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Experimental Research on Asymmetric R&D Investment of R&D/Product Problem  [PDF]
Huayao Zhang
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2012.21016
Abstract: In this paper, an experiment is designed to verify the model findings of asymmetric R&D investment in open environment. 25 MBA students voluntarily participated in the experiment. They were divided into five groups representing different corporate decision-makers with different technical level to participate in repeated R&D/production game. The results show that low technology players will choose to take free ride of high technology competitors’ R&D investment and spare much expenditure at the stage of sequential game, while in a synchronize game a R&D race is the rational choice to both sides. The results fit well with model research, and they can also confirm that the equilibrium of model can be found by people in reality.
Petrologic feature and sealing mechanism for the pressure seal in the center of Junggar basin

Zou Huayao,Hao Fang,Zhang Boqiao,Shi Jiannan,Chen Bin,
邹华耀 郝芳[
,] 张伯桥 史建南 陈斌

岩石学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A huge abnormally overpressured compartment had been developed in the hinterland of Junggar basin, northwest China. But little attention was paid to the pressure seal for the overpressure compartment, including its constitute, spatial geometry, petrological signatures, and the overpressure - sealing mechanism. Based on a variety of data on formation pressure and petrology from more than 20 drilling wells, it is indicated that the overpressure top was encountered in laterally varied depth ranging from 3827m in the north to 5500m in the southwest, roughly shaping a southwest tilted tortured - surface, cutting across lower Jurassic and lower Cretaceous in the north and south, respectively. The pressure seal thickness is about 166 -250m among wells. In the area interested, the seal was occurred mainly within coal - bearing Jurassic, lithologieally being composed of alternating sandstones and shales, with sandstone more than 50%. Strong diagenetieally cementation was happened within sandstone intervals of the seal, indicative of abundant authigenie kaolinite, quartz, calcite and siderite. The kaolinite and quartz overgrowth was stemmed from eorrasion of aluminosilieate by rich organic acids generated within coal - bearing lower and middle Jurassic. Due to pore throat - plugging by the cements, the sandstone of the seal was tightened with a sharply decreased permeability less than 1.0rod. Moreover, the sandstone was charged with much gas expelled from coal measure nearby. Consequently, gas capillary sealing was considered as major mechanism for the sealing to the overpressure compartment.
Compositional characteristics and origin of marine and terrestrial solid reservoir bitumen in the northeast Sichuan basin.

ZHU YangMing,LI Ying,HAO Fang,ZOU HuaYao,GUO TongLou,

岩石学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Solid reservoir bitumens collected from Xujiahe(Upper Triassic,T3x),Feixianguan(Lower Triassic T1f) and Changxing Formation(Upper Permian,P2c) in Puguang and Yuanba gas fields and from Huanglong Formation(Middle Carboniferous,C2h) in western Hubei-eastern Chongqing region,the northeast of Sichuan basin,were systematically analyzed for bulk and molecular compositions,to investigate their genesis,character and origin.These bitumens are primarily characterized by poor solubility(ratios of chloroform extract over TOC<8% mostly),high reflectance(equivalent Ro>1.4%) and low H/C atomic ratios(<0.6),suggesting that they are derived from their original reservoired oil or migrated hydrocarbon by thermal degradation into gas,belonging to a pyrobitumen.Most bitumens in carbonate reservoir of Feixianguan and Changxing formations exhibit relatively high atomic ratios of S/C(mostly in 0.025 to 0.085),with δ34S values ranging mainly from 12‰ to 24‰,indicating a proportion of them possibly resulted from TSR.Unusual biomarker composition and distribution,such as bimodal distribution in n-alkanes,reduced Pr/Ph value,undifferentiated distribution in steranes and terpanes and reversal isomerization in sterane,are observed in these over-mature bitumens,and thus their conventional geochemical significances appear lost.However,the ratios of 2,6-/2,10-DMP,1,7-/1,9-DMP and 4-/1-MDBT in aromatic fraction are considered to be useful indicators for biological organic source and sedimentary environment of the source rocks from which the initial oils for the bitumens are derived.The aromatic ratios are relatively high in the bitumens of Xujiahe terrestrial reservoir,indicating a dominant terrigenous source input and oxic depositional environment for their source rocks.In contrast,they are significantly lower in the bitumens of Feixianguan,Changxing and Huanglong marine reaservoirs,suggesting an organic source predominated by aquatic organisms and a reducing condition.According to correlation between bitumens and source rocks by carbon isotopes and relative composition of dibenzothiophene series,the reservoir bitumens in Xujiahe Formation are believed to originate from adjacent source rock within this sequence,and those in Feixianguan and Changxing formations both from Permian source rock.Since Huanglong solid reservoir bitumen studied is isotopically heavier(δ13C values from-23.2‰ to-26.4‰),the original hydrocarbon could be primarily sourced from Mid-Lower Silurian Hanjiadian and Xiaoheba source rocks,rather than Longmaxi Formation.
Palaeolake Environment and Depositional Model of Source Rocks of the Lower Submember of Sha1 in Raoyang Sag, Bohai Bay Basin

