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Comparison of the effect of five root canal preparation techniques on original canal anatomy in simulated severely curved canals
Sheykhrezaee MS,Hosseini F
Journal of Dental Medicine , 2007,
Abstract: Background and Aim: Many methods and techniques of canal preparation work well in large and relatively straight canals. However, in severely curved canals, the complexity increases markedly, and techniques rendering good results in usual cases may be unsuccessful. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of five root canal preparation techniques on original canal anatomy in simulated severely curved canals. Materials and Methods: In this experimental in vitro study, 100 simulated canal blocks with similar hardness were made from polyester. The degree of curvature was 45o with a radius of 2.55 mm and a straight part of 8mm. The blocks were prepared with five different techniques (20 canals in each group) as follows: 1-Stepback 2- Passive step back 3- Balanced force using flex-R files 4- Balanced force using Ni-Ti hand instruments 5- Hybrid using a rotary Ni-Ti system (XtremRace). Digital photographs were taken from pre- and post instrumentation colored canals. Then images were superimposed and analyzed by an image editing software. The amount of removed material from the inner and outer canal walls was measured at five levels: 1-The canal orifice (O) 2-The halfway between the orifice and the beginning of the curve (HO) 3-The beginning of the curve (BC) 4-The apex of the curve (AC) and 5-The endpoint of preparation (EP). Additionally, the time of instrumentation, instrument failure and changes in working length were recorded. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and Kruskall-Wallis tests with p<0.05 as the limit of significance. Results: Mean transportation was towards the outer aspect of the curve at the EP in all canals but there were no significant differences between the studied groups. At the BC point, all of the canals were transported towards the inner aspect of the curve and there were significant differences for both transportation values & direction among different groups. The highest amount of transportation was in step back and the lowest, in hybrid group. The highest transportation value was in step back and the lowest in balanced force group. Fractured and deformed instruments were observed in Flex-R files. The shortest canal preparation time was seen in XtremRace and the slowest, in Passive step back groups (P<0.001). Conclusion: Based on the results of this study, changes in canal curvature were less with techniques using nickel titanium instruments and the fastest technique with least transportation was XtremRace.
Spontaneous Manifestation of Polycystic Kidney Disease Following Separation Anxiety in a Persian Cat
M. Hosseininejad,F. Hosseini
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: A 4-year-old female Persian cat was referred with the history of separation from the owner. There was no clinical sign and everything had been reported as normal during the veterinary checkup just before separation and traveling. The history and clinical signs were fit to separation anxiety when the cat referred to us. Ten days after the diagnosis and starting of the treatment for separation anxiety, the cat was referred again with the clinical signs of chronic renal failure. Further assessments showed an inherited polycystic kidney disease. Spontaneous manifestation of polycystic kidney disease after separation anxiety indicate that this phenomenon may cause the chronic process of polycystic kidney disease to promote.
A case report of Warthin's tumor (Papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum, PCL)
Agha Hosseini F
Tehran University Medical Journal , 1993,
Abstract: The papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum (PCL), also called warthin's tumor, is a benign salivary gland tumor which primarily involves the parotid gland. These lesions are composed of a double layer of cuboidal or culmnar eosinophilic cells lining a cystic cavity which lymphoid tissue is present in the supporting stroma. The lesions shows a predilection for males, with peak incidence during the sixth decade of life. Bilateral lesions have been found to occur in 5 to 7.5 percent of the cases. Rarely, these lesions have been reported in the minor salivary glands and oropharynx. Case report: A 47-year-old woman presented with a red lesion on the hard palate between the midline and right maxillary side. The patient had awared of the lesion for one year. The clinical dignosis was a mucocele. An excisional biopsy was performed. Gross examination of the formaline-fixed specimen revealed three pieces of soft tissue measuring 1.0 x 0.3 x 0.3. Histologic examination revealed a nodular mass surfaced by keratinizied stratified squamous epithelium. The connective tissue stroma contained a papillary cystic area lined by a double layer of cuboidal cells with centrally placed nuclei
Sinc Collocation Method for Finding Numerical Solution of Integrodifferential Model Arisen in Continuous Mixed Strategy
