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Maize Storage and Consumption Practices of Farmers in Handeni District, Tanzania: Corollaries for Mycotoxin Contamination  [PDF]
Ibrahim Shabani, Martin E. Kimanya, Peter N. Gichuhi, Conrad Bonsi, Adelia C. Bovell-Benjamin
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2015.58037
Abstract: In Tanzania, maize is the main complementary food for infants and primary school children. Dietary exposure to mycotoxins through complementary foods by Tanzanian infants is of concern. The maize storage and consumption practices of farmers in Handeni District, Tanzania and their implications for mycotoxin contamination of maize flour were investigated. A convenient sample of 60 farmers in Seza Kofi and Kwabojo villages in Mgambo and Ndolwa wards were surveyed. The majority of farmers (95%) stored their maize in the house using the roofing and sack methods. Most farmers (67%) did not visually or mechanically sort defective maize kernels before storage. In both villages, the most important storage problems reported by the farmers were rodents and insects. Forty two percent of the farmers surveyed indicated that they consumed dehulled maize, while 35 and 12% consumed non-dehulled and mixed (dehulled and non-dehulled), respectively. The preponderance of storage practices described was unfavorable to mycotoxin reduction in stored maize. It is therefore recommended that appropriate, area-specific farmer training regarding recommended storage practices including storage methods, effective management of storage pests and healthy maize preparation and consumption practices be conducted. Additionally, further research on maize storage and consumption practices for Tanzania is needed.
Correlated errors can lead to better performance of quantum codes
A. Shabani
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.77.022323
Abstract: A formulation for evaluating the performance of quantum error correcting codes for a general error model is presented. In this formulation, the correlation between errors is quantified by a Hamiltonian description of the noise process. We classify correlated errors using the system-bath interaction: local versus nonlocal and two-body versus many-body interactions. In particular, we consider Calderbank-Shor-Steane codes and observe a better performance in the presence of correlated errors depending on the timing of the error recovery. We also find this timing to be an important factor in the design of a coding system for achieving higher fidelities.
Evaluating the Efficacy of Remifentanil-Propofol versus Isoflurane in Reducing Blood Loss with Considering Depth of Anesthesia during Endoscopic Sinus Surgery  [PDF]
Mohammad Ali Haghbin, Hossein Hakimzadeh, Mohammad Shabani
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2013.42009

Several methods have been suggested to decrease bleeding during surgery, one of which is the usage of hypotensive anesthetic agents. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS) is one of the surgeries which need a clear field and the amount of bleeding profoundly impacts the ability of surgeons. Current study was designed to evaluate the effect of remifentanil combined with propofol versus Isoflurane on blood loss during ESS and its possible interaction with Depth of Anesthesia. Fifty one patients comprising 15 females and 36 males undergoing ESS were chosen for this study. One group received propofol and remifentanil to induce and maintain anesthesia and the second group received Isoflurane. Mean Arterial Blood Pressure (MAP), Depth of Anesthesia and total blood loss were recorded for the patients of both group. Data were analyzed using t-test, Repeated Measures ANOVA and Pearson’s correlation. P < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Both agents induced hypotension during surgery. No significant difference was observed in total blood loss between two groups. DA was decreased in both groups, but no significant correlation was found between DA and MAP or DA and blood loss. There is no significant difference between remifentanil combined with propofol and Isoflurane in decreasing blood loss during ESS, thus we suggest usage of hypotensive anesthetic agent regardless of its type is ESS.

The Feasibility of Endotracheal Intubation with Subcutaneous Dissociative Conscious Sedation versus General Anesthesia: A Prospective Randomized Trial  [PDF]
Sanaz Shabani, Mihan J. Javid, Jayran Zebardast
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2014.42006

Despite outstanding improvements in anesthesia techniques and anesthetics, difficult airway is still a dilemma and is accompanied by morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is to compare the feasibility of endotracheal intubation with the traditional method of general anesthesia by using muscle relaxants, and “sDCS” (Subcutaneous Dissociative Conscious Sedation) which has been recently reported as an efficient method of anesthesia with the capability of maintaining spontaneous ventilation and providing an appropriate situation for larynxgoscopy and endotracheal intubation. Material and Methods: This randomized clinical trial was conducted on 100 patients who were scheduled for elective laparotomy. Patients were randomly divided into two groups: group A and group B. In group A, patients underwent general anesthesia with thiopental sodium and relaxant. In group B, patients underwent “subcutaneous Dissociative Conscious Sedation” and received low dose subcutaneous ketamine and intravenous narcotic with no relaxant. The feasibility of direct laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation, hemodynamic changes, desaturation (SpO2 < 90%), patient cooperation, patient comfort, hallucination, nausea and