Yin Jie
, Wang Quan, Hao Fang, Guo Liuxi, Zou Huayao

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2017, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2017.098
Abstract: 学者们对饶阳凹陷烃源岩的研究已经取得了一些成果,但针对沙一下亚段烃源岩发育时期的古湖泊环境却缺乏系统的研究,忽略了湖泊环境这个控制烃源岩地球化学特征和时空展布的重要因素.通过对沙一下亚段烃源岩样品的古生物资料、有机地球化学、微量元素和同位素分析,恢复其古气候、湖泊古水深、古盐度、氧化还原条件和古生产力,综合这些影响因素建立了沙一下亚段优质烃源岩的发育模式.结果表明,沙一段下亚段(Es1下)的优质烃源岩多发育于湖侵体系域沉积期,气候正从干旱炎热向温暖潮湿转变,湖水深度约为2~14m,浪基面深度为7.5m;古盐度参数如Sr/Ba和B/Ga等都指示了沙一下亚段湖侵体系域沉积期属于咸水环境,形成了稳定的盐度分层,从而造成底层水处于稳定的缺氧条件,有利于有机质的保存;而稳定碳同位素和营养元素的分布特征都表明此阶段湖泊表层水体有较高的初始生产力.这样的古湖泊环境造成强还原咸水半深湖沉积的有机相分布较广,有利于优质烃源岩的发育.
Despite successful studies on source rocks of Raoyang sag, existing studies on the ancient lake environment during lower submember of Sha1 source rocks development period are not systematic, an important factor controlling the geochemical characteristics and temporal and spatial distribution of source rocks, is often ignored. In this study, samples of source rocks in the lower submember of Sha1 were analyzed with palaeontological material, organic geochemistry, trace element and isotopic geochemistry to reveal the paleolake environment including the paleoclimate, water depth, salinity, organic matter preservation and productivity, and to construct depositional model for high-quality source rocks of the lower submember of Sha1. Results show that the high-quality source rocks mainly formed in the transgressive system tracts period. Meantime, the climate was in the transition from arid to humid, and the water depth of the paleolake was about 2-14 meters, wave base depth was 7.5 meters. Paleosalinity parameters such as Sr/Ba and B/Ga indicate the lower submember of Sha1 belonged to the saline environment due to the effect of water evaporation. High salinity was favorable to stable halocline formation, resulting in the bottom water in an anoxic condition for the preservation of organic matter. And the stable carbon isotope and nutrient elements distribution characteristics display that the surface water had high initial productivity in the stage of the lower submember of Sha1. Such paleolake environment caused wide distribution of strong reducing salt water semi-deep lake organic facies, beneficial to the growth of high-quality hydrocarbon source rocks
Paleo-Oil-Reservoirs Reconstruction and Oil Correlation of Changxing Formation in the Yuanba Gas Field, Sichuan Basin

李平平,郭旭升,郝 芳,邹华耀,余新亚,王广伟
Li Pingping
, Guo Xusheng, Hao Fang, Zou Huayao, Yu Xinya, Wang Guangwei

