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Looking for antineutrino flux from $^{40}$K with large liquid scintillator detector
V. V. Sinev,L. B. Bezrukov,E. A. Litvinovich,I. N. Machulin,M. D. Skorokhvatov,S. V. Sukhotin
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1134/S1063779615020173
Abstract: We regard the possibility of detecting the antineutrino flux producing by the $^{40}$K placing inside the Earth. Thermal flux of the Earth could be better understood with observing such a flux. Lower and upper limitations on the $^{40}$K antineutrino flux are presented.
Antineutrino-Deuteron Experiment at Krasnoyrsk
Yu. V. Kozlov,S. V. Khalturtsev,I. N. Machulin,A. V. Martemyanov,V. P. Martemyanov,S. V. Sukhotin,V. G. Tarasenkov,E. V. Turbin,V. N. Vyrodov
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1134/1.855742
Abstract: This report is represented the results of some experiments, which carried out at the neutrino underground laboratory of Kranoyarsk nuclear plant.
Today and Future Neutrino Experiments at Krasnoyarsk Nuclear Reactor
Yu. V. Kozlov,S. V. Khalturtsev,I. N. Machulin,A. V. Martemyanov,V. P. Martemyanov,A. A. Sabelnikov,V. G. Tarasenkov,E. V. Turbin,V. N. Vyrodov,L. A. Popeko,A. V. Cherny,G. A. Shishkina
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1016/S0920-5632(00)00738-6
Abstract: The results of undergoing experiments and new experiment propositions at Krasnoyarsk underground nuclear reactor are presented
Modern Status of Neutrino Experiments at the Underground Neutrino Laboratory of Kurchatov Institute Near Krasnoyarsk Nuclear Reactor
Yu. V. Kozlov,S. V. Khalturtsev,I. N. Machulin,A. V. Martemyanov,V. P. Martemyanov,A. A. Sabelnikov,S. V. Sukhotin,V. G. Tarasenkov,E. V. Turbin,V. N. Vyrodov
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: The investigation of antineutrino-deuteron interaction at Krasnoyarsk reactor are discussed. The characteristics of the installation ''Deuteron'', present results and perspectives of Krasnoyarsk neutrino laboratory are presented.
Perspectives to measure neutrino-nuclear neutral current coherent scattering with two-phase emission detector
RED Collaboration,D. Yu. Akimov,I. S. Alexandrov,V. I. Aleshin,V. A. Belov,A. I. Bolozdynya,A. A. Burenkov,A. S. Chepurnov,M. V. Danilov,A. V. Derbin,V. V. Dmitrenko,A. G. Dolgolenko,D. A. Egorov,Yu. V. Efremenko,A. V. Etenko,M. B. Gromov,M. A. Gulin,S. V. Ivakhin,V. A. Kantserov,V. A. Kaplin,A. K. Karelin,A. V. Khromov,M. A. Kirsanov,S. G. Klimanov,A. S. Kobyakin,A. M. Konovalov,A. G. Kovalenko,V. I. Kopeikin,T. D. Krakhmalova,A. V. Kuchenkov,A. V. Kumpan,E. A. Litvinovich,G. A Lukyanchenko,I. N. Machulin,V. P. Martemyanov,N. N. Nurakhov,D. G. Rudik,I. S. Saldikov,M. D. Skorokhatov,V. V. Sosnovtsev,V. N. Stekhanov,M. N. Strikhanov,S. V. Sukhotin,V. G. Tarasenkov,G. V. Tikhomirov,O. Ya. Zeldovich
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/8/10/P10023
Abstract: We propose to detect and to study neutrino neutral current coherent scattering off atomic nuclei with a two-phase emission detector using liquid xenon as a working medium. Expected signals and backgrounds are calculated for two possible experimental sites: Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant in the Russian Federation and Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. Both sites have advantages as well as limitations. However the experiment looks feasible at either location. Preliminary design of the detector and supporting R&D program are discussed.
Removal of 17β-Estradiol by Electro-Fenton Process  [PDF]
I. Naimi, N. Bellakhal
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.312128
Abstract: The Electrochemical advanced oxidation method “Electro-Fenton” has been applied to remove 17β-estradiol (17β)- estra-1,3,5(10)-triéne-3,17-diol) in aqueous-acetonitrile mixture. This endocrine disrupting is a steroid hormone, releases from humans, animals and residual pharmaceuticals into the environmental water and usually causes suspected undesirable effects in aquatic organisms. The degradation of this organic compound by Electro-Fenton process was showed using a carbon felt cathode and platinum anode. The evolution of the concentration during treatment was followed up by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The influence of operating conditions on the degradation of 17β-estradiol by Electro-Fenton step, such as initial concentration and catalyst concentration, has been investi- gated and discussed. We showed that the degradation reaction obeyed apparent first-order reaction kinetics, with absolute rate constant determined as 5.12 × 109 M–1 s–1 by competitive kinetics method taking Benzoic Acid as reference compound. The results confirm the efficiency of the Electro-Fenton process to degrade organic pollutant in aqueous-acetonitrile mixture.
