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An Analysis of the Influence of Fundamental Values' Estimation Accuracy on Financial Markets
Hiroshi Takahashi
Journal of Probability and Statistics , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/543065
Abstract: This research analyzed the influence of the differences in the forecast accuracy of fundamental values on the financial market. As a result of intensive experiments in the market, we made the following interesting findings: (1) improvements in forecast accuracy of fundamentalists can contribute to an increase in the number of fundamentalists; (2) certain situations might occur, according to the level of forecast accuracy of fundamentalists, in which fundamentalists and passive management coexist, or in which fundamentalists die out of the market, and furthermore; (3) where a variety of investors exist in the market, improvements in the forecast accuracy could increase the number of fundamentalists more than the number of investors that employ passive investment strategy. These results contribute to clarifying the mechanism of price fluctuations in financial markets and also indicate one of the factors for the low ratio of passive investors in asset management business. 1. Introduction A growing body of studies regarding asset pricing have been conducted, and many prominent theories have been proposed [1–4]. Along with the advancement of these theories, many arguments regarding securities investment in practical business affairs in finance have been actively discussed. The theory of asset pricing and investment strategy for shares are also currently being discussed with enthusiasm. The accurate valuation of fundamental values of investment grade assets is one of significant interest for those investors that actually make transactions in real financial markets. For example, many of institutional investors have a number of security analysts in their own companies in order to try to evaluate the fundamental values of each security. Market efficiency is a central hypothesis in traditional asset pricing theories and there has been a large amount of discussion regarding it [5]. For example, in the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), which is one of the most popular asset pricing theories, equilibrium asset prices are derived on the assumption of efficient markets and rational investors. CAPM indicates that the optimal investment strategy is to hold market portfolio1 [2]. Since it is very difficult for investors to get an excess return in an efficient market, it is assumed to be difficult to beat market portfolio even though fundamental values are estimated correctly based on public information [2, 6]. On the other hand, passive investment strategy, which tries to maintain an average return using benchmarks based on market indices, is consistent with
Improved Model for Soil as a Two-Phase Mixture Based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)  [PDF]
Kousuke Nakamura, Tomoaki Satomi, Hiroshi Takahashi
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2014.212120

It is desired to resolve soil contamination with reduced costs. “Insoluble treatment” is a soil improvement method for heavy metal containing soil, which uses soil mixers to mix soil and soil improvement liquid agents. To reduce the costs of this method, soil mixers have to be optimized. However, it is not achieved due to the lack of theoretical knowledge on mixing solid with liquid. Therefore, a numerical model to simulate the dynamic behavior of solid and liquid is on the development in this study using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method. To validate the numerical model, several experiments were carried out and numerically reproduced. The comparisons of the results showed that the numerical model replicated a liquid flow with an error rate of 2.1% and a seepage flow with an error rate up to 26.1%. Especially, the water distribution in the soil pores was highly improved with absolute gaps in volumetric water content up to 4.4% in the porosity range of 10% - 90%. For the water absorption into dry sand, the simulation result became more realistic by concerning soil suction.

