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Telephone Numbering Mapping in Cuba: An easy Solution from Mobile Telephony El mapeo de números telefónicos en Cuba: Solución para facilitarlo desde la telefonía móvil
Martha Mesa Silva,Humberto Quintana Barrios
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i2.51
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to present the mapping service phone numbers and how important it is to be provided through mobile telephony. The same offers an overview of what is ENUM, and how through a WAP portal, it can offer ENUM service in mobile devices, taking into consideration the significant increase in the use of this technology by the Cuban society and the fact that the WAP technology has being designed to work with most wireless networks, and it is a good fit to the generation of networks that is implanted in Cuba. At the same time, it presents the results of the implementation of the portal, showing the main features it offers. With the service is expected to achieve technological independence and make it available through mobile devices, because it will bring great benefits to all those who make use of it. El objetivo de este trabajo consiste en dar a conocer el servicio de mapeo de números telefónicos y la importancia que tiene poder facilitarlo a través de la telefonía móvil. Se ofrece un panorama acerca de ENUM, y cómo a través de un Portal WAP se puede ofrecer la prestación del servicio ENUM en los dispositivos móviles, teniendo en cuenta el considerable aumento del uso de los mismos por la sociedad cubana y que la tecnología WAP además de estar dise ada para trabajar con la mayoría de las redes inalámbricas se ajusta muy bien a la generación de redes implantadas en Cuba. Al mismo tiempo se exponen los resultados de la realización del Portal, mostrando las principales funcionalidades que ofrece. Con la prestación del servicio se espera lograr la independencia tecnológica a través de los dispositivos móviles, lo cual traerá grandes beneficios a todas aquellas personas que hagan uso del mismo.
Antropología y economía: el "economismo" como cultura
Quintana,Humberto Leopoldo;
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2004,
Abstract: nowadays any observer of the political and social reality has noticed the strong tensions that exist between the "world of economists" and "people's world". in this paper, we pretend to find out about the relationship between economy and culture, this theme is of much interest to many disciplines, buy we will concentrate on the relationship economic sciences and anthropology. in this paper two basic questions are treated as axes of connection between economics and anthropology. the first is connected to anthropology, its place, and the methodological issues it is confronted with when treating the economical question. the latter is referred to a reflection, from economy perspective on a central theme on the behaviors of the economical system, which is a cultural system widely considered in anthropology, but not the same intensity as economy. economy is not only a scientific discipline its action is not only part of the academic world or economic relationships, but it has criteria when observing reality, and premises as regards human values, and a particular way of reasoning and thinking, extending to all fields of human life, having a way of swing things as well as having a particular perspective of reality. this characteristic defines a culture which we call "economism" which differs from "economicism" since the latter is a monetary reductionism of the former. in the connection of economy with other disciplines as well as other culture aspects, economism puts economy and its "vision" on a central place, readily assimilated to ethnocentrism. the attempts of approximation between economy and other disciplines, abandoning the central position of economy, they were shown as an intention to become horizontal such relations, as the cultural relativism pretends. in such a way, economism presented as another culture, respectful of others. finally, we try to show that economism emerges from social relations, we form part of a dominant culture, only some sectors participated
Desarrollo económico y salud pública
Quintana,Humberto Leopoldo;
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2004,
Abstract: in this paper we propose to relate public health, especially medical assistance to society's economical situation, with a synthesis of antecedents and current situation of the economicist focus of public health as well as the health system. an exact synthesis of the processes carried out concerning these subject matters since ancient times until nowadays. we conclude this paper with a chapter related with economic globalization, which we relate with the current concept of "health economy", after identifying its origins and development. "health economy" is described according to systemic and neoclassical focus, concluding this paper with a strict criticism to these foci as well as describing the unfair effects of the model.
