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Effect of Acid- and Ultraviolet/Ozonolysis-Treated MWCNTs on the Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites as Bipolar Plate Applications
Nishata Royan Rajendran Royan,Abu Bakar Sulong,Jaafar Sahari,Hendra Suherman
Journal of Nanomaterials , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/717459
Equivalent-Source from 3D Inversion Modeling for Magnetic Data Transformation  [PDF]
Hendra Grandis
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.47096

The well-known non-uniqueness in modeling of potential-field data results in an infinite number of models that fit the data almost equally. This non-uniqueness concept is exploited to devise a method to transform the magnetic data based on their equivalent-source. The unconstrained 3D magnetic inversion modeling is used to obtain the anomalous sources, i.e. 3D magnetization distribution in the subsurface. Although the 3D model fitting the data is not geologically feasible, it can serve as an equivalent-source. The transformations, which are commonly applied to magnetic data (reduction to the pole, reduction to the equator,

Ratio of Native Grass and Concentrate in the Ration to the Quality of Milk Production of Holstein Cow
Dadang Suherman
Journal of Animal Production , 2005,
Abstract: The research attempted to find out ratio of native grass and concentrate in the ration to the quality of milk production of Holstein cow. Latin Square Design was used with five treatments of ratio of native grass and concentrate ( 70 : 30%, 60 : 40%, 50 : 50%, 40 : 60%, 30 : 70%), applied using five Holstein cows at the third lactation periode and the third mounth of lactation. The variable measured were in the quality milk production consist of actual milk yield, the milk fat content, crude protein, solid non fat, efficiency of energy bruto and energy netto, and income over feed cost. The best ratio of native grass and concentrate in the ration for the efficiency of energy bruto, energy netto and income was 50 : 50%. The milk fat content and actual milk yield have relationship form with the milk energy value. The best ratio of native grass and concentrate in the ration to increasing the milk fat content, crude protein and crude of solid non fat was 70 : 30%. (Animal Production 7(1): 14-20 (2005) Key Words : Native grass, concentrate, energy bruto, energy netto
Gondo Puspito, Agus Suherman
Journal of Coastal Development , 2012,
Abstract: The objective of this research was to obtain net mesh bottom wall construction of “jodang” trap that selective to babylon tiger snails size, i.e. only shell length of l 4.27 cm approximately could pass through. There were 3 designs shapes of bottom wall construction tested, i.e. rectangular shape of 2.4 2.8 (cm) and 2 diamond shapes with net mesh size of 5,6 cm and primary hanging ratio of E1 = 0.7 and 0.5. The resultsshowed that rectangular shape bottom wall trap construction was better than those two other constructions. Only 6.78% of snails with l 4.27 cm could escape the rectangular shape bottom wall trap construction. Whereas 41.90% and 17.46% of snail shells with l < 4.27 cm could escape from both the diamond mesh bottom wall trap construction. According to selectivity curve, the rectangular shape bottom wall trapconstruction could retained snails with shells length of l > 4.33 cm. The two others retained shells length of l > 4.14 cm and l >4.60 cm.
Biodiesel Production from Rubber Seed Oil via Esterification Process
W Widayat,S Suherman
International Journal of Renewable Energy Development (IJRED) , 2012,
Abstract: One promise source of alternative energy is biodiesel from rubber seed oil, because the raw materials available in plentiful quantities and can be renewed. In addition, the rubber seed is still lack of utilization, and Indonesia is one of the largest rubbers producing country in the world. The objective of this research is to studied on biodiesel production by esterification process. Parameters used in this study are the ratio of catalyst and temperature and its influence on the characteristics of the resulting biodiesel product. Characterization of rubber seed include acid content number analysis, saponification numbers, density, viscosity, iodine number, type of free fatty acids and triglyceride oils. The results of analysis showed that rubber seed oil content obtained is 50.5%. The results of the GCMS analysis showed that a free fatty acid level in rubber seed is very high. Conversion into bio-diesel oil is obtained by at most 59.91% and lowest 48.24%.
A note on Dragomir-Mcandrew's trapezoid inequalities
Hendra Gunawan
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics , 2002, DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.33.2002.241-244
Abstract: In [1], Dragomir and Mcandrew proved some trapezoid inequalities by involving a Gr"uss' type inequality. In this note, we show that their trapezoid inequalities can actually be obtained directly in a much simpler way. Some improvements will also be offered.
Hendra Poerwanto
Jurnal Manajemen dan Kewirausahaan , 2000,
Abstract: The management of quality service delivery tends to be focused on minimizing negative responses to product offering, rather than maximizing positive responses. The 4D model - Disconfirmation, Dissatisfaction, Dissonance, and Disaffection - is a model which views service quality from the negative perspective. Although the 4D model provides a better relative indication of how service level rates against a similar competitor, it still leaves an important question about how attitudes can be used to predict a single behavior. Regardless of that problem, the model could be something meaningful at least in evaluating service quality and getting quality feedback that is needed by manager to determine area and scope of service quality recovery. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Manajemen kualitas pengantaran jasa cenderung berfokus pada meminimisasi respon negatif terhadap penawaran produk daripada memaksimisasi respon positif. Model 4D - Disconfirmation, Dissatisfaction, Dissonance dan Disaffection - merupakan satu model yang melihat kualitas jasa dari sisi negatif. Meskipun model 4D memberikan indikasi relatif yang lebih baik tentang tingkat kualitas jasa terhadap kompetitor sejenis, model ini masih menyisakan pertanyaan penting mengenai bagaimana sikap dapat digunakan untuk memprediksi satu perilaku tertentu. Terlepas dari itu, model ini dapat menjadi wacana yang bermanfaat setidaknya dalam mengevaluasi kualitas jasa dan dalam mendapatkan feedback berkualitas yang diperlukan oleh manajer untuk menentukan wilayah dan skop perbaikan (recovery) kualitas jasa. Kata kunci: evaluasi, measurement, kualitas, jasa
A Low-Complexity and High-Throughput RTL Design of a BCH (15,7) Decoder
Hendra Setiawan
ITB Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 2012, DOI: 10.5614/itbj.ict.2012.6.2.2
Abstract: The Bose, Chaudhuri and Hocquenghem (BCH) codes form a large class of powerful random-error correcting cyclic codes. However, the implementation of its decoder requires high-complexity computation resources with a huge number of sequential circuits. This paper presents a low-complexity register transfer level (RTL) circuit design of a BCH decoder. In accordance with the table relationship between the syndrome and the error bit position, we propose a circuit that is mostly occupied by combinational elements without any sequential evolvement. Therefore the designed system has a low complexity and high throughput properties. The implementation of the BCH (15,7)decoder on Virtex 5 FX70TFF1136 requires 77 look-up tables (LUTs) with the maximum throughput reaching 1.7 Gbps.
Abstract: Cooperative as one business entity that has evolved over 68 years in 2015. The foundation of cooperation and togetherness that is contained in the cooperative to manage economic resources is a tool for people who are not able to escape from poverty, it is in line with expectations as Bung Hatta the father of the cooperative. Cooperative as a pillar is a manifestation of economic democracy as outlined in Article 33 of the Constitution, 1945. It can be seen from a different mechanism of capitalist economic system that promotes individual interests and personal gain alone. However during the course of the cooperative operates based on the system of interest, but the interest drawn by the cooperative finally returned to members as Time Results of Operations (SHU), so that the loans extended by the cooperative to members can be utilized. Nevertheless the interest rate offered is lower than the cooperative banking interest. The basic problem is the system of interest that should not be practiced by MUI Fatwa September 2003, because of riba. Therefore how should the cooperative development of sharia? Islamic products is how to offer, so that cooperatives can help the economy of the middle to lower. Related to the issue of this paper discusses the development of sharia-based cooperatives.
Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oil over Plasma Reactor: Optimization of Biodiesel Yield using Response Surface Methodology
Istadi Istadi,Didi Dwi Anggoro,Putut Marwoto,Suherman Suherman
Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis , 2009, DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.
Abstract: Biodiesel production has received considerable attention in the recent past as a renewable fuel. The production of biodiesel by conventional transesterification process employs alkali or acid catalyst and has been industrially accepted for its high conversion and reaction rates. However for alkali catalyst, there may be risk of free acid or water contamination and soap formation is likely to take place which makes the separation process difficult. Although yield is high, the acids, being corrosive, may cause damage to the equipment and the reaction rate was also observed to be low. This research focuses on empirical modeling and optimization for the biodiesel production over plasma reactor. The plasma reactor technology is more promising than the conventional catalytic processes due to the reducing reaction time and easy in product separation. Copyright (c) 2009 by BCREC. All Rights reserved. [Received: 10 August 2009, Revised: 5 September 2009, Accepted: 12 October 2009] [How to Cite: I. Istadi, D.D. Anggoro, P. Marwoto, S. Suherman, B.T. Nugroho (2009). Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oil over Plasma Reactor: Optimization of Biodiesel Yield using Response Surface Methodology. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, 4(1): 23-31. doi:10.9767/bcrec.] [How to Link/ DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9767/bcrec. ]
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