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Study of the Relationship between the Sustainable Growing Social Responsibility and EVA Performance Evaluation System of Chinese Central Enterprises  [PDF]
Ting Song, Hui Peng
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2015.54024
Abstract: Under the background of Chinese central enterprises fully implementing EVA performance evaluation system, this paper takes the 231 Chinese central enterprises holdings listing corporation as a sample, building the relationship model between the sustainable growing social responsibility and EVA performance evaluation system. The study finds that central listing companies performing on the responsibility of government, shareholders, employees, society have active influence on EVA performance system, performing on the responsibility of customers, equity balance degree, enterprise scale and age have negative influence on EVA performance system while the relationship between creditors and suppliers and EVA performance system has not clear yet. We suggest that Chinese central enterprises should combine EVA and MVA into their EVA performance evaluation system in order to build their unique performance evaluation system and provide solid foundation for reference.
The New Driving Force of Shenzhen’s Economic Development in the New Era—From the Perspective of Total Factor Productivity  [PDF]
Yiqing Lv, Hui Peng
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.812159
Abstract: In New era, Shenzhen’s economic development needs new impetus. The paper analyzes the dynamic change mechanism, regional development potential and industrial structure upgrading efficiency of Shenzhen’s economic development from the perspective of total factor productivity. First of all, the paper analyzes and collates the mechanism of the production of total factor productivity and the way to improve it. Secondly, it calculates the total factor productivity of the whole, major region and industry in Shenzhen. The results show that the growth rate of total productivity in Shenzhen is strong, and the growth rate of total factor productivity in different regions and industries is uneven and differentiated, and the driving force of total factor productivity growth in different regions and industries is not the same. According to the conclusion, some constructive policies and suggestions are put forward. The government should grasp macroscopically to improve total factor productivity accurately and efficiently, use Multi pronged approach to deepen the reform of the economic system and making up the short board of Shenzhen’s economic development, build a modern industrial system and adhere to the general direction of industrial transformation and upgrading, and do deep tillage and meticulous work to formulate policies for service industries accurately, seize the commanding heights of human capital and optimize the structure of human capital.
Entrepreneurial Intentions and Its Influencing Factors: A Survey of the University Students in Xi’an China  [PDF]
Zhengxia Peng, Genshu Lu, Hui Kang
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.38B021
Abstract: Based on a survey of 2,010 senior university students from nine universities in Xi’an, China, this paper analyzes the student’s entrepreneurial intention level and its influencing factors. The results show that the perceived subjective norm of university students has significantly positive influence on their entrepreneurial attitude and the entrepreneurial self-efficacy while all these factors influence their entrepreneurial intentions significantly. This paper also examines the influence of other factors such as individual/psychological factors, family background factors and social environment factors, and further discusses its policy implications.
Changes in the Threshold Uncertainty in a Simultaneous Subscription Game  [PDF]
Timothy J. Gronberg, Hui-Chun Peng
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.44036

This paper considers a discrete public good subscription game under threshold uncertainty and private information on valuations and analyzes the effect of change in cost uncertainty on the private contribution equilibrium under a simultaneous institution. Comparative statics with respect to the changes in the cost distribution are derived. We find that if the cost distribution becomes more dispersed, in the sense of a mean-preserving spread, the expected total contributions to the public good will decrease. Our proposition provides a policy implication that if the suppliers are able to reduce the uncertainty of the cost distribution, the private contribution to the public good will increase.

A Liability Division Method for Harmonic Pollution Based on Line-Transferred Power Components  [PDF]
Jianchun Peng, Jun Zhou, Hui Jiang
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34035

The existing liability division methods for harmonic pollution are either inexplicit or incomplete in physical meaning. To compensate these defects, two new methods are proposed based on line-transferred power components in this paper. At first, all harmonic sources are represented by ideal equivalent current source, line current components and bus voltage components of a source are determined by stimulation of this source with all other sources disabled. Then, the line-trans- ferred power component owing to a source under all sources action together is determined by the theory of line-transferred power components, and called source’s line-transferred power component. At last, the liability of a source for line-end harmonic pollution is divided by two methods: the ration of the source’s line-transferred active power component to the total line-transferred power, and the ration of projection of the source’s line-transferred complex power component to absolute value of the total line-transferred complex power. These two methods are taken into account not only harmonic voltage but also harmonic current in the liability division. Simulation results show that the proposed liability division method based on active power component is the most effective and ideal one.