F. Hosseini Shekarabi
Journal of Computational Engineering , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/320420
Abstract: One of the new techniques is used to solve numerical problems involving integral equations and ordinary differential equations known as Sinc collocation methods. This method has been shown to be an efficient numerical tool for finding solution. The construction mixed strategies evolutionary game can be transformed to an integrodifferential problem. Properties of the sinc procedure are utilized to reduce the computation of this integrodifferential to some algebraic equations. The method is applied to a few test examples to illustrate the accuracy and implementation of the method. 1. Introduction Evolutionary game dynamics is a fast developing field, with applications in biology, economics, sociology, politics, interpersonal relationships, and anthropology. Background material and countless references can be found in [1–8]. In the present paper we consider a continuous mixed strategies model for population dynamics based on an integrodifferential representation. Analogous models for population dynamics based on the replicator equation with continuous strategy space were investigated in [9–13]. For the moment based model has proved global existence of solutions and studied the asymptotic behavior and stability of solutions in the case of two strategies [14]. In the last three decades a variety of numerical methods based on the sinc approximation have been developed. Sinc methods were developed by Stenger [15] and Lund and Bowers [16] and it is widely used for solving a wide range of linear and nonlinear problems arising from scientific and engineering applications including oceanographic problems with boundary layers [17], two-point boundary value problems [18], astrophysics equations [19], Blasius equation [20], Volterras population model [21], Hallens integral equation [22], third-order boundary value problems [23], system of second-order boundary value problems [24], fourth-order boundary value problems [25], heat distribution [26], elastoplastic problem [27], inverse problem [28, 29], integrodifferential equation [30], optimal control [15], nonlinear boundary-value problems [31], and multipoint boundary value problems [32]. Very recently authors of [33] used the sinc procedure to solve linear and nonlinear Volterra integral and integrodifferential equations. The content of this paper is arranged in seven sections. In Section 2, I discuss the modeling of the problem in an integrodifferential form. Section 3, introduces some general concepts concerning the sinc approximation. Section 4, contains some preliminaries in collocation method. In Section 5, the
Neurofibromatosis Associated With Hyper Parathyroidism
Agha Hosseini F,Bakhsi M
Journal of Dental Medicine , 1999,
Abstract: A case involving the rare occurance of hyperparathyroidism in association with neurofibromatosis"nis reported."nRadiographic findings revealed multiple radiolucency which diagnosed as giant cell lesions. Also, high levels"nof PTH and alkalan phosphatase were found from repeated measurements of the serum."nNeurofibromatosis associated with hyperparathyroidism diagnosed in this case report.
An investigation on oral Lichen plannus prevalence among patients with B and C hepatitis
Agha Hosseini F,Bayat N
Journal of Dental Medicine , 2003,
Abstract: Statement of Problelem: Lichen plannus is a relatively common mucotanous disorder, due to accompanying"nburning sensation and pain in addition to its malignant transformation, has potential importance. On the other"nhand, B and C hepatitis are of the five most common death causes, resulting in significant disease spread"nproblems among dentists. As a result, the relationship between these two disorders has been recently"ninvestigated."nPurpose: The aim of the present study was to investigate the oral Lichen plannus prevalence among patients"nwith B and C hepatitis."nMaterial and Methods: In this case series study, 500 patients with B, C hepatitis, 3 04 female and 369 male"nwith the mean age of 39.09±13.13 (the youngest was 4 and the oldest was 72 years old), who referred to the"nhepatitis center of Shariati hospital, Transfusion organization and Hemophilia center, from August 2001 to"nAugust 2002, were evaluated. The information about all white lesions that couldn't be scraped was recorded"non a questionnaire for each patient. To analyze the data, t and Fisher tests were used."nResults: Two hundred and eighty nine patients were MBS Ag" 223 were HCVAb", 12 were positive for both"ntypes of hepatitis and 23 were cyrotic. From among these patients, 3 subjects were with oral Lichen plannus"n(0.6%), one belonged to HBS Ag1 group (0.35%), (P=0.38) and two patients belonged to HCV Ab' (0.9%),"n(P=0.44). These results showed no statistically significant relationship between Lichen plannus and B, C"nhepatitis. Two cyrotic patients from among 23 were with LP, which statistically was significant (P<0.05)."nConclusion: All patients with LP should be tested for B, C hepatitis and liver enzymes.
