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The Brief Research on the Pitch Pattern Comparison of Electroacoustic Disguised Voice  [PDF]
Hongbing Zhang
Open Journal of Acoustics (OJA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/oja.2013.32006
Abstract: Camouflage voice is the common check material form in judicial voice testing field that brings about many difficulties to speaker identification. Aiming at the electroacoustic disguised voice, we get fundamental frequency variation rule before and after voice change of multiple corpuses by analyzing map and data. The results show that the fundamental frequency before and after voice change exists a linearity relationship, we can realize speaker identification in electroacoustic disguised speech field through comparing Chinese pitch pattern.
Posing the Hair against the Head: Global Experiences and Gu Wenda’s Installations of a Utopia  [PDF]
Hongbing Zhang
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/als.2015.34015
Abstract: The Chinese artist Gu Wenda’s installation art series United Nations and Odepus Refound were created after the artist moved to the USA in 1987. In these two art projects, Gu used the human hair and other bodily materials, which marked a big difference and departure from some of his most famous art works using (faked) traditional Chinese writings. This turn to the human body had a lot to do with the artist’s global experiences and his newly gained sense of identity. This paper examined some of the art projects in the two installation series and analyzed how the artist used the human bodily materials—especially the human hair—to challenge the established identities of nation and culture formed in the modern world. In the process, it also endeavored to stake out ideologically what kind of utopia behind the artist’s heroic challenges.
MSTN Gene Polymorphism and its Relationships with Growth Performance in Ma Shen Porcine
Xueming Guan,Yanfang Liu,Fenglian Bian,Wenjing Zhu,Hongbing Han
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2012.1173.1176
Abstract: Myostatin gene (MSTN) is a negative regulator of myogenesis which is related to total lean meat yield. A total of 339 individuals of three breeds were used to analyzed polymorphisms by the Polymerase Chain Reacton Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism (PCR-SSCP) method in the 5'-promoter region of MSTN. This study analyzed the relationship of mutation with the growth traits including Weight at Birth (WB) and Weaning Weight (WW) in Ma Shen swine breeds. Two alleles (A and B) and three genotypes (AA, AB and BB) were identified in MSTN promoter region of Ma Shen swine. The result showed that WB of individuals with genotype BB was significant higher than that with genotype AA and AB (p<0.05). No statistically significant differences were observed in WW (p>0.05) among MSTN variation.
Effects of Different CO2 Levels on Chicken Embryonic Development During Early Stage of Incubation
Hongbing Han,Xiang Li,Kun Yu,Zhengxing Lian
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2011.2624.2630
Abstract: During the early stage of incubation of chicken eggs, different CO2 concentrations play an important role in the embryonic and postnatal growth. However, the mechanism involved in this process is still not well clarified. In this study, chicken eggs were incubated under different CO2 concentration levels (0.03-0.05, 2, 5 and 10%) during the 1st 4 days of incubation and measured of several embryo growth parameters. It was then found that higher CO2 concentration significantly played down the albumen pH value after 2 days of incubation and the embryo weight and length, diameter of area vasculosa of yolk sac and number of somite all decreased with the increasing of CO2 level. Compared with the mortality (3.23%) and abnormality (0%) in the control group, the corresponding percentages in three treatment groups were much higher with the lowest at 17 and 29%, respectively. Taking the two sides together, it might be well concluded that high CO2 concentration during the 1st 4 days of egg incubation inhibited chicken embryonic development through the lowering of albumen pH value.
Is Thermal Power Plant Regulation in China Constructive?  [PDF]
Hongbing Li, Ronghua Ju
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.35063
Abstract: This paper analyzes main legal requirements for thermal power plants in China, which is intended to save energy and reduce discharge by restricting coal consumption for power generation. However, based on our four cases of the selec- tion of thermal power plant construction proposals, which provide the ideal contrast of two different regulation circum- stances, we find that state-owned firms, which strictly follow the regulations, cannot realize the efficient use of energy and capital. In contrast, private firms, which are more able to follow the principle of profit maximization and dare to breach the regulation policy, can realize the efficient use of energy and capital. Then using the fixed-ratio production function, this paper suggests regulation not only results in energy and capital waste, but also employment opportunity loss. Expanding this conclusion, this paper proposes that the more regulation, the more employment opportunity loss. Therefore, if the government can deregulate the regulated sectors, more labor can be combined with the capital of new entrants, and the income distribution will be more equitable.
Aerial Video Encoding Optimization Based On x264  [PDF]
Fan Yang, Hongbing Ma
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2013.31B008
Abstract: x264 video codec uses lots of new video encoding technology based on H.264/AVC video encoding standard which enhances compression efficiency. However this results in so heavy computation that the x264 codec is not fit for real-time encoding application of high resolution video. This paper analyses the character of aerial video and then opti-mizes the inter-frame mode decision and motion estimation in x264 codec according to its character by reducing a lot of unnecessary computation. In the result, about 19% computation and encoding time is reduced with total bits and PSNR decreasing lightly.
