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The Impact of Flour from White Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) on Rheological, Qualitative and Nutritional Properties of the Bread  [PDF]
Ibrahim Hoxha, Gafur Xhabiri, Ramadan Deliu
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2020, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106059
The white bean represents the most important nutrition legume in many coun-tries in the world, including Kosovo. It has high protein, dietary fibers and mineral content and it is mainly used in the form of cooked food. This paper has the objective to review the parameters of rheological properties, qualitative properties and nutrition values of the bread produced by adding various per-centages of the flour obtained from white bean. The results from rheological analysis of the dough indicate that with the increase of bean flour content the water absorption and the dough development time are increased; however there is a considerable tendency to reduce the extensibility, the resistance and dough energy. In addition, the increase of the white bean amount influences the decrease of the qualitative properties of bread. With the increase of the white bean flour content, one observes a considerable increase in nutrition values, especially that of proteins, cellulose and minerals. Whereas the positive Pearson correlation between qualitative properties and nutrition in the bread thus obtained exists only in the level p < 0.01, however not also for p < 0.05.
Exploiter les ressources du CECR - Un défi pour changer les pratiques des classes de langues dans le système scolaire albanais
Dhurata Hoxha
Synergies Europe , 2011,
Abstract: Depuis son introduction dans le système éducatif albanais, le CECR a renové l’enseignement/apprentissage des langues. Le débat sur son apport dans la pratique quotidienne des enseignants de langues reste toujours ouvert, mais force est de constater que les enseignants sont engagés dans un processus évolutif et ont vraiment à c ur d’appliquer l’essentiel des principes du CECR en les adaptant à la réalité de la classe pour que les élèves ma trisent mieux la pratique de la langue enseignée. Des évolutions visibles sont évidentes dans la mise en uvre de l’approche actionnelle dans les pratiques d’enseignement où le recours à la pédagogie du projet a donné des résultats satisfaisants tant pour les enseignants que pour les élèves. Il faut notamment signaler le travail par groupe de compétences aidant à mieux gérer la classe et à améliorer le comportement des élèves, de nouvelles pratiques d’évaluation et une orientation des élèves vers un apprentissage autonome.
Causality between Prices and Wages: VECM Analysis for EU-12
Adriatik HOXHA
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2010,
Abstract: The literature on causality as well as the empirical evidence clearly shows that there are two opposing groups of economists, who support different hypotheses with respect to the flow of causality in the price-wage causal relationship. The first group argues that causality runs from wages to price, whereas the second argue that effect flows from prices to wages. Nonetheless, there is at least some consensus that researchers conclusions may be contingent on the type of data employed, applied econometric model, or even that the relationship may vary through economic cycles. This paper empirically examines the pricewage causal relationship in EMU, by using OLS and VECM analysis, and also it provides robust evidence in support of a bilateral causal relationship between prices and wages, both in long-run as well as in the short-run. Prior to designing and estimating the econometric model we have performed stationarity tests for the employed price, wage and productivity variables. Additionally, we have also specified the model taking into account the lag order as well as the rank of co-integration for the co-integrated variables. Furthermore, we have also applied respective restrictions on the parameters of the estimated VECM and finally model robustness checks indicate that results are statistically robust. Although far from closing the issue of causality between prices and variables, this paper at least provides some fresh evidence for the case of EMU.
Efficacy and Safety of Travoprost and Timolol Fixed Combination Compared to Travoprost in Patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension  [PDF]
Gentian Hoxha, Kelmend Spahiu, Gazmend Ka?aniku, Mimoza Ismaili, F?llanza Ismajli-Hoxha
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2017.73024
Abstract: Purpose: To compare intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering efficacy and safety of travoprost 0.004% and travoprost 0.004% and beta-blocker 0.5% fixed combination ophthalmic solution in patients with open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Methods: In this prospective, multicentre clinical trial, 62 patients received travoprost 0.004% (n = 31) or travoprost 0.004% and beta-blocker 0.5% fixed combination (n = 31). Efficacy and safety were compared across treatment groups over 2 years. IOP reduction and adverse events were examined at 3, 6, 12 and 24 months for each group. Results: Mean IOP at the first visit in the travoprost 0.004% group was 26.4 (SD ± 2.1), and travoprost 0.004%/timolol 0.5% group was 26.3 (SD ± 2.1). Mean IOP after 24 months in the travoprost 0.004% group was 20.5 (SD ± 1.5) and travoprost 0.004%/timolol 0.5% group was 18.5 (SD ± 1.5). There were statistically significant differences in IOP in both eyes after third visit (after 1 year) and fourth visit (after 2 years). Conclusion: After 2 year of treatment, travoprost 0.004%/timolol 0.5% produced clinically relevant IOP reductions in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension that were greater than those produced by travoprost 0.004% alone.
