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An Integral PBW Basis of the Quantum Affine Algebra of Type A$_{2}^{(2)}$
Tatsuya Akasaka
Mathematics , 2001,
Abstract: We construct an integral PBW basis and an integral crystal basis of the quantum affine algebra of type A$_{2}^{(2)}$.
A Comprehensive Resource of Interacting Protein Regions for Refining Human Transcription Factor Networks
Etsuko Miyamoto-Sato,Shigeo Fujimori,Masamichi Ishizaka,Naoya Hirai,Kazuyo Masuoka,Rintaro Saito,Yosuke Ozawa,Katsuya Hino,Takanori Washio,Masaru Tomita,Tatsuhiro Yamashita,Tomohiro Oshikubo,Hidetoshi Akasaka,Jun Sugiyama,Yasuo Matsumoto,Hiroshi Yanagawa
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0009289
Abstract: Large-scale data sets of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are a valuable resource for mapping and analysis of the topological and dynamic features of interactome networks. The currently available large-scale PPI data sets only contain information on interaction partners. The data presented in this study also include the sequences involved in the interactions (i.e., the interacting regions, IRs) suggested to correspond to functional and structural domains. Here we present the first large-scale IR data set obtained using mRNA display for 50 human transcription factors (TFs), including 12 transcription-related proteins. The core data set (966 IRs; 943 PPIs) displays a verification rate of 70%. Analysis of the IR data set revealed the existence of IRs that interact with multiple partners. Furthermore, these IRs were preferentially associated with intrinsic disorder. This finding supports the hypothesis that intrinsically disordered regions play a major role in the dynamics and diversity of TF networks through their ability to structurally adapt to and bind with multiple partners. Accordingly, this domain-based interaction resource represents an important step in refining protein interactions and networks at the domain level and in associating network analysis with biological structure and function.
Finite-dimensional Representations of Quantum Affine Algebras
Tatsuya Akasaka,Masaki Kashiwara
Mathematics , 1997,
Abstract: We present a conjecture on the irreducibility of the tensor products of fundamental representations of quantized affine algebras. This conjecture implies in particular that the irreducibility of the tensor products of fundamental representations is completely described by the poles of the R-matrices. The conjecture is proved in certain cases.
Atherogenic lipids profile relates to postprandial hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia due to whole body insulin resistance in prediabetic subjects  [PDF]
Yoshinori Miyazaki, Makoto Furugen, Hiroshi Akasaka, Shigeyuki Saitoh, Tetsuji Miura
Journal of Diabetes Mellitus (JDM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jdm.2012.23044
Abstract: Backgrounds: Differences in serum lipids profiles in different type of glucose intolerance are unclear. Aims: To characterize lipid profiles in different type of glucose intolerance, and to assess relationships between serum lipids profile and disturbance of glucose metabolism in prediabetic subjects. Methods: Using the measurements in medical check-up with 75 goral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), total of 620 male subjects, who are not on medications for metabolic diseases or hypertension, were divided into normal fasting glucose and glucose tolerance (NFG/ NGT), isolated impaired fasting glucose (iIFG), isolated impaired glucose tolerance (iIGT) and combined IFG and IGT (IFG/IGT) based on results of the OGTT. Results: Age and body mass index (BMI) were similar in the four groups. Matsuda index (an index of whole body insulin sensitivity) was lower in iIFG, iIGT and IFG/IGT as compared with NFG/NGT. Plasma insulin excursion during the OGTT was significantly higher in IFG/IGT versus NFG/NGT. Serum triglyceride level (TG) and TG to HDL ratio (TG/HDL) were higher in IFG/IGT versus NFG/NGT. Matsuda index was positively correlated with HDL and was inversely correlated with TG, LDL, non-HDL, TG/ HDL and LDL to HDL ratio (LDL/HDL). Backward stepwise multiple regression analysis indicated that increases in BMI, plasma insulin level at 60 min (PI60) and plasma glucose level at 120 min in the OGTT were independently associated with increases in TG and TG/HDL. Increases in BMI and PI60 were related to an increase in non-HDL and LDL/HDL and a decrease in HDL. Conclusions: These results indicate that postprandial hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia based on advanced insulin resistance are closely related to lipid risk factors of atherosclerotic macrovascular disease in prediabetic subjects.