Mediating Role of Anger Rumination in the Associations between Mindfulness, Anger-In, and Trait Anger  [PDF]
Masaya Takebe, Fumito Takahashi, Hiroshi Sato
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.68093
Abstract: While there are several studies that have investigated the specific relationships between mindfulness, anger rumination, anger-in, and trait anger, no study has investigated all these relationships simultaneously. Therefore, this study examined all relationships between these variables employing a cross-sectional design. Consistent with previous research, we hypothesized that (1) mindfulness will reduce anger rumination, (2) anger rumination will facilitate anger-in and trait anger, and (3) mindfulness will indirectly alleviate anger-in and trait anger through reducing anger rumination. The total of 366 Japanese undergraduates (M = 20.18; SD = 2.27; 51.1% female; 48.9% male) had completed the questionnaires. The results of this study revealed that (1) mindfulness reduced anger rumination, (2) anger rumination facilitated anger-in and trait anger, and (3) mindfulness indirectly alleviated anger-in and trait anger through reducing anger rumination. Although the mediating role of anger rumination was discussed in previous study, it was not based on data. The current study verifies the assumptions by previous study and suggests that anger rumination may be a key factor in treating problems of anger-in and trait anger. We provide new evidence contributing to improved treatment options by specifying the relationships between mindfulness, anger rumination, anger-in, and trait anger.
Poly (ethylene terephthalate) synthesis with catalysts derived from chrysotile asbestos  [PDF]
Shigeki Habaue, Yusuke Takahashi, Yu Hosogoe, Hiroshi Yamashita, Meisetsu Kajiwara
Natural Science (NS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2010.26070
Abstract: The chrysotile asbestos was converted to the forsterite-type compounds by calcination at 740 and 800oC (F7-740 and F7-800), which were used as a catalyst for the polycondensation of bis(hydroxyethyl) terephthalate affording poly (ethylene terephthalate). The obtained forsterite-type compounds did not show any catalytic activity. However, the products obtained by simply treating them with acetic acid significantly promoted the polymerization that produced a THFinsoluble polymer. It was found that the polymer prepared with the acetic acid-treated F7-740 at 160oC for 2 h showed a 93% yield and the number average molecular weight of 6.4 × 103. The observed catalytic activity was higher than that for the acetic acid-treated magnesium oxide, as well as the typical polycondensation catalysts, such as magnesium acetate and antimony oxide.
Hair Dyeing by Using Catechinone Obtained from (+)-Catechin  [PDF]
Yasunaga Hidekazu, Takahashi Akiko, Ito Kazue, Ueda Masahisa, Urakawa Hiroshi
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2012.23031
Abstract: A novel colourant for hair dyeing was prepared by an enzymatic reaction with (+)-catechin and its characteristics as a hair dyestuff were studied. The study is aimed at inventing the hair dyestuff that is human- and eco-friendly. One potentially powerful dyestuff was obtained from (+)-catechin treated with tyrosinase after screening experiments using biobased materials. The obtained reddish orange colourant, 4-(3,4-dihydro-3α,5,7-trihydroxy-2H-1-benzopyran-2α-yl) 1,2-benzoquinone named “catechinone”, shows enough dyeability for decolourised white hair. Catechinone does not cause erythema or oedema on skin of rabbits. The colour is controlled by the addition of other biobased materials and a variety of colours of dyed hair are acquired. The fastness to light or washing for hair dyed by catechinone is high enough for practical use.
Arthroscopic Classification of Suprapatellar Plica and Medial Synovial Plica  [PDF]
Mitsuru Hanada, Masaaki Takahashi, Hiroshi Koyama, Yukihiro Matsuyama
Surgical Science (SS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2012.39085
Abstract: In the previous arthroscopic studies, the ratio of presence and type of plica was somewhat different. We arthroscopically investigated and classified suprapatellar plica and medial synovial plica in a Japanese population. Subjects and Methods: The anatomy of suprapatellar plica and medial synovial plica was studied arthroscopically in 130 knees. Original diagnosis of patients included in this study were 53 meniscal injuries, 51 ACL injuries, 17 osteoarthritis, 5 popliteal cysts, 3 osteochondritis dissecans, and 1 synovial osteochodromatosis. Results: The suprapatellar plica was present 73.8% and classified into 6 types which were arch type, medial type, lateral type, perforated type, pillar type and complete type. The medial synovial plica was present 62.3% and classified into 4 types which were narrow type, medium type, broad type and perforated type. No relationship between age and the pattern of the suprapatellar plica or medial synovial plica could be found. There was no trend to be correlation between the type of suprapatellar plica and medial synovial plica. Conclusion: We classified suprapatellar plica by only location and shape of plica and medial synovial plica by the size of plica.
Low Frequency Ultrasonication Induced Antitumor Effect in 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Treated Malignant Glioma  [PDF]
Fumio Yamaguchi, Takayuki Asakura, Hiroshi Takahashi, Takayuki Kitamura, Akira Teramoto
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2013.41025

