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CenH3/CID Incorporation Is Not Dependent on the Chromatin Assembly Factor CHD1 in Drosophila
Valerie Podhraski,Beatriz Campo-Fernandez,Hildegard Wrle,Paolo Piatti,Harald Niederegger,Günther B?ck,Dmitry V. Fyodorov,Alexandra Lusser
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010120
Abstract: CHD1 is a SNF2-related ATPase that is required for the genome-wide incorporation of variant histone H3.3 in the paternal pronucleus as well as in transcriptionally active nuclei in Drosophila embryos. The S. pombe and vertebrate orthologs of CHD1 have been implicated in the assembly of the centromeric histone H3 variant CenH3CENP-A, which occurs in a DNA replication-independent manner. Here, we examined whether CHD1 participates in the assembly of CenH3CID in Drosophila. In contrast to the findings in fission yeast and vertebrate cells, our evidence clearly argues against such a role for CHD1 in Drosophila. CHD1 does not localize to centromeres in either S2 cells or developing fly embryos. Down-regulation of CHD1 in S2 cells by RNAi reveals unchanged levels of CenH3CID at the centromeres. Most notably, ablation of functional CHD1 in Chd1 mutant fly embryos does not interfere with centromere and kinetochore assembly, as the levels and localization of CenH3CID, CENP-C and BubR1 in the mutant embryos remain similar to those seen in wild-type embryos. These results indicate that Drosophila CHD1 has no direct function in the incorporation of the centromeric H3 variant CenH3CID into chromatin. Therefore, centromeric chromatin assembly may involve different mechanisms in different organisms.
Partitioning of energy in highly polydisperse granular gases
Hildegard Uecker,W. Till Kranz,Timo Aspelmeier,Annette Zippelius
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.80.041303
Abstract: A highly polydisperse granular gas is modeled by a continuous distribution of particle sizes, a, giving rise to a corresponding continuous temperature profile, T(a), which we compute approximately, generalizing previous results for binary or multicomponent mixtures. If the system is driven, it evolves towards a stationary temperature profile, which is discussed for several driving mechanisms in dependence on the variance of the size distribution. For a uniform distribution of sizes, the stationary temperature profile is nonuniform with either hot small particles (constant force driving) or hot large particles (constant velocity or constant energy driving). Polydispersity always gives rise to non-Gaussian velocity distributions. Depending on the driving mechanism the tails can be either overpopulated or underpopulated as compared to the molecular gas. The deviations are mainly due to small particles. In the case of free cooling the decay rate depends continuously on particle size, while all partial temperatures decay according to Haff's law. The analytical results are supported by event driven simulations for a large, but discrete number of species.
Die überlieferungstradition von Aphorismen "vom Freund und dem Geliebten" des Ramon Llull in deutscher Sprache im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert [The tradition of transmission of the aphorisms "of the lover and the beloved" by Ramon Llull in German in the 18th and 19th century]
Schnürle, Joachim
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2010,
Abstract: Since the beginning of the 20th century, a new interest has arisen in the Catalan encyclopedist Ramon Llull, who lived at the turn of the 14th century. This new interest has become manifest in a new critical edition of his works and in editions of his novels and the mystical verses of the lover and the beloved that were translated into several European languages. The new academic interest also resulted in the foundation of institutes at the universities of Barcelona and Freiburg.This study aims to show that there have been German translations of the Aphorisms "of the lover and the beloved" since the middle of the 18th century that have been almost entirely neglected by scholars dealing with Ramon Llull. Translations of fragments of the above-mentioned work were done by Gerhard Tersteegen (1697–1769) and Gotthard Ludwig Theobul Kosegarten (1758–1818); the first complete translation by a roman-catholic priest in Bavaria, Nikolaus Casseder (1767–1823), dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.
Ecriture encyclopédique – écriture romanesque : représentations et critique du savoir dans le roman allemand et fran ais de Goethe à Flaubert
Hildegard Haberl
Trajectoires , 2010,
Abstract: Cette thèse propose une contribution à la réflexion et la discussion sur la littérature encyclopédique et plus largement les relations riches et complexes entre littérature et savoir. Dans la pluralité des genres encyclopédiques, elle se concentre sur le roman et plus spécifiquement sur deux romans exemplaires du début et de la fin du XIXe siècle : Les Affinités électives de Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1809) et Bouvard et Pécuchet de Gustave Flaubert (1880/81), deux romans expérimentaux, deux rom...
Sabine Beckmann: Geteilte Arbeit? Münster: Verlag Westf lisches Dampfboot 2008
Hildegard Theobald
querelles-net , 2009,
Abstract: Im Zentrum des Buches steht die Frage der Relevanz wohlfahrtsstaatlicher Regulierungen für die geschlechtliche Verteilung famili rer Sorgearbeit. Konzeptionell verbindet die Autorin Ans tze aus der geschlechtssensiblen international vergleichenden Wohlfahrtsstaatsforschung mit Ans tzen zu Genderregimen. Empirisch untersucht sie fundiert in einer Quer- und L ngsschnittstudie die Entwicklungen in Schweden, Frankreich und Deutschland in den letzten 50 Jahren in den Feldern der Politikentwicklung, der geschlechtlichen Verteilung privater Sorgearbeit und der geschlechterkulturellen Entwicklungen, insbesondere der Rolle von V tern. Neben dem innovativen Ansatz liefert das Buch einen fundierten empirischen überblick über die Ver nderungsprozesse in den drei Vergleichsl ndern und liefert damit einen wertvollen Beitrag zur politischen Diskussion und zur wissenschaftlichen Weiterentwicklung. This book centers on the question as to the relevance of social welfare state regulation for the gendered distribution of family care work. The author conceptually binds the results of gender sensitive, international, and comparative research on social welfare states that find a way of approaching gender regimes. In her cross-sectional and longitudinal study she empirically examines the developments in Sweden, France, and Germany in the last 50 years. She focuses specifically on political developments, the gendered distribution of private care work, and gender-cultural developments, especially in terms of the role of fathers. The book takes an innovative approach and provides an empirically founded overview of the processes of change in the three comparative countries. It therefore provides a valuable contribution to the political discussion and to continuing scholarly development.