Existence of Periodic and Subharmonic Solutions for Second-Order p-Laplacian Difference Equations
Chen Peng,Fang Hui
Advances in Difference Equations , 2007,
Abstract: We obtain a sufficient condition for the existence of periodic and subharmonic solutions of second-order p-Laplacian difference equations using the critical point theory.
Existence of Periodic and Subharmonic Solutions for Second-Order p-Laplacian Difference Equations
Peng Chen,Hui Fang
Advances in Difference Equations , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/42530
Abstract: We obtain a sufficient condition for the existence of periodic and subharmonic solutions of second-order p-Laplacian difference equations using the critical point theory.
Adaptive Neural Network Tracking Control for a Class of SISO Affine Nonlinear Uncertain Systems
Hui Hu,Peng Guo
Journal of Computers , 2012, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.7.5.1169-1175
Abstract: A direct adaptive neural network tracking control scheme is presented for a class of SISO affine nonlinear uncertain systems. Uncertainties meet the match conditions. Parameters in neural networks are updated using a gradient descent method which designed in order to minimize a quadratic cost function of the error between the unknown ideal implicit controller and the used neural networks controller. No robustifying control term is used in controller. The convergence of adaptive parameters and tracking error and the boundedness of all states in the corresponding closed-loop system are demonstrated by Lyapunov stability theorem.Simulation results illustrate the availability of this method .
Neural Network Adaptive Control for a Class of Matched SISO Nonlinear Uncertain Systems With Zero Dynamics
Hui Hu,Peng Guo
Journal of Computers , 2012, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.7.6.1490-1496
Abstract: The paper presents a direct adaptive tracking control scheme for a class of matched SISO affine nonlinear uncertain systems with zero dynamic using neural network. Through neural network approximation, neural network is used as the emulator of the unknown ideal controller. A quadratic cost function of the error between the unknown ideal controller and the used neural network controller is minimized using a gradient descent method to adjust parameters in neural network. The convergence of parameters and the uniformly ultimately boundedness of tracking error and all states of the closed-loop system are guaranteed based on Lyapunov stability theorem. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is illustrated through the simulation results.
The Examination of Ancient Chinese People’s Aesthetic Inclination by Looking at the Moral of “Ospreys”
Hui-rong PENG
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2006, DOI: 10.3968/583
Abstract: Confucianist of the Han Dynasty took the crying together of male and female ospreys in the the song “Fair, cry the ospreys” of the Book of Songs or Poetry (Shijing)as the harmonious relations of husband and wife. From Kongying of the Tang dynasty to Zhuxi of the Northern Song dynasty, as well as notes and commentaries of the Book of Songs or Poetry (Shijing) up to now, all have followed such an explanation. As a matter of fact, such an explanation is a wrong. What should be pointed out is: The moral of the line “"Fair, fair," cry the ospreys on the island in the river.”is not singing praise of the virtues of the girl to “attract the male’s attention”, nor does it mean the beautiful singing of the ospreys and the Spring aroma have aroused the romantic feelings of the girl and the gentleman. On the contrary, it is the picture of ospreys catching and enjoying fish in the river that aroused the gentleman’s desire to court the girl. On the basis of this understanding we can see that, in explaining the Book of Songs or Poetry (Shijing), later generations have demonstrated a romantic aesthetic inclination. Keywords: Ospreys, Moral, Aesthetic inclination Résumé Les intellectuels des Hans ont interprété le cri d’un couple d’orfraies dans Les Orfraies, Le Livre des odes comme la bonne entente d’un couple. Kong Yinda, Zhu Xi, et la plupart des commentataires d’aujourd’hui ont tous adopté cette interprétation. Mais c’est un malentendu. Guan ! Guan ! crient les orfraies, sur l’ le de la rivière , cette première ligne ne chante pas la vertu de la femme de l’empereur Wen de la dynastie des Zhous, ni signifie que le chant des orfraies et l’atmosphère du printemps excitent la belle fille et le gentleman, mais que l’image des orfraies qui mangent les poissons soulève le désir du gentleman de chercher son épouse. D’où on peut constater que les commentataires ont manifesté une tendance esthétique romantiste en commentant Le Livre des odes. Mots-clés: orfraies, métaphore, tendance esthétique 摘要 漢儒將《詩經 關雎》中雎鳩雌雄和鳴比喻成夫妻和諧相處 , 從孔穎達到朱熹,以及至今大量的《詩經》注本都在沿襲著漢儒的解釋。這一詮釋實際上是一種誤解。應該修正的是:“關關雎鳩,在河之洲”的興義,既不是美後妃之德,不是“以義鳴其雄”,也不是指好鳥的和鳴﹑春天的氣息,喚起淑女和君子,而是雎鳩在河洲食魚的景象,喚起了君子求偶于淑女的願望。基於這種認識,可以看出,後人在詮釋《詩經》時表現出一種浪漫主義審美傾向。 關鍵詞:雎鳩;喻意;審美傾向
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