Research on the prevalence of conduct disorders among primary school pupils in Khartoum-Sudan  [PDF]
Ibrahim Abdelrahim Ibrahim Humaida
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.43020
Abstract: The aim of this research was to investigate conduct disorder among pupils of primary schools in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. School survey descriptive method was used and 384 pupils were selected from primary schools through systematic sampling technique. Age ranged from 5 to 17 years old with a mean of (9.34) years. The tools of data collection consisted of the Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory. The statis-tical tests used to analyze the collected data involve frequency and percentage, Pearson co-efficient of correlation, mean, t-test for one sample and t-test for two independent samples. The results of this research revealed that that the prevalence of conduct disorder among pupils of primary schools in Khartoum was low. There were significant differences in conduct disorder between male and females pupils. There were no significant differences between pupils of pre-paratory classes and pupils of elementary classes. There was no significant correlation between conduct disorder and age.
Periodicity and Solution of Rational Recurrence Relation of Order Six  [PDF]
Tarek F. Ibrahim Ibrahim
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.37107
Abstract: Difference equations or discrete dynamical systems is diverse field whose impact almost every branch of pure and ap- plied mathematics. Every dynamical system an+1=f(an) determines a difference equation and vise versa. We ob-tain in this paper the solution and periodicity of the following difference equation. xn+1=(xnxn-2xn-4)/(xn-1xn-3xn-5, (1) n=0,1,... where the initial conditions x-5,x-4,x-3,x-2,x-1 and x0 are arbitrary real numbers with x-1,x-3 and x-5 not equal to be zero. On the other hand, we will study the local stability of the solutions of Equation (1). Moreover, we give graphically the behavior of some numerical examples for this difference equation with some initial conditions.
Relationship between Stress and Psychosomatic Complaints among Nurses in Tabarjal Hospital  [PDF]
Ibrahim Abdelrahim Ibrahim Humaida
Open Journal of Medical Psychology (OJMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojmp.2012.13003
Abstract: This research was conducted to examine the relationship between stress and psychosomatic complaints among nurses in Tabarjal hospital. To achieve this aim, the researcher used the descriptive method and selected a sample consisting of (56) nurses working in hospital through the simple random sampling technique. The respondents were requested to complete a questionnaire for rating of stress and the most common psychosomatic diseases. The collected data were analyzed statistically by using SPSS. The results revealed that the stress was dominant among nurses in Tabarjal hospital, the prevalence of psychosomatic complaints was significantly higher in nurses, and there was significant correlation between stress and psychosomatic complaints among nurses. Conclusion: This research confirmed the effect of strains on the prevalence of psychosomatic symptoms among nurses in Tabarjal hospital. Further, implications of the results were discussed on the light of some related researches.
Simultaneous Microwave Chirped Pulse Generation and Antenna Beam Steering
Mostafa Shabani;Mahmood Akbari
PIER M , 2012, DOI: 10.2528/PIERM11090906
Abstract: A new structure is suggested for simultaneous microwave chirped pulse generation and array antenna beam steering. It is based on using a multi-channel fiber Bragg grating in a photonic microwave delay-line filter. The paper presents a feasibility study of the idea, discussing the main performance parameters of both signal generation and beam steering functions. Specifically, it focuses on the effects of wavelength tuning, resolution and accuracy. The study shows that custom off-the-shelf components could be used to implement an all optical system capable of generating chirped pulses while steering the radiation pattern of a small sized antenna array. The advantages of the structure for avoiding single sideband modulation difficulties and also for the compensation of the multichannel fiber Bragg grating inaccuracies are also discussed.
Olanzapine-Induced Mania in Bipolar Spectrum Disorder:A Case Report
Amir Shabani,Mehrdad Eftekhar
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry , 2006,
Abstract: Objective: To report the case of a 46-year old male with major depressive disorder, who represented manic symptoms, when olanzapine was added to his treatment. Method: A 46-year old female, with a diagnosis of treatment resistant depression was referred to the authors. He had past history of depression for more than 20 years. The symptoms were present nearly every day since 1981, without any distinct period of remission, nor any noticeable fluctuation. His irritability had been disruptive to his family all these years. His doctor had prescribed maprotiline 25 mg/day, and lorazepam, 2mg/day, in addition to fluoxetine for the last 5 months. He is also a father of two children with methylphenidateresistant and sodium valproate-responsive attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Considering the antidepressant effects of olanzapine and its positive effects on irritability, the authors added olanzapine, to the patient’s previous medications. Results: After one week, he showed new problems such as talkativeness and beginning to smoke for the first time in his life, elevated mood, grandiosity about his intelligence and abilities, talkativeness, and shopping sprees. The score on the mania rating scale was 14. Fluoxetine was discontinued and sodium valproate, were prescribed. It took around 2 months to completely control the manic symptoms. Conclusions: In the patients with depression who show bipolar spectrum disorder features, adding mood stabilizers may be preferred to the drugs as olanzapine which could induce mania.
Rate of Suicide Attempt in the Course of Bipolar Disorder: An unexpected outcome in a follow-up study
Amir Shabani,Mehrdad Eftekhar
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry , 2006,
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