Literatur als Ort der gender-Konstitution Constituting Gender in 18th Century Literature
Hildegard Kernmayer
querelles-net , 2002,
Abstract: Als literarisches Leitmedium und als zentrale technology of gender“ tr gt der Roman im 18. Jahrhundert entscheidend zur Ausbildung und Vermittlung von Geschlechterkonzeptionen bei. Dass die Herstellung vermeintlich konsistenter Geschlechtsidentit ten im literarischen Text dabei jeweils mit der Entautorisierung der weiblichen Figuren, ihrer Degradierung zu Objekten der Erkenntnis, der Lust, der Gewalt, schlie lich ihrer T tung einhergeht, weist Virginia Richter in ihren gender“-sensiblen Lektüren dreier Romane jener bezüglich der Geschlechterdefinition als krisenhaft zu bezeichnenden Epoche nach. Owing to its leading literary role and a central “technology of gender,” the 18th century novel plays an important role in forming and transmitting concepts of gender. Using three 18th century novels as basis for investigation, Richter shows how the production of seemingly consistent gender identities in literary texts always appears in conjunction with the de-authorization of the female protagonists, their degradation as objects of knowledge, lust, violence, and eventually their murder. Judging by the portrayal and construction of women in these novels, the 18th century was a deeply troubled as well as troubling époque as far as gender are concerned.
écriture encyclopédique-écriture romanesque : représentations et critique du savoir dans le roman allemand et fran ais de Goethe à Flaubert
Hildegard Haberl
Atelier du Centre de Recherches Historiques , 2011, DOI: 10.4000/acrh.3982
Abstract: La composition du juryMonsieur. Gérard Jorland (Directeur d’étude à l’éHESS, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, CRH), Directeur de thèse,Monsieur Andreas B. Kilcher (Professeur, ETH Zurich, Departement der Geistes -, Sozial - und Staatswissenschaften),Monsieur Gérard Laudin (Professeur à l’Université Paris Sorbonne-Paris IV, UFR d’études germaniques),Monsieur Alfred Noe (Professeur à l’ Université de Vienne, Institut für Romanistik)Madame Birgit Wagner (Professeur à l’Université de Vienne, Insti...
Coordonate normative i jurispruden iale n domeniul ordonan elor de urgen
George Liviu G?RLE?TEANU
Revista Transilvan? de ?tiin?e Administrative , 2011,
Abstract: This study outlines the legal institution of the emergency ordinance which represents the Romanian law system’s specific way to exercise legislative competence through an organ of executive power, the Government. The exercise of such unspecific powers for an executive organ seen from the legal consequences of the principle of separation of powers must be limited, in fact being an intrusion into the sphere of legislative competence. Thus, there is the necessity for a complex legal analysis and case analysis of the emergency ordinance institution for the purposes of clearly delimiting the scope of the exercise of this power by the Government.
George Liviu G?RLE?TEANU
Revista Transilvan? de ?tiin?e Administrative , 2009,
Abstract: The specific manner of organization and functioning of the public administration system in Romania is conditioned by the compliance with certain principles of general applicability which refer to all the institutional components of this system. A coherent public administration, effective in its activity and citizen-oriented by its public and social policies, mainly implies setting out the general normative coordinates of the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed. These coordinates occur as a result of a complex juridical analysis of the general principles which should govern this relationship. For this purpose, it is necessary to distinguish a normative configuration of such principles, the principle of deconcentration, the subject of this study, being one of the most important among them. Understanding and establishing the juridical implications of the principle of deconcentration implies clarifying various aspects. Thus, first of all, one has to identify its juridical grounds, this aspect being necessary for outlining the general coordinates of the principle as such, coordinates which reveal its essence. One also has to underline the direct normative consequences of the express constitutional consecration of this principle, consequences which consist of specific obligations, falling upon on the public power, as well as the specific nature of the right of administrative leadership of the prefect in the Romanian legal system upon the autonomous administrative bodies at the local level, in the frame of the juridical consequences entailed by its regulation.
George Liviu G?RLE?TEANU
Revista Transilvan? de ?tiin?e Administrative , 2012,
Abstract: This study outlines the legal institution of legal con icts of a constitutional nature between public authorities drawing the normative coordinates of the institution from the general constitutional framework established by art. 146 letter e) of the Romanian Constitution and in relation to the Romanian Constitutional Court case law. These regulations cover issues related to the holders of the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court, legal subjects that may be found in opposition in a legal con ict of constitutional nature (public authorities), objective facts triggering the con ict or the content of the legal con ict of constitutional nature and the resulting legal effects.
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