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Spatial Distribution and a Retrospective Analysis of the Herpetofauna in the City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Ivelin A. Mollov,Iliana G. Velcheva
Ecologia Balkanica , 2010,
Abstract: The current study presents the contemporary status and distribution of theamphibians and reptiles in the city of Plovdiv. To track changes in the status ofamphibians and reptiles in the research area through time, a retrospective analysis wasmade based on available literary data. During the past 100 years four species ofamphibians (Triturus karelinii, Lissotriton vulgaris, Bombina bombina, B. variegata) and fourspecies of reptiles (Coronella austriaca, Zamenis longissimus, Elaphe sauromates, Viperaammodytes) probably have disappeared from the study area; one amphibian species (Bufobufo) and one reptile (Natrix natrix) have not changed their status, one amphibian(Pelobates syriacus) and two reptile species (Ablepharus kitaibelii, Podarcis muralis) havereduced their localities and four amphibian species (Epidalea viridis, Rana dalmatina,Pelophylax ridibundus, Hyla arborea) and seven species of reptiles (Mediodactylus kotschyi,Lacerta trilineata, Lacerta viridis, Podarcis tauricus, Emys orbicularis, Dolichophis caspius,Natrix tessellata) have increased their localities and frequency of occurrence. The recordsof the two tortoise species (Testudo hermanni and T. graeca) in the city, and the presence ofthe Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) should be considered as accidental.Important Herpetological Areas (IHA) in the study region are also identified.
A Study on the Processes of Distribution, Accumulation and Transfer of Copper (Cu) in the Organisms of Fishes
Iliana G. Velcheva,Bogdan N. Nikolov
Ecologia Balkanica , 2009,
Abstract: By applying mathematical approaches we studied the distribution of copper in organs and tissues of Alburnus alburnus and Perca fluviatilis from "Topolnitsa” Dam Lake. A deposit of the metal in the kidneys and liver was recorded. We found out that the surveyed species are macroconcentrators of cadmium and zinc and there is a process biomagnification of heavy metals in the trophic levels.
Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) as a biomonitor of air pollution in the town of Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
Journal of BioScience and Biotechnology , 2012,
Abstract: The present study is a small part of a program for application the methods of passive and active phytomonitoring with herbaceous species, trees, mosses and lichens for assessment of the anthropogenic factor in urban conditions. Aesculus hippocastanum L. was studied as a possible biomonitor of air pollution with heavy metals and toxic elements in the town of Plovdiv (Bulgaria). Concentrations of Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, V and U in leaf samples from urban areas with different anthropogenic impact were compared. Motor transport was found to be the major source of contaminants. It was found the significant contribution of some factors as urban gradient, canyon-street effect and wind rose in forming the urban air quality.
Eco-physiological Study on the Influence of Contaminated Waters from the Topolnitza River Catchment Area on Some Crops
Iliana Velcheva,Slaveya Petrova,Violeta Dabeva,Diliyan Georgiev
Ecologia Balkanica , 2012,
Abstract: The present study is a small part of a program for an investigation of the water conditions in the Topolnitza Dam Lake, Topolnitza River and its catchment area. The sensitivity of seeds and young wheat, sunflower and mustard plants to heavy metal stress was examined at laboratory conditions. Our results showed that seedling growth was more sensitive to heavy metals in comparison to seed germination. The length of shoot and root has been adversely affected due to water contamination when compared to the control. A certain negative effect on the photosynthetic pigments content was registered.
Influence of Zinc on Gill Morphology of Gibelio Carp (Carassius gibelio)
Iliana G. Velcheva,Atanas D. Arnaudov,Elenka S. Georgieva
Ecologia Balkanica , 2010,
Abstract: The influence of increasing concentrations of Zinc sulfate (Zn SO4x7H20) on thehystostructure of Gibelio carp gills was investigated. Changes were observed even in the lowestconcentration (0.1 mg.l-1) – degenerating, cirulation and hyperplastic processes. With the increasingof the Zinc concentration, the hyperplasic processes were predominant over the degenerating andcirulation ones.
Effects of the insecticide
Journal of BioScience and Biotechnology , 2012,
Abstract: The main goal of the present work is to study the effects of the new neonicotinoid insecticide Actara 25 WG" on the intensity of expression of glycogen in the liver of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) by using PAS-reaction on cryosections. Common carp is an economically important fish species, which is widely used as a bioindicator for the health of freshwater basins since it could also survive at very contaminated sites. We have used 6.6 mg/L, 10 mg/L and 20 mg/L of the test chemical under laboratory conditions. The results demonstrated that the intensity of staining of the PAS-reaction is directly proportional to the increasing concentration of the insecticide. In addition, this indicates that the amount of glycogen in hepatocytes also increased. Conglomerates of accumulated glycogen in certain hepatocytes were found at the highest concentration of the insecticide. Therefore, we consider that under the influence of Actara 25 WG" the process of glyconeogenesis in the liver of the studied fish accelerates.
Heavy metals content in soil near non1ferous metals production facility and domestic wastes landfill in the area of Kardzhali town
Rositsa E. Chilingirova,Jeni N. Staykova,Iliana G. Velcheva,Vanya M. Naydenova
Ecologia Balkanica , 2011,
Abstract: The predominant soil types in the region of Kardzhali are maroon forest soils highly leached and poorly podzolized. Most of the soils have medium to high erosion ability IIIII degree, and the pH is neutral to slightly alkaline (77,8). Few are weak and moderate acidic pH (6,75). Soils are mostly shallow to moderately deep, poor in nutrients. In the region of Kardzhali main pollutants are heavy metals from miningprocessing and metallurgical business activities of “GorubsoKardzhali” AD and LZC AD, Kardzhali. In the paper are presented results of soil contamination mainly with lead, cadmium, copper and zinc, showing concentrations of lead in the soil over the MAC, according to Ordinance № 3/2008 Standards for acceptable content of harmful substances in soil.
Generalized edgewise subdivisions
Katerina Velcheva
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper we classify endofunctors on the simplex category, and we identify those that induce weak equivalence preserving functors on the category of simplicial sets.
An ecological perspective on minority and majority language and literacy communities in the Americas
Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal , 2009,
Abstract: in this paper i discuss current sociolinguistic situations in linguistically diverse communities in the americas, thereby contributing toward the development of a theoretical model that focuses on the ecology of emergent bilingualism and biliteracy for both language-minority and language-majority children. i analyze different examples in which children's participation during family literacy events mediate the learning of the second language and their construction of meaning from print they encounter in their bilingual surroundings. the review points to the potential to develop bilingualism and biliteracy that might exist within each child's immediate environment and are enhanced when community members (e.g., parents, peers, schoolteachers, neighbors) provide direct scaffolding during child-adult interactions. the studies are discussed within an eco-sociocultural framework making pedagogical connections and recommendation to the optimal development of bilingualism and biliteracy.
An Unpublished Discourse of Nikephoros Gregoras on Saints Demetrios, George and Theodore (BHG 2427). A Critical Edition
Iliana Paraskevopoulou
Parekbolai : an Electronic Journal for Byzantine Literature , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to publish Nikephoros Gregoras’ unknown discourse on the three military saints, Demetrios, Georgios, Theodoros from the Bodl. Holk. 25, the only 16th-century codex containing the text that has been preserved. The article also features detailed commentary on the writer s method of processing and combining information from his earlier texts or other previous writers.

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