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2016, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2016.037
Abstract: 目前虽认为元坝气田长兴组天然气主要为原油裂解气,但尚未进行该气田的古油藏的定量恢复并计算原油裂解气的资源量,并系统分析古油藏原油的来源.长兴组储层普遍可见固体沥青,是原油裂解的直接产物,且原油裂解在本区构造抬升变形前就已经完成,因此储层沥青可用来识别古油层的分布.根据储层沥青的纵向和平面分布,确定了7个可靠的古油藏和4个可能的古油藏,并运用容积法恢复出本区聚集的古原油为6.14×108t,计算出相应的原油裂解气为3807.08×108m3,远大于现今气田的天然气探明储量,表明原油裂解气可以提供充足的气源,进一步证明了天然气主要为原油裂解气.通过长兴组储层沥青与不同层系烃源岩干酪根的碳同位素δ13C值对比,并结合烃源层分布和TOC等资料,确定古油藏原油主要来源于有机质类型以II型为主的上二叠统吴家坪组烃源岩,其次为长兴组/大隆组烃源岩.后者主要分布在广元-南江-通江地区,该区的天然气勘探不能忽视该套烃源岩的生烃潜力与成藏贡献.
The natural gases from the Changxing Formation (P2ch) in the Yuanba gas field are mainly derived from oil cracking, but the volume of oil cracking gas has not been evaluated quantitatively and the source of the paleo oil has not been studied systematically. Solid bitumen, commonly developed in the P2ch reservoirs, is a direct product of oil cracking which had finished before the regional uplift and structure deformation in the Yuanba gas field. As a result, the paleo oil zone can be recognized by the solid bitumen. Basing on the lateral and vertical distribution of solid bitumen, seven reliable and four probable paleo oil reservoirs have been found out. The paleo oil accumulated in these reservoirs by volumetric method is about 6.14×108t, and the corresponding oil cracking gas is about 3807.08×108m3. The volume of oil cracking gas is much larger than the natural gas found in the Yuanba gas field, which indicates that the oil cracking gas can supply sufficient gases for the present gas reservoirs, and further proves that the natural gases are mainly derived from oil cracking. The δ13C correlation of solid bitumen and kerogens from different source rocks, and total organic carbon (TOC) data show that the paleo oil was derived from type Ⅱ source rock mainly in the Upper Permian Wujiaping Formation, and then in the Changxing/Dalong Formation. The latter is mainly developed in Guangyuan Nanjiang Tongjiang area, and the hydrocarbon generated by this source rock cannot be neglected during the natural gas exploration in this area
An Efficient and Concise Algorithm for Convex Quadratic Programming and Its Application to Markowitz’s Portfolio Selection Model  [PDF]
Zhongzhen Zhang, Huayu Zhang
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2011.24024
Abstract: This paper presents a pivoting-based method for solving convex quadratic programming and then shows how to use it together with a parameter technique to solve mean-variance portfolio selection problems.
Investigation and Analysis of Sexual Harassment in Corporate Workplace of China  [PDF]
Xiaobing Zhang, Zewei Zhang
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2012.23038
Abstract: At present, sexual harassment in domestic workplace has a high probability of occurrence, which causes more and more attention. In this paper, the form of sexual harassment in workplace, and how to solve the sexual harassment were investigated and analyzed through questionnaires; and countermeasures and management suggestions were put forward from three aspects of corporate, employees and family.
Chaos Control in a Discrete Ecological System  [PDF]
Limin Zhang, Chaofeng Zhang
International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application (IJMNTA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijmnta.2012.13011
Abstract: In research [1], the authors investigate the dynamic behaviors of a discrete ecological system. The period-double bifurcations and chaos are found in the system. But no strategy is proposed to control the chaos. It is well known that chaos control is the first step of utilizing chaos. In this paper, a controller is designed to stabilize the chaotic orbits and enable them to be an ideal target one. After that, numerical simulations are presented to show the correctness of theoretical analysis.
Crystallization and Characterization of a New Fluorescent Molecule Based on Schiff Base  [PDF]
Dehua Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhang
Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology (JCPT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jcpt.2013.31004

In this analysis, the single crystal of schiff base has been synthesized and the purity of material has been increased by repeated recrystallization process. Single crystal was grown by adopting the method growing in a slow evaporation solution using ethanol as solvent at room temperature. A new fluorescent molecule based on Schiff base has been synthesised and its binding properties investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy to show that it can selectively bind Cu2+ with fluorescence quenching.

Mathematical Reasoning of Economic Intervening Principle Based on “Yin Yang Wu Xing” Theory in Traditional Chinese Economics (I)  [PDF]
Ziqing Zhang, Yingshan Zhang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.42016

By using mathematical reasoning, this paper demonstrates the economic intervening principle: “Virtual disease is to fill his mother but real disease is to rush down his son” and “ Strong inhibition of the same time, support the weak” based on “Yin Yang Wu Xing” Theory in Traditional Chinese Economics (TCE). We defined generalized relations and generalized reasoning, introduced the concept of steady multilateral systems with two non-compatibility relations, and discussed its energy properties. Later based on the intervening principle of TCE and treated the economic society as a steady multilateral system, it has been proved that the intervening principle above is true. The kernel of this paper is the existence and reasoning of the non-compatibility relations in steady multilateral systems, and it accords with the oriental thinking model.

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