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An ecological perspective on minority and majority language and literacy communities in the Americas
Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal , 2009,
Abstract: in this paper i discuss current sociolinguistic situations in linguistically diverse communities in the americas, thereby contributing toward the development of a theoretical model that focuses on the ecology of emergent bilingualism and biliteracy for both language-minority and language-majority children. i analyze different examples in which children's participation during family literacy events mediate the learning of the second language and their construction of meaning from print they encounter in their bilingual surroundings. the review points to the potential to develop bilingualism and biliteracy that might exist within each child's immediate environment and are enhanced when community members (e.g., parents, peers, schoolteachers, neighbors) provide direct scaffolding during child-adult interactions. the studies are discussed within an eco-sociocultural framework making pedagogical connections and recommendation to the optimal development of bilingualism and biliteracy.
An Unpublished Discourse of Nikephoros Gregoras on Saints Demetrios, George and Theodore (BHG 2427). A Critical Edition
Iliana Paraskevopoulou
Parekbolai : an Electronic Journal for Byzantine Literature , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to publish Nikephoros Gregoras’ unknown discourse on the three military saints, Demetrios, Georgios, Theodoros from the Bodl. Holk. 25, the only 16th-century codex containing the text that has been preserved. The article also features detailed commentary on the writer s method of processing and combining information from his earlier texts or other previous writers.
Ancora sul raddoppiamento dell’oggetto in bulgaro
Iliana Krapova
Studi Slavistici , 2006,
Abstract: Clitic Reduplication in Bulgarian Revisited The paper discusses the reduplication of direct and indirect objects with a clitic pronoun in modern Bulgarian. It is argued that the so-called Clitic Doubling, as traditional grammar labels it, is not a unitary phenomenon. Instead, there exist 5 different constructions with well-defined syntactic and pragmatic properties: (1) as for Topic; (2) Hanging Topic o Nominativus pendens; (2) Clitic Left Dislocation; (4) Clitic Right Dislocation, and (5) Clitic Doubling proper. These constructions need to be carefully distinguished in order to be able to better understand the very nature of the reduplication phenomena in Bulgarian, as well as in the other languages which possess the same or similar types of structures.
Estudios Gerenciales , 2010,
Abstract: this document provides a theoretical analysis of the relationship among three of the dimensions of corporate social performance (client and supplier relations, shareholder relations, and, relations with civil society) and employee job satisfaction in an organization. by incorporating the corporate social performance approach and festinger?s (1957) cognitive dissonance theory to a mesoframework, which combines both contextual and individual variables, a set of propositions are presented that specify the conditions in which social responsibility practices are more likely to positively influence the level of job satisfaction among employees. at the end, this article highlights empirical research questions to be addressed in future research based on hierarchical linear modeling, including a discussion of both theoretical and practical implications.
Metrópolis latinoamericanas: fragilidad del Estado, proyecto hegemónico y demandas ciudadanas: Algunas reflexiones a partir del caso de Buenos Aires
Ciccolella,Pablo; Mignaqui,Iliana;
Cuadernos del Cendes , 2008,
Abstract: this article discusses the new nature of the latin-american cities, starting with the structural transformations of the last decades, and identifying common features and singularities in the main metropolis. the new tensions observed in those scenarios are analyzed based on the buenos aires case: the difficulties of local government to understand the changes and develop more efficient policies for the urban space, the advance of an hegemonic project represented by the real estate and financial capital, one of the main factors in urban transformations, the emergence and strengthening of social movements, organized citizens, ngos, participations instruments and alternative projects from different social actors.
Censo de Ornithodoros amblus Chamberlin (Acarina: Argasidae) en la isla Mazorca, Lima, Perú
Parasitología latinoamericana , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-77122004000100011
Abstract: the aim of the current research was to evaluate the tick ornithodoros amblus chamberlin in mazorca island, lima, peru and its relationship with the presence of seabirds, intensity of guano and wind. the tick samplings were performed between 28 and 29 february of 1998. on each point of sampling was placed during three minutes a black coarse cotton cloth of 0,35 m2. o. amblus showed a spatial clumped distribution. abundance of ticks was not related with the presence of colonies of birds. only larvae of o. amblus were in relationship with colonies of seabirds. the preference of different growth states of o. amblus follow the next sequence: guanay cormorant > peruvian pelican > camanay booby. different growth states did not found relation with intensities of guano. a preference of tick population of o. amblus was observed in relation with strong intensities of winds. the effects of ni?o 1997-1998 related to this tick specie is discussed
Cardioprotección: un triunfo de la biomedicina del siglo XX
Cabrera Rojo,Iliana;
Revista Cubana de Investigaciones Biom??dicas , 1999,
Abstract: cardioprotection means prevention of vascular coronary damage and of cardiac cyocites, which is achieved by internal mechanism of the body and through various pharmaceuticals. this involves vasodilation, inhibition of oxygen free radical generation, incresase of tissue atp and reduction of microvascular damage. the mechanisms of endogenous, metabolic and phatmacological cardioprotection are reviewed, and also the function of betablokers, calcium channel blockers, angiotensin-converting enzime inhibitors, and the use of trimetazidine as anti-cell ischemia are underlined.