Finite Element Analysis on a Square Canister Piezoelectric Energy Harvester in Asphalt Pavement  [PDF]
Hongbing Wang, Chunhua Sun
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2016.42035
Abstract: A novel square canister piezoelectric energy harvester was proposed for harvesting energy from asphalt pavement. The square of the harvester was of great advantage to compose the harvester array for harvesting energy from the asphalt pavement in a large scale. The open circuit voltage of the harvester was obtained by the piezoelectric constant d33 of the piezoelectric ceramic. The harvester is different from the cymbal harvester which works by the piezoelectric constant d31. The finite element model of the single harvester was constructed. The open circuit voltage increased with increase of the outer load. The finite element model of the single harvester buried in the asphalt pavement was built. The open circuit voltage, the deformation difference percent and the stress of the ceramic of the harvester were obtained with different buried depth. The open circuit voltage decreased when the buried depth was increased. The proper buried depth of the harvester should be selected as 30 - 50 mm. The effects of structure parameters on the open circuit voltage were gotten. The output voltage about 64.442 V could be obtained from a single harvester buried under 40 mm pavement at the vehicle load of 0.7 MPa. 0.047 mJ electric energy could be gotten in the harvester. The output power was about 0.705 mW at 15 Hz vehicle load frequency.
Finite Element Analysis and Test of an Ultrasonic Compound Horn  [PDF]
Hongbing Wang, Chunhua Sun
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2017.53029
Abstract: An?ultrasonic compound horn is designed and manufactured, and the horn is analyzed by wave equation, finite element method and test. The modal frequencies and frequencies of the first and second longitudinal vibration of the horn are obtained by the finite element analysis. The horn is made and modal testing is carried out. The modal frequencies of the first and second longitudinal vibration are obtained respectively. The test results are in good agreement with the theoretical calculation. Experimental results show the maximum amplitude of the horn can reach 9?nm with applied excitation voltage of amplitude 7?V and frequency 21,450?Hz, when the amplitude of voltage increases?to 80?V, the horn of maximum amplitude reaches?23 μm. The maximum amplitude of the horn is approximately proportional to the amplitude of excitation voltage. The horn has the characteristics of high sensitivity and large amplitude, and can be used in ultrasonic machining and other fields.
Research Status and Development Direction of Piezoelectric Wind Energy Harvesting Technology  [PDF]
Hongbing Wang, Chunhua Sun
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2019.73001
Abstract: In recent years, with the rapid development of large-scale distributed wireless sensor systems and micro-power devices, the disadvantages of traditional chemical battery power supply mode are becoming more and more obvious. Piezoelectric energy collector has attracted wide attention because of its simple structure, no heating, no electromagnetic interference, environmental protection and easy miniaturization. Wind energy is a reproducible resource. Wind energy harvester based on piezoelectric intelligent material can be named piezoelectric wind energy harvesting which converts wind energy into electric power and will have great application prospect. To promote the development of piezoelectric wind energy harvesting technology, research statuses on piezoelectric wind energy harvesting technology are reviewed. The existing problem and development direction about piezoelectric wind energy harvester in the future are discussed. The study will be helpful for researchers engaged in piezoelectric wind energy harvesting.
Metabolic properties of chicken embryonic stem cells
Jia Li,BaoLu Zhang,HongBing Han,ZhiCheng Cao,ZhengXing Lian,Ning Li
Science China Life Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-010-4055-8
Abstract: Cellular energy metabolism correlates with cell fate, but the metabolic properties of chicken embryonic stem (chES) cells are poorly understood. Using a previously established chES cell model and electron microscopy (EM), we found that undifferentiated chES cells stored glycogen. Additionally, undifferentiated chES cells expressed lower levels of glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1) and phosphofructokinase (PFK) mRNAs but higher levels of hexokinase 1 (HK1) and glycogen synthase (GYS) mRNAs compared with control primary chicken embryonic fibroblast (CEF) cells, suggesting that chES cells direct glucose flux towards the glycogenic pathway. Moreover, we demonstrated that undifferentiated chES cells block gluconeogenic outflow and impede the accumulation of glucose-6-phosphate (G6P) from this pathway, as evidenced by the barely detectable levels of pyruvate carboxylase (PCX) and mitochondrial phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PCK2) mRNAs. Additionally, cell death occurred in undifferentiated chES cells as shown by Hoechst 33342 and propidium iodide (PI) double staining, but it could be rescued by exogenous G6P. However, we found that differentiated chES cells decreased the glycogen reserve through the use of PAS staining. Moreover, differentiated chES cells expressed higher levels of GLUT1, HK1 and PFK mRNAs, while the level of GYS mRNA remained similar in control CEF cells. These data indicate that undifferentiated chES cells continue to synthesize glycogen from glucose at the expense of G6P, while differentiated chES cells have a decreased glycogen reserve, which suggests that the amount of glycogen is indicative of the chES cell state.
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