We investigated the feasibility of sonodynamic therapy for glioma by low frequency ultrasoundwith5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA), a precursor of protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) in heme synthetic process. In vivo tumor model was made by inoculating human glioma cell line U87-MG subcutaneously in nude mice. The tumor was sonicated by 25-kHz ultrasound 4 hours following administration of 5-ALA. The tumor size decreased in 5-ALA administered (ALA(+)US(+)) mice, while increased in non-5-ALA administrated (ALA(-)US(+)) mice and non-sonicated mice (ALA(+)US(-)). The immunohistochemical analysis revealed an apoptotic change in tumor tissue of ALA(+)US(+) mice. The results showed the therapeutic effect of 25 kHz ultrasound for the glioma in 5-ALA administered tumor-bearing mice by inducing apoptotic change of tumor cells. This is a first report to elucidate the feasibility of therapeutic use of 25 kHz, relatively low frequency, ultrasound in sonodynamic therapy using 5-ALA as a sonosensitizer precursor. The utilization of this frequency will contribute to the development of sonodynamic therapy for gliomas and the spread of this technique in many hospitals that possess ultrasonic aspirators.

An Experimental Comparison of Quantum Decision Theoretical Models of Intertemporal Choice for Gain and Loss  [PDF]
Taiki Takahashi, Hiroshi Nishinaka, Takaki Makino, Ruokang Han, Hiroki Fukui
Journal of Quantum Information Science (JQIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jqis.2012.24018

In mathematical physics and psychology, “quantum decision theory” has been proposed to explain anomalies in human decision-making. One of such quantum models has been proposed to explain time inconsistency in human decision over time. In this study, we conducted a behavioral experiment to examine which quantum decision models best account for human intertemporal choice. We observed that a q-exponential model developed in Tsallis’ thermodynamics (based on Takahashi’s (2005) nonlinear time perception theory) best fit human behavioral data for both gain and loss, among other quantum decision models.

The q-Exponential Probability Discounting of Gain and Loss  [PDF]
Taiki Takahashi, Ruokang Han, Hiroshi Nishinaka, Takaki Makino, Hiroki Fukui
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.46120
Abstract: Probability discounting is defined as the devaluation of outcomes as the probability of receiving or paying those decreases. A q-exponential probability discounting model based on Tsallis’ statistics has been proposed in econophysics (Takahashi, 2007, Physica A). We examined (a) fitness of the models to behavioral data of probability discounting of both gain and loss; and (b) relationships between parameters in the q-exponential probability discounting model across gain and loss. Our results demonstrated that, for both gain and loss, the q-exponential model better fits the behavioral data than exponential and hyperbolic functions, and there is the sign effect in q-exponential probability discounting. Relationships between Kahneman-Tversky’s prospect theory in behavioral economics and the q-exponential probability discounting are high-lightened.
In-Situ Measurements of the Photoconductivity of Multi-Layered Organic Photovoltaic Devices Using Impedance Spectroscopy  [PDF]
Ryoji Maeda, Hiroshi Tokairin, Jun-Ichi Takahashi, Yuji Yoshida
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2015.52007
Abstract: In-situ impedance spectroscopy (IS) observations of the photoconductivity of the carriers induced by photo-irradiation in organic hetero-junction structured photovoltaic devices are presented. In the IS measurements, the externally applied voltage and the dependence of the light intensity applied to the device were investigated. Analysis of the frequency characteristics which was measured by changing the light intensity shows there is a proportional relationship between the changes in the conductivities of the two components. The mobilities of the CuPc and C60 layers were calculated from the conductivities and were in the orders of 10﹣4 and 10﹣3 cm2/Vs, respectively.
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