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Population ecology of small rodents and marsupials in a semi-deciduous tropical forest of the southeast Pantanal, Brazil
Andreazzi, Cecilia S. de;Rademaker, Vitor;Gentile, Rosana;Herrera, Heitor M.;Jansen, Ana M.;D'Andrea, Paulo S.;
Zoologia (Curitiba) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-46702011000600009
Abstract: the pantanal is a south american biome characterized by extensive plains and stark environmental seasonality. several habitats are subject to annual flooding, forcing small mammal species to aggregate in dry forest patches, which most likely influences their population dynamics and life history strategies. in order to investigate the seasonal influence on the life history traits of these small mammals, we conducted a 2-year mark-recapture study in the southeastern region of the brazilian pantanal (nhecolandia) and analyzed the population dynamics of the most abundant small mammal species with the jackknife estimator. a trapping effort of 21,560 trap-nights resulted in 615 individuals in 1,171 captures (success = 5.43%). three species of rodents - oecomys mamorae (thomas, 1906), thrichomys pachyurus (wagner, 1845), and clyomys laticeps (thomas, 1841) - and three species of marsupials - gracilinanus agilis (burmeister, 1854), thylamys macrurus (olfers, 1818), and monodelphis domestica (wagner, 1842) - were obtained. the most abundant species was o. mamorae, followed by g. agilis and t. pachyurus. oecomys mamorae was more abundant in the wet season and presented an opportunistic reproductive strategy. gracilianus agilis displayed increased population sizes in the dry season and synchronized, seasonal reproduction during the rainy season. thrichomys pachyurus had a small population size, delayed response to variations in environmental conditions and higher reproductive rates in the dry season. all species revealed different life history strategies (seasonal, opportunistic or delayed response to environmental variations), coinciding with periods of higher resource availability in order to maximize survival.
Distinct Leishmania Species Infecting Wild Caviomorph Rodents (Rodentia: Hystricognathi) from Brazil
Renata Cássia-Pires,Mariana C. Boité,Paulo S. D'Andrea,Heitor M. Herrera,Elisa Cupolillo,Ana Maria Jansen,André Luiz R. Roque
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003389
Abstract: Background Caviomorph rodents, some of the oldest Leishmania spp. hosts, are widely dispersed in Brazil. Despite both experimental and field studies having suggested that these rodents are potential reservoirs of Leishmania parasites, not more than 88 specimens were analyzed in the few studies of natural infection. Our hypothesis was that caviomorph rodents are inserted in the transmission cycles of Leishmania in different regions, more so than is currently recognized. Methodology We investigated the Leishmania infection in spleen fragments of 373 caviomorph rodents from 20 different species collected in five Brazilian biomes in a period of 13 years. PCR reactions targeting kDNA of Leishmania sp. were used to diagnose infection, while Leishmania species identification was performed by DNA sequencing of the amplified products obtained in the HSP70 (234) targeting. Serology by IFAT was performed on the available serum of these rodents. Principal findings In 13 caviomorph rodents, DNA sequencing analyses allowed the identification of 4 species of the subgenus L. (Viannia): L. shawi, L. guyanensis, L. naiffi, and L. braziliensis; and 1 species of the subgenus L. (Leishmania): L. infantum. These include the description of parasite species in areas not previously included in their known distribution: L. shawi in Thrichomys inermis from Northeastern Brazil and L. naiffi in T. fosteri from Western Brazil. From the four other positive rodents, two were positive for HSP70 (234) targeting but did not generate sequences that enabled the species identification, and another two were positive only in kDNA targeting. Conclusions/Significance The infection rate demonstrated by the serology (51.3%) points out that the natural Leishmania infection in caviomorph rodents is much higher than that observed in the molecular diagnosis (4.6%), highlighting that, in terms of the host species responsible for maintaining Leishmania species in the wild, our current knowledge represents only the “tip of the iceberg.”
Heitor M. Quintella,Savio Domingos Coube Bogado
Engevista , 2004,
Abstract: The article is based on the analysis of the bibliography that has been conducted inparallel with the literature revision of the Production Engineering master thesis “The state ofart of the information technology competitive use in the non-alcoholic beverage industry”(Bogado, 2003). This thesis is part of the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Human andTechnologic Factors of the Competitiveness (HTFC) Project that previously has searched theretail, the medical products and the telecommunication industries. The analysis is based on 39works included in the Bibliography chapter of the referenced thesis and they were selected dueto their content alignment with the competitive use of information technology in the industry asa whole and not only in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. The results of this bibliographyanalysis are of a great contribution both to the HTFC research group and to the other researchgroups which are working in similar matters, offering as benefits the analysis, corrections andimprovements of the intellectual directions of these researches. The main objective of thiswork is to create a reference to the academic environment, enterprise consultants andprofessionals which are dealing with competitive use of information technology, helping themto select the state of art of authors, publishing companies and specialized magazines.
