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Editorial - Basic Ethical Norms for Medical Student’s Scientific Publications in Chile.
Ignacio Cabrera-samith
Revista ANACEM , 2009,
Abstract: Las revistas científicas estudiantiles nacen como una instanciaimportante de formación en el proceso de la investigación científica,permitiendo dar un espacio válido de publicación a artículoscuyos autores son los propios estudiantes de pregrado. Sin embargo,esto no debe ser un factor que condicione la calidad científicani tampoco los principios éticos válidos para todo tipo depublicación.Por este motivo la Revista de la Asociación Nacional Científica deEstudiantes de Medicina de Chile, ANACEM Chile, pretende delinearcuáles son las normas básicas a seguir cuando se publiqueen alguna revista científica.
Evaluación de un sistema de Western Blot (DAVIH-BLOT) para la confirmación de anticuerpos al VIH-1
Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical , 1997,
Abstract: it is reported the evaluation of the davih-blot system (davih laboratories, cuba) against the proficiency panels sent to the national aids reference laboratory by the world health organization (who) in order to ensure the quality in the diagnosis of hiv antibodies during 1989, 1991 and 1993. the system is also compared with those of the dupont and diagnostic pasteur firms in a group of 467 positive sera by elisa. on studying the who's samples, the system proved to be highly sensitive and specific. in the comparison made with the hiv-1 western blot igg version 1.2 (dupont company, usa) and with the lav-blot 1 (diagnostic pasteur, france), there was a coincidence of 100 and 97 %, respectively.
El desarrollo de las Revistas Científicas de Estudiantes de Medicina en Chile Scientific journals for medical students ln Chile
Ignacio Cabrera-Samith,Francisco Garrido C
Revista médica de Chile , 2009,
Para uma leitura semio-lingüística de "Fábula de um arquiteto", de Jo o Cabral
Ignacio Assis Silva
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: Para passar do nível da apreens o do sentido do texto para o nível da apreens o do texto como sistema de significa es (como micro-universo semantico), temos de projetar a descontinuidade sobre o que se nos apresenta como continuidade. Concebendo o texto como um macro-enunciado, este artigo pretende situar, em termos semiolingüísticos, três aspectos interessantes da constru o do texto, deíinindo-os em termos de homologias com aspectos da constru o do enunciado: a) aspecto estrutural em sentido restrito; b) aspecto conteudístico ou semantico em sentido amplo e c) aspecto metalingüistico ou semiótico propriamente dito.
Ties de los Chilenos
José Ignacio Silva Anguita
Aisthesis , 2010,
Novel aspects of tRNA-derived small RNAs with potential impact in infectious diseases  [PDF]
Maria Rosa Garcia-Silva, Florencia Cabrera-Cabrera, Maria Catalina Güida, Alfonso Cayota
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.45A002

The complete understanding of the growing catalog of regulatory non-coding RNAs is going to shed light in different aspects of a wide range of pathogenic mechanisms in human diseases. This review was aimed to highlight recent advances in the small non- coding RNA world that could have implications in the development of new strategies in medical sciences. Among the diverse group of small non-coding RNAs, we highlight the group of tRNA-derived fragments as molecules known for a long time which have recently emerged as novel regulators influencing several aspects of cell biology. We describe here recent advances in the field of tRNA-derived fragments playing key roles in the biology of some infectious agents, including E. coli, A. fumigatus, G. lamblia, Ascaris, T. cruzi, Virus, Prions and a brief overview linking them to cancer biology. Additionally, we focus on the potential implications of these molecules in future biotechnological applications in the development of new biomarkers and as new therapeutic targets.

Study of the mechanisms regulating human umbilical artery contractility  [PDF]
António José Santos-Silva, Elisa Cairrao, Ignacio Verde
Health (Health) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/health.2010.24049
Abstract: We studied the involvement of different types of Ca2+ channels, cyclic nucleotides and different kinases in the regulation of human umbilical artery (HUA) contractility. The elucidation of the precise mechanisms regulating the contractility of this artery could be very important to reveal potential therapeutic targets to treat HUA disorders such as preeclampsia. The relevancy of different types of Ca2+ channels on the regulation of HUA tonus was analyzed. Among the different Ca2+ channel inhibitors used, only the L-type calcium channels (LTCC) inhibition induced relaxation of HUA in Ca2+ containing medium. The inhibition of T-type calcium channels (TTCC) or TRP channels did not significantly affect HUA contractility. In presence of Ca2+, the intracellular increase of a cyclic nucleotide (cAMP or cGMP) induces relaxation of HUA, which was almost complete in histamine-con- tracted HUA, and lower effect was observed in arteries contracted by KCl and serotonin (5-HT). Inhibition of PKA and PKG weakly reduced the relaxations induced by the increase of cAMP and cGMP respectively, suggesting that the relaxation induced by these nucleotides is not totally mediated by the activation of their respective kinases and that other mechanisms are involved. In calcium containing solution, PP2A inhibition produces relaxation of contracted HUA. In KCl contracted arteries, the OA and nifedipine relaxant effects are similar and not additive, suggesting that PP2A could activate LTCC. Besides, the increase of cyclic nucleotides significantly increased the OA effect, suggesting that the effect of PP2A inhibition is independent of the cyclic nucleotide pathways. The contractions induced by KCl, histamine and 5-HT in presence of Ca2+ were not significantly affected by ROCK, ERK1/2 or p38MAPK inhibitors. In absence of extracellular Ca2+, histamine and 5-HT elicited contractions of HUA characterized by two components, a rapid phasic contractile component followed by a decrease of the contraction until a tonic component. However, KCl elicited sustained contractions of HUA in absence of extracellular Ca2+. As in presence of calcium, the ERK1/2 and p38MAPK inhibitors did not influence the contractions induced by KCl, histamine or 5-HT in absence of extracellular Ca2+. However, in these conditions, ROCK inhibition significantly relaxed the contractions induced by KCl and reduced the phasic and tonic components of the contraction elicited either by histamine or 5-HT. Our results show that calcium-dependent contractions of HUA depend on Ca2+ entry by LTCC, and these chan- nels seems to
