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O isolamento existencial e a psicopatologia
Análise Psicológica , 2010,
Abstract: some of the key themes of phenomenological and existentialist philosophy referred by irvin d. yalom as the basics for his interpretation of the characteristics of existence are presented. focusing on existential isolation, the confrontations with all those characteristics are thereafter described as well as the psychopathology that, in a comprehensive way, results from the obliquity of those confrontations, as well as the central axes of a phenomenological and existentialist psychotherapy.
Comportamento racional e forma??o de cren?as em Keynes
Henriques, Ricardo;
Revista Brasileira de Economia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71402000000300005
Abstract: the paper discusses the relation between rationality and beliefs to analyze the long-term decision making process in keynes' contribution. a rational decision must take into account our ignorance about the future as well as our cognitive capacity. the central conceptual problem is therefore to understand the process of beliefs formation. the basic theoretical references for this discussion are the relation between the treatise of probability and the general theory, frank ramsey's critique to the treatise and its acceptance by keynes. rational beliefs, in a consistent way with contemporany pragmatism tradition, are understood as "rules of action" and not a tentative of understanding reality. the processes of beliefs' formation (individual and collective) are multiple and a belief is actually a "disposition to act" that can only be acquired in relation to a specific type of action. it is from a belief that we can define images about future and our state of confidence that allows rational actions to be chosen under uncertainty. in this sense, the articulation among the concepts of expectations, conventions and "animal spirits" defines the framework to analyze the relation between rational beliefs and long-term decisions.
Risco cultivado no consumo de novas drogas
Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas , 2002,
Abstract: the young europeans of the third millennium are the inheritors of a society that is defined in terms of consumption and opulence. these are young people who have been born into a society of well-being in which leisure and entertainment have assumed a hegemonic position among the various criteria that govern contemporary social structure. but leisure has also been assimilated by the market and is defined by consumption-related criteria that have given rise to an active, well-established and growing recreational industry, which is playing an active role in the creation of lifestyle criteria. more than almost any other social group, young people have truly made leisure spaces their own. the preferred time for engaging in these recreational/fun (and consumer) practises is the evening/night. against this background this research project looks at the association between ecstasy (and other synthetic drugs), certain types of music (house, for example), the rave circuit, a young lifestyle and a particular view of the world.
O princípio da igualdade de tratamento e a discrimina??o positiva
Tékhne - Revista de Estudos Politécnicos , 2006,
Abstract: after the treaty of amsterdam, the social community law has developed not only at the level of its principles (primary and secondary legislation) but also at the level of community jurisprudence. originally with a strong economic dimension it evolved more and more into the social, among which stand both the sexual non-discrimination and the positive discrimination principles. these developments materialized within the objectives of the treaty (article 2 tue - maastricht treaty in 1992), of the general principle of non-discrimination (article 13 tue), of the social policies (article 137 tue) and also of the principle of equal opportunities and treatment between men and women (article 141). in full agreement with the community law, the purpose of positive discrimination is to balance the opportunities for men and women in the fields where the latter are in evident minority. a system of automatic quotas without considering the merits of each individual, if implemented by a country, could be therefore against the community law. in addition and in order to avoid a possible consequent reversed discrimination, one could think of setting a time limit to end the positive discrimination.
Concep es filosóficas e representa es do feminino: Subsídios para uma hermenêutica crítica da tradi o filosófica Philosophical Conceptions and Representations of the Feminine: Notes towards a Critical Hermeneutics of the Philosophical Tradition Conceptions philosophiques et représentation du feminine : apports pour une herméneutique critique de la tradition philosophique
Fernanda Henriques
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.3661
Abstract: A partir da interpreta o de uma já vasta bibliografia que tem desocultado o papel das mulheres ao longo da nossa cultura, este trabalho pretende desconstruir a ideia comum de que o domínio masculino foi sempre pacífica e universalmente aceite. Nesse sentido, pretende chamar a aten o para que na Grécia, uma origem conceptual da nossa tradi o, paralelamente ao pensamento canónico, dominante, houve ruídos significativos que manifestam outros modos de pensar e representar o feminino, mostrando a necessidade de re significar a nossa recep o da tradi o clássica. Based on an interpretation of the already vast bibliography that has revealed the role played by women throughout our culture, this article aims to deconstruct the commonly held idea that male dominance was always peacefully and universally accepted. It therefore aims to draw attention to how in Greece, the conceptual origin of our tradition, parallel to the established canon of thought, there were significant disruptions revealing other ways of thinking and representing the feminine, demonstrating the need to re-signify our reception of the classical tradition. Partant de l’interprétation d’une bibliographie déjà vaste qui a fait émerger de l’ombre le r le joué par les femmes au fil de notre culture, ce travail a pour but de déconstruire l’idée commune selon laquelle la domination masculine a toujours été pacifique et universellement acceptée. Dans ce sens, nous tenons à attirer l’attention sur le fait qu’en Grèce, une origine conceptuelle de notre tradition, parallèlement à la pensée canonique, dominante, il y eut des échos significatifs manifestant d’autres fa ons de penser et de représenter le féminin, démontrant, dès lors, le besoin de redéfinir notre réception de la tradition classique.
