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E-cadherin/β-catenin and the Invasion and Metastasis of Lung Cancer
Hongtao WANG,Qinghua ZHOU
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2010,
Synergistic Effects of Targeting Survivin and CDK1 on Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Vitro and in Vivo  [PDF]
Hongtao Zhou, Xinping Chen, Shuping Chen, Junhong Cai, Jiye Zhang, Shengmiao Fu
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2019.104024
Abstract: Background: To explore the impact of pU6-based tandem survivin and CDK1-specific short hairpin RNA on the biological behaviors of CNE-2 nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo. Patients and Methods: The vectors of pU6-survivinshRNA, pU6-CDK1shRNA and
pU6-survivinshRNA-CDK1shRNA were constructed and transfected into CNE-2 cells with Lipofectamine TM 2000, respectively. The mRNAs and proteins of CDK1 and survivin were determined by RT-PCR and Western blotting, accordingly. MTT assay was employed to evaluate the proliferation of CNE-2 cells, and flow cytometry was performed to determine the apoptosis of CNE-2 cells. The effects of interfering survivin and CDK1 on tumorigenesis were evaluated by tumor xenografts experiments. Results: Effective plasmids were successfully constructed knocking down survivin and/or CDK1. The proliferation inhibition of CNE-2 cells by pU6-survivinshRNA-CDK1
Effects of calmodulin on DNA-binding activity of heat shock transcription factorin vitro
Bing Li,Hongtao Liu,Ruiling Mu,Daye Sun,Rengang Zhou
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2003, DOI: 10.1007/BF03183293
Abstract: The DNA-binding activity of heat shock transcription factor (HSF) was induced by heat shock (HS) of a whole cell extract. Addition of antiserum, specific to CaM, to a whole cell extract reduced bind of the HSF to the heat shock element (HSE) with maize, and the re-addition of CaM to the sample restored the activity of the HSF for binding to HSE. In addition, DNA-binding activity of the HSF was also induced by directly adding CaM to a whole cell extract at non-HS temperature with maize. Similar results were obtained with wheat and tomato. Our observations provide the first example of the involvement of CaM in regulation of the DNA-binding activity of the HSF.
Inhomogeneity of Grain Boundaries of ZnO Varistor
Hongtao SUM,Qin ZHOU,Liangying ZHANG,X YAO,