Percentilos de peso, talla e índice de masa corporal de escolares juje?os calculados por el método LMS
Alfaro,Emma; Bejarano,Ignacio; Dipierri,José; Quispe,Yolanda; Cabrera,Graciela;
Archivos argentinos de pediatr?-a , 2004,
Abstract: introduction. the human growth and the resulting pattern display a great intra e interpopulation heterogeneity that reflects the health and nutritional state, and indirectly, the quality of life of the populations. the objective of this work was to determine with the lms method, the weight, height and bmi percentiles of schoolchildren population of san salvador of jujuy and to compare them with those of the international reference. population, material and methods. the data were obtained from all the students of 4 to 16 years of age, of both sexes, evaluated in the schoolchildren health department of jujuy province (n=48,384) that cares of children that attend to public and private schools of san salvador de jujuy. the w/a, h/a and bmi/ a percentiles were obtained by the maximum penalised likelihood using the lms method. the statistical and graphical comparisons were settled down with the corresponding percentiles of the nchs reference, estimated with the same method. results. in general, the estimated percentiles agree with those of the reference, mainly in the age groups more representative numerically. these coincidences are evident graphically and statistically, since the discrepancies between the estimated and published values varied between 0.05 and 3.7% for the positive values and between -0.46 and -2.24% for the negatives values. conclusions. the w/a, h/a and bmi/a percentile curves of san salvador de jujuy schoolchildren obtained by the lms method do not differ substantially from those of the reference.
Evolución de la prevalencia de sobrepeso, obesidad y desnutrición en escolares de San Salvador de Jujuy
Bejarano,Ignacio; Dipierri,José; Alfaro,Emma; Quispe,Yolanda; Cabrera,Graciela;
Archivos argentinos de pediatr?-a , 2005,
Abstract: introduction: an increase of overweight, obesity and malnutrition has been detected in infantile population in underdeveloped countries. the aim of this work was to evaluate the prevalence and outcome (1995-2000) of this nutritional conditions in schoolchildren of san salvador de jujuy. population, material and methods: the anthropometric data (height and weight) of all schoolchildren dipierri@inbial.unju.edu.ar evaluated in the schoolchildren health depart ment of welfare ministry were analyzed (n = 48,533). in order to determine overweight/obesity percentages, the following criteria were used: criterion 1: cut-off points of 25 kg/m2 (overweight) and 30 kg/ 2 (obesity) (transcultural reference); criterion 2: percentiles 85th (overweight) and 95th (obesity) of the bmi (international reference); criterion 3: percentiles 85th and 95th (jujuy population). malnutrition was evaluated through z scores, determining low height (lha) and low weight for age (lwa). results: estimated differences among criteria were observed, being greater the values obtained with the criterion 2. considering all the criteria, and independently of sex, the average increase of overweight and obesity prevalence was greater in the group of 11-16 years. males presented greater prevalences than females. concomitantly, an increase in percentages of lha and lwa was observed. conclusions: in the analyzed period, an increase in the prevalence of overweight/obesity and malnutrition was observed. the percentages varied according to sex, age and used criterion. the existence of the emerging nutritional paradigm "obesity in the poverty" is confirmed. it is proposed that the evaluation of the prevalence of overweight/obesity should include more than one criterion, because they provide similar but not identical results.
Pronóstico del rendimiento del IPC (índice de Precios y Cotizaciones) mediante el uso de redes neuronales diferenciales
Agustín Ignacio Cabrera Llanos,Francisco Ortiz Arango
Contaduría y administración , 2012,
Abstract: A través de los a os, el uso de las redes neuronales artificiales como herramienta de simulación, modelación y descripción de sistemas dinámicos no lineales se ha ido consolidando como una técnica eficaz y relativamente rápida gracias al gran desarrollo experimentado en los sistemas de cómputo. Esta técnica de uso común en algunas áreas de la ingeniería aplicada se empezó a utilizar en aplicaciones financieras a mediados de la década de los noventa. El presente trabajo utiliza una de las técnicas más recientes y poderosas en este ámbito: las redes neuronales diferenciales (RND), usada frecuentemente en análisis de procesos de la biotecnología. Mediante esta técnica se lleva a cabo el análisis y la estimación de la evolución del comportamiento del rendimiento del IPC de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) durante el periodo comprendido del 8 de noviembre de 1991 al 27 de enero de 2011. Adicionalmente, el análisis incluye un pronóstico intradía (seis valores durante una jornada de operación de la BMV) del rendimiento del IPC, el cual tiene una duración de un día después del último dato de la serie de tiempo del IPC. Cabe se alar que los resultados pronosticados mostraron una gran similitud con los datos reales.
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