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Performance prediction of the hough transform
Performance Prediction of the Hough Transform

Hu Zhanyi,and Ma Songde,
Hu Zhanyi
,Ma Songde

计算机科学技术学报 , 1997,
Abstract: Based on three different implementation schemes, this paper strongly demonstrates that the performance of the Hough transform depends crucially on its implementation scheme when it is used for line detection. Moreover, the obtained results can be used as a theoretical basis to predict the performance of the Hough transform as well as to eliminate the noise in Hough space coming from image noise.
Dynamic Parallel and Distributed Graph Cuts
Miao Yu,Shuhan Shen,Zhanyi Hu
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Graph-cuts are widely used in computer vision. In order to speed up the optimization process and improve the scalability for large graphs, Strandmark and Kahl introduced a splitting method to split a graph into multiple subgraphs for parallel computation in both shared and distributed memory models. However, this parallel algorithm (parallel BK-algorithm) does not have a polynomial bound on the number of iterations and is found non-convergent in some cases due to the possible multiple optimal solutions of its sub-problems. To remedy this non-convergence problem, in this work we first introduce a merging method capable of merging any number of those adjacent sub-graphs which could hardly reach an agreement on their overlapped region in the parallel BKalgorithm. Based on the pseudo-boolean representations of graphcuts,our merging method is shown able to effectively reuse all the computed flows in these sub-graphs. Through both the splitting and merging, we further propose a dynamic parallel and distributed graph-cuts algorithm with guaranteed convergence to the globally optimal solutions within a predefined number of iterations. In essence, this work provides a general framework to allow more sophisticated splitting and merging strategies to be employed to further boost performance. Our dynamic parallel algorithm is validated with extensive experimental results.

Wu Fuchao,Hu Zhanyi,

自动化学报 , 2000,
Abstract: It is well known that the performance of line(circle)extraction strongly depends on the used parameterization, however there exist few reports in the literature on the design of general line(circle)parameterization. In this paper, we present an approach for systematic design of general line(circle) parameterization. The paper consists of the following 6 parts:1 The design of the line(circle) parameterizations satisfying purely the uniqueness condition is investigated. 2. The design of the line (circle) parameterizations possessing the enlarging property is investigated. 3 The design of the line parameterizations possessing the focusing property is investigated. 4 The design of the circle parameterizations possessing the focusing property is investigated. 5 The relationship between a specific parameterization with stretching or focusing property and filter theory is discussed. 6 Some simple experiments are presented to illustrate the usefulness of our theoretical results. This work could be used as a theoretical basis for the optimal design of line(circle)parameterizations.
An Inherent Probabilistic Aspect of the Hough Transform
HU Zhanyi,YANG Changjiang,YANG Yi,MA Songde,
Hu zhanyi
,YANG Changjiang,YANG Yi,MA Songde

计算机科学技术学报 , 1999,
Abstract: in this paper a new property of the Hough transform is discovered, namely an inherent probabilistic aspect which is independent of the input image and embedded in the transformation process from the image space to the parameter space. It is shown that such a probabilistic aspect has a wide range of implica tions concerning the specification of implementation schemes and the performance of Hough transform. In particular, it is shown that in order to make the Hough transform really meaningful, an appropriate curve (surface) density function must be, either explicitly or implicitly, supplied during its implementation processi and that the widely used approach to uniformly discretizing parameter space in the literature is generally inadequate.
A new definition of the Hough transform
A New Definition of the Hough Transform

Hu Zhanyi,Wang Wei,Yang Yi,Ma Songde,
Hu Zhanyi
,Wang Wei,Yang Yi,Ma Songde

计算机科学技术学报 , 1998,
Abstract: This paper's main contributions are three-fold. Firstly, it is shown that the two existing template matching-like definitions of the Hough transform in the literature areinadequate. Secondly, an inherent probabilistic aspect of the Hough transform embedded in the transformation process from image space to parameter space is clarified.Thirdly, a new definition of the Hough transform is proposed which takes into account both the intersection scheme between the mapping curve (or mapping surface) and accumulator cells and the inherent probabilistic characteristics.
The Extended Hough Transform and its Applications in Active Vision Field

Wang Wei,Hu Zhanyi,Ma Songde,

自动化学报 , 1998,
Abstract: In this paper, the extended Hough transform (EHT) is investigated. It is shown that it is impossible to give the necessary conditions of being an EHT. Two sufficient conditions, however, are introduced. In addition, the EHT is used to simulate a human vision system for the study of gaze control, a problem actively pursued in the active vision field currently.
The Optimal Design of Line Parameterization

Hu Zhanyi,Yang Changjiang,Wang Wei,Ma Songde,

自动化学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 提出了一种设计直线参数化方式新标准--递归性标准,它和作者在“Three conditons of a goog line parameterization”语文中提出的唯一性、有界性、均匀性三条标准一起构成了评价直线参数化方式的优劣的新框架,根据上述四条标准,证明了不存在同时满足这四条标准的直线参数化 直线参数化方式c=ax+(a0-/a/)y,a∈「-a0,a0)不但满足唯一性,有界性和递归性
Inferring the Temporal Order of Cancer Gene Mutations in Individual Tumor Samples
Jun Guo, Hanliang Guo, Zhanyi Wang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089244
Abstract: The temporal order of cancer gene mutations in tumors is essential for understanding and treating the disease. Existing methods are unable to infer the order of mutations that are identified at the same time in individual tumor samples, leaving the heterogeneity of the order unknown. Here, we show that through a complex network-based approach, which is based on the newly defined statistic –carcinogenesis information conductivity (CIC), the temporal order in individual samples can be effectively inferred. The results suggest that tumor-suppressor genes might more frequently initiate the order of mutations than oncogenes, and every type of cancer might have its own unique order of mutations. The initial mutations appear to be dedicated to acquiring the function of evading apoptosis, and some order constraints might reflect potential regularities. Our approach is completely data-driven without any parameter settings and can be expected to become more effective as more data will become available.
Dissolved organic sulfur in streams draining forested catchments in southern China

Zhanyi Wang,Xiaoshan Zhang,Zhangwei Wang,Yi Zhang,Bingwen Li,Rolf Vogt,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2012,
Abstract: Dissolved organic sulfur (DOS) is an important fraction for sulfur mobilization in ecosystem. In this work stream waters were sampled in 25 forested sites in southern China to study the dissolved sulfur fractions. Dissolved sulfur was fractionated into dissolved organic sulfur (DOS) and inorganic sulfate (SO42-) for 95 stream water samples. The results showed that the concentration of DOS ranged from 0 to 13.1 mg/L (average 1.3 mg/L) in all the streams. High concentrations of DOS in stream waters were found in the sites with high concentrations of sulfate. DOS constituted less than 60.1% of dissolved sulfur (average 17.9%). Statistical analysis showed that DOS concentration was correlated with SO42- in streams waters and total sulfur in surface layer soils. The results also showed that DOS concentration in stream waters had a seasonal variation, but no trends were found with it. The implication was that the long term sulfur deposition had led the increase of the concentration and fraction of DOS in stream waters in acid rain prevailing regions

Li Jianchun,Gao Anjuan,Wang Zhanyi Central South Institute of Mining,Metallurgy,

金属学报 , 1979,
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