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Stereo rectification of calibrated image pairs based on geometric transformation
Huihuang Su,Bingwei He
International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: The objective of stereo rectification is to make the corresponding epipolar lines of image pairs be parallel to the horizontal direction, so that the efficiency of stereo matching is improved as the corresponding points stay in the same horizontal lines of both images. In this paper,a simple and convenient rectification method of calibrated image pairs based on geometric transformation is proposed, which can avoid the complicated calculation of many previous algorithms such as based on epipolar lines, based on fundamental matrix or directly depend on corresponding points. This method is divided into two steps including coordinate system transformation and re-projection of image points. Firstly, we establish two virtual cameras with parallel optical axis by coordinate system transformation based on the pose relationship of the two cameras from calibration result. Secondly, we re-project the points of the original image onto new image planes of the virtual cameras through geometrical method, and then realized the stereo rectification. Experiments of real stereo image pairs show that the proposed method is able to realize the rectification of stereo image pairs accurately and efficiently.
Relative Performance Evaluation—A Review of Recent Literature at Home and Abroad  [PDF]
Huihuang Li
Modern Economy (ME) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/me.2019.104084
Abstract: Relative performance evaluation is an important part of performance evaluation and compensation incentive research. Following the logical relationship among the existence, influence factors and economic consequences of relative performance evaluation, this paper sorts out the frontier research at home and abroad in recent years, focusing on the analysis and summary of the selection criteria of the peer enterprises and economic consequences of relative performance evaluation. On this basis, this paper looks forward to the future research direction. This paper has certain enlightenment significance for understanding and grasping the research dynamics, focus and future research directions of relative performance evaluation.
Research on the Customer Value Evaluation System of FX Science and Technology Corporation Ltd
Shujie Zhang,Huihuang Yi
International Journal of Business and Management , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v6n4p214
Abstract: Based on an analysis of the present situation of customer value evaluation of FX Science and Technology Corporation Ltd. in the stream media industry, this paper establishes a customer value evaluation system applicable to this company to evaluate the customer value and subdivide the customers, hence helping the company to integrate the effective resources to the most valuable core customers and the most potential sub-value customers. Through reasonably allocating the resources will a stable long-term customer relationship be established and the customers will participate in the management activities, improving the whole company’s profit-earning ability and competitive ability in an all-round way.
Direct electroless nickel plating on silicon surface
Guanghui Hu,Huihuang Wu,Fangzu Yang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2004, DOI: 10.1007/BF03183423
Abstract: Direct electroless nickel plating onn-Si(100) wafers in alkaline solutions was demonstrated without any activation procedure in advance, the effect of pH and temperature of the solutions on size of metal particles in deposits was examined, and also the element contents of deposits were analyzed by energy disperse spectroscopy (EDS). The results indicated that the size of metal particles increases with increasing temperature or decreasing pH. The possible mechanism of nickel deposition onn-Si(100) was discussed in terms of semiconductor electrochemistry, and the formation of nickel seed crystal on Si was mainly attributed to the generation of atomic hydrogen by electron capture of water molecule from the semiconductor in alkaline solutions.

ZHANG Zhiping,HUANG Huihuang,LI Guangping,

金属学报 , 1986,
In situ simultaneous determination of trace elements, U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes in zircon and baddeleyite
LieWen Xie,YanBin Zhang,HuiHuang Zhang,JingFeng Sun,FuYuan Wu
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2008, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-008-0086-y
Abstract: This paper describes a combined method of simultaneously measuring U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes as well as trace elements in Phalaborwa baddeleyite and 91500, GJ-1, TEMORA-1 and SK10-2 zircons by means of Neptune MC-ICPMS and Agilent Q-ICPMS connected to a 193 nm excimer laser ablation system. Material ablated by laser was carried in different proportions into Q-ICPMS for U-Pb isotopic and trace elemental and MC-ICPMS for Lu-Hf isotopic compositions. Experiments indicate that different proportions of ablated material for the Q-ICPMS and MC-ICPMS (6:4, 5:5 and 4:6 respectively) do not show any bias for the zircon/baddeleyite U-Pb age, Lu-Hf isotope and trace elemental compositions within analytical errors. Using 40–60 μm spot size, the obtained U-Pb ages of Phalaborwa baddeleyite, 91500, GJ-1, TEMORA and SK10-2 zircons are 2065±15 (2σ, n=20), 1063±6 (2σ, n=19), 613±6 (2σ, n=20), 416±5 (2σ, n=20) and 32.6±0.5 (2σ, n=20) Ma, respectively. The 176Hf/177Hf ratios are 0.281231±24 (2SD, n=20), 0.282310±35 (2SD, n=19), 0.282028±34 (2SD, n=20), 0.282687±34 (2SD, n=20) and 0.282752±53 (2SD, n=20), respectively. The obtained trace elemental compositions are identical to the reference values. Therefore, this kind of technique makes it possible to simultaneously obtain the U-Pb age, Lu-Hf isotopes and trace elemental compositions of zircon and baddeleyite, which could be an important tool in solving problems in earth sciences.
Opening and evolution of the South China Sea constrained by studies on volcanic rocks: Preliminary results and a research design
YiGang Xu,JingXian Wei,HuaNing Qiu,HuiHuang Zhang,XiaoLong Huang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4921-1
Abstract: The South China Sea (SCS) is characterized by abundant seamounts, which provide important information about the evolution of the SCS and related deep processes. Cenozoic volcanism in the SCS and its surroundings comprises three stages relative to the spreading of the SCS: pre-spreading (>32 Ma), syn-spreading (32-16 Ma), and post-spreading (<16 Ma). The pre-spreading magmatism predominantly occurs on the northern margin of the SCS and in South China coastal areas and shows a bi-modal affinity. The syn-spreading magmatic activity was very limited on the periphery of the SCS, but may be concentrated in the SCS. However, seafloor samples of this stage are not available yet because of overlying thick sedimentary deposits. Post-spreading magmatism is widespread in the central and southwest sub-basins of the SCS, Hainan Island, Leizhou Peninsula, Thailand, and Vietnam. These are mainly alkali basalts with subordinate tholeiites, and display OIB-type geochemical characteristics. The Dupal isotope anomaly and presence of high-magnesian olivine phenocrysts suggests their possible derivation from the Hainan mantle plume. The temporal and spatial distribution of Cenozoic volcanism in the SCS and its surroundings may be accounted for either by plate stress re-organization before and after SCS spreading, or by ridge suction of plume flow during opening of the SCS. If the latter is the case, the volcanic rocks within the SCS basin may not be typical mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB). It remains puzzling, however, that the transition between the South China continental margin and the SCS basin does not have features typical of a volcanic rifted margin. Clearly, the relationship between mantle plume and SCS opening needs further evaluation. A better understanding of the link between deep processes and opening of the SCS not only requires enhanced studies on igneous petrogenesis, but also is heavily dependent on systematic sampling of seafloor rocks.
Distribution and burial flux of phosphorus in sediments of the Bohai Sea