Quality of Life in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease
M Rambod,F Rafii,F Hosseini
Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery , 2008,
Abstract: Background & Aim: Recent studies suggest that patients' perceptions might be more important than objective clinical assessments in determining quality of life (QOL) in patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). The aim of this study was to determine QOL in patients experiencing ESRD and its related factors. Methods & Materials: In this descriptive-correlational study, we recruited 202 hemodialysis patients from Iran University of medical sciences' hemodialysis units using convenience sampling method. Data were collected using "Ferrans and Powers quality of life Index- dialysis version" instrument and analyzed using SPSS-14. Results: Findings showed that the patients had a high perceived QOL. Lowest satisfaction mean scores were for the items "your health" (M=3.80, SD=1.74), "being able to take care of your financial needs" (M=3.31, SD=1.85), "achieving your personal goals" (M=4.02, SD=1.63), and "your family's happiness" (M=4.96, SD=1.27). It was reported that "probably you will get a kidney transplant" (M=4.22, SD=2.15), "neighborhood" (M=4.32, SD=2.09, "personal appearance" (M=5.67, SD=0.91), and "your spouse"(M=5.84, SD=0.61) also had lowest mean score for importance from patients point of view. Financial status, educational levels, marital status and number of children were all associated with the QOL (P≤0.05). There were no relationship between age, sex, occupational status, with duration of dialysis treatment (P>0.05). Conclusion: This study denoted financial status, educational levels, marital status and number of children is related to QOL of hemodialysis patients. So, these factors that affect quality of life may promote health and wellbeing and may increase survival in hemodialysis patients. The findings of this study can assist providers in planning and implementing educational and support programs for patients and their family.
Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease among Women  [PDF]
Hengameh Hosseini
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.714203
Abstract: Stroke falls under the umbrella of cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is the number one killer of Americans. CVD, including stroke and heart disease, takes about 267,000 women’s lives every year [1]. In the present study, a health risk assessment of a population of women residing in North-eastern Pennsylvania was conducted to provide an estimate of vulnerability to stroke on the basis of medical history, genetic predisposition, and other lifestyle factors. Using the Health Belief model of Rosenstock, Strecher, and Becker [2] and the stage model of Prochaska, Diflemente, and Norcross [3], a health promotion plan was developed to address the needs of that population. An evaluation of risks that can and cannot be modified is developed to help people understand the basic lifestyle changes that could be made to prevent CVD, which includes stroke. An action plan was developed to lower the risk of stroke among women based on their individual needs and to raise awareness throughout the United States. Individuals should take the essential precautions for their personal cases. This will substantially lower the risk of CVD, especially stroke, among women.
The preparation of albumin as a biological drug from human plasma by fiber filtration
Mousavi Hosseini K,Heidari M,Yari F
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: "nBackground: In recent years, consumption of whole-blood for the treatment of patients has decreased but use of biological plasma-derived medicines such as albumin, immunoglobulin and coagulation factors have increased instead. Paying attention to albumin molecular structure is important for its isolation from human plasma. Albumin is a single-chain protein consisting of about 585 amino acids and a molecular weight of 66500 Daltons. Albumin is a stable molecule and it is spherical in shape. There are different methods for human albumin preparation. Considering the large consumption of this biological drug in clinical settings, methods with fewer steps in production line are of big advantage in saving time and manufacturing more products."n "nMethods: In this project, we prepared human albumin using hollow fiber cartridges in order to omit the rework on fraction V+VI. Human albumin is usually produced by the application of cold ethanol method, where albumin is obtained from fraction V by doing a rework on fraction V+VI to separate fraction V."n "nResults: In the current work, human albumin was prepared from fraction V+VI by the help of hollow fiber cartridges. With a concentration of 20%, the obtained albumin had 96.5% of monomer and 3.5% of polymer and polymer aggregate."n "nConclusion: Comparing the obtained human albumin with a number of commercial human albumin samples by the use of SDS-page, the results were satisfactory regarding the 3.5 percent polymer and aggregate rate for the prepared albumin.
Spiritual Well-being in Cancer Patients who Undergo Chemotherapy
M Rezaei,N Seyedfatemi,F Hosseini
Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery , 2008,
Abstract: Background & Aim: Spiritual well-being harmonizes several dimensions of human's life and is essential for coping with diseases. Chronic illnesses such as cancer cause crisis in physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of ones life. This study aimed to measure the spiritual well-being in cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. Methods & Materials: In this cross-sectional, descriptive-correlational study, Paloutzian & Ellison's Spiritual Well-being Self-report questionnaire was completed by 360 cancer patients. Patients were recruited using sequential sampling method. The inclusion criteria were being more than 20 years old, and being able to read and write. Data were analyzed using chi-square and Pearson tests in SPSS (version 11). Results: The study findings revealed that the mean scores for spiritual well-being, religious well-being, and existential well-being were (98.35±14.36), (54.67±5.92), (43.67±10.01), respectively. Also, statistically significant relations were found between age, marital status, and educational levels with spiritual well-being (P<0.001). Conclusion: Findings showed that the level of spiritual well-being was high in cancer patients. Moreover, as it is expected in Iranian culture, the level of religious well-being was more than existential well-being. There were significant relationships between spiritual well-being and personal characteristics. Hence, nurses should consider personal characteristics in their caring programs and choose a comprehensive and holistic approach toward their patients' care. Key words: cancer, chemotherapy, spiritual well-being
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