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Effect of Selenium on Cadmium Induced Gonadotoxicity in Male Rats
I.M. Alhazza
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: The present study was conducted to investigate the possible effect of Selenium (Sel) against Cadmium (Cd) toxicity on hormones and gonads of male rats. Male rats were divided into three groups. First group served as control, second group administrated s.c. cadmium chloride (2.5 mg kg -1) and third group injected s.c. with Sel (0.35 mg kg -1) and Cd. In the last group, the animals were treated with Sel one hour before Cd treatment. Blood samples were collected and eight animals were sacrificed after two, four, six and eight weeks. Plasma testosterone, FSH and LH were assayed using enzyme immunoassay method. The sperm quality was evaluated. Cd in the testes was determined using atomic absorption. The weights of body, testes and accessory sex organs were recorded. The treatment of the rats with Cd results in a significant decrease of testosterone, LH, sperm motility (%), body gain and weights of testes, epididymis, vas deference, seminal vesicle and prostate gland. On the other hand, the sperm abnormalities and FSH concentration increased significantly in Cd treated rats. Cd content in the testes of second group and third group increased in a time-related fashion. Cd concentration in the testes of rats treated with Cd and Sel was less than that of rats injected with Cd alone. Sel was found to reduce the deleterious effects of Cd.
Role of Zinc in the Protection Against Cadmium Induced Hepatotoxicity
Samir A. Bashandy,I.M. Alhazza,Mohammad Mubarak
International Journal of Pharmacology , 2006,
Abstract: The influence of Zinc (Zn) on Cadmium (Cd) intoxication was investigated in male rats. The exposure of the rats to Cd (2.2 mg kg 1 CdCl2, injected subcutaneously 4 times weekly for 2 months) caused alterations in ultrastructure of liver as manifested by deterioration of mitochondrial cristae, deposition of large amount of collagen fibrils and a hypertrophy of Kupffer cells accompanied by presence of large sized lipid droplets in their cytoplasm. On the other hand, the blood hydroperoxide level, concentrations of Zn, Cd and reduced Glutathione (GSH) in the liver were increased during the treatment period with Cd. On the other hand, blood GSH level and hepatic catalase activity decreased in the rats injected with Cd. Moreover, treatment with Cd produced significant increases in plasma Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST), Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), gamma Glutamyl Transferase ( GT) and alkaline phosphatase activities and bilirubin concentration. Administration of Zn (2.2 mg kg 1 ZnCl2 injected s.c. 4 times weekly for 2 months) one hour prior to cadmium exposure ameliorated the toxic effects of Cd. Zn alleviated the elevation of hydroperoxide level, alterations in ultrastructure of liver and hepatic enzymes and Cd accumulation induced by Cd. We conclude that Zn could serve as a physiological antioxidant against cadmium-mediated oxidative stress.
Effects of Lead Toxicity on Free Radical Production in Rats
A.S.A. Haffor,I.M. Alhazza
Journal of Medical Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Heavy metal toxicity causes impairment of variety of cellular process. Cellular failure to maintain balance between the generation and elimination of reactive molecules results in tissue damage. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of Lead (BP) toxicity on Free Radicals (FR) production. Sixteen adult rats matched with age were randomly assigned to two groups, control and experimental. The experimental group was injected (IP) 1 mg kg-1 of body weight BP daily for seven days. Mean FR in the control group was 206.13 12.39 CARR U. In BP treated group the mean ( SEM) FR rose to 324.13 12.61 CARR U. The change in FR corresponds to 57% increase in the lead treated group. Thus, BP toxicity exposure mediates mitochondria damage and the subsequent oxidative stress. Based on the results of the present study, it can be concluded that BP toxicity causes elevation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which mediate inhibition of mitochondrial respiration in rats.
Effects of Lead and Hyperoxia on Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity in Rats
A.S.A. Haffor,I.M. Alhazza
Journal of Medical Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to examine the separate and the combined effects of lead and hyperoxia in adult rats, Ratus ratus on LDH. Thirty-two rats were assigned randomly to control (C) and three experimental groups: lead (BP), hyperoxia (HP) and Hypaeroxia-Lead (HPBP). The mean ("SEM) activity of LDH rose significantly (p< 0.05) from 216.41±12.39 U LG1 in control group to 539.28±28, 512.78±16.09 and 465.94±55.88 in BP, HP and HPBP groups, respectively. Therefore, both the separate and the combined effects of heavy metal lead and hyperoxai involve activation of LDH to compensate for cellular changes in the cytoplasm. Based on the results of the present study, it can be concluded that lead induces similar effects to hyperoxia exposure that causes the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which mediate changes in the cytoplasm enzymes such as LDH in rats.
