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Evaluation of an Amniotic Membrane-Collagen Dermal Substitute in the Management of Full-Thickness Skin Defects in a Pig
Hyunji Kim,Daegu Son,Tae Hyun Choi,Samhyun Jung
Archives of Plastic Surgery , 2013, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5999/aps.2013.40.1.11
Abstract: Background To minimize the inflammatory reaction and improve healing, a new modifieddermal substitute composed of an atelocollagen, chondroitin-6-sulfate, and amnioticmembrane (AM) was applied to full-thickness skin defects in a pig. Atelocollagen was extractedfrom bovine skin, and two modified dermal substitutes were generated according to the crosslinkingtype.Methods The AM-collagen dermal substitutes were characterized and compared withcurrently used dermal substitutes in a pig skin defect model. There were five experimentalgroups: dehydrothermal (DHT) cross-linking atelocollagen with the AM on the top (AM-DHT),DHT and chemical cross-linking atelocollagen with the AM on the top (AM-DHT/chemical),Terudermis, Integra, and AlloDerm. After 3×3 cm full-thickness skin defects on the back ofa pig were created, each dermal substitutes dermal substitutes was randomly grafted on thedefects. Two weeks after grafting, autologous partial-thickness skin was over-grafted on theneodermis. The take rate of the dermal substitutes, skin, and histological sections were allassessed at 1, 2, and 4 weeks postoperatively.Results More rapid healing and a higher take rate were evident in the AM-DHT and Terudermisgroups. Histological examination revealed fewer inflammatory cells and more fibroblasthyperplasia in these two groups. Four weeks after surgery, the amount of newly formedcollagen was significantly more appropriate in the AM-DHT group.Conclusions These observations provide supporting evidence that a newly developed amnioticcollagendermal substitute may inhibit inflammatory reactions and promote wound healing.
ABCD2 Is a Direct Target of β-Catenin and TCF-4: Implications for X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy Therapy
Chul-Yong Park, Han-Soo Kim, Jiho Jang, Hyunji Lee, Jae Souk Lee, Jeong-Eun Yoo, Dongjin R. Lee, Dong-Wook Kim
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0056242
Abstract: X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) is a peroxisomal disorder caused by mutations in the ABCD1 gene that encodes the peroxisomal ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter subfamily D member 1 protein (ABCD1), which is referred to as the adrenoleukodystrophy protein (ALDP). Induction of the ABCD2 gene, the closest homolog of ABCD1, has been mentioned as a possible therapeutic option for the defective ABCD1 protein in X-ALD. However, little is known about the transcriptional regulation of ABCD2 gene expression. Here, through in silico analysis, we found two putative TCF-4 binding elements between nucleotide positions ?360 and ?260 of the promoter region of the ABCD2 gene. The transcriptional activity of the ABCD2 promoter was strongly increased by ectopic expression of β-catenin and TCF-4. In addition, mutation of either or both TCF-4 binding elements by site-directed mutagenesis decreased promoter activity. This was further validated by the finding that β-catenin and the promoter of the ABCD2 gene were pulled down with a β-catenin antibody in a chromatin immunoprecipitation assay. Moreover, real-time PCR analysis revealed that β-catenin and TCF-4 increased mRNA levels of ABCD2 in both a hepatocellular carcinoma cell line and primary fibroblasts from an X-ALD patient. Interestingly, we found that the levels of very long chain fatty acids were decreased by ectopic expression of ABCD2-GFP as well as β-catenin and TCF-4. Taken together, our results demonstrate for the first time the direct regulation of ABCD2 by β-catenin and TCF-4.
Modulatory role of phospholipase D in the activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT)-3 by thyroid oncogenic kinase RET/PTC
Young-Rae Kim, Hee Sun Byun, Minho Won, Kyeong Ah Park, Jin Man Kim, Byung Lyul Choi, Hyunji Lee, Jang Hee Hong, Jongsun Park, Jeong Ho Seok, Dong Wook Kim, Minho Shong, Seung-Kiel Park, Gang Min Hur
BMC Cancer , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-8-144
Abstract: Cancer tissue samples were obtained from papillary thyroid cancer patients (n = 6). The expression level of PLD was examined using immunohistochemistry and western blotting. Direct interaction between RET/PTC and PLD was analyzed by co-immunoprecipitation assay. PLD activity was assessed by measuring the formation of [3H]phosphatidylbutanol, the product of PLD-mediated transphosphatidylation, in the presence of n-butanol. The transcriptional activity of STAT3 was assessed by m67 luciferase reporter assay.In human papillary thyroid cancer, the expression levels of PLD2 protein were higher than those in the corresponding paired normal tissues. PLD and RET/PTC could be co-immunoprecipitated from cells where each protein was over-expressed. In addition, the activation of PLD by pervanadate triggered phosphorylation of tyrosine 705 residue on STAT-3, and its phosphorylation was dramatically higher in TPC-1 cells (from papillary carcinoma) that have an endogenous RET/PTC1 than in ARO cells (from anaplastic carcinoma) without alteration of total STAT-3 expression. Moreover, the RET/PTC-mediated transcriptional activation of STAT-3 was synergistically increased by over-expression of PLD, whereas the PLD activity as a lipid hydrolyzing enzyme was not affected by RET/PTC.These findings led us to suggest that the PLD synergistically functions to activate the STAT3 signaling by interacting directly with the thyroid oncogenic kinase RET/PTC.Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is frequently associated with RET (rearranged in transformation) gene rearrangement that results in fusing the RET tyrosine kinase domain to the N-terminal region of heterologous genes [1]. Among human tumors, RET rearrangements are restricted to the thyroid gland, where they are considered specific for papillary carcinoma [2,3]. To date, 12 different fusion partner genes are reported to form at least 17 different RET hybrid oncogenes. The most prevalent variants of these chimeric oncogenes are RET/PTC1 (60 t
The Dynamics of Collapsing Monopoles and Regular Black Holes
Hyunji Cho,David Kastor,Jennie Traschen
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: We study the formation and stability of regular black holes by employing a thin shell approximation to the dynamics of collapsing magnetic monopoles. The core deSitter region of the monopole is matched across the shell to a Reissner-Nordstrom exterior. We find static configurations which are nonsingular black holes and also oscillatory trajectories about these static points that share the same causal structure. In these spacetimes the shell is always hidden behind the black hole horizon. We also find shell trajectories that pass through the asymptotically flat region and model collapse of a monopole to form a regular black hole. In addition there are trajectories in which the deSitter core encompasses a deSitter horizon and hence undergoes topological inflation. However, these always yield singular black holes and never have the shell passing through the aymptotically flat region. Although the regular black hole spacetimes satisfy the strong energy condition, they avoid the singularity theorems by failing to satisfy the genericity condition on the Riemann tensor. The regular black holes undergo a change in spatial topology in accordance with a theorem of Borde's.
Calibrations and Fayyazuddin-Smith Spacetimes
Hyunji Cho,Moataz Emam,David Kastor,Jennie Traschen
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.63.064003
Abstract: We show that a class of spacetimes introduced by Fayyazuddin and Smith to describe intersecting M5-branes admit a generalized Kahler calibration. Equipped with this understanding, we are able to construct spacetimes corresponding to further classes of calibrated $p$-brane world-volume solitons. We note that these classes of spacetimes also describe the fields of $p$-branes wrapping certain supersymmetric cycles of Calabi-Yau manifolds.
Design of Quantification Model for Ransom Ware Prevent  [PDF]
Donghyun Kim, Seoksoo Kim
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2015.33C030

The growth of ICT within the society has become increasingly digitized, thus, the overall activity has amounted to various researches for protecting any data from malicious threats. Recently, ransomware has been a rapidly propagated subject for social engineering techniques especially the ransomware. Users can delete a ransomeware code using an antivirus software code. However, the encrypted data would be impossible to recover. Therefore, ransomware must be prevented and must have early detection before it infects any data. In this paper, we are proposing a quantification model to prevent and detect any cryptographic operations in the local drive.

Trends of Noninvasive Radiofrequency and Minimally Invasive Treatment for the Management of Facial Aging  [PDF]
Sunghee Kim, Moonjong Kim
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2019.91003
Abstract: Various treatments for the management of facial aging have been performed among which noninvasive radio-frequency (RF; i.e., thermage) treatment and minimally invasive treatments are on the rise. The purpose of this study was to analyze trends of the treatment of facial aging in Korea and to investigate relationships between the use of noninvasive RF and minimally invasive treatments. A retrospective analysis conducted on data from 4021 patients showed that thermage treatment increased by 134.9% over 5 years. As a person ages, the rate of facial treatment with both the botulinum toxin (for the masseter and lines of the glabella, lateral canthus, and forehead) and the PDO thread lift increases. The use of the treatments, nasolabial fold filler and Silhouette Soft Thread, however, was not associated with aging. The patients receiving thermage treatment were less likely to undergo any of the other treatments including PDO thread lift, Silhouette Soft Thread, nasolabial fold filler, or any of the botulinum toxin treatments. Overall, the results showed that patients who had received noninvasive RF tended to receive less minimally invasive treatment.
The Effect of Prunella on Anti-Inflammatory Activity in RAW264.7 Mouse Macrophage Cells  [PDF]
Meehye Kim
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2012.39170
Abstract: The extracts of Prunella vulgaris L. (Labiatae), a popular Western and Chinese herbal medicine, was shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which might be due to partially, their rosmarinic acid content. Inhition of prostaglandine E2 (PGE2) production in lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulated RAW264.7 mouse macrophage cells was assessed with an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) following 8-hour treatments with Prunella vulgaris extracts or fractions. Results showed that 95% ethanol extracts from P. vulgaris significantly inhibited PGE2 production. In further studies, fraction 2 from the 95% ethanol extract of P. vulgaris significantly reduced PGE2 production at 66 µg/ml (72% reduction). Cytotoxic-ity did not play a role in the noted reduction of PGE2 seen in either the extracts or fractions from P. vulgaris. High performance liquid chromatography analysis showed that there was 1.4 mM rosmarinic acid in 95% ethanol Prunella extract (201 mg/ml crude extract). Our results suggest that rosmarinic acid may contribute toward the anti-inflammatory activity of Prunella in a dose-response manner. Prunella might have a potential to be used as a functional food for anti-inflammatory activity.
An Effect of the Elastic Energy Stored in the Muscle-Tendon Complex at Two Different Coupling-Time Conditions during Vertical Jump  [PDF]
Sukwon Kim
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2013.31002

A study was performed to evaluate effects of elastic energy stored pre-stretch on the mechanical work output while performing vertical jump. Eight male volunteers of age between 21-29 years old participated in the present study. The present study hypothesized that the vertical jump height during countermovement jumps (CMJ) would be higher than that during squat jump (SJ). During squat jump, a volunteer paused 0.5 sec before making upward movement. The results showed that ground reaction forces and vertical jump displacements were higher in CMJ in comparison to SJ. The study concluded that part of the positive work measured did derive from the recoil of the elastic component of the muscle-tendon complex.

Material Resource Planning (MRP): Will You Need MRP without the Customer?  [PDF]
Kwahng Kim
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.24027
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to introduce a new philosophy that when integrated with existing methodologies, will improve customer service within the manufacturing sector. This paper intends to provide the reader with an understanding that the entire operation has to be involved and collectively focused in order to continuously exceed customer expectations. Short falls of existing systems will be examined with a key focus on the importance of not tying all expectations on MRP, a historical algorithmic electronic scheduling system.
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