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Limited Functional Health Literacy, Health Information Sources, and Health Behavior among Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Japan
Yuko Yoshida,Hajime Iwasa,Shu Kumagai,Takao Suzuki,Hideyo Yoshida
ISRN Geriatrics , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/952908
Abstract: The objectives of this study were to explore how health information sources vary by functional health literacy levels and the relationship between health literacy and health behaviors among the old-old, community-dwelling adults. A cross-sectional study was used. The sample included 620 participants from a rural community in northern Japan. We used structured questionnaires to gather demographic information and assess health-related behaviors, information sources utilized, and functional health literacy. Functional health literacy scores were categorized into three groups, namely, low, middle, and high literacy. Individuals with limited health literacy were more likely to drink less alcohol, were less physically active, had less dietary variety, and had a low rate of medical check-ups. They were also less likely to use printed media, organization or medical procedure, electronic media, and accessed fewer health-related information sources. This study highlights the necessity of information tools that facilitate better access to information among older adults with limited health literacy. 1. Introduction Limited health literacy is a barrier to adequate health care. Health literacy is defined as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions” [1]. People with limited health literacy typically have a poor understanding of their medical condition and medical prescriptions, as well as poorer disease management, making it difficult for them to make good decisions regarding various aspects of their health [2]. Limited health literacy among older adults is a major concern because it has implications for their overall health. Previous research has shown a limited health literacy rate of around 24% [3–5] among community-dwelling older adults. Therefore, in the interests of community service, it is important to consider ways of providing health information to older adults who have limited health literacy. Previous studies have shown that limited health literacy is independently associated with a poorer health status, inclusive of physical and mental health [4], as well as mortality [6–9]. Older adults with limited health literacy have a poor understanding of health-related information [10] and tend to have limited access to health care services [3, 11]. Thus, health care access may act as a mediator between limited health literacy and poor health status among older adults. Furthermore, varying health literacy levels may contribute to disparities
Distinct Transforming Activity of ABL Family Tyrosine Kinase Oncogenes Is Induced by Their C-Terminal Domain*  [PDF]
Keiko Okuda, Hideyo Hirai
Open Journal of Blood Diseases (OJBD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojbd.2013.33A005
Abstract: The TEL/ARG oncogene is similar in structure to the TEL/ABL fusion found in human leukemia, however, we have demonstrated previously that the expression of TEL/ARG in Ba/F3 cells does not sustain strong activity of proliferation, whereas, that of TEL/ABL appeared to induce immediate cell proliferation. To study the molecular basis of the difference in the transforming activity of TEL/ARG and TEL/ABL, TEL/ARG mutants that swapped the kinase domain or C-terminus of ARG with the corresponding domain in ABL were generated, and each mutant was expressed in Ba/F3 cells. A TEL/ARG mutant containing the ABL kinase domain was similar to TEL/ARG in this study, but replacing the ARG C-terminal domain with that of ABL resulted in accelerated proliferation that was similar to that of TEL/ABL. When expressed in primary mouse bone marrow cells by retroviral transduction, spontaneous colony formation in methylcellulose culture was observed, in a fashion dependent on the C-terminal portion of ABL. These results indicate that distinct bio-phenotypes associated with these oncogenes are likely to be regulated by their C-termini, and the C-terminus of ARG contains a functional subdomain that impairs the growth signal induced by ABL family tyrosine kinase.
Reference Values and Age and Sex Differences in Physical Performance Measures for Community-Dwelling Older Japanese: A Pooled Analysis of Six Cohort Studies
Satoshi Seino, Shoji Shinkai, Yoshinori Fujiwara, Shuichi Obuchi, Hideyo Yoshida, Hirohiko Hirano, Hun Kyung Kim, Tatsuro Ishizaki, Ryutaro Takahashi, on behalf of the TMIG-LISA Research Group
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099487
Abstract: Objectives To determine age- and sex-specific reference values for six physical performance measures, i.e. hand-grip strength, one-legged stance, and gait speed and step length at both usual and maximum paces, and to investigate age and sex differences in these measures among community-dwelling older Japanese adults. Methods We conducted a pooled analysis of data from six cohort studies collected between 2002 and 2011 as part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology-Longitudinal Interdisciplinary Study on Aging. The pooled analysis included cross-sectional data from 4683 nondisabled, community-dwelling adults aged 65 years or older (2168 men, 2515 women; mean age: 74.0 years in men and 73.9 years in women). Results Unweighted simple mean (standard deviation) hand-grip strength, one-legged stance, usual gait speed, usual gait step length, maximum gait speed, and maximum gait step length were 31.7 (6.7) kg, 39.3 (23.0) s, 1.29 (0.25) m/s, 67.7 (10.0) cm, 1.94 (0.38) m/s, and 82.3 (11.6) cm, respectively, in men and 20.4 (5.0) kg, 36.8 (23.4) s, 1.25 (0.27) m/s, 60.8 (10.0) cm, 1.73 (0.36) m/s, and 69.7 (10.8) cm, respectively, in women. All physical performance measures showed significant decreasing trends with advancing age in both sexes (all P<0.001 for trend). We also constructed age- and sex-specific appraisal standards according to quintiles. With increasing age, the sex difference in hand-grip strength decreased significantly (P<0.001 for age and sex interaction). In contrast, sex differences significantly increased in all other measures (all P<0.05 for interactions) except step length at maximum pace. Conclusion Our pooled analysis yielded inclusive age- and sex-specific reference values and appraisal standards for major physical performance measures in nondisabled, community-dwelling, older Japanese adults. The characteristics of age-related decline in physical performance measures differed between sexes.
Dynamic Molecular Behavior and Cluster Structure of Octanoic Acid in Its Liquid and CCl4 Solution  [PDF]
Hideyo Matsuzawa, Masaya Tsuda, Hideyuki Minami, Makio Iwahashi
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2013.49A1005

