétique des mises et des buts de l’acte littéraire / critique. Le niveau figuré et le sujet littéraire. Les fonctions historiques, politiques et journalistiques de la littérature avant et après 1990. La littérature comme discours des idéologies alternatives ; la littérature comme moyen de conservation de la mémoire. Les stéréotypies et les mutations du littéraire .
Au-delà du romantisme : les Ep tres de Mihai Eminescu
Ioana Bot
Synergies Roumanie , 2008,
Abstract: L’essai propose une étude de critique génétique sur les Ep tres deMihai Eminescu. La perspective critique est intéressée par les problèmes du langage (rhétorique, style poétique etc.) est de nommer l’innommable dans la poésie romantique d’Eminescu.
The Game of Irony in Charles Dickens’ Novels
Ioana Boghian
LiBRI : Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and Innovation , 2010,
Abstract: The paper aims at identifying the three types of irony – verbal, dramatic and of situation – in some of Charles Dickens’ novels in order to reveal the author’s contribution to the modern understanding of Victorianism. The ironic discourse will be analyzed so as to show the true underlying meaning of Dickens’ texts. It is said that Dickens revealed through irony more than historians could have ever revealed through direct telling, and to show whether this is true or not represents the purpose of the current paper. As far as Victorianism is concerned, the first major paradigms which irony is aimed at are precisely Victorian respectability, domesticity and stability.
Le r le des citations chez La Mothe Le Vayer: érudition et éclectisme
Ioana Manea
Cromohs (Firenze) , 2010,
Abstract: Compared to Plutarch because of the erudition which he uses in his works, La Mothe Le Vayer is nevertheless accused of pedantry by some of his contemporaries. The quotations which he inserts in his works are disliked by the writers who believe that French alone should be used in literary works. However, the quotations which he owes exclusively to his scholarly leisure allow him to express his eclectic thinking. Deeply influenced by Pyrrhonism, he is not interested in drawing permanent conclusions and in choosing one amongst the different opinions on the same natural or moral phenomenon. The quotations make it possible for him to gather various interpretations of the same natural or moral phenomena which have been considered the most plausible at a certain moment and place.
Ioana Grigoras
Jurnalul de Chirurgie , 2007,
Abstract: The continuously growing pressure upon medical systems as a result of the increasing number of patients who need a surgical procedure and as a result of the economical restrains lead to the development of a new concept: fast-track surgery.The fast-track concept refers to all phases of perioperative care: preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative strategies. In conclusion it is not a simple task to implement a new protocol for the surgical patient. It needs a lot of determination, wide-spread acceptance, objectives compatible with common practice, concrete definitions of desired parameters and an easy accessible and user friendly format. But in the era of evidence-based medicine and of economical concerns we should try.
Ioana Grigoras
Jurnalul de Chirurgie , 2005,
Abstract: Acute pancreatitis is an acute inflammatory disease. Frequently it is a challenging condition for the surgeon and for the intensive care physician, taking into account that etiology is sometimes obscure, the pathophysiology is complex and incompletely understood, the timing of surgical treatment is still under debate and the general treatment is mostly supportive. The incidence is about 30 – 50 / 100.000 / year. In 80% of cases the disease is associated with interstitial edema, mild infiltration with inflammatory cells and intra- or peripancreatic fat necrosis. Evolution is benign and self-limited with proper treatment. The severe form occurs less frequent (15 - 20%), results in long lasting hospitalization and is associated with high mortality (30 - 40%), due to infected necrosis and multiple organ failure. Alcoholism and biliary disease account for 80% of cases. Rare etiologies of disease include metabolic factors (hypercalcemia, hyperlipoproteinemia, drug ingestion), obstructive factors (abdominal tumors, trauma, endoscopic retrograde cholecistopancreatography, and s.o.), infections (viral, parasitic) and hemodynamic factors. Postoperative pancreatitis is a complication after major abdominal surgery (abdominal aorta aneurism repair, extensive upper abdominal surgery, hepatic or cardiac transplant, so.). The common pathophysiological mechanism is pancreatic hypoperfusion. Acute pancreatitis is not a stable disease, being characterized by time-dependent stages with specific morphologic and clinical patterns. The terminology used to designate these stages is stated in the Ulm classification. Since the consensus Conference in Atlanta (1992) the severe form of acute pancreatitis is defined by the presence of organ dysfunction/failure or by the presence of local complications. The initiating event is the premature zymogene activation and the impairment of the exocytosis process with local consequences (ongoing tissue necrosis) and general consequences (systemic inflammatory response). The inflammatory response is locally perpetuated by hypovolemia and pancreatic and intestinal hypoperfusion. The systemic inflammatory response is present in severe acute pancreatitis and along with tissue hypoperfusion promotes the development of multiple organ dysfunction/failure syndrome. The infection of the necrotic tissue occurs usually in the third week of evolution and is caused by enteric bacteria. The intestine plays a major role in the pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis. Diagnosis includes positive diagnosis, assessment of etiology and assessment of severity. Sev

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