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Diabetic osteopathy
IliJana,Kova?ev Branka
Medicinski Pregled , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0504147i
Abstract: Introduction. The aim of this study was to point out some dilemmas about the existence and pathogenesis of primary diabetic osteopathy as a separate entity, based on currently available studies. Expert disagreements are present not only about the occurrence of generalized osteopathy with diabetic disease, but also about direct relationship between metabolic diabetes control and bone metabolism and influence of disease duration and sex on bone changes. Pathogenesis of diabetic osteopathy Decreased bone formation is the basic mechanism leading to decreased bone mass. Biochemical markers showed no clear connection with bone density measurement. Insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) affect bone metabolism. Osteopathy in patients with diabetic disease-type 1 Some clinical studies have shown that patients with diabetic disease-type 1 have a mild decrease in bone mass, while others have not presented such results. Osteopathy in patients with diabetic disease-type2 In patients with diabetic disease-type 2 the risk for osteopathy is even less defined. Patients treated with oral hypoglycemics present with higher decrease of bone mass has than patients treated with insulin therapy. This could partly be explained by anabolic effects of insulin on bones. Bone fractures in patients with diabetic disease Literature data are contradictory concerning the occurrence of bone fractures in diabetic patients. A survey of bone fracture occurrence in diabetic patients was performed in "Veljko Vlahovi Medical Center" in Vrbas and it included a group of 100 patients with diabetic disease. The results show that 12 patients had some fractures: mostly females in postmenopause, aged and with secondary insulin-dependent diabetes and most frequently arm fractures. Considering contradictory literature data, further longitudinal studies are necessary. .
Oxidized LDL and C-reactive protein level in relation to carotid intima-media thickness in population with risk factors for atherosclerosis
?aparevi? Zorica,Kosti? Nada,Ili? Sanja,Radojkovi? Jana
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0904140c
Abstract: Introduction. Elevated levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol (OxLDL) are considered to be a key factor of initiating and accelerating atherosclerosis. It promotes atherosclerosis through inflammatory and immunologic mechanisms that lead to the formation of macrophage foam cells. Objective. To determine the relationship among OxLDL, C-reactive protein (CRP) level and carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) in population with risk factors for atherosclerosis. Methods. The study group consisted of 125 clinically healthy, hypercholesterolaemic subjects (49.3±5.7 years; 75 females and 50 males) compared with 100 age-matched population-based control subjects. The study group was divided into two subgroups: subgroup A (the levels of LDL cholesterol > 5 mmol/L) and subgroup B (the levels of LDL cholesterol <5 mmol/L). None of the subjects had history of cerebrovascular, ischaemic heart disease, hypertension or diabetes mellitus. Lipid profiles were measured by enzymatic methods. OxLDL was measured by using a specific monoclonal antibody, mAb4E6. CRP was measured using hemiluminescent methods (Immulite - DPC). The common carotid IMT was measured by the B-mode ultrasound. Results Compared to controls, the study group had higher levels of OxLDL (119.97±43.15 vs. 82.03±25.99 IU/L; p<0.01) and CRP (6.20±3.55 vs. 2.68±3.04 mg/ml; p<0.05). IMT was significantly higher in study subjects (1.14±0.38 vs. 0.72±0.24 mm; p<0.05). We also found that, in the whole study group, IMT significantly positively correlated with OxLDL (r=0.442; p<0.05). We found that in the study subgroup A, IMT positively correlated with CRP (r=0.792; p<0.01). In controls, we found a significantly positive association between IMT and OxLDL (r=0.781; p<0.01) and CRP (r=0.748; p<0.01). Conclusion. The elevated levels of OxLDL and CRP are associated with higher common carotid intima-media thickness in population with risk factors for atherosclerosis.
Effects of hyperthyroidism on bone mass in women of reproductive age
IliJana,Kova?ev Branka,Todorovi?-?ilas Ljiljana R.