Care in the perception of cancer patients
Carolina Henriques
Medwave , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction: Being a cancer patient is a unique and singular. The cancer disease associated with pain and suffering is a challenging process for the sufferer, for whom have around or for those caring for the sick. Pain, considered the 5 th vital sign, is often identified as the main complaint of our patients suffering from cancer. We dare to say that to explore the essence of the care provided by nurses and primary health care to cancer patients with prolonged pain at the time found in his home and family, we would be helping to build a know -how by itself, with positive externalities for patients, families, professionals and nursing itself. Methods: Ask "What does Care for Nurses and primary health care for cancer patients with prolonged pain in time for your family?" we may lead the cornerstone of our problems, by studying quantitative nature using a questionnaire and a significance level of care. Results: the average age is 59.27 years, mostly women, 51% are married and in 29.8% of studies has only completed the first cycle of education. The majority of cancer patients who participated in this study share a room with a relative. In regard to aspects of their pain, cancer patients referred to 47.1% of cases, that their pain started weeks ago and 38.5% even refers to the pain persists for months. The pain felt by these patients is not the severe type, in 68.3% of cases, and has an average intensity of 5, although we have 25% of these patients with pain greater than a 6.75. The Meaning of Caring scale applied to the group of nurses who provide care at primary health reveals an alpha of 0.8857 and 0.9025 standardized alpha. The Meaning of Caring scale applied to the group of cancer patients with prolonged pain at the time they are at home shows an alpha of 0.6672and 0.7374 standardized alpha. The Meaning of Caring scale applied to the group of cancer family patients with prolonged pain shows an alpha of 0.6712 and an alpha standardized 0.7399, slightly higher than the patients. Discussion: This scale applied to three groups of individuals, carers, nurses, and those who receive them, patients and family is crucial, because for the first time in Portugal will be possible to study theperceptual meaning of care from who conceptualized and by the recipient.
Le nom propre dans les manuscrits saussuriens
Henriques Stefania
SHS Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/shsconf/20120100327
Abstract: On sait que le signe, selon l’optique saussurienne, est constitué par l’union arbitraire entre signifiant et signifié. Ces deux entités sont psychiques et l'une n’existe qu’en fonction de l’autre. à partir de la délimitation de ces éléments et de l’affirmation que le rapport entre eux est arbitraire, Ferdinand de Saussure rend la référence non appartenant au fonctionnement linguistique. Cependant, il y a des indices que Ferdinand de Saussure admet, au moins une fois, la conception triadique du signe (conception aristotélicienne) quand il traite des noms propres et des noms géographiques/toponymes. En plus, dans la période entre 1900 et 1904, le linguiste genevois a eu comme thème principal de ses études la catégorie linguistique des noms propres et des noms géographiques. En visant l’importance de ce thème dans les Sciences du Langage (La Linguistique et La philosophie du langage) et l’actuelle réorientation de l’étude des manuscrits saussuriens, on propose de rechercher le traitement donné par Ferdinand de Saussure à la catégorie du nom propre et du nom géographique, dans le manuscrit Notes item. S me et sème présent dans l’archive Ms. Fr. 3951 archivé à la Bibliothèque de Genève, dans le but de comprendre de quelle fa on cette catégorie linguistique est traitée et si, effectivement, elle constitue une exception à la théorie générale des signes.
Three-tier CFTs from Frobenius algebras
Andre Henriques
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: These are lecture notes of a course given at the Summer School on Topology and Field Theories held at the Centre for Mathematics of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, from May 29 to June 2, 2012. The idea of extending quantum field theories to manifolds of lower dimension was first proposed by Dan Freed in the nineties. In the case of conformal field theory (CFT), we are talking of an extension of the Atiyah-Segal axioms, where one replaces the bordism category of Riemann surfaces by a suitable bordism bicategory, whose ob jects are points, whose morphisms are 1-manifolds, and whose 2-morphisms are pieces of Riemann surface. There is a beautiful classification of full (rational) CFTs due to Fuchs, Runkel and Schweigert, which roughly says the following. Fix a chiral algebra A (= vertex algebra). Then the set of full cfts whose left and right chiral algebras agree with A is classified by Frobenius algebras internal to Rep(A). A famous example to which one can successfully apply this is the case where the chiral algebra A is affine su(2) at level k, for some k in N. In that case, the Frobenius algebras in Rep (A) are classified by A_n, D_n, E_6, E_7, E_8, and so are the corresponding CFTs. Recently, Kapustin and Saulina gave a conceptual interpretation of the FRS classification in terms of 3-dimensional Chern-Simons theory with defects. Those defects are also given by Frobenius algebra ob ject in Rep(A). Inspired by the proposal of Kapustin and Saulina, we will (partially) construct the three-tier CFT associated to a Frobenius algebra object.
Integrating L-infinity algebras
Andre Henriques
Mathematics , 2006, DOI: 10.1112/S0010437X07003405
Abstract: Given an n-term L-infinity algebra L, we construct a Kan simplicial manifold which we think of as the 'Lie n-group' integrating L. This extends work of Getzler math.AT/0404003 . In the case of an ordinary Lie algebra, our construction gives the simplicial classifying space of the corresponding simply connect Lie group. In the case of the string Lie 2-algebra of Baez and Crans, this recovers the model of the string group introduced in math.QA/0504123 .
A Periodicity Theorem for the Octahedron Recurrence
Andre Henriques
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: We investigate a variant of the octahedron recurrence which lives in a 3-dimensional lattice contained in [0,n] x [0,m] x R. Generalizing results of David Speyer math.CO/0402452, we give an explicit non-recursive formula for the values of this recurrence in terms of perfect matchings. We then use it to prove that the octahedron recurrence is periodic of period n+m. This result is reminiscent of Fomin and Zelevinsky's theorem about the periodicity of Y-systems.

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