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Work Behavior Analysis of FMCG Salesman  [PDF]
Minchao Liao, Lili Fan
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2014.23028
Abstract: In the background of cut-throat competition in the FMCG industry, work behaviors of the salesman at the forefront of the business play an important role to achieve the marketing objectives. Based on the sales behaviors and related scale development theory, and following the logic of analyzing FMCG sales order work stages first, and then the sales order work contents of each stage, and the work behavior characteristics of sales order of each stage at last, the work behavior of FMCG salesman is discussed in this paper.
Diffusion and adsorption mechanism of copper and zinc cyanide complexes on ion exchange fiber

Dang Xiaoe,Huai Minchao,Lan Xinzhe,

环境工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 运用Boyd液膜扩散公式和范山鹰等提出的扩散模型,考察了碱性溶液中铜、锌氰配合物在离子交换纤维上的扩散行为;通过分析吸附前后纤维上官能团的位置变化以及解吸前后纤维上元素含量的变化,研究铜、锌氰配合物在纤维上的吸附机理。实验结果表明,离子交换纤维对铜、锌配合物的吸附在反应初期,以液膜扩散为主控制步骤,反应后期,以空隙扩散为主控制步骤。并运用离子交换纤维在水溶液中具有类似胶体型物质的双电层结构解释了不同控制阶段吸附速率不同的原因,虽然各阶段吸附速率有所不同,但纤维对铜、锌氰配合物的吸附均为离子交换机制。
黄敏超, 吴尚
HUANG Minchao
, WU Shang

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201605015
Abstract: 采用先进遗传算法对太阳能热推进系统一次聚光器参数进行优化,达到减小推进系统质量的目的。以聚光器太阳光收集效率和聚光器质量为优化目标函数,建立聚光器工作的数学模型,并开展相关仿真研究。仿真结果表明,先进遗传算法可有效用于太阳光收集效率和聚光器质量优化分析。
An advanced genetic algorithm was used to make an optimization analysis on the solar thermal propulsion system condenser parameters for reducing the mass of system. Considering the sunlight collection efficiency and the mass of condenser as the optimization objective function, a mathematical model of condenser work was established and several related simulation researches were carried out. The simulation results show that the advanced genetic algorithm can be effectively used in the optimization analysis of the sunlight collection efficiency and the condenser mass.
Introduction and ecological effects of an exotic mangrove species Sonneratia apetala

PENG Yougui,XU Zhengchun,LIU Minchao,

生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 无瓣海桑是我国首个从国外引进并大面积推广种植的红树植物,生长快,适应性强,已成为华南沿海红树林恢复造林的主要树种。但近年来无瓣海桑引种已引起较大争论,焦点是无瓣海桑是否会对乡土红树植物生长产生不利影响,是否会造成生态入侵,是否应限制推广种植。根据引种以来的研究成果,对无瓣海桑的生态适应性、种植技术、生产力与物质循环、生态影响等四个方面的引种研究进行综述;分析无瓣海桑引种对乡土红树植物生长的影响和生态入侵可能性,对无瓣海桑引种造林提出建议。指出今后无瓣海桑引种的的研究重点为:无瓣海桑引种的生态监测与入侵评估;对滩涂水生生物的影响;与乡土红树植物优化配置的混交种植技术;无瓣海桑的资源化利用。
Fuzzy Hypersphere Neural Network and its Application on Pattern Clustering

Huang Minchao,Zhang Yulin,Chen Qizhi,

自动化学报 , 1997,
Abstract: An unsupervised hypersphere neural network that is used for pattern clustering is presented.Each clustered pattern set is a fuzzy set hypersphere with a corresponding membership function.A pattern class is the combination of the pattern sets.The center and radius of the hypersphere are determined using the fuzzy hypersphere learning algorithm,an expansion contraction process that can learn nonlinear pattern set boundaries in few passed through the data and provides the ability to incorporate new and refine existing pattern sets without retraining.The simulation of clustering demonstrates the superiority of the fuzzy hypersphere clustering neural network.
黄敏超, 杜运良
HUANG Minchao
, DU Yunliang