On the Exact Solution of a Generalized Polya Process
Hidetoshi Konno
Advances in Mathematical Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/504267
Abstract: There are two types of master equations in describing nonequilibrium phenomena with memory effect: (i) the memory function type and (ii) the nonstationary type. A generalized Polya process is studied within the framework of a non-stationary type master equation approach. For a transition-rate with an arbitrary time-dependent relaxation function, the exact solution of a generalized Polya process is obtained. The characteristic features of temporal variation of the solution are displayed for some typical time-dependent relaxation functions reflecting memory in the systems. 1. Introduction The generalized master equation of memory function type [1] is a useful basis for analyzing non-equilibrium phenomena in open systems as where the kernel is conventionally assumed to have the product of a memory function with a transition rate as . The transition rate has the constraint with . This generalized master equation approach corresponds to the generalized Langevin equation of the memory function type [2, 3]. One can see many successful applications with long memory along the line of traditional formulation [1]. Looking around recent studies in complex open systems, there is an alternative approach based on a generalized non-stationary master equation [4] as The master equation in this form corresponds to the generalized Langevin equation of the convolutionless type, which is derived with the aid of projection operator method by Tokuyama and Mori [5]. The time-dependent coefficient may be written in the following form: . It is expected from the projection operator method [5] that the time-dependent function reflects the memory effect from varying environment in a different way associated with the memory function (cf. also H?nggi and Talkner [6]). The memory function (MF) formalism has been utilized in anomalous diffusion like Lévy type diffusion in atmospheric pollution, diffusion impurities in amorphous materials, and so on. The alternative convolution-less, non-stationary (NS) formalism gives only a small number of applications. The paper intends to exhibit a potential ability of the NS formalism by taking an arbitrary time-dependent function which is representing memory effect. The paper is organized as follows. Section 2 reviews the non-stationary Poisson process. Section 3 shows a generalized Polya process wherein it is involved a generalized non-stationary transition rate with an arbitrary function of time. The exact solution and the expression mean and variance are displayed as a function of . Some important remarks are given for a generalized
Achievements and Challenges in Molecular Conductors
Hidetoshi Fukuyama
Crystals , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/cryst2030875
Abstract: Molecular solids are generally highly insulating. The creation of conducting molecular solids proved to be a major scientific challenge. As in the case of Si technology, the challenge started as impurity doping in band insulators and then developed into highly doped polymers, which are not crystalline. More conducting materials in crystalline forms have been realized in charge transfer (CT) complexes with two different kinds of molecules, where electrons are transferred between them in solids. In such CT complexes, not only conducting, but also even superconducting systems were achieved in 1980 and today more than 100 different superconductors are known. The most remarkable achievement in this direction was the realization of a truly metallic state in molecular solids based on a single kind of molecule. These are called single component molecular metals (SCMM) and consist of a rich variety of electronic properties. In these conducting molecular solids, CT and SCMM, many interesting electronic properties resulting from mutual Coulomb interactions and electron-phonon interactions have been explored so far, and these will be reviewed briefly in this article from a theoretical viewpoint. Challenges to come, based on these achievements, are also discussed at the end of this review.
Hidetoshi NAGANAWA
Lakes reservoirs and ponds , 2008,
Abstract: Large branchiopod studies were born and bred in the Danube basin in some Eastern European countries (the former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Romania). The leading expert was the late Dr. Ján Brtek in Slovakia. Large branchiopods are usually habitants of such temporary lakes and ponds as inland bodies of fresh, mineralized, salt water or hypersaline. This article has two distinct goals: (1) to review the history of large branchiopod studies and (2) to draw attention to some of the scientific interest and value of ephemeral aquatic habitats, introducing my reminiscences of Dr. Brtek.
Hidetoshi Naganawa
Lakes reservoirs and ponds , 2012,
Abstract: Lake Gusinoe is the largest water body in the Buryat Republic (South Siberia, Russia) and still the only source of both drinking and industrial water supply. All the wastewater is thrown away into the same lake. Most of the tributaries, concentrated on the western lakeshore, disappear into the coarse deposits of alluvial fans soon after they emerge from the mountains. Anthropogenic impacts on the lake ecosystem increased during the 20th century. The biggest environmental polluters are the Gusinoozersk coal mine, the Kholboldzhinsky opencut coal mine, and the Gusinoozersk State Regional Power Plant (Gusinoozersk SRPP). The Gusinoozersk SRPP takes a large amount of freshwater from the Zagustai River, the longest influent of Lake Gusinoe, to produce hot water and steam for the turbines. The warm wastewater is discharged back into the lake. As a result of this, an unfrozen patch of water measuring about 2 km2 is formed on the lake in winter, and the water temperature in the upper layer is 13–14°C higher than the lower ones. Some chemical components (e.g., sulfate, phenol, iron ions) of both the lake water and surface/groundwater of the Lake Gusinoe Basin are with constant excess of the maximum allowable concentration (MAC). The Gusinoozersk SRPP is also the main air polluter. Now Lake Gusinoe is constantly polluted and in the state of degradation. Lake Gusinoe might be possible one of the largest pollution sources in the Baikal region, because the connecting transboundary Selenga River is the main inflow of Lake Baikal
Le faux Jugement de Paris — une lecture du frontispice de La Philosophie dans le boudoir
Hidetoshi Nakamura
Trans : Revue de Littérature Générale et Comparée , 2009,
Abstract: Le frontispice de La Philosophie dans le boudoir représente, en apparence, un Jugement de Paris. Par son ambiance galante et philosophique, il attire le lecteur/spectateur et l’incite à entrer dans le monde sadien. Cette trompeuse amorce permet en fait à l’auteur de renverser toutes les valeurs établies par le biais d’une redéfinition du plaisir, et ouvre à un questionnement sur l’usage du faux dans le contexte pédagogique des Lumières. The frontispiece of La philosophie dans le boudoir seemingly represents the scene of the Judgement of Paris. By establishing a gallant and philosophical ambiance, it attracts the reader/spectator and calls her or him into Sade’s world. The art, both pictorial and textual, of employing the “trompeuses amorces” consists of reversing all of the established values through a redefining of pleasure. It reappraises the problems of the use of the false in the pedagogic context of the Enlightenment.
Nefness of adjoint bundles for ample vector bundles
Hidetoshi Maeda
Le Matematiche , 1995,
Abstract: Let E be an ample vector bundle of rank >1 on a smooth complex projective variety X of dimension n. This paper gives a classification of pairs (X,E) whose adjoint bundles K_X+det E are not nef in the case when r=n-2.
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