Determination of Central Corneal Thickness in Patients with Refractive Anomalies and Emmetropy  [PDF]
Mimoza Ismaili, Gazmend Ka?aniku, Kelmend Spahiu, Gentian Hoxha, Наташа На?ева-?аневска, Весна Димовска-?орданова
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2019.92005
Abstract: Aim: The purpose of this study was to compare measurements of CCT in emmetropia and patient with refractive anomalies. Methods: We represent a retrospective research which was conducted at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK). In this study were included 80 patients, divided into two groups: test and a control group. Mean age was (M = 25.90, DS = 7.16), men (N = 41% or 51.3%) and women (N = 39% or 48%). Results: Results show that there were no differences in the CCT, Hyperopic (M = 545.21 DS = 52.24), Myopic (M = 547.90 DS = 47.93) and Emmetropic (M = 550.75 DS = 41.29). After measuring of the longitudinal axis and analyzing the data by means of Anova test, it appeared to be a significant difference between the analyzed groups, Hyperopic (M = 21.99, DS = 1.27), Myopics (M = 23.21, DS = 1.24), Emmetropic (M = 22.36, DS = 0.81). Results also revealed that there is correlation between the CCT and IOP, where increase CCT decreases IOP and vice versa (r = -0.26, p = 0.01). Conclusion: The results have shown that CCT is thinner in myopic but does not show correlation with hypermetropic and emmetropic. While during the measurement of central corneal thickness and eye tension it is found that there is a negative correlation between them. Keratometry has a negative correlation with CCT. While there was no correlation between CCT and age. Given the role of CCT in interpreting IOP values, it is recommended to perform a systematic CCT measurement in routine clinical practice, which would assist in the diagnosis of ocular hypertension.
Genti Kromidha,AbdullaDiku,Ylli Hoxha
Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Mediterranean scrublands occur naturally in the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biomes, located in the five Mediterranean climate regions of the world. The Albania National Forest Inventory has identified two distinctive categories of shrub forest in Albania, respectively Mediterranean macchia (220’000 ha) and Maquis and garigue (139’000 ha). Management of scrub needs careful planning, especially where it has to be integrated with other habitats and features of interest. Management planning ensures that decisions are based on a full audit and evaluation of all management issues, including the conservation interest, landscape, economic benefits and traditional uses.
岩石工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 岩体在加热状态的物理力学响应是核废料贮存库安全运行评价的主要指标。结合现场试验成果(温度、孔隙压力和变形),应用多孔连续介质力学理论对热诱导引起的岩体温度场、渗流场和应力场进行了有限元数值对比研究。提出了有限元计算过程中通过调整孔隙率和渗透系数来实现热–水–力耦合分析非线性孔隙弹性的研究方法。现场测试和数值模拟表明:在整个加热过程中,饱和岩体温度和有效应力随时间不断增加,而孔隙压力在加热能量变化初期呈上升趋势,在后期呈下降趋势。
岩石工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 在多孔介质的热–水–力耦合分析中,孔隙率和孔隙水的黏滞性是影响渗透性的主要因素。通过研究孔隙率和孔隙水黏滞性的改变规律,在数值分析时,引入了孔隙率随应力改变和孔隙水黏滞性随温度改变的渗透非线性分析方法。同时研究了数值分析中温度荷载作用下应力边界条件和位移边界条件对温度应力的影响。研究结果表明:温度荷载作用下,数值分析时采用应力约束边界比位移约束边界更合理;考虑渗透非线性情况下得到的孔隙压力计算值与实测值更接近。
Research on the prevalence of conduct disorders among primary school pupils in Khartoum-Sudan  [PDF]
Ibrahim Abdelrahim Ibrahim Humaida
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.43020
Abstract: The aim of this research was to investigate conduct disorder among pupils of primary schools in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. School survey descriptive method was used and 384 pupils were selected from primary schools through systematic sampling technique. Age ranged from 5 to 17 years old with a mean of (9.34) years. The tools of data collection consisted of the Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory. The statis-tical tests used to analyze the collected data involve frequency and percentage, Pearson co-efficient of correlation, mean, t-test for one sample and t-test for two independent samples. The results of this research revealed that that the prevalence of conduct disorder among pupils of primary schools in Khartoum was low. There were significant differences in conduct disorder between male and females pupils. There were no significant differences between pupils of pre-paratory classes and pupils of elementary classes. There was no significant correlation between conduct disorder and age.
Periodicity and Solution of Rational Recurrence Relation of Order Six  [PDF]
Tarek F. Ibrahim Ibrahim
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.37107
Abstract: Difference equations or discrete dynamical systems is diverse field whose impact almost every branch of pure and ap- plied mathematics. Every dynamical system an+1=f(an) determines a difference equation and vise versa. We ob-tain in this paper the solution and periodicity of the following difference equation. xn+1=(xnxn-2xn-4)/(xn-1xn-3xn-5, (1) n=0,1,... where the initial conditions x-5,x-4,x-3,x-2,x-1 and x0 are arbitrary real numbers with x-1,x-3 and x-5 not equal to be zero. On the other hand, we will study the local stability of the solutions of Equation (1). Moreover, we give graphically the behavior of some numerical examples for this difference equation with some initial conditions.
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