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201606010
Abstract: 吸气式冲压推进技术是吸气式太阳能热推进技术的基础。如何设计一种性能理想的进气道是吸气式太阳能热推进技术研究的重点。应用稀薄气体动力学仿真常用的直接数值模拟蒙特卡洛算法对两种常见的进气道结构进行仿真分析,得到两种进气道工况下气体的温度、密度、流量系数和速度等参数的分布,并进行对比。通过比较,选择一种性能较好的构型作为吸气式太阳能热推进系统的进气道,从而为后续系统的设计、计算、分析和优化打下了基础。
Air-breathing scramjet propulsion is the basis of air-breathing solar thermal propulsion technology. How to design an ideal air-inlet is crucial for the propulsion system. By taking advantage of the common method, the DSMC(direct simulation Monte Carlo) on rare-field gas dynamics research, was made to simulate two kinds of air-inlets, which obtained a lot of air parameters such as temperature, density, coefficient of flow and velocity. Then it selected a better air-inlet shape from comparison and treated the shape as a basic air-inlet shape in air breathing solar thermal propulsion system. It lays a foundation for the design, computation, analysis and optimization on the whole system.
Differences of cadmium uptake by rice genotypes and relationship between the iron oxide plaque and cadmium uptake

LIU Minchao,LI Huafen,XIA Lijiang,YANG Linshu,

环境科学学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Differences of cadmium uptake by plants of rice genotypes and relationships between the concentration of Fe deposited on root surface and the concentration of cadmium in plants were studied in agar culture under controlled conditions. The results showed that there were differences in cadmium taken up by root and shoot, cadmium accumulated on root surface of different rice genotypes, the transportation of cadmium from root to shoot in different rice genotypes, and the amount of iron oxides deposited on the root surface of different rice genotypes. There was a significant correlation between the concentration of Fe deposited on root surface and the Cd accumulated on root surface, root and shoot of rice.
Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Large-Scale Biological Data Sets
Minchao Wang, Wu Zhang, Wang Ding, Dongbo Dai, Huiran Zhang, Hao Xie, Luonan Chen, Yike Guo, Jiang Xie
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0091315
Abstract: Backgrounds Recent explosion of biological data brings a great challenge for the traditional clustering algorithms. With increasing scale of data sets, much larger memory and longer runtime are required for the cluster identification problems. The affinity propagation algorithm outperforms many other classical clustering algorithms and is widely applied into the biological researches. However, the time and space complexity become a great bottleneck when handling the large-scale data sets. Moreover, the similarity matrix, whose constructing procedure takes long runtime, is required before running the affinity propagation algorithm, since the algorithm clusters data sets based on the similarities between data pairs. Methods Two types of parallel architectures are proposed in this paper to accelerate the similarity matrix constructing procedure and the affinity propagation algorithm. The memory-shared architecture is used to construct the similarity matrix, and the distributed system is taken for the affinity propagation algorithm, because of its large memory size and great computing capacity. An appropriate way of data partition and reduction is designed in our method, in order to minimize the global communication cost among processes. Result A speedup of 100 is gained with 128 cores. The runtime is reduced from serval hours to a few seconds, which indicates that parallel algorithm is capable of handling large-scale data sets effectively. The parallel affinity propagation also achieves a good performance when clustering large-scale gene data (microarray) and detecting families in large protein superfamilies.
Influence on Lubricant Properties of Anti-wear Agent Containing Nitrogen, Boron and Molybdenum
Xuguo Huai,Shihai Zhao
Modern Applied Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v3n6p136
Abstract: The lubricant property of composite lubrication oils was studied through the friction and wear experiment of the A3 steel-GCr15 steel pairs on the ring-block wear testing machine. The composite lubrication oils were prepared from base oil added various content (0, 2%, 3%, and 4%) of organic anti-wear agent, which contains Nitrogen, Boron and Molybdenum. In order to research the influence of the base oil, the non-brand base oil was selected to compare with the brand one. The results show that adding the anti-wear agent can enhance lubricant property and improve the frictional and wear resistance of materials. When the anti-wear agent content reached 3% in the composite lubrication, the A3 steel-GCr15 steel pairs possess the lowest friction coefficient and wear rate. The lubricant property of the non-brand base oil can be enhanced by adding anti-wear agent, even better than that of the brand with the same concentration (3%).
Acute lymphangitis in a preschool child: A case report
Loh Huai Seng
International e-Journal of Science, Medicine & Education , 2012,
Abstract: A 3-year old preschool boy presented with apruritic red streak at the dorsum of his right foot travelingupward from the affected site which was red and swollen.Insect sting was the more likely trigger which had causedthe cellulitis and subsequently the acute lymphangitis.
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