Fatty acids such as oleic and stearic acids having a long hydrocarbon chain are known to exist as dimers in their melt and even in a non-polar solvent. In their melt the dimers arrange longitudinally and alternately to form clusters which resemble a smectic liquid crystal. The clusters determine the liquid properties of the fatty acids such as density, viscosity and fluidity. Then, do the dimers of fatty acid having a moderate-length hydrocarbon chain construct such the clusters? In the present study the dynamic molecular behavior and assembly structure of octanoic acid in its melt and also in CCl4 solution have been investigated by the X-ray diffraction, near infrared spectroscopy, 1H-NMR chemical shift, self-diffusion coefficient and 13C-NMR spin-lattice relaxation time measurements. From these results it has been revealed that the clusters of octanoic acid exist in its melt and also in CCl4 and that the clusters in the melt disintegrate with an increase in temperature. The dissociation profile of dimers of octanoic acid into monomers in CCl4 also has been clarified.

Nitroxide-Mediated Photo-Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization of Methacrylic Acid  [PDF]
Eri Yoshida
Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry (OJPChem) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpchem.2013.31004

The photo-controlled/living radical polymerization of methacrylic acid (MAA) was performed at room temperature by irradiation with a high-pressure mercury lamp using azo initiators and 4-methoxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl as the mediator in the presence of (4-tert-butylphenyl)diphenylsulfonium triflate (tBuS) as the accelerator. Whereas the bulk polymerization yielded polymers with a bimodal molecular weight distribution in both the absence and presence of tBuS, the solution polymerization in methanol produced unimodal polymers with the molecular weight distribution of 2.0 - 2.3 in the presence of tBuS. The molecular weight distribution of the resulting poly (MAA) decreased with an in- crease in tBuS. The dilution of the monomer concentration also reduced the molecular weight distribution. The use of the initiator with a low 10-h half-life temperature also effectively controlled the molecular weight. The livingness of the polymerization was confirmed by obtaining linear increases in the first-order conversion versus time, the molecular weight versus the conversion, and the molecular weight versus the reciprocal of the initiator concentration.

Elucidation of Acceleration Mechanisms by a Photosensitive Onium Salt for Nitroxide-Mediated Photocontrolled/Living Radical Polymerization  [PDF]
Eri Yoshida
Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry (OJPChem) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpchem.2014.43006

The acceleration mechanisms by a photosensitive onium salt for the nitroxide-mediated photocontrolled/living radical polymerization (photo-NMP) were determined. The photo-NMP of methyl methacrylate was performed by irradiation at room temperature using 4-methoxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl (MTEMPO) as the mediator and (2RS, 2’RS)-azobis(4-methoxy-2,4-dimethylvaleronitrile) as the initiator. The polymerization was accelerated in the presence of (4-tertbutylphenyl)diphenylsulfonium triflate (tBuS) to produce a polymer with a molecular weight distribution as narrow as the polymerization in its absence. (±)-Camphor-10-sulfonic acid or 2-fluoro-1-methylpyridinium p-toluenesulfonate had no effect on the polymerization speed, suggesting that tBuS did not serve as the photo-acid generator for the photo-NMP. It was found that the acceleration of the polymerization was based on the electron transfer from MTEMPO into tBuS in the excited state to temporarily generate a free radical propagating chain end and an oxoaminium salt (OAS), the one-electron oxidant of MTEMPO. This electron transfer mechanism was verified on the basis of the fact that the photo-NMP in the presence of

