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Fast Convergence in Semi-Anonymous Potential Games
Holly Borowski,Jason Marden
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Log-linear learning has been extensively studied in both the game theoretic and distributed control literature. It is appealing for many applications because it often guarantees that the agents' collective behavior will converge in probability to the optimal system configuration. However, the worst case convergence time can be prohibitively long, i.e., exponential in the number of players. We formalize a modified log-linear learning algorithm whose worst case convergence time is roughly linear in the number of players. We prove this characterization for a class of potential games where agents' utility functions can be expressed as a function of aggregate behavior within a finite collection of populations. Finally, we show that the convergence time remains roughly linear in the number of players even when the players are permitted to enter and exit the game over time.
Learning Efficient Correlated Equilibria
Holly P. Borowski,Jason R. Marden,Jeff S. Shamma
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: The majority of distributed learning literature focuses on convergence to Nash equilibria. Correlated equilibria, on the other hand, can often characterize more efficient collective behavior than even the best Nash equilibrium. However, there are no existing distributed learning algorithms that converge to specific correlated equilibria. In this paper, we provide one such algorithm which guarantees that the agents' collective joint strategy will constitute an efficient correlated equilibrium with high probability. The key to attaining efficient correlated behavior through distributed learning involves incorporating a common random signal into the learning environment.
The effect of the method of application and concentration of asahi sl on the response of cucumber plants to chilling stress
Edward Borowski
Acta Agrobotanica , 2010, DOI: 10.5586/aa.2010.044
Abstract: In pot experiments conducted on cucumber cv. remski F1, the effect was studied of short-term chilling stress on plants which had grown from seeds germinating in the solution of Asahi SL or treated with this biostimulator during the early growth period. The plants were grown in a phytotron at an air temperature of 27/22°C (day/night), using fluorescent light with FAR flux density of 220 μmol x m-2 x s-1 and with a photoperiod of 16/8. The biostimulator was applied using the following methods: a) germination of seeds in 0.01% and 0.05% solution, b) watering of plants twice with 0.01% or 0.05% solution, c) spraying leaves with 0.3% or 0.5% solution. Plants sprayed with distilled water were the control. After 24 hours from foliar or root application of Asahi SL, one half of the plants from each experimental series was treated for a period of 3 days at a temperature of 12/6°C, with all the other growth conditions unchanged. The obtained results show that short-term chilling stress caused a significant increase in electrolyte leakage, free proline content and in the activity of ascorbate peroxidase in leaves, but a decrease in the content of chlorophyll, its maximum fluorescence (Fm) and quantum yield (Fv/Fm), carotenoid content, stomatal conductance, transpiration, photosynthesis, leaf biomass and in the activity of catalase in leaves. Foliar or root application of Asahi SL in the pre-stress period decreased the values of the traits which increased as a result of chilling or increased those which decreased. Higher concentrations of the biostimulator solutions, applied using this method, were more effective. The application of the biostimulator during seed germination did not result in significant changes in the response of plants to chilling stress.
General Remarks on Second Language Acquisition
Adam Borowski
Humanising Language Teaching , 2010, DOI: 17559715
Rozrost gruczo owy endometrium u kobiet stosuj cych hormonaln terapi zast pcz
Marek Harasim,Dariusz Borowski
Przegl?d Menopauzalny , 2011,
Abstract: Krwawienie z dróg rodnych jest jedn z g ównych skarg pacjentek zg aszaj cych si do ginekologa w okresieoko omenopauzalnym. Rozrost gruczo owy endometrium jest cz st przyczyn wyst pienia krwawieniaz dróg rodnych diagnozowan metod histopatologiczn . Abrazja frakcjonowana kana u i jamy macicy nadaljest w Polsce najcz ciej stosowan metod diagnozowania krwawień z dróg rodnych. Interesuj cy wydaje si ewentualny wp yw zrównowa onej hormonalnej terapii zast pczej (HTZ; hormone replacement therapy – HRT)na cz sto wyst powania rozrostu gruczo owego endometrium u kobiet stosuj cych t terapi . Cel pracy: Celem pracy by o: 1. Porównanie cz sto ci wyst powania rozrostu gruczo owego endometrium jako przyczyny acyklicznychkrwawień z dróg rodnych u kobiet stosuj cych HTZ z wyst powaniem populacyjnym w tej samej grupiewiekowej. 2. Okre lenie ewentualnego zwi zku mi dzy wyst powaniem rozrostu gruczo owego endometrium a schematemstosowania HTZ. Materia i metody: Materia do badań stanowi o 1905 próbek wyskrobin z jamy macicy pobieranych drog frakcjonowanego wy y eczkowania kana u i jamy macicy oraz wymazów cytologicznych z jamy macicy, pobieranychmetod szczoteczkow . Analizowano wyniki histopatologiczne pacjentek badanych w Zak adzie DiagnostykiPatomorfologicznej Niepublicznego Zak adu Opieki Zdrowotnej w Sosnowcu przy ul. Swobodnej 8/5 (ZDP NZOZ)w latach 2005–2007. Do badań w czono pacjentki, u których krwawienie pozamiesi czne, b d ce powodempobrania materia u do badań histopatologicznych, wyst pi o pomi dzy 45. a 53. r. . Materia badany podzielonona dwie grupy: grup I stanowi y przypadki krwawień pozamiesi cznych wyst puj cych u pacjentek stosuj cychHTZ; grup II stanowi y przypadki krwawień z dróg rodnych u kobiet niesuplementowanych. W ród 151 kobietprzyjmuj cych HTZ 77 stosowa o j metod sekwencyjn , a 74 metod ci g . W ród kobiet leczonych schematemsekwencyjnym nie zaobserwowano ani jednego przypadku rozrostu gruczo owego endometrium. W grupiekobiet stosuj cych schemat ci g y zdiagnozowano 9 przypadków (12,2%) rozrostu gruczo owego prostego endometrium.W obu grupach nie zdiagnozowano ani jednego przypadku rozrostu gruczo owego z o onego oraz anijednego przypadku atypii komórkowej. Nie znaleziono znamiennej statystycznie ró nicy cz sto ci wyst powaniarozrostu gruczo owego endometrium u kobiet stosuj cych HTZ w czasie do 1 roku i powy ej tego okresu. Wnioski: 1. Rozrost gruczo owy znamiennie rzadziej wyst puje u kobiet stosuj cych HTZ w porównaniu z wyst powaniempopulacyjnym. 