材料科学技术学报 , 1994,
Abstract: The zinc oxide varistor with a low threshold voltage and large grain size was derived with ZnO crystalline seeds from a molten salt process The chemical composition and I-V characteristics of single grains and single grain boundaries were determined by means of energy dispersive spectrum (EDS) and microcontact measurement respectively. Temperatu re dependence of dielectric loss at various frequencies and voltage dependence of capacitance were carefully measured. Based on these experimental data. the barrier heights of giain boundaries are estimated to be 0.2. 0.5 and 0.6 eV respectively corresponding to thick, th in and direct contact grain boundaries. In addition. a computerized electrical circuit simufation is employed in simulating I-V characteristics of single grain boundary within ZnO varistor. By adjustjng parameters of resistor and diode, a general agreement between the measured data and simulated curves is achieved
Single-Channel Compressive Sensing for DOA Estimation via Sensing Model Optimization  [PDF]
Hongtao Li, Zeshi Yuan
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2017.105B019
The performance of multi-channel Compressive Sensing (CS)-based Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm degrades when the gains between Radio Frequency (RF) channels are inconsistent, and when target angle information mismatches with system sensing model. To solve these problems, a novel single-channel CS-based DOA estimation algorithm via sensing model optimization is proposed. Firstly, a DOA sparse sensing model using single-channel array considering the sensing model mismatch is established. Secondly, a new single-channel CS-based DOA estimation algorithm is presented. The basic idea behind the proposed algorithm is to iteratively solve two CS optimizations with respect to target angle information vector and sensing model quantization error vector, respectively. In addition, it avoids the loss of DOA estimation performance caused by the inconsistent gain between RF channels. Finally, simulation results are presented to verify the efficacy of the proposed algorithm.
Discussion on the Key Issues of Strategic Management of Corporate Social Responsibility in China  [PDF]
Jing Li, Hongtao Guo
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2018.64069
The main reason for the unsatisfactory performance of Chinese corporate social responsibility practice is that corporate managers still have different degrees of misunderstanding about corporate social responsibility. It is of great significance to clarify the existing problems in the management of corporate social responsibility and put forward scientific strategic management methods of corporate social responsibility.
Effects of Litchi chinensis fruit isolates on prostaglandin E2 and nitric oxide production in J774 murine macrophage cells
Yang Zhou, Hong Wang, Ruili Yang, Hui Huang, Yuanming Sun, Yudong Shen, Hongtao Lei, Hong Gao
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6882-12-12
Abstract: In the current study, the effects of isolates of litchi on prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and nitric oxide (NO) production in J774 murine macrophage cells were investigated.The AcOEt extract (EAE) of litchi was found effective on stimulating PGE2 production, and three compounds, benzyl alcohol, hydrobenzoin and 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfurolaldehyde (5-HMF), were isolated and identified from the EAE. Benzyl alcohol caused markedly increase in PGE2 and NO production, compared with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) as positive control, and in a dose-dependent manner. Hydrobenzoin and 5-HMF were found in litchi for the first time, and both of them stimulated PGE2 and NO production moderately in a dose-dependent manner. Besides, regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) mRNA expression and NF-κB (p50) activation might be involved in mechanism of the stimulative process.The study showed, some short molecular compounds in litchi play inflammatory effects on human.Prostaglandin E2 is the major prostaglandin produced by macrophage cells, which is derived from 20-carbon polyunsaturated fatty acids synthesized in a wide range of tissue types. In humans, PGE2 is a well-known pro-inflammatory mediator involved in diverse functions, including heat releasing, strengthening the permeability of blood vessel, accelerating the release of lysozyme, interferon, erythrogenin, colony stimulating factor and accelerating chemotaxis of leucocyte et al. [1]. The key regulatory enzyme of PGE2 biosynthesis is cyclooxygenase, and cyclooxygenase-2 is the inducible form of this enzyme and mediates many of the inflammatory and inducible effects. It is therefore worth screening the effect of foods on COX-2 expression and PGE2 formation which can provide useful information on inflammatory conditions [2].Nitric oxide is known to play an important role in the maintenance of tissue homeostasis. NO is produced by nitric oxide synthase, and the inducible isoform (iNOS) is known to be
Nasal lavage natural killer cell function is suppressed in smokers after live attenuated influenza virus
Katherine M Horvath, Margaret Herbst, Haibo Zhou, Hongtao Zhang, Terry L Noah, Ilona Jaspers
Respiratory Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1465-9921-12-102
Abstract: In a prospective observational study, we characterized immune cells in NLF of nonsmokers at baseline using flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry. Nonsmokers and smokers were inoculated with LAIV on day 0 and serial nasal lavages were collected on days 1-4 and day 9 post-LAIV. LAIV-induced changes of NLF cells were characterized using flow cytometry. Cell-free NLF was analyzed for immune mediators by bioassay. Peripheral blood natural killer (NK) cells from nonsmokers and smokers at baseline were stimulated in vitro with LAIV followed by flow cytometric and mediator analyses.CD45(+)CD56(-)CD16(+) neutrophils and CD45(+)CD56(+) NK cells comprised median 4.62% (range 0.33-14.52) and 23.27% (18.29-33.97), respectively, of non-squamous NLF cells in nonsmokers at baseline. LAIV did not induce changes in total NK cell or neutrophil percentages in either nonsmokers or smokers. Following LAIV inoculation, CD16(+) NK cell percentages and granzyme B levels increased in nonsmokers, and these effects were suppressed in smokers. LAIV inoculation enhanced expression of activating receptor NKG2D and chemokine receptor CXCR3 on peripheral blood NK cells from both nonsmokers and smokers in vitro but did not induce changes in CD16(+) NK cells or granzyme B activity in either group.These data are the first to identify NK cells as a major immune cell type in the NLF cell population and demonstrate that mucosal NK cell cytotoxic function is suppressed in smokers following LAIV. Altered NK cell function in smokers suggests a potential mechanism that may enhance susceptibility to respiratory viruses.The nasal mucosa is the first site within the respiratory system to be exposed to pollutants and inhaled viral pathogens, including influenza. Therefore, nasal immune cells are likely to play important roles in early innate immune responses to these environmental stimuli. While macrophages and dendritic cells (DC)s have been identified in the nasal submucosa [1], and neutrophils have been ide
Spatio-Temporal Meeting Analysis of Vehicles Based on Floating Car Data