Effects of Hyperoxia and Aging on Hepatocyte, Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels in Pigeon
I.M. Alhazza,M. Al-Mansour,A.S.A. Haffor
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: This study was carried out to examine the effects of intermittent hyperoxia and aging on the ultrastructure of hepatosyte, blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels in pigeon. Young and old pigeons were exposed to hyperoxia (100% O2), for 2 h daily for 6 weeks period. Ultrastructure of hepatocytes showed irregular clump of chromatin margination, large lipid accumulation, lipdec derbis and micropinocytosis vermiform. Baseline cholesterol of the young and the old groups were 288.30 and 441.83 mg/100 mL, respectively, which were significantly (p< 0.05) different. Following exposure to hyperoxia neither cholesterol for the young (288.30 vs 281.75 mg/100 mL) nor for the old (441.83 vs 443.37 mg/100 mL) changed significantly (p > 0.05) but the difference between the two groups remained significant (p<0.05). Thus hypercholesterolemia induced by aging remained independent of hyperoxia exposure. Baseline TG were 187.49 and 215.04 mg/100 mL for the young and old, respectively which were not significantly (p>0.05) different. Following exposure to hyperoxia TG decreased significantly (p<0.05) in the young group. Thus young pigeon were able to compensate for oxidized lipoprotein and the associated hepatocyte injury induced by oxidative stress.
Synthetic amino acid-analogs of γ-aminobutyric acid
I.M. Ejimadu
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia , 1989,
Abstract: Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop., 2(2) 57-60 (1989).
Potential Nephrotoxicity in African Mud Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Following Exposure to Compost Derived Humic Acid
I.M. Adekunle
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Influence of compost-derived Humic Acid (HA) on nephrotoxicity in juvenile African mud catfish (Clarias gariepinus) was evaluated in static water culture. Fish samples were exposed to different HA concentrations (0, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 mg L-1) for 45 days at 5 samples per aquarium. Renal function was assessed spectrophotometrically via levels of serum albumin, measured using bromocresol green, creatinine by Jaffe method and urea by Nesslerization method. Results revealed that the mean value of albumin or urea in the exposed group (I), at each HA concentration, was lower than the value found in the control group (II). Creatinine was relatively higher in I relative to II. Significant (p<0.05) variations for I and II were obtained at 250 to 1000 mgHA L-1 for the three biomarkers. Relative to increasing HA concentration, decreasing albumin (0.84 to 0.43 g dL-1: r = -0.114; p> 0.10), urea ( 5.21 to 1.95 mg dL-1; r = -0.586; p> 0.10) and increasing creatinine (0.20 to 1.53 mg dL-1: r = +0.704; p> 0.10) were recorded; r is correlation coefficient. Changes in urea were not predictive of nephrotic syndrome but alterations in albumin and creatinine revealed induced nephrotoxicity, especially at elevated HA concentrations (above 100 mg L-1). Overall, the effect of humic acid was dose-dependent. Further studies at various humic acid concentrations, especially below 100 mg L-1, are required to establish the actual nephrotoxic dose.
Lucr?ri ?tiin?ifice : Management Agricol , 2009,
Abstract: This paper investigates the effects of credit constraints on the Romanian farm investment behaviour. In order to do the empirical investigation the simulative approach is used in the construction of a model generically named SIMULPACROM. This one is then used in 21 farms specialised in crop production taken from the FDAN sample. The financial scenarios show that the barrowing possibilities importantly affect both the farm’s net revenue and its investment behaviour. The farm size and its indebt degree are variables which can explain the credit constraints.
Goal-oriented approach to diagnostics in management of an enterprise
I.M. Semenenko
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2012,
Abstract: Problems which occur while performing diagnostics of the state of an enterprise and the results of its activity have been revealed. The inexpediency of using problem approach to diagnostics in management of an enterprise in modern conditions of economic management has been defined. The significance and essence of goal-oriented approach to diagnostics in management of an enterprise have been revealed. It has been set that the management decisions, developed using the goal-oriented approach to diagnostics, are more efficient.
Direction of use of instruments of classic concept of municipal marketing in development of competitiveness of a city
I.M. Budnikevich
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2011,
Abstract: The prerequisites of formation of the concept of classical marketing in Ukraine are considered in the paper. The definition of the municipal marketing in the framework of the classical concept is offered. The role of marketing instruments in formation of competitive advantages of the city is determined. The variants of segmentation of city environment and strategies of municipal marketing towards target markets are described. The experience of Dresden (Germany) in the field of realization of marketing concept is studied.
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