2. Schemat sekwencyjny HTZ jest czynnikiem protekcyjnym w aspekcie powsta
Quantifying Proportional Variability
Joel P. Heath, Peter Borowski
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0084074
Abstract: Real quantities can undergo such a wide variety of dynamics that the mean is often a meaningless reference point for measuring variability. Despite their widespread application, techniques like the Coefficient of Variation are not truly proportional and exhibit pathological properties. The non-parametric measure Proportional Variability (PV) [1] resolves these issues and provides a robust way to summarize and compare variation in quantities exhibiting diverse dynamical behaviour. Instead of being based on deviation from an average value, variation is simply quantified by comparing the numbers to each other, requiring no assumptions about central tendency or underlying statistical distributions. While PV has been introduced before and has already been applied in various contexts to population dynamics, here we present a deeper analysis of this new measure, derive analytical expressions for the PV of several general distributions and present new comparisons with the Coefficient of Variation, demonstrating cases in which PV is the more favorable measure. We show that PV provides an easily interpretable approach for measuring and comparing variation that can be generally applied throughout the sciences, from contexts ranging from stock market stability to climate variation.
Predictions from a stochastic polymer model for the MinDE dynamics in E.coli
Peter Borowski,Eric N. Cytrynbaum
Quantitative Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.80.041916
Abstract: The spatiotemporal oscillations of the Min proteins in the bacterium Escherichia coli play an important role in cell division. A number of different models have been proposed to explain the dynamics from the underlying biochemistry. Here, we extend a previously described discrete polymer model from a deterministic to a stochastic formulation. We express the stochastic evolution of the oscillatory system as a map from the probability distribution of maximum polymer length in one period of the oscillation to the probability distribution of maximum polymer length half a period later and solve for the fixed point of the map with a combined analytical and numerical technique. This solution gives a theoretical prediction of the distributions of both lengths of the polar MinD zones and periods of oscillations -- both of which are experimentally measurable. The model provides an interesting example of a stochastic hybrid system that is, in some limits, analytically tractable.
Lo que crees que has dicho no es lo que creen que has dicho. Los efectos de los actos de habla en la comunicación transcultural
Holly Jacobson
Panace@ : Revista de Medicina, Lenguaje y Traducción , 2001,
Lessons Learned While Managing My First Book Club
Holly Marland
Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal , 2011,
Abstract: Extensive reading has become a popular way to promote language development. I had long wanted to introduce my students to pleasure reading as a means to improve their English, but because I was only teaching conversation courses, I saw no opportunity to do so. However, last semester, I decided to start an extracurricular book club, and it has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever undertaken. The club was successful on many levels including the promotion of learner autonomy. This article is about the steps I took and the lessons I learned in the process of managing my first book club during one semester at a university in South Korea.
Socio-cognitive aspects of hedging in two legal discourse genres
Holly Vass
Ibérica , 2004,
Abstract: While there are many studies on hedging in a wide variety of disciplinary discourses, the field of Law, to date, has been largely overlooked. Moreover, most research on hedging approaches the phenomenon from either a textual or pragmatic perspective, and tends to compare the same genre across disciplines. By contrast, the objective of this study was to analyse hedging in two legal written discourse genres, namely U.S. Supreme Court opinions and American law review articles, from a comprehensive, socio-cognitive, intra-disciplinary perspective. Due to the essential roles of intuition and hedging competence in the identification of hedges, qualitative data gathering and interpretation techniques were used. Results indicate that differences between the two genres can be linked to certain prototypical features of the genres themselves, particularly context and communicative purposes. Therefore, it is possible to postulate that hedging is in fact genre-specific, at least insofar as legal genres are concerned. Further comparative research must be done to determine if the same is true in other fields as well.
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