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Phase Behavior of Sphere-Forming Triblock Copolymers in Films  [PDF]
Hong-Ge Tan, Qing-Gong Song, Xin-Huan Yang, Ya-Jing Deng
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.23023
Abstract: The self-assembly of sphere-forming triblock copolymers confined between two thin homogeneous surfaces is investigated based on mean-field dynamic density functional theory. The morphologies deviating from the bulk sphere-forming phase are revealed, including cylinders oriented perpendicular to the surface, cylinders oriented parallel to the surface, perforated lamellae and lamellae by varying film thickness and surface field strength. The phase diagram of surface reconstruction is also constructed. By comparing the present phase diagram with the other relevant phase diagram for the cylinder-forming triblock copolymer film, the difference between the sphere-forming and the cylinder-forming triblock copolymer thin film is discussed.
A Context-Based Talker

LIU Hong-Ge,

计算机科学 , 2003,
Abstract: In order to make computer understand human languages much better and achieve certain tasks according to human intentions, it is required to carefully model the elementary concepts and the underlying theoretical principles for driving a conversation generating and developing. Under the given linguistic circumstances, to some extent, it might be hopeful to build up a computational model which can predict and control the sustaining development of conversational activity. This paper is going to make a formalized primary discussion on contextual features which influence conversational activity, design an algorithm processing ellipses, and build a Context-Based Talker (CBT). The empirical analysis shows, to some extent, CBT can control and guarantee the coherence and natural development of conversational activity.
Nano-scale Ce0.8Y0.2O1.9 Powders Prepared by Low Temperature Combustion Synthesis Technique
低温燃烧合成法制备 Ce0.8Y0.2O1.9 纳米粉体

XU Hong-Mei,YAN Hong-Ge,CHEN Zhen-Hua,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Nanocrystalline Ce0.8Y0.2O1.9 technique using citric acid as reductant and solid solution was synthesized by a gel combustion nitrates as oxidants. The effects of processing parameters, such as the amount of citric acid, the pH value of solution, the amount of oxidants on the gel formation and the powders characteristics of the product were investigated by using TG/DTA, XRD, FTIR, Raman and TEM. The stable gel was obtained by controlling the amount of citric acid and the pH value. The nanocrystalline Ce0.8Y0.2O1.9 powders in the range of 5nm to 40nm were obtained by changing the amount of oxidants. The Raman investigation showed that the oxygen vacancy concentration increased with the increase of the amount of oxidants.
Self-balance control of two-wheeled robot based on Skinner''s operant conditioned reflex

REN Hong-ge,RUAN Xiao-gang,

控制理论与应用 , 2010,
Abstract: 针对两轮自平衡机器人的运动平衡控制问题, 采用了基于Skinner操作条件反射理论的自回归神经网络学习算法作为机器人的学习机制, 利用自回归神经网络对评价函数进行逼近, 以实现对行为决策的优化, 从而使机器人能够在无需外部环境模型的情况下, 通过学习和训练, 获得像人或动物一样的自主学习技能, 解决了两轮机器人的运动平衡控制问题. 最后分别在无扰动和有扰动的两种状态下设计了仿真实验并进行了比较. 结果表明, 该操作条件反射学习机制具有较快的自主平衡控制技能和较好的鲁棒性能, 体现了较高的理论研究意义和工程应用价值.
Two-wheeled self-balancing mobile robot dynamic model and balancing control

RUAN Xiao-gang,REN Hong-ge,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: Aiming to the two-wheeled self-balancing mobile robot system with high-rank, unstable, multi-variable, strongly coupling, complicated dynamic nonlinear property,this paper established the dynamic model applied Lagrange program, and carried on the stability and the controllability judgment to it. Based on this model, using LQR and the Dragon Bergh extreme disposition method carried on the control to the two-wheeled self-balancing mobile robot in the posture and the speed, and obtained the stable dynamical balance process. Listed some material steps at establishing the mathematics model, and used above two methods to do the simulation research and the comparison separately. It indicates through the simulation experiment that the two control method to the robot stable control all are effective. Dragon Bergh extreme disposition control method causes the system that the track speed to be quicker, the stability is higher, and it has the high practical application value.
The Neural Mechanisms of Face Recognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders

WANG Li-Juan,LUO Hong-Ge,YAO Xue,

心理科学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) refers to a spectrum of psychological conditions characterized by widespread abnormalities of social interactions and communication as well as severely restricted interests and highly repetitive stereotyped behavior. It includes Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Regarding event-related potentials and functional magnetic resonance imaging technology as cues, this review discussed the neural mechanisms of face recognition in ASD patients via analyzing the abnormal changes of brain in the processing of face recognition. Researches showed that face recognition disability of ASD patients is mainly related to the abnormality of ERPs components such as N170, P400, N300 and Nc as well as lower activation of the fusiform face area and amygdala. Therefore, it is argued that the disorder of face recognition in ASD patients maybe result from the interaction of abnormal brain regions, which is impacted on the extent of the damage and the number of abnormal brain regions.
Visual Target Tracking Based on the Adaptive Particle Filter in the Complex Situation

Yao Hong-ge Qi Hua Hao Chong-yang,

电子与信息学报 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper presents an adaptive particle filtering algorithm for image tracking based on weighted color probability contribution. First, a weighted color contribution graph is proposed. Taking use of the graph, similarity between target template and particles area is calculated, that makes the target located more reasonable and efficient. During the filtering, aiming at particles degeneration, a resampling method is proposed, forming adaptive adjustment to sampled particle-set. This promotes quality of particle and reduces its quantity while cost of calculation is reduced greatly. Experiment result shows, for some complex tracking conditions such as overall occultation and object tracking with fast moving and great maneuverability, the proposed algorithm has a better robust.
Preliminary analysis of resonance effect by Helmholtz-- Schr dinger method

Yan Er-Yan,Meng Fan-Bao,Ma Hong-Ge,Chen Chao-Yang,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: The Helmholtz--Schr dinger method is employed to study the electric field standing wave caused by coupling through a simple slot. There is a good agreement between the numerical results and the resonant conditions presented by the Helmholtz--Schr dinger method. Thus, it can be used in similar cases where the amplitude of the electric field is the important quantity or eigenfunctions of the Schr dinger equation are needed for complicated quantum structures with hard wall boundary conditions.
Properties of light (anti)nuclei and (anti) hypertriton production in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 2.76 TeV
Zhi-Lei She,Gang Chen,Hong-ge Xu,Ting-ting Zeng,Di-Kai Li
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We investigate the properties of light (anti)nuclei and (anti)hypertriton production in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}=2.76$ TeV, based on the parton and hadron cascade and dynamically constrained phase-space coalescence (PACIAE + DCPC) model. We found that the yields of light (anti)nuclei and (anti)hypertriton strongly depend on the centrality, i.e., their yields decrease rapidly with the increase of centrality bins, but their yield ratios are independent of centrality. The results of theoretical model are well consistent with ALICE data. Furthermore, we found that the integrated yields of (anti)nuclei per participant nucleon increase from peripheral to central collisions more rapidly with increasing mass number. The transverse momentum distributions of $\overline{_{\overline\Lambda}^3 H}, {_{\Lambda}^3 H},{\overline{^3 He}}$ and $^3{{He}}$ are also discussed in the 0-10% most central Pb-Pb collisions.The coalescence parameters $B_A$ of light (anti)nuclei and (anti)hypernuclei are analyzed.
Research on scattering in microwave chaotic cavity

Yan Er-Yan,Meng Fan-Bao,Ma Hong-Ge,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 以计算机机箱为研究目标,开展了电磁波耦合入计算机机箱腔体的散射问题研究.通过对其散射矩阵元的讨论和分析发现:可以通过辐射散射测量得到系统散射矩阵的系综平均;随着腔体损耗的增加,腔体散射系数的波动性减小;随着腔体损耗的进一步增加,插入相移分布逐渐趋于均一分布.通过Dyson圆系综讨论了归一化散射矩阵,计算机机箱腔体中存在波混沌散射.根据随机矩阵理论,微波混沌腔体的归一化阻抗矩阵具有统计通用性,且只与系统的损耗有关.

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