Thoracoscopy: Outstanding Interventional Modality in Diagnosis of Pleural Nosologies  [PDF]
I. Sotiriou, N. Siddique
Open Journal of Respiratory Diseases (OJRD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojrd.2014.44016
Abstract: Thoracoscopy is a well established invasive method for the diagnosis and management of pleural nosologies. The role and the impact that this procedure exerts in settings alongside the diagnostic yield in pleural malignancies are unquestionable. New insights and novel techniques promise an even greater future towards the usefulness of this technique in interventional pneumonology. This is a short review highlighting the principles and novel aspects in the evolutionary progress of pleuroscopy.
Influence of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on Sliding Wear Behavior of AA6061/0-10 wt.% ZrB2 in-situ Composite Butt Joints  [PDF]
I. Dinaharan, N. Murugan
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2011.1014107
Abstract: Over the last decade attempts have been made to fabricate aluminum matrix composites (AMCs) reinforced with several ceramic particles. Aluminum reinforced with ZrB2 particles is one such AMC. The successful application of new kind of AMCs lies in the development of secondary processes such as machining and joining. Friction stir welding (FSW) is a relatively new solid state welding which overcomes all the setbacks of fusion welding of AMCs. An attempt has been made to friction stir weld AA6061/ 0-10 wt. % ZrB2 in-situ composites and to develop empirical relationships to predict the sliding wear behavior of butt joints. Four factors, five levels central composite rotatable design has been used to minimize the number of experiments. The factors considered are tool rotational speed, welding speed, axial force and weight percentage of ZrB2. The effect of these factors on wear rate (W) and wear resistance (R) of the welded joints is analyzed and the predicted trends are discussed.
Support Vector Machines Networks to Hybrid Neuro-Genetic SVMs in Portfolio Selection  [PDF]
N. Loukeris, I. Eleftheriadis
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2015.73011
Abstract: Corporate net value is efficiently described on its stock price, offering investors a chance to include a potentially surplus value to the net worth of the overall investment portfolio. Financial analysis of corporations extracted from the accounting statements is constantly demanded to support decisions making of portfolio managers. Econometrics and Artificial Intelligence methods aim to extract hidden information from complex accounting and financial data. Support Vector Machines hybrids optimized in their components by Genetic Algorithms provide effective results in corporate financial analysis.
Light Yield in DarkSide-10: a Prototype Two-phase Liquid Argon TPC for Dark Matter Searches
T. Alexander,D. Alton,K. Arisaka,H. O. Back,P. Beltrame,J. Benziger,G. Bonfini,A. Brigatti,J. Brodsky,L. Cadonati,F. Calaprice,A. Candela,H. Cao,P. Cavalcante,A. Chavarria,A. Chepurnov,D. Cline,A. G. Cocco,C. Condon,D. D'Angelo,S. Davini,E. De Haas,A. Derbin,G. Di Pietro,I. Dratchnev,D. Durben,A. Empl,A. Etenko,A. Fan,G. Fiorillo,K. Fomenko,F. Gabriele,C. Galbiati,S. Gazzana,C. Ghag,C. Ghiano,A. Goretti,L. Grandi,M. Gromov,M. Guan,C. Guo,G. Guray,E. V. Hungerford,Al. Ianni,An. Ianni,A. Kayunov,K. Keeter,C. Kendziora,S. Kidner,V. Kobychev,G. Koh,D. Korablev,G. Korga,E. Shields,P. Li,B. Loer,P. Lombardi,C. Love,L. Ludhova,L. Lukyanchenko,A. Lund,K. Lung,Y. Ma,I. Machulin,J. Maricic,C. J. Martoff,Y. Meng,E. Meroni,P. D. Meyers,T. Mohayai,D. Montanari,M. Montuschi,P. Mosteiro,B. Mount,V. Muratova,A. Nelson,A. Nemtzow,N. Nurakhov,M. Orsini,F. Ortica,M. Pallavicini,E. Pantic,S. Parmeggiano,R. Parsells,N. Pelliccia,L. Perasso,F. Perfetto,L. Pinsky,A. Pocar,S. Pordes,G. Ranucci,A. Razeto,A. Romani,N. Rossi,P. Saggese,R. Saldanha,C. Salvo,W. Sands,M. Seigar,D. Semenov,M. Skorokhvatov,O. Smirnov,A. Sotnikov,S. Sukhotin,Y. Suvorov,R. Tartaglia,J. Tatarowicz,G. Testera,A. Teymourian,J. Thompson,E. Unzhakov,R. B. Vogelaar,H. Wang,S. Westerdale,M. Wojcik,A. Wright,J. Xu,C. Yang,S. Zavatarelli,M. Zehfus,W. Zhong,G. Zuzel
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.astropartphys.2013.08.004
Abstract: As part of the DarkSide program of direct dark matter searches using liquid argon TPCs, a prototype detector with an active volume containing 10 kg of liquid argon, DarkSide-10, was built and operated underground in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy. A critically important parameter for such devices is the scintillation light yield, as photon statistics limits the rejection of electron-recoil backgrounds by pulse shape discrimination. We have measured the light yield of DarkSide-10 using the readily-identifiable full-absorption peaks from gamma ray sources combined with single-photoelectron calibrations using low-occupancy laser pulses. For gamma lines of energies in the range 122-1275 keV, we get consistent light yields averaging 8.887+-0.003(stat)+-0.444(sys) p.e./keVee. With additional purification, the light yield measured at 511 keV increased to 9.142+-0.006(stat) p.e./keVee.
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