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Catalysing conservation action and raising the profile of pangolins - the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group (PangolinSG)
Challender D.W.S.,Baillie J.E.M.,Waterman C.,IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2012,
Dr. Satish S. Maniyar
Chakra Rao SSC
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia , 2010,
N-acetyl-l-aspartate values of hippocampus are reduced in patients with hypochondriasis  [PDF]
Huseyin Ozdemir, Osman Mermi, M. Gurkan Gurok, Sema Saglam, Hanefi Yildirim, Semih Sec, Specialist Murad Atmaca
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2013.66084

Background: Given that on the one side considerable similarities between hypochondriasis and obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD) by means of sharing a number of features, including intrusive thoughts and repeated checking (Barsky, 1992), on the other side similar structural neuroimaging data that found hypochondriac patients to have significantly smaller mean left and right OFC, and greater left thalamus volumes compared to those of healthy controls. Aims: We considered to investigate the hippocampal neurochemicals, found changed in OCD patients, in hypochondriac patients. Methods: Fifteen patients with hypochondriasis, recruited from our out- or in-patient clinics, were compared with 15 healthy control comparisons in regard to proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) imaging of hippocampus. Results: The patients with hypochondriasis had lower right and left NAA/CHO, and NAA/CRE, and near-significant lower right CHO/CRE hippocampal ratios than healthy matched comparison subjects. Conclusion: The data of the present investigation in patients with hypochondriasis provide preliminary evidence of lower right and left NAA/CHO, and NAA/CRE, near-significant lower right CHO/CRE hippocampal ratios, revealing neurochemical alterations in hippocampus and a further support the notion that hypochondriasis shares a variety of neurobiological similarities with OCD.

Cost-effective utilisation of basic biochemical laboratory investigations in primary care
T Pillay, M Turzyniecka, SSC Naidoo
Continuing Medical Education , 2012,
Abstract: No
Structure of force networks in tapped particulate systems of disks and pentagons (Part 2): Persistence analysis
L. Kondic,M. Kramar,L. A. Pangolin,C. M. Carlevaro,K. Mischaikow
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: In the companion paper~\cite{paper1}, we use classical measures based on force probability density functions (PDFs), as well as Betti numbers (quantifying the number of components, related to force chains, and loops), to describe the force networks in tapped systems of disks and pentagons. In the present work, we focus on the use of persistence analysis, that allows to describe these networks in much more detail. This approach allows not only to describe, but also to quantify the differences between the force networks in different realizations of a system, in different parts of the considered domain, or in different systems. We show that persistence analysis clearly distinguishes the systems that are very difficult or impossible to differentiate using other means. One important finding is that the differences in force networks between disks and pentagons are most apparent when loops are considered: the quantities describing properties of the loops may differ significantly even if other measures (properties of components, Betti numbers, or force PDFs) do not distinguish clearly the investigated systems.
Antenatal magnesium individual participant data international collaboration: assessing the benefits for babies using the best level of evidence (AMICABLE)
Systematic Reviews , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/2046-4053-1-21
Abstract: The Antenatal Magnesium Individual Participant Data (IPD) International Collaboration: assessing the benefits for babies using the best level of evidence (AMICABLE) Group will perform an IPD meta-analysis to answer these important clinical questions.The AMICABLE Group was formed in 2009 with data collection commencing late 2010.Five trials involving a total 6,145 babies are eligible for inclusion in the IPD meta-analysis.For the infants/children: Death or cerebral palsy. For the women: Any severe maternal outcome potentially related to treatment (death, respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest).Results are expected to be publicly available in 2012.Babies born preterm compared with those born at term have a higher chance of dying in the first few weeks of life. Babies who survive have a greater risk of neurologic impairment, such as cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, or cognitive dysfunction (either intellectual impairment or developmental delay), and a greater risk of substantial disability as a result of these neurologic impairments [1,2]. Moreover, as the rate of preterm birth in many countries has been rising, now up to 13% in the United States [3] and 8% in Australia [4], more babies are at risk of death and adverse neurological outcomes. Cerebral palsy and cognitive dysfunction are the most frequent neurologic impairments, and any therapy that can reduce their prevalence would have a substantial effect on reducing overall neurologic impairments and disabilities in surviving preterm infants.Cerebral palsy is a term which includes a number of different diseases or conditions that can arise at any time during brain development. Cerebral palsy involves a disorder of movement or posture, or both, and a disorder of motor function which is permanent but may change over time [5]. The cerebral palsies remain the most frequent cause of severe motor disability in childhood with a background prevalence of two per thousand live births [5]. Over 90% of affected children with c
A Statement on Ethics From the HEART Group
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2011,
XXXI National Conference of Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology (ISBTI), Ahmedabad, India
Asian Journal of Transfusion Science , 2007,
Document: European Copyright Code
Wittem Group
JIPITEC : Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law , 2010,
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Report on the Post-1980 Catalogs
  Working Group
Journal of Library and Information Science , 1983,
Abstract: 頁次:27-73

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