Estética y comunicación en las videoinstalaciones: el espacio inmersivo
Signo y Pensamiento , 2006,
Abstract: through the habitability concept, the author suggests some kind of relationship between image-movement and imagetime as first conceived by gilles deleuze, and the experience conditions proposed by video facilities through their own devices, in which particular time is committed by means of audiovisual media, in a permanent relation to both the inner and outer space of the piece.
Censo de Ornithodoros amblus Chamberlin (Acarina: Argasidae) en la isla Mazorca, Lima, Perú CENSUS OF Ornithodoros amblus CHAMBERLIN (ACARINA: ARGASIDAE) IN MAZORCA ISLAND, LIMA, PERU
Parasitología latinoamericana , 2004,
Abstract: El objetivo de la presente investigación fue censar a la garrapata Ornithodoros amblus en la Isla Mazorca, Lima, Perú y su relación con la presencia de aves marinas, intensidad de sustrato y viento. El muestreo de las garrapatas se realizó los días 28 y 29 de febrero del a o 1998. En cada punto de muestreo se colocó por espacio de tres minutos una tela de tocuyo negra de 0,35 m2. O. amblus presentó una distribución espacial amontonada. La abundancia de garrapatas no estuvo relacionada con la presencia de colonias de aves. Sólo las larvas de O. amblus estuvieron relacionadas con las colonias de aves. La preferencia de los diferentes estados de desarrollo de O. amblus siguió la siguiente secuencia: Guanay > Pelícano > Camanay. Los diferentes estados de desarrollo no se encontraron en relación con las intensidades de guano. Se observó preferencia de las poblaciones de O. amblus con relación a fuertes intensidades de viento. Se discute el efecto del Ni o 1997-1998 sobre esta especie de garrapata The aim of the current research was to evaluate the tick Ornithodoros amblus Chamberlin in Mazorca Island, Lima, Peru and its relationship with the presence of seabirds, intensity of guano and wind. The tick samplings were performed between 28 and 29 February of 1998. On each point of sampling was placed during three minutes a black coarse cotton cloth of 0,35 m2. O. amblus showed a spatial clumped distribution. Abundance of ticks was not related with the presence of colonies of birds. Only larvae of O. amblus were in relationship with colonies of seabirds. The preference of different growth states of O. amblus follow the next sequence: Guanay Cormorant > Peruvian Pelican > Camanay Booby. Different growth states did not found relation with intensities of guano. A preference of tick population of O. amblus was observed in relation with strong intensities of winds. The effects of Ni o 1997-1998 related to this tick specie is discussed
Fisiopatología de la hipertensión arterial esencial. Physiopathology of essential arterial hypertension
Iliana Cabrera Rojo
Revista Cubana de Cardiología y Cirugía Cardiovascular , 1996,
Abstract: En la actualidad se desarrollan cuatro líneas de investigación teórico-práctica que explican la fisiopatología de la hipertensión arterial esencial: genética, neurógena, humoral y autorregulatoria. Los objetivos del artículo fueron identificar los aspectos principales y los hechos en contra de cada teoría, así como esclarecer el rol de la adaptación cardiovascular en el mantenimiento del estado hipertensivo. Se revisaron artículos principalmente de los últimos cinco a os y se concluye que en la etiopatogenia de la hipertensión arterial primaria se revelan tres elementos interdependientes: una predisposición poligenética del individuo, factores ambientales que influyen en la replicación del gen y la existencia de una adaptación estructural temprana del corazón y los vasos, la cual actúa como amplificador geométrico de la presión arterial. At the present time, four lines of theoretical-practical investigation are developed, which explain the physiopathology of essential arterial hypertension: genetic, neurogenic, humoral, and autoregulatory. The objectives of this work were to identify the main items and the facts contrary to each theory, and also to elucidate the role of cardiovascular adaptation in the maintenance of the hypertensive condition. Articles were reviewed, specially from the last five years, and it is concluded that in the primary arterial hypertension etiopathogenesis, three interdependent elements are revealed: a polygenetic predisposition of theindividual, environmental factors that have influence on the gene replication, and the existence of the heart and vessels early structural adaptation, which acts as a geometric amplifier of the arterial pressure.

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