JIANG Huihuang,LIU Sumei,

环境科学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 对渤海27个站位的表层沉积物和25个站位的柱状沉积物中总磷(TP)、无机磷(IP)及有机磷(OP)的含量及其分布特征进行了研究.结果表明,渤海表层沉积物总磷含量的变化范围为10.83~20.27μmol·g-1,IP是表层沉积物中磷的主要存在形式,平均占TP的81%,柱状沉积物中无机磷同样占绝对优势.沉积物中总磷与无机磷的垂直分布具有由较深层向浅层增加的趋势,有机磷含量也随着深度的增加而减小,一般是上部变化较大、下部变化较小.渤海沉积物中总磷及无机磷在黄河口及莱州湾附近海域含量最高,渤海西部也有较高含量,中部次之,东部及海峡沉积物中磷含量最低;沉积物中有机磷在渤海西北部、渤海湾及辽东湾口附近含量较高.影响渤海沉积物中磷含量的主要因素有陆源输入与水动力条件.渤海磷的埋藏通量和埋藏效率都具有明显的区域性,研究发现,磷的埋藏通量与沉积速率的相关性显著(r=0.897,p<0.01),而磷的埋藏效率沿岸高,并向外海逐渐降低.通过对比1998年与2008年渤海中南部的表层沉积物磷含量数据,发现2008年沉积物中总磷、有机磷含量高于1998年,说明随着社会经济的发展和人类活动的加剧,渤海水体富营养化程度愈加严重.
Analysis and location of a rice BAC clone containing telomeric DNA sequences
Wenxue Zhai,Hao Chen,Huihuang Yan,Changjie Yan,Guoliang Wang,Lihuang Zhu
Science China Life Sciences , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF02881750
Abstract: BAC2, a rice BAC clone containing (TTTAGGG)n homologous sequences, was analyzed by Southern hybridization and DNA sequencing of its subclones. It was disclosed that there were many tandem repeated satellite DNA sequences, called TA352, as well as simple tandem repeats consisting of TTTAGGG or its variant within the BAC2 insert. A 0. 8 kb (TTTAGGG)n-containing fragment in BAC2 was mapped in the telomere regions of at least 5 pairs of rice chromosomes by using fluorescencein situ hybridization (FISH). By RFLP analysis of low copy sequences the BAC2 clone was localized in one terminal region of chromosome 6. All the results strongly suggest that the telomeric DNA sequences of rice are TTTAGGG or its variant, and the linked satellite DNA TA352 sequences belong to telomere-associated sequences.
Mapping of a new gene for brown planthopper resistance in cultivated rice introgressed fromOryza eichingeri
Guoqing Liu,Huihuang Yan,Qiang Fu,Qian Qian,Zhitao Zhang,Wenxue Zhai,Lihuang Zhu
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2001, DOI: 10.1007/BF03187031
Abstract: Wild rice species is an important source of useful genes for cultivated rice improvement. Some accessions ofOryza eichingeri (2n = 24, CC) from Africa confer strong resistance to brown planthopper (BPH), whitebacked planthopper (WBPH) and bacterial blight (BB). In the present study, restriction fragments length polymorphism (RFLP) and simple sequence repeats (SSR) analysis were performed on disomic backcross plants betweenOryza sativa (2n = 24, AA) andO. eichingeri in order to identify the presence ofO. eichingeri segments and further to localize BPH-resistant gene. In the introgression lines, 1–6O. eichingeri segments were detected on rice chromosomes 1, 2, 6, or/and 10. The dominant BPH resistant gene, tentatively named Bph13(t), was mapped to chromosome 2, being 6.1 and 5.5 cM away from two microsatellite markers RM240 and RM250, respectively. The transfer and localization of this gene fromO. eichingeri will contribute to the improvement of BPH resistance in cultivated rice.
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