Influência do espa amento na conforma o do fuste, diametro à altura do peito e altura do cambará – Gochnatia polymorpha (Less.) Cabr. Spacing effect on stem form, diameter-at-breast-height and tree height of cambará – Gochnatia polymorpha (Less.) Cabr.
Revista do Instituto Florestal , 2010,
Abstract: Trata-se de estudo sobre um plantio experimental de Gochnatia polymorpha (Less.) Cabr. – cambará, desenvolvido na Floresta de Avaré do Instituto Florestal de S o Paulo, com o objetivo de avaliar a influência do espa amento sobre caracteres silviculturaisdessa espécie arbórea. Os espa amentos utilizados foram: 1,50 m x 1,00 m; 2,00 m x 1,00 m; 2,50 m x 1,00 m e 3,00 m x 1,00 m. Verificou-se que: a) a taxa de crescimento em diametro e altura é expressiva até o 4o ano de idade; b) a taxa de crescimento em diametro e altura após o 12o ano de idade é quase nula, e c) n o houve influência dos espa amentos estudados na conforma o do fuste, na altura e DAP. Palavras-chave: silvicultura; manejo; espécie nativa.This is a study about an experimental planting of Gochnatia polymorpha (Less.) Cabr. – cambará, established at the Avaré Forest of Instituto Florestal de S o Paulo, in order to analyze the spacing influence on silvicultural traits of this tree species. The spacings utilized were: 1.50 m x 1.00 m; 2.00 m x 1.00 m; 2.50 m x 1.00 m and 3.00 m x 1.00 m. It was verified that: a) the Diameter at Breast Height – DBH and height growths are expressive until 4 years after planting; b) the DBH and height growths are insignificants after the 12th year, and c) there was no spacing effect in the stem form, height and DBH.
Análise dialélica de linhagens de milho com ênfase na resistência a doen?as foliares
Nihei, Thiago Hideyo;Ferreira, Josué Maldonado;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2012000300008
Abstract: the objective of this work was to identify the predominant type of gene action for resistance to exserohilum turcicum, phaeosphaeria maydis, physopella zeae and puccinia polysora, and to determine the genetic potential of maize (zea mays) inbred lines in order to obtain hybrids with high agronomic performance and resistance to leaf diseases. forty-one f1 hybrids from the diallel crosses between ten endogamic lines, and the controls p3069, p30f90, bg7060, balu761, and dow2a120 were evaluated in four places, using a randomized block experimental design, with three replicates. the hybrids lgs3xlgs9, lgs2xlgs6, lgs2xlgs4 and lgs2xlgs3 showed an excellent performance in comparison with the controls, for the different characters evaluated. the lines with higher frequency of favorable alleles were lgs2, lgs9, lgs4 and lgs3. the additive genetic effects are the most important for the resistance to p. maydis and for ear height, while nonadditive genetic effects are more important for yield, plant height, resistance to e. turcicum, p. zeae and p. polysora.
Species D Human Adenovirus Type 9 Exhibits Better Virus-Spread Ability for Antitumor Efficacy among Alternative Serotypes
Junji Uchino, David T. Curiel, Hideyo Ugai
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087342
Abstract: Species C human adenovirus serotype 5 (HAdV-C5) is widely used as a vector for cancer gene therapy, because it efficiently transduces target cells. A variety of HAdV-C5 vectors have been developed and tested in vitro and in vivo for cancer gene therapy. While clinical trials with HAdV-C5 vectors resulted in effective responses in many cancer patients, administration of HAdV-C5 vectors to solid tumors showed responses in a limited area. A biological barrier in tumor mass is considered to hinder viral spread of HAdV-C5 vectors from infected cells. Therefore, efficient virus-spread from an infected tumor cell to surrounding tumor cells is required for successful cancer gene therapy. In this study, we compared HAdV-C5 to sixteen other HAdV serotypes selected from species A to G for virus-spread ability in vitro. HAdV-D9 showed better virus-spread ability than other serotypes, and its viral progeny were efficiently released from infected cells during viral replication. Although the HAdV-D9 fiber protein contains a binding site for coxsackie B virus and adenovirus receptor (CAR), HAdV-D9 showed expanded tropism for infection due to human CAR (hCAR)-independent attachment to target cells. HAdV-D9 infection effectively killed hCAR-negative cancer cells as well as hCAR-positive cancer cells. These results suggest that HADV-D9, with its better virus-spread ability, could have improved therapeutic efficacy in solid tumors compared to HAdV-C5.
Gene silencing of E-selectin block recruitment of endothelial progenitor cell to vascular endothelium under flow  [PDF]
Sunil Sharma, Masayuki Yoshida
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2010.36077
Abstract: Short interfering RNA (siRNA) is a powerful technique that can suppress gene expression in a variety of cells including mammalian cells. Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) are bone marrow—derived haematopoietic progenitor cells that have been implicated in vasculogenesis. We demonstrated for the first time that gene silencing of endothelial E-selectin using siRNA transfection in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) causes inhibition of EPC adhesion under flow conditions. Fluorescence immunobinding assay analysis showed that significant reduction of E-selectin surface expression in HUVECs (activated with IL-1β (10 U/mL) for 4 h) transfected with siRNA against E-selectin, but not in HUVECs transfected with LacZ siRNA (control). An EPC adhesion assay under flow conditions (shear stress = 1.0 dyne/cm2) then demonstrated that HUVECs transfected with E-selectin siRNA supported significantly less adhesion of EPCs than those HUVECs treated with control siRNA and no siRNA after activation by IL-1β (p < 0.05). Our experiments have shown the importance of E-selectin in EPC adhesion to HUVECs and the potential utility of gene silencing of E-selectin in EPC recruitment.
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