沈敬伟, 张弘弢, 周廷刚
SHEN Jingwei
, ZHANG Hongtao, ZHOU Tinggang

- , 2015,
Abstract: 摘要: 为研究离散时空数据之间的时空关系,以离散的浮动车数据为基础,提出了一种以时空路径为枢纽的车辆时空相遇关系分析方法.采用地图匹配方法对离散的浮动车数据进行空间插值,以获取车辆在空间上连续的轨迹;提出了根据邻接采样点的时间戳和轨迹进行线性插值的方法,以获取邻接采样点之间轨迹上任意一点的时间;以空间关系理论和Allen的时间段逻辑模型为基础,分析了不同时态关系车辆的相遇情况;最后,设计了基于浮动车数据的时空轨迹获取及时空相遇分析实验,并分析了车辆之间的时空相遇关系.实验结果表明:以连续时空轨迹为核心的分析方法,能较好地表达离散时空数据的时空关系.
Abstract: In order to investigate the spatial-temporal relationships of discrete spatial-temporal data, spatio-temporal trajectory was taken as a link, and an analysis method for spatio-temporal meeting of vehicles based on FCD (floating car data) was proposed. The map matching method was used to spatially interpolate FCD to attain the continuous trajectories of vehicles. A linear interpolation method based on the timestamp and trajectory of two adjacent sample points was proposed to acquire the timestamp of any point in the trajectory. The spatial meeting relationship of vehicles in different temporal relationships was discussed using the Allen's interval based temporal logic and the spatial relationship theory. Experiments on spatio-temporal trajectory acquirement and spatio-temporal meeting analysis were conducted, and the spatio-temporal meeting relationships of vehicles were discussed. The experiment results show that the proposed spatio-temporal analysis method can solve the spatial-temporal relationships analysis problem of discrete spatial-temporal data
A Map-Matching Algorithm Based on Improved AOE Network for Low Frequency Floating Car Data

沈敬伟, 周廷刚, 张弘弢
SHEN Jingwei
, ZHOU Tinggang, ZHANG Hongtao

- , 2015,
Abstract: 摘要: 由于低频浮动车数据时间间隔较长,现有地图匹配方法难以满足低频浮动车数据地图匹配的要求.综合考虑浮动车数据轨迹点之间的整体特性,在局部和全局地图匹配算法的基础上,提出了一种基于改进AOE网络的低频浮动车数据地图匹配方法.首先,采用相交分析判断GPS点缓冲区和候选路段的关系,以获取候选路段和候选匹配点;其次,基于四叉树空间索引和Dijkstra算法,获取候选匹配点之间的最短路径;第三,设计了一种改进AOE网络,提出了基于改进AOE网络的最短可达路径算法,以获取最终的地图匹配点;最后,对改进AOE网络的地图匹配算法进行评价,并通过实验分析了算法的时间效率和正确率.实验结果表明:基于改进AOE网络的地图匹配算法正确率为95.3%,程序执行总时间为96.8 s. 其正确率分别比点到线的局部地图匹配方法和基于弱Fréchet距离的全局地图匹配方法的正确率高13.6%和2.8%.
Abstract: Due to the long time interval characteristic, the existing map-matching algorithms are not suitable for the low-frequency FCD (floating car data). By analyzing local map-matching algorithms and global map-matching algorithms, and overall considering the FCD trace, a map-matching algorithm for low-frequency FCD based on improved AOE (activity on edge) network was proposed. Firstly, intersection analysis between a buffer around a GPS point and road segments was carried out to acquire the candidate road segments and candidate map-matching points. Secondly, quadtree spatial index and Dijkstra algorithm were introduced to obtain the shortest path between the adjacent candidate map-matching points. Thirdly, the improved AOE network was built to search the FCD shortest path and the map-matching points were acquired. Lastly, the proposed algorithm was evaluated in terms of time efficiency and accuracy. Results show that the accuracy of the proposed algorithm is 95.3%, and the total program execution time is 96.8 s. The accuracy is respectively 13.6% and 2.8% higher than that of the local map-matching algorithm and global map-matching algorithm
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