Medicinski Pregled , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0404111i
Abstract: Introduction Hyperthyroidism is one of the most frequent endocrinopathies in women of reproductive age. Consequently, increased risk of osteoporosis may be expected. Material and methods The research has included a group of 30 hyperthyroid women and a control group of 30 healthy women of reproductive age. Age and some clinical characteristics were analyzed, as well as some anthropometric parameters. Bone mass parameters were determined by measuring bone mineral density using ultrasound devices (SAHARA-Hologic). Results Bone mass parameters in hyperthyroid women are significantly lower than in controls (BUA: 63.25±12.17; 69.73±10.02 dB/MHz respectively; SOS:1523.90± 24.47; 1540.19±26.59 m/s respec. QUI/STIFF 79.78±13.95; 89.09±13.99 % respec.) Duration of hyperthyroidism affects bone density and reduces it. Discussion Obtained results were expected, having in mind that hyper- thyroidism is a condition characterized by increased bone catabolic rate. Also, negative correlation between the duration of hyperthyroidism and bone mass parameters (BUA, SOS) was expected, because it is logical that consolidation of bone mass in adult life cannot be maintained in circumstances in which metabolic rate is increased. During hyperthyroidism, bone loss is expected. In order to confirm this, future studies of bone markers are necessary. Conclusion Based on results obtained in the study, the following conclusions were made: hyperthyroidism is accompanied by decreased values of bone mass parameters; this effect depends on duration of hyperthyroidism. We confirmed that hyperthyroidism may be the cause of decrease in bone mass, particularly if it lasts more than a year. To prevent osteoporosis in women of reproductive age with hyperthyroidism and involution osteoporosis later in life, early diagnosis and effective therapy of hyperthyroidism is imperative.
Effects of alendronate on the markers of bone metabolic activity in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
IliJana,Kova?ev Branka,Babi? Ljiljana J.,?uri? Nikola
Medicinski Pregled , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0508393i
Abstract: Introduction Bisphosphonates are synthetic compounds used in treatment of osteoporosis and inhibition of bone resorption. Material and methods The research included a group of 30 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, treated with alendronate (70 mg per week -Fosamax tablets in combination with calcium and active vitamin D - Alpha D3 0.25mcg). The control group included 20 women with osteoporosis treated with hormone substitution therapy (HST), calcitonin and deca duraboline. Bone metabolic activity, was evaluated using osteocalcin for bone formation and cross-laps for bone resorption. Blood samples were taken before therapy and 6-8 weeks after. Results The serum levels of osteocalcin and cross-laps during application of alendronate were statistically significantly lower comparing to those in pre-therapy. The serum levels of osteocalcin and cross-laps during the therapy applied in the control group were statistically insignificantly lower than values in pretherapy. Osteocalcin has a tendency of decreasing in both groups, and it was slightly more evident in alendronate group. Cross-laps demontrated the same tendency of decreasing in both groups, and it was more evident in alendronate group. Discussion Our results have shown the efficacy of alendronate in preventing bone loss, which was highly statistically significant. They have also shown its suppressive effect on bone formation and resorption, but the effects were statistically less significant. Conclusion Alendronate significantly reduces the level of bone resorption in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Its effects on bone formation are less expressed. Alendronate's effects on bone metabolism become evident not later than 6-8 weeks after therapy application. Parameters of bone metabolic activity are very useful diagnostic means in evaluation of alendronate effect on bone metabolic activity and in the prognosis of bone mass loss.
Folklore text in a process of oblivion
Ili? Marija
Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/gei0553319i
Abstract: The paper presents contemporary research of the traditional folklore from the perspective of ethno linguistics and anthrop linguistics. The analysis is based on material collected among Serbs from Szigetcsep (Hungary, 2001) during the ethno linguistic field survey. The paper specifically discusses the methods of collecting traditional folklore texts in the ethno linguistic interview, discourse analysis of utterances commenting on folklore texts and ways of memorization of folklore texts.
The first Alexandrian text-type on content analysis
Ili? Vladimir
Sociologija , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/soc1104453i
Abstract: The paper contains the examination of social and epistemological preconditions of the content analysis. The impact of social factors as well as one of the fashions in the science is stressed. The first section is devoted to epistemological problems concerning the relations among content analysis and the cognitive principles such as objectivity, reliability and validity. The second part deals with the relation between the theory and the empirical research in the case of content analysis. This text exposes introductional considerations for following paper that will be devoted to the clarification of technical research problems related to the content analysis.
Attitudes of the ethnic elites members in Vojvodina to minority rights and to interethnic relations
Ili? Vladimir
Sociologija , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/soc0201025i
Abstract: A survey was done with 100 distinguished members of cultural and media elite members. The results showed that ethnic elites in Vojvodina had better economic position than ordinary citizens, but that one ninth of them was poor. On inter-personal level they are very open towards the members of other ethnic groups. As for the attitudes, ethnic elites members differed from ordinary citizens mostly by strongly supporting market economy and liberal concept of development. They couldn't differentiate clearly between individual and collective rights. This was understandable since in multi-ethnic surrounding where Serbian ethnic nationalism still prevailed individual rights were to the great extent determined by ethnic origin. Minority ethnic communities elites had clearer understanding of this fact because their ethnic groups paid higher price in such circumstances. Members of least numerous ethnic groups mostly favored individual over collective rights, major cause for this being probably their fear from Serbian-Hungarian deal at the expense of third party. Yet, this survey's findings regarding this topic were substantially better than any before, since the awareness of need for collective rights to be recognized grew in all ethnic groups, including Serbs.
The second Alexandrian text-type on content analysis
Ili? Vladimir
Sociologija , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/soc1203481i
Abstract: The paper is divided into three sections. The first one deals with the problems of the reliability and validity. Second part of the text is devoted to the discussion among qualitative vs. quantitative approaches supporters. The issues of the using of computers and some possibilities of comparative framework in relation to the content analysis are considered into the third part of the paper.
Dynamics of linguistic and social change: Minority languages in Hungary and the sociolinguistic situation of Serbian
Ili? Marija
Ju?noslovenski Filolog , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/jfi0965331i
Abstract: Over the past decades, minority languages and processes of language shift/maintenance have become an important scholarly concern. This paper aims to describe in brief the sociolinguistic situation of the Serbian minority language in Hungary with special attention paid to the relation between language ideology and processes of language shift/maintenance. The first section of this paper presents the current socio-political framework for protection of minority languages in Hungary. The second paper's section provides an overview of the main sociolinguistic surveys of the minority languages in Hungary that have had many centuries of contact with Serbian i.e. German, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Croatian. Finally, the paper provides a quick recapitulation of the Serbian language research in Hungary, and depicts the current sociolinguistic situation of Serbian.
Root canal obturation by hybrid technique of thermomechanical gutta-percha compaction
Ili? Dragan
Stomatolo?ki Glasnik Srbije , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/sgs0402077i
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to present and discuss the thermomechanical hybrid technique in root canal obturation and investigate the efficiency of apical hermeticity. The hybrid obturation technique is well explained and performed through the lexan models and extracted teeth in aim of better visualisation and comprehension as suggested by the author Tagger and McSpadden’s articles. The technique consisted of lateral condensation of gutta-percha that was followed by thermomechanical compaction of the same mass using Ni-Ti flexible compactor. Firstly the master gutta-percha cone had to be adapted and then the master machine compactor selected for setting inside the canal. Upon laterally arranging gutta-percha cones, the master compactor was inserted between canal wall and gutta-percha. The master compactor was rotated for 5-6 seconds to creat heat to soften the cones to merge themselves and fill the first half of the canal. The bigger compactor served to fill the rest of the canal adding more gutta-percha cones. In comparison to the single cone and simple manual compaction techniques the hybrid technique is less time consuming more efficient in homogenicity and apical leakage. Considering the many device-consuming techniques the hybrid one is simpler to perform and cheaper as well. Precaution is to be taken when treating curved and narrow canals where much patience is needed due to possible compactor breakage and root fracture. It can be concluded that this hybrid technique is preferable particularly in cases of relatively straight canals with preserved apical foramen when time is to be saved for the radiographic and prosthetics procedure that has to be done during the same visit, which is very often convenient for patient and therapist.
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