Gest?o do Conhecimento e gera??o de benefícios intermediários em programas públicos: o caso do Programa M?e Curitibana
Carvilhe, Márcia Helena Vieira;Pereira, Heitor José;Kato, Heitor Takashi;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512007000300010
Abstract: this article presents, briefly, the results of a case study about contributions of the knowledge management (km) processes to the generation of intermediary benefits in the scope of the curitiban mother program of the municipal health department of curitiba. for the research performance, a qualitative and descriptive methodology was used. the field research was performed in the timeframe between october, 2003 and june, 2004. the research results evidence a great number of km non-formalized activities developed since the program formulation stage, which have been significantly contributing to the benefit production along the program performance, as well as service rendering to the target public and external reactions to the program. on the other hand, information regarding the manner and frequency the investigated km processes have been performing lead to various improvement possibilities, aiming at a more effective contribution to the benefit production in the scope of the curitiban mother program.
Sistemas integrados de produ??o no Brasil: situa??o atual, causas e perspectivas
Proen?a, Adriano;Caulliraux, Heitor M.;Neves, Maurício;
Produ??o , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65131996000100005
Abstract: this paper presents and analyzes the results of a survey of 260 manufacturing firms in 10 states in brazil. it describes its metodology and explores the relationships between firms's characteristics -strategic positioning, size, nature of production process, industry and region - and their automation pattern. it discusses trends and needs for the near-future and offers some remarks about the content of the tecnology adopted by the firms. it also speculates about the nature of the industry's modernization process.
On the Modeling of Droplet Evaporation on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Heitor C. M. Fernandes,Mendeli H. Vainstein,Carolina Brito
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b01265
Abstract: When a drop of water is placed on a rough surface, there are two possible extreme regimes of wetting: the one called Cassie-Baxter (CB) with air pockets trapped underneath the droplet and the one characterized by the homogeneous wetting of the surface, called the Wenzel (W) state. A way to investigate the transition between these two states is by means of evaporation experiments, in which the droplet starts in a CB state and, as its volume decreases, penetrates the surface's grooves, reaching a W state. Here we present a theoretical model based on the global interfacial energies for CB and W states that allows us to predict the thermodynamic wetting state of the droplet for a given volume and surface texture. We first analyze the influence of the surface geometric parameters on the droplet's final wetting state with constant volume, and show that it depends strongly on the surface texture. We then vary the volume of the droplet keeping fixed the geometric surface parameters to mimic evaporation and show that the drop experiences a transition from the CB to the W state when its volume reduces, as observed in experiments. To investigate the dependency of the wetting state on the initial state of the droplet, we implement a cellular Potts model in three dimensions. Simulations show a very good agreement with theory when the initial state is W, but it disagrees when the droplet is initialized in a CB state, in accordance with previous observations which show that the CB state is metastable in many cases. Both simulations and theoretical model can be modified to study other types of surface.
El texto en representación: La escritura visual en Exit de Gonzalo Mu?oz
Herrera M,Juan;
Acta literaria , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-68482009000100008
Abstract: this article examines the poetic writing by gonzalo mu?oz to show that his poetry is connected to the image culture. the texts by mu?oz, in regard to their composition and references therein, and the poetic chilean tradition, represent the crisis of a print culture and the advent of a new image regime in the context of the chilean culture of the 1980s.
Hacia una estética de la desaparición en la poética de Tomás Harris
Acta literaria , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-68482005000100002
Abstract: this article focuses on the poetry of tomas harris (1956), from the image culture perspective, assuming this approach has been scarcely applied in previous works, with only a few exceptions. moreover, this work studies the form in which some author?s texts are culturally determined by this turning point in the chilean poetic tradition, taking into account some rhetoric elements, which evidence the presence of this new paradigm
La nueva novela de Juan Luis Martínez: Poesía protohipertextual en el contexto de la videósfera
Herrera M,Juan;
Acta literaria , 2007, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-68482007000200002
Abstract: this article examines the poetry of juan luis martinez, which constitutes a complex representation system where the limits of a book are shifted from the sphere of writing to the sphere of images. this fact determines a significant work in the context of chilean poetry in the 80s. the rhetoric elements and other operations which characterize the aesthetics of martinez's work lead us to posit that this literature announces the new ways to support the text: the hypertext.
La violencia política en la Rusia de Putin. ?Qué ocurrió con los opositores políticos de Vladimir Putin?
Boersner Herrera,Adriana M;
Análisis Político , 2009,
Abstract: since vladimir putin came to power in 2000, has formed a petrostate, based on the wealth of oil, while strengthening a new bureaucracy and a new industrial economy. the russian managed democracy, as has been cataloged, it's just a hint of a political system that hides a dictatorship, as the monopoly of political power is held by a single party, united russia, leaving truce to political parties dissident forces with the design that prevent the release of the opposition to submit their proposals. the growing public protests against the policies of the government through violent attack leaving the full totalitarian policies of the twentieth century no longer remember the freedoms and the rule of law, democracy is threatened. in the following essay we analyze the role played by political dissent by the russian president vladimir putin on his two presidential governments (2000-2004 and 2004-2008) and how we view the politics taken by the regime of vladimir putin to silence these voices.
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