Silvia Marchevsky,Victoria Beresi,Juan Quintana,Humberto del Pozo
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1979,
El consentimiento informado en la práctica quirúrgica The written informed consent in surgical practice
Ana Bertha López Milhet,Irene Barrios Osuna,Rosalba Roque González,Ingrid Quintana Pajón
Revista Cubana de Cirugía , 2010,
Abstract: Se realizó una investigación exploratoria a partir de la revisión de artículos y bibliografía especializada sobre el tema, además de la experiencia del colectivo de autores que en su quehacer diario utilizan el consentimiento informado. Se valoró la repercusión del desarrollo científico-técnico en los aspectos éticos de los procedimientos quirúrgicos, específicamente en la toma de decisiones del paciente después de haber sido informado correctamente. Se resalta la importancia del consentimiento informado en la práctica asistencial, en especial en el área de la cirugía, y se analiza la experiencia cubana en la aplicación del consentimiento informado en las investigaciones. Se destacan las limitantes de su uso, como premisa necesaria para iniciar un proceso de perfeccionamiento en su aplicación. An exploratory research was performed from the article reviews and specialized references on this subject in addition to the experience of authors staff that in his daily practice use the written informed consent. The repercussion of scientific-technical development in the surgical procedure ethical features is assessed, specifically in the decision-making by patient after being appropriately informedSignificance of written informed consent is emphasized in assistance practice, especially in surgical area and Cuban experience is analyzed in application of this type of consent in related to researches highlighting the limitations of its use as a necessary premise to start a improvement process in its application.
Curva de selección de Litopenaeus schmitti y dos especies ícticas, capturados por la pesca artesanal de arrastre camaronera en el Golfo de Paria, estado Sucre, Venezuela
Marval,ángel; Altuve,Douglas; Gil,Humberto; Vizcaíno,Germán; Gómez,Gabriel; Barrios,Alexander;
Zootecnia Tropical , 2011,
Abstract: the extraction of penaeid shrimp in estuarine stage, is an activity that generates a continuous fishing pressure on the coastal ecosystems of the intertropical zone, for that reason this study aims to evaluate the selectivity of the artisanal trawl system with the ?chica? shrimp net. the catches were made between april and november 2008, using a trawl net with 11 m of length and 2.5 cm of mesh`s ligth and a small boat powered by two engines. in each sweep the bottom was trawled at depths below 5 m during 30 min. net recovered the organism obtained were separated and weighed respectively. three kg samples were transported refrigerated to the inia laboratory in cumana, sucre state. once there, they were taxonomically identified and a measured using a measuring board. size structures of litopenaeus schmitti were built separated by sex, cetengraulis edentulus and cathorops spixii, aplying the logistic equation to determine the range and size of selection respectively. the size range for female white shrimp fluctuated between 60 and 235 mm and the selection size l50% was 138.62 mm, whereas in males the size distribution was shown between 80 and 190 mm with a l50% of 131.09 mm. in the fishes, it was observed size range that oscillated between 55 and 195 mm in c. spixii and 75 and 170 mm c. edentulus, with a l50% of 105.19 mm and 124.19 mm respectively. it was observed that the gear used in this fishery is very selective as it retains a large number of bodies, most of them without having reached a commercial size.
Dise o de un módulo de detencción y corrección del desfase del canal de difusión BCH (Broadcast Channel) durante el tercer paso del proceso de sincronización...
Humberto Campanella,Néstor Barrios Reyes,Angélica Rodríguez Ramos
Ingeniería y Desarrollo , 2002,
Obtención de glicerol a partir de la Microalga Dunaliella Salina
Hernández Nazario,Lisethy; Quintana Cabrales,María Magdalena; Morris Quevedo,Humberto Joaquín;
Revista Cubana de Farmacia , 2000,
Abstract: en el campo de la tecnología farmacéutica, el glicerol es un disolvente ampliamente utilizado en virtud de sus propiedades físico-químicas en la formulación de diferentes formas farmacéuticas. se investigaron las posibilidades de obtención de glicerol como un subproducto del proceso de extracción de ?-carotenos a partir de cultivos de dunaliella salina, desarrollados bajo régimen autotrófico en el centro de investigaciones de energía solar. el flujo tecnológico propuesto comprende el tratamiento de la biomasa con hidróxido de calcio, la filtración del producto resultante, la extracción del ?-carotenos con un solvente insoluble en agua y, por último, la separación del glicerol neutralizando convenientemente del filtrado con ácido. el rendimiento de glicerol fue del 4-5 %, valor susceptible de ser incrementado mediante la inducción metabólica de los cultivos.
Tumores testiculares primarios en ni os Primary testicular tumors in children
Victoria Beresi R,Humberto del Pozo P,Juan Quintana B,Juan José Latorre L
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1987,
Leucemia Linfoblástica Aguda: Resultado del tratamiento en 130 ni os Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Results of Treatment
Juan Quintana B,Victoria Beresi R,Humberto del Pozo P,